Detective Reynaldo Curtis
Played by: Benjamin Bratt
Introduction Scene: L&O Episode 112, "Bitter Fruit" (9/17/95) 
First Lines: [On the phone] "Yes, Iíll tell him. Go to bed now, OK? I'll see you tomorrow. Love you."[Hangs up the phone, speaks to Lennie Briscoe] "My daughter says good night."
Exit Scene: L&O Episode 205, "Refuge (2)" (5/26/99)
Final Line: (To Lennie) "Oh, you'll come visit.  The girls'll want to see their Uncle Lennie." L&O Episode 205, "Refuge (2)" (5/26/99)
Reason for Character Departure: Left for a desk job, because his wife Deborah had MS and he wanted to be able to spend more time with her as her illness progressed, L&O Episode 205, "Refuge (2)"(5/26/99).He had asked for the transfer a year before in L&O Episode 180, "Damaged" (5/6/98), but Lt. Anita Van Buren couldnít transfer him because she'd be left with too few detectives.
Reason for Actor Departure: Bratt left to pursue other opportunities in Hollywood.

Work Information
Office Address:
27th Precinct
10 Police Square, New York, NY 10001*

Badge Number:
9921 [read from close up of photo]

Known Partners:
Lennie Briscoe (1995-99)

Professional Idiosyncracies/Quirks:

  • A technomaniac. Rey knows cell phones, e-mail, chat rooms, and lots of other stuff that partner Lennie has no clue about (as of the mid-1990s). Always carries a cell phone.
  • Has a temper and can be quite violent, often slamming people into walls, especially when feeling unsettled. Examples include having received a racial slur: L&O Episode 113, "Rebels" (9/27/95), or handling a case involving a cop killing, L&O Episode 114, "Savages" (10/18/95), or dealing with the aftermath of an execution, L&O Episode 134, "Aftershock" (5/22/96) or undergoing personal problems, L&O Episode 145, "Menace" (2/5/97).
  • Has no problem with the dangerous or physically strenuous aspects of police work, such as chasing people down or even tackling a suspect with a machete, L&O Episode 132, "Pro Se" (5/8/96). However, he froze once at a suspect's door in L&O Episode 172, "Faccia a Faccia" (2/25/98). It was never explored Ė he just reassured Lennie it wouldn't happen again, and it didn't, but it took place after his wife is diagnosed with MS.
  • A marksman Ė all of his rounds hit the target in L&O Episode 122, "Corpus Delecti" (17/1/96) [scene deleted from syndication on A&E].
  • Speaks Spanish fluently.
  • Can be gullible with young women suspects or witnesses: For example, L&O Episode 113, "Rebels" (9/27/95), L&O Episode 119, "Angel" (11/29/95), L&O Episode 137, "Good Girl" (10/7/96), L&O Episode 201, "Empire" (5/5/99); but willing to admit he's been taken in once he's shown theyíre not so innocent.
  • Refuses to "testi-lie" or commit perjury on  L&O Episode 139, "Corruption" (10/30/96), L&O Episode 153, "Double Down" (4/16/97), L&O Episode 175, "Stalker" (4/15/98), although he does duck a question on the stand L&O Episode 153, "Double Down" (4/16/97)
  • Has no problem lying to suspects during interrogations.

Career History

  • Worked in the Organized Crime Crontrol Bureau (OCCB) before joining homicide. L&O Episode 126, "Encore" (2/21/96); L&O Episode 126, "Savages" (10/18/95). Left because his female boss was "coming on to him," L&O Episode 128, "Deceit" (3/27/96)
  • Upon his departure from the 27th precinct, he took a desk job, location unknown*

Medical/Psychological History

  • Tendon was cut on his left hand, which required 18 stitches in L&O Episode 178, "Bad Girl" (4/29/98), after the titular character knifed him during arrest in the midst of a knife fight. Returned to work a few days later
  • Had a cold during L&O Episode 120, "Blood Libel" (1/3/96), but didnít take days off because he couldn't afford to so close to Christmas. Lennie wasn't pleased.
  • Eats well. 
  • Physically fit, judging from a shaving in shirtsleeves scene, L&O Episode 145, "Menace" (2/5/97)
  • Takes lots of sugar in his coffee.
  • Carries antacids. Claims guilt gives him stomach cramps. L&O Episode 135, "Causa Mortis" (9/18/96)

