District Attorney John J. "Jack" McCoy
Played By: Sam Waterston
Introduction Scene: L&O, Episode 89, "Second Opinion" (09/21/94)
First Lines: Digging through the cabinets behind his desk, apparently looking for a warrant he finds later in the scene, he calls "Yeah?" at the sound of a knock. ADA Claire Kincaid enters the office. When the door closes behind her, he turns and acknowledges, "Claire Kincaid." Claire responds, "Jack McCoy." He stands and closes the cabinets. Claire continues, "I spoke to Mr. Schiff. He said you requested me." Now searching through a drawer, he replies, "As soon as I heard Ben had resigned. Your reputation precedes you." Claire responds, "As does yours. Including your … relationships … with previous assistants." He faces her, looking annoyed, and explains, "Three. In the past twenty-four years in this office -- and that includes an ex-wife."
Exit Scene:N/A
Final Lines:N/A
Work Information
Office Address
Office 1012, 10th floor
One Hogan Place
New York, NY 10013
Floor numbers are determined by numbers on doors.
Jack's office window apparently faces south; the courthouse façade can be seen through it. Often gazes out of it when lost in thought. [e.g., L&O Episode 277, "Patriot" (05/22/02); L&O Episode 289, "Under God" (02/05/03)].
  • Known for being casual in his office: Will put his feet up on the desk [e.g., L&O Episode 256, "For Love or Money" (10/10/01); Episode 320, "Nowhere Man" (03/31/04)]; keeps suits and pairs of jeans hanging on clothes rod to left of his desk (EADA office). Wears gray suits traditionally, and loosens tie/changes out of clothes at the end of the day and while working late in his office.
  • Has a model sailboat and photo of a dark-haired woman on the cabinets behind his desk (EADA office); in earlier episodes there is a cluttered billboard prominently shown, later ones feature a charcoal rubbing of a genealogical coat-of-arms framed and hanging.
  • While in court, frequently sits back and rests his arm on the railing that separates the gallery from the well.
  • Habitually smoothes down his tie before sitting down.
  • Carries a soft-sided portfolio case instead of a traditional attaché case.
  • Keeps an "antique typewriter" in his office—one that apparently doesn't require electricity [L&O Episode 395, "Darkness" (01/02/08)].
  • Former Assistants

    McCoy's first "ex-wife," never named.

    Revealed in L&O Episode 89, "Second Opinion" (09/21/94)

    Sally Bell

    Apparently went to work for Legal Aid when she left the DA's office
    First revealed in L&O Episode 97, "Scoundrels" (11/30/94)
    Is one of the "three women assistants" Jack had prior to Claire Kincaid [L&O Episode 89, "Second Opinion" (09/21/94)]; which means that she has to be one of Jack's former lovers.

    Diana Hawthorne (c. 1987 – c. 1991)

    Left the DA's office for private practice
    Felt uncomfortable working with Jack when they were no longer lovers
    Rigged a case to secure Jack's promotion
    Jack took her to Ireland to celebrate
    Took a plea of Criminal Facilitation 4 in January, 1996, served six months in prison and lost her license.
    All revealed in L&O Episode 123, "Trophy" (01/31/96)

    Daniel Tenofsky

    As Dan was Jack's assistant "ten years ago" in 2004, he has to have been Jack's last assistant before Claire Kincaid.
    Was a brilliant attorney who faked his credentials; he was actually named Jacob Dieter, and he never attended law school or took the bar exam.  This misrepresentation opened the door for a couple of wiseguys and their lawyer to blackmail him.
    Deceased (murdered) in 2004
    This was revealed in L&O Episode 320, "Nowhere Man" (03/31/04)

    Claire Kincaid
    Claire is the first assistant Jack is seen with on the show.
    Works with him July 30, 1994 to  mid-July 1996. L&O Episodes  89 through Episode 133-134
    Deceased L&O Episode  134, "Aftershock" (05/22/96); death discussed/revealed in Episode 195, "Sideshow (1)" (02/17/99)
    She and Jack were lovers. Revealed post-mortem L&O Episode  195, "Sideshow (1)" (02/17/99) 

    Jamie Ross

    Worked for Jack July 24, 1996 – May 11, 1998 L&O Episodes  135–181
    Testified on Jack’s behalf before the Bar Association Disciplinary Committee L&O Episode  181, "Monster" (05/20/98); L&O Episode 210, "Justice" (11/10/99)
    Jack testified before the Disciplinary Committee on her behalf.  L&O Episode  210, "Justice" (11/10/99
    Is now a judge. TBJ Episode 2, "41 Shots" (03/04/05); TBJ Episode 7, "Bang and Blame" (04/08/05)