Personal Information/History


  • Devout Catholic. 
  • Mentions church and crosses himself. L&O Episode 112, "Bitter Fruit" (9/17/95), L&O Episode 124, "Charm City" (2/2/96), L&O Episode 119, "Angel" (11/29/95)
  • Objects to confessions being used in court. Tells EADA Jack McCoy 'What you believe in ó your faith ó sometimes that's all you have to go on. You can't just forget about it whenever you like." L&O Episode 158, "Thrill" (9/24/97)
  • Prone to guilt, blames "Catholic guilt" for causing stomach cramps after he boosted a car as a youth. L&O Episode 135, "Causa Mortis" (9/18/96)
  • Can be very fatalistic.  When asked how he and his wife cope with the fact that she may die of her MS, he says, "We pray a lot." L&O Episode 201, "Empire", (5/5/99).  When Van Buren says that her
  • sister couldn't have children and tried to for years, he says, "Well maybe she wasn't meant to have children.  Nobody's promised a happy ending." L&O Episode 187, "Scrambled", (11/11/98).

Other Aliases/Nicknames

Almost always goes by Rey, not Reynaldo. "Junior" or "the kid" (Lennie Briscoe) a few times.
Childhood Events/Family Issues
  • Married to Deborah since 1990. L&O Episode 118, "Humiliation" (11/22/95).
  • Deborah is Pequot Indian, H:LOTS Episode 82, "Baby, Itís You (Part 2)" (11/14/97)
  • Three daughters with Deborah: Olivia, Serena, and Isabel, who are described as 7, just turned 5 and 3 respectively (circa 1997). Olivia may be nicknamed "Livvie" or "Livia."  L&O Episode 163, "Baby, Itís You (Part 1)" (9/12/97)
  • One child born by Caesarian, the other two delivered vaginally. H:LOTS Episode 45, "For God and Country"(2/9/96)
  • Ethnic background is half-Peruvian: When asked if he is Puerto Rican, he responds, "No, Peruvian, on my mother's side."L&O Episode 139, "Corruption" (10/30/96) When asked about his ethnic background, he rattles off "Peruvian Indian and English-German American mix." H:LOTS Episode 82, "Baby, It's You (Part 2)" (11/14/97).
  • Sister died when she was ten. L&O Episode 163, "Baby, Itís You (Part 1)" (9/12/97)
  • Has at least one living sister, with whom he stayed temporarily when separated from his wife. L&O Episode 145, "Menace" (2/5/97), L&O Episode 147, "Matrimony" (2/19/97)
  • Father used to "chase women all the time," and he swore heíd never be like him. L&O Episode 145, "Menace" (2/5/97)
  • Mother insisted on  church every Sunday, which he considered "torture" as a child, but this information may not be true since he was trying to elicit a confession from a suspect. L&O Episode 119, "Angel" (11/29/95)
  • Had an affair with a college student after watching an execution L&O Episode 134, "Aftershock" (5/22/96). He felt very guilty about it for the next several episodes, and finally told his wife right before L&O Episode 145, "Menace" (2/5/97). She left him, taking the kids, and went to her parents' place for a few days, asking him to leave their home. He lived on his sister's couch for the next several episodes, and he and his wife went to counseling with a priest, L&O Episode 146, "Barter" (2/12/97). He got his own place and shortly thereafter reconciled with Deborah after L&O Episode 151, "Showtime" (3/27/97).
  • Deborah diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in L&O Episode 158, "Thrill" (9/24/97). She was using a brace to help her walk in L&O Episode 168, "Under the Influence" (1/7/98).
  • At the time that he transfers out of the 27th precinct, he tells Van Buren, "She can't even pick up a toothbrush, LT. It's gotten really bad.... It's just that I not only wanna be there for her, I wanna be there with her."  L&O Episode 205, "Refuge (2)"(5/26/99)
  • Boosted a car as a youth and got stomach cramps for a month. L&O Episode 135, "Causa Mortis" (9/18/96)


  • Still has friends in OCCB.
  • Becomes friends with Lennie, and takes him in when his partner is distraught after his daughter's death. Lennie says, "She was my baby, Rey. What am I gonna do?" Rey replies, "You're coming home with me, partner." L&O Episode 179, "Damaged" (5/6/98)