    Abigail "Abbie" Carmichael

    Worked for Jack from June 12, 1998-week of July 10, 2001 L&O Episodes 182-253
    Her first meeting with Jack was about June 25, 1998 [L&O Episode 182, "Cherished" (09/23/98)]
    Was raped as a college freshman by a third-year law student L&O Episode 189, "Punk" (11/25/98)
    Left the DA's office to work in the US Attorney’s Office, Southern District L&O Episode 253, "Deep Vote" (05/23/01)

    Serena Southerlyn

    Worked for Jack from May 31, 200 –March 3, 2005 L&O Episodes 254-338
    Jack represented her before the Disciplinary Committee L&O  266, "DR 1-102" (01/30/02)
    Is a lesbian. L&O Episode 338, "Ain't No Love" (01/12/05)
    Was fired from the DA's office on  L&O Episode 338, "Ain't No Love" (01/12/05), though not beacuse she was a lesbian.

    Alexandra "Alex" Borgia

    Worked for Jack from March 5, 2005 – April 26, 2006. L&O Episodes  339-371
    Deceased: she was murdered in 2006 L&O Episode  371, "Invaders" (05/17/06)

    Consuela "Connie" Rubirosa

    Worked with Jack June 7, 2006 – August 3, 2007 [L&O Episodes 372-393]
    She then became the assistant to new EADA Michael Cutter, starting in L&O Episode 394, "Called Home" (01/02/08), though she apparently also assists other senior ADAs: she assisted ADA Josh Lathem in L&O Episode 401, "Illegal" (02/13/08) -- until Jack kicked him out of the DA's office.

    Jack McCoy's desk/bulletin board/computer circa 1998
    (click for larger view)

    Sallly Bell

    Claire Kincaidl

    Connie Rubirosa

    Current and Former Key Associates
    • DA Alfred Wentworth (implied; McCoy appeared in no episodes with Wentworth) L&O Episode 6, "Everybody's Favorite Bagman" (10/30/90)
    • DA Adam Schiff, who seemed to function as something of a surrogate father for Jack
    • DA Nora Lewin; she and Jack knew each other before she became interim DA in 2000
    • DA Arthur Branch 
    • EADA Ben Stone 
    • EADA Michael Cutter
    • Bureau Chief Tracey Kibre TBJ Episode 1, "The Abominable Showman" (03/03/05); TBJ Episode 8, "Skeleton" (04/15/05) 
    • Captain Donald Cragen SVU Episode 15/L&O Episode 219, "Entitled (1&2)" (02/18/00) 
    • The Detective Squad of the 27th Police Precinct
    • Michelle Kates [L&O Episode 117, "Paranoia" (11/15/95)] 
    • Paul Kopell (attended law school with Jack) L&O  98, "House Counsel" (01/04/95)
    • Danielle Melnick 
    • Ruthie Miller 
    • Carter Newton L&O Episode 181, "Monster" (05/20/98) 
    • Paul Robinette (as defense attorney)
    • Jessica Sheets
    • Gwen Young [L&O Episode 89, "Second Opinion" (09/21/94)]
    • Baltimore Assistant State's Attorney Ed Danvers (as part of "Homicide: Life on the Street" crossovers: L&O Episode 163, "Baby, It's You: Part 1"(11/12/97)/HLOTS Episode 82, "Baby, It's You: Part 2" (11/14/97) and L&O Episode 195, "Sideshow: Part 1" (02/17/99)/HLOTS Episode 115, "Sideshow: Part 2" (02/19/99)
    • Assistant US Attorney Jean Piccone L&O Episode 313, "Payback" (01/14/04) 
    Key Professional Rivals
    • Randall J. Dworkin L&O Episode 288, "Chosen" (01/15/03); L&O Episode 303, "Bounty" (10/01/03); L&O Episode 367, "Thinking Makes It So" (03/29/06) 
    • Vanessa Galliano L&O Episode 311, "Ill-Conceived" (12/03/03); L&O Episode 327, "The Dead Wives Club" (09/22/04); L&O Episode 365, "Cost of Capital" (03/0806) 
    • Alissa Goodwyn, who represented Jack's second ex-wife in their divorce, L&O Episode 374, "Home Sweet" (10/06/06) 
    • Aaron Solomon, who "[led] the charge" when Serena Southerlyn was brought before the Bar Association Disciplinary Committee, L&O Episode 266, "DR 1-102" (01/30/02) 
    Notable Professional Adversaries
    • Judge Gary Feldman [L&O Episode 168, "Under the Influence" (01/07/98); L&O Episode 178, "Bad Girl" (04/29/98); L&O Episode 181, "Monster" (05/20/98)] 
    • Judge Edgar Hynes [L&O Episode 115, "Jeopardy" (11/01/95)]
    • Judge Nathan Marks [L&O Episode 136, "I.D." (09/25/96)]
    • Judge William Wright [L&O Episode 179, "Damaged" (05/06/98); L&O Episode 197, "Harm" (03/03/99); L&O Episode 206, "Gunshow" (09/22/99); L&O Episode 232, "Dissonance" (11/01/00)]
    • Assistant US Attorney Bob Gervits [L&O Episode 183, "DWB" (10/07/98); L&O Episode 202, "Ambitious" (05/12/99)]
    • Independent Counsel William Dell [L&O Episode 195/H:LOTS Episode 115, "Sideshow (1&2)" (02/17/99 & 02/19/99)]
    • Carl Anderton [L&O Episode 166, "Burned" (12/10/97); L&O Episode 178, "Bad Girl" (04/29/98); L&O Episode 181, "Monster" (05/20/98)]
    • Former ADA Josh Lathem, whom Jack booted out of the DA's office in 2007 [L&O Episode 401, "Illegal" (02/13/08)]
    with Anita Van Buren and Connie Rubirosa

    with Serena Southerlyn and Elizabeth Olivet

    with Michael Cutter

    Professional Idiosyncrasies/Quirks

    Jack McCoy has a complex, but strong personal moral set of beliefs, which over the years have varied to match the whims of the show's writers, but generally stay fairly true to character. The potpourri that creates the three-dimensional McCoy includes these relative constants:

    • He has stated that "I believe that anyone who wraps themselves in the flag—or in the cloth—to excuse themselves from the rules the rest of us mortals have to obey is pulling a fast one.  Pisses me off no end."  Later in the same conversation, he continues, "I do know this: that [the defendant's] right to his convictions stopped at [the victim's] nose" [Episode 289, "Under God" (02/05/03)].
    • His personal beliefs are known to have trumped his beliefs in the law. DA Adam Schiff once told him: "Your credibility is not a boomerang. Give it up, it doesn't come back. One defendant's not worth it," L&O Episode 135, "Causa Mortis" (09/18/96). Later, even when pressured, even by Adam, McCoy has fought going back on his word.  L&O Episode 222, "Black, White and Blue" (03/22/00)], but holds no compunction about going back on that word if the person with whom he's made the deal has misrepresented himself: L&O Episode 183, "DWB" (10/07/98). And, has been known to defy orders in pursuit of something he thinks is right. L&O Episode 183, "DWB" (10/07/98); Episode 205, "Refuge (2)" (05/26/99)
    • Yet has several instances of acting contrary to personal beliefs to prosecute a case. L&O Episode 282, "The Ring" (11/06/02); L&O Episode 315, "City Hall" (02/11/04); L&O Episode 332, "Gov Love" (11/10/04)], etc.
    • He tends to see the big picture in his cases, to the point that Adam Schiff once asked if he "can't … see the little picture for a change?" [L&O Episode 225, "Untitled" (05/03/00)].
    • Uses the law creatively, with hit-or-miss results. L&O Episode 191, "Hate" (01/06/99); L&O Episode 206, "Gunshow" (09/22/99); L&O Episode 215, "Loco Parentis" (01/05/00); L&O Episode 231, "Turnstile Justice" (10/25/00); L&O Episode 244, "Swept Away -- A Very Special Episode" (02/28/01); L&O Episode 272, "Slaughter" (04/10/02), etc.
    • Drive to win does not trump moral code: "There is no value in incarcerating the wrong person." McCoy, L&O  Episode 123, "Trophy" (01/31/96). L&O Episode 98, "House Counsel" (01/04/95); L&O Episode 105, "Act of God" (03/22/95). However, "people who get in the way of [his] murder cases get run over" [L&O Episode 164, "Blood" (11/19/97)], even if it means betraying a confidence from a friend [L&O Episode 404, "Betrayal" (03/05/08)].
    • Friends get special treatment. L&O Episode 139, "Corruption" (10/30/96); L&O Episode 157, "Terminal" (05/21/97); L&O Episode 178, "Bad Girl" (4/29/98); TBJ Episode 8, "Skeleton" (04/15/05). But a friend who crosses him gets no quarter: L&O Episode 98, "House Counsel" (01/04/95).
    • Has been known to take detectives apart on the stand in pursuit of his conviction: L&O Episode 105, "Act of God" (03/22/95); L&O Episode 153, "Double Down" (04/16/97); L&O Episode 175, "Stalker" (04/15/98), etc. And to that end, believes examples should be made of police and prosecutors who break the law: L&O Episode 94, "Competence" (11/02/94); L&O Episode 123, "Trophy" (01/31/96); L&O Episode 139, "Corruption" (10/30/96); L&O Episode 183, "DWB" (10/07/98); L&O Episode 184, "Bait" (10/14/98); L&O Episode 198, "Shield" (03/24/99); L&O Episode 222, "Black, White and Blue" (03/22/00), etc.
    • Is willing to overlook how evidence was acquired, so long as it remains admissible: L&O Episode 91, "Blue Bamboo" (10/05/94); L&O Episode 97, "Scoundrels" (11/30/94); L&O Episode 104, "Wannabe" (03/15/95); L&O Episode 146, "Barter" (02/12/97); L&O Episode 173, "Divorce" (03/04/98); L&O Episode 184, "Bait" (10/14/98); L&O Episode 367, "Thinking Makes It So" (03/29/06), etc.