Romantic Entanglements/Dates

  • On receiving end of flirtation by suspects, witnesses and co-workers. Rarely flirts back, except when trying to elicit information.
  • An ex-girlfriend, Marcy, works at the "New York Department of State" and complains that, "You get married and I never hear from you again." L&O Episode 114, "Savages" (10/18/95)
  • Had an affair with a grad student who was not called by name on the show but was listed as "Jamie" in credits. L&O Episode 134, "Aftershock" (5/22/96)
  • Dated Lisa Lundquist, L&O Episodes 149-151, "LA Trilogy" (3/13/97-3/27/97) briefly during his separation, but didn't sleep with her. (When she had too much to drink, she stayed in his hotel room, but he stayed in Lennie's. Later she asked him, "Don't you want to sleep with me?"; he answered, "Yes, I do." But he didn't.) The defense in the case alleged he slept with Lundquist; Rey had to answer questions on the stand.
  • Was also accused of sleeping with witness Katrina Ludlow. L&O Episode 201, "Empire" (5/5/99). Ludlow leveled the allegation, claiming he slept with her and tainted evidence. He was forced to clear himself on the stand.* Ludlow was played by Bratt's then-girlfriend, Julia Roberts, who was nominated for an Emmy for the role.
  • Refers to his college days as "best time of my life." L&O Episode 134, "Aftershock" (5/22/96). 
  • Met eventual wife Deborah when she attended New York University. She was living with her parents when they first started to date. L&O Episode 137, "Good Girl" (10/7/96)
  • Shows a good grasp of physics, L&O Episode 130, "Slave" (4/21/96); art, L&O Episode 155, "Passion" (5/7/97); biology, L&O Episode 156, "Past Imperfect" (5/14/97), geography, L&O Episode 157, "Terminal" (5/21/97) and trigonometry, L&O Episode 170, "Castoff" (1/28/98).
Political Opinions/Affiliations:
  • Allies with Republican Governor Pataki in L&O Episode 189, "Punk" (11/25/98)
  • But tells grad student Jamie he loves Dole because Dole guarantees four more years of Clinton. Hard to tell whether this is serious or a joke, since he was flirting and she had just indicated dislike of Dole. L&O Episode 134, "Aftershock" (5/22/96)
  • Moderately tolerant towards gays.  Tells Lennie: "I had some friends in college who were gay... Myself I couldn't deal with the lifestyle, but I can appreciate what it must be like to be gay, having to hide all the
  • time." (Briscoe's reply: "Yeah, probably from people who couldn't deal with the lifestyle.") Episode 128, "Deceit" (3/27/9)
  • Strongly disapproves of medical research on unused embryos, even when it is pointed out to him that the research could yield a cure for Deborah's MS ." L&OEpisode 187, "Scrambled" (11/11/98)
  • Doesn't seem judgmental about abortions, although it's not stated whether he's pro-life or pro-choice, but as he makes his other judgments known, it might be inferred that he's pro-choice.
  • Not in favor of Affirmative Action: "When I applied to the department, when the questionnaire asked for my race, I put 'None of the above'." L&O Episode 203, "Admissions" (5/19/99)



  • Advanced knowledge of computers and the Internet.
  • Knows how to dance. A former colleague complains he wasn't there to tango with her at the last departmental function, L&O Episode 126, "Encore" (2/28/96), and he tells a flirting dancer, "I'm more of a cumbia man." L&O Episode 139, "Corruption" (10/30/96)
  • Smoked a cigar. L&O Episode 144, "Legacy" (1/15/97)
  • Usually drinks beer Ė "whatever's on tap." L&O Episode 139, "Corruption" (10/30/96), L&O Episode 124, "Charm City" (2/2/96) Sometimes drinks wine, especially with women he's flirting with/dating. L&O Episode 134, "Aftershock" (5/22/96), L&O Episodes 149-151, "LA Trilogy" (3/13/97-3/27/97).
  • Familiar with popular music. L&O Episode 134, "Aftershock" (5/22/96)
  • Dresses well and knows a bit about fashion. When Lennie teases him about moonlighting for Vogue, he says, "Hey, I live with four women." L&O Episode 131, "Girlfriends" (5/1/96)
  • Says he "knows how to put together a room." L&O Episode 148, "Working Mom" (2/26/97)