    • Has believed that holding parents accountable for the crimes of their children is acceptable: L&O Episode 131, "Girlfriends" (05/01/96); L&O Episode 215, "Loco Parentis" (01/05/00); L&O Episode 378, "In Vino Veritas" (11/03/06). Has also shown sympathy for teens who are violent due to mistreatment/kidnapping, but does not let that influence his efforts to convict them. L&O Episode 299, "Sheltered" (05/14/03); Episode 391, "Captive" (05/04/07)
    • Has no particular problem simultaneously arguing two logically inconsistent and mutually exclusive theories. L&O Episode 158, "Thrill" (09/24/97), etc.
    • Has butted heads with his boss, and is verbal about disagreeing over policy or being forced into making deals. Nevertheless, he will do everything he can to secure the conviction he feels is correct. L&O Episode 222, "Black, White and Blue" (03/22/00); L&O Episode 313, "Payback" (01/14/04); L&O Episode 377, "Profiteer" (10/27/06), etc.
    • He is intensely loyal to his friends and will go out of his way to help them [L&O Episode 139, "Corruption" (10/30/96); L&O Episode 157, "Terminal" (05/21/97); L&O Episode 178, "Bad Girl" (04/29/98); TBJ Episode 8, "Skeleton" (04/15/05)].  But he will lash out at a friend who betrays his trust -- personally and possibly legally.  Such a betrayal puts him in a black enough mood that he "wouldn't be very good company" [e.g., L&O Episode 98, "House Counsel" (01/04/95)].
    • He takes being hoodwinked rather personally [L&O Episode 279, "Shangri-La" (10/09/02)].  He is capable of holding minor grudges [L&O Episode 119, "Angel" (11/29/95); L&O Episode 374, "Home Sweet" (10/06/06)], but doesn't let them interfere with his professional judgment.  He considers those who do let grudges interfere to be irritating, distracting and, in some cases, almost criminal [e.g., L&O Episode 168, "Under the Influence" (01/07/98); L&O Episode 181, "Monster" (05/20/98); L&O Episode 202, "Ambitious" (05/12/99); L&O Episode 232, "Dissonance" (11/01/00); L&O Episode 401, "Illegal" (02/13/08)].
    • He will not accept racism as a defense to murder (in fact, he finds it reprehensible) [e.g., L&O Episode 101, "Rage" (02/01/95); L&O Episode 235, "Burn Baby Burn" (11/22/00); L&O Episode 263, "Prejudice" (12/12/01); L&O Episode 375, "Fear America" (10/13/06)], and he will go the extra mile to convict defendants trying to abdicate personal responsibility [e.g., L&O Episode 170, "Castoff" (01/28/98); L&O Episode 363, "Magnet" (02/08/06)].
    • He has, on occasion, asked psychiatric experts for opinions of defendants they have not examined [e.g., L&O Episode 117, "Paranoia" (11/15/95); L&O Episode 133, "Homesick" (05/15/96)], and he has been known to choose the psychiatric opinion that supports his case [e.g., L&O Episode 169, "Expert" (01/21/98); L&O Episode 207, "Killerz" (09/29/99); L&O Episode 292, "Bitch" (02/26/03)].
    • Overall, however, he seems to consider psychiatry something of a necessary evil.  For example, he refused to open up to Dr. Olivet when Adam Schiff sent her to talk to him after he, Claire Kincaid, Lennie Briscoe, and Rey Curtis witnessed the execution of Mickey Scott [L&O Episode 134, "Aftershock" (05/22/96)].  Also, while discussing with Dr. Skoda the legal competence of Clay Warner, who wanted the death penalty as a condition of his deal, Jack said, "Analyze him, Emil, not me" [L&O Episode 294, "Genius" (04/02/03)], and in another case, he was reluctant to accept a defense based upon post-traumatic stress caused by 9/11 [L&O Episode 327, "The Dead Wives Club" (02/22/04)].
    • He has little patience for incompetence.  During the trial of Leah Coleman, he told a very inexperienced defense attorney to "Sit down and shut up, Mr. Fineman!"—earning a reprimand from the judge [L&O Episode 119, "Angel" (11/29/95)].  Of Barry Peck, a defense attorney who is too conceited to understand that he's incompetent, Jack told Nora, "No, he's an idiot," and even went so far as to mock one of Peck's witnesses while she was on the stand [L&O Episode 230, "Endurance" (