Catch Phrases/Personal Quirks:
  • Can suddenly change from very calm and restrained to violent and threatening with suspects.
  • Often rubs his forehead or touches his wedding ring, not necessarily as nervous tics, just as habits. 
  • Willing to take on authority when he doesn't agree with whatís going on.
  • Takes lots of sugar in his coffee.
  • Not much sense of humour, especially compared to Lennie, but gets in a few wisecracks here and there. Doesn't usually laugh out loud Ė at most he chuckles or gives a big grin.
  • At ease dealing with young children.
  • "My air, my rules." L&O Episode 114, "Savages" (10/18/95) "My house, my rules." L&O Episode 191, "Hate" (1/6/99)
  • Sometimes uses "yeah" instead of "huh" to punctuate questions, e.g., "Your boy, he used to be strong, yeah?" L&O Episode 177, "Burden" (4/24/98) "Thatís gonna hurt business, yeah?" L&O Episode 205, "Refuge (2)" (5/26/99) 
  • Says he canít carry a tune in L&O Episode 134, "Aftershock" (5/22/96) and L&O Episode 119, "Angel" (11/29/95).
  • Proud of his ethnic background. Early on, he's quick to take offense at racial slurs [he draws a gun in L&O Episode 113, "Rebels" (9/27/95) when a biker calls him a spic]. Later he tempers his response to slurs  (answers "tu madre"). L&O Episode 204, "Refuge (1)" (5/26/99)
  • Dresses well and knows a bit about fashion. When Lennie teases him about moonlighting for Vogue, he says, "Hey, I live with four women." L&O Episode 131, "Girlfriends" (5/1/96)
  • When asked about how he can afford all those nice suits, he says, "My wife's a Pequot." H:LOTS Episode 82, "Baby, Itís You (Part 2)" (11/14/97). Apparently her tribe owns a casino or something.
  • Very moral, very conservative, often judgmental.
  • Doesnít approve of divorce, especially when children are part of the equation. L&O Episode 112, "Bitter Fruit" (9/17/95)
  • Disapproves of drugs. L&O Episode 130, "Slave" (4/21/96)
  • Disapproves of infidelity.
  • Disapproves of any kind of police corruption.
  • Disapproves of perjury.
  • Pro-death penalty, before and after "Aftershock," [ L&O Episode 134, "Aftershock" (5/22/96)] where he witnesses an execution.
  • Very married. Tells the Baltimore cops that he's, "Married six years, I've got three kids and at night when I have dirty dreams they're about my wife." H:LOTS Episode 45, "For God and Country" (2/9/96)
  • While separated, he goes on a date with a woman but does not sleep with her, presumably because heís still trying to reconcile with his wife. Later tells the woman (Lisa Lundquist), "I'm gonna do whatever it takes. I gotta get back with [Deborah] and the kids." L&O Episode 151, "Showtime" (3/27/97)
  • Devoted and attentive parent, often worries about his children's future and safety.  Conservative in his childrearing views: Believes in corporal punishment and claims that his girls wonít get married until they graduate from college.
  • Keeps personal information to himself  -- doesn't tell Lennie he's separated until Lennie pressures it out of him. L&O Episode 145, "Menace" (2/5/97) But he goes to Lennie's apartment the night after his affair, presumably to talk to him. L&O Episode 134, "Aftershock" (5/22/96)
  • Can be blunt to the point of tactlessness. When first partnered with Lennie, he tells Lennie that he checked his background. "You were a good cop.  Then you fell into a bottle. You climbed out, but the jury's still out." L&O Episode 113, "Rebels" (9/27/95)  When Van Buren says that her sister couldn't have children and tried to for years, he says, "Well maybe she wasn't meant to have children.... Nobody's promised a happy ending." L&O Episode 187, "Scrambled" (11/11/98)

Repeat Offender?
Bratt has not appeared on any Law & Orders as anyone other than Det. Curtis. 

Other Relevant Appearances

Bratt did appear on three Homicide:Life On The Street crossovers as Rey Curtis:
H:LOTS Episode 41, "For God and Country" (2/7/96)
H:LOTS Episode 82, "Baby, It's You (Part 2)" (11/14/97)
H:LOTS Episode 115, "Sideshow (Part 2)" (2/19/99)

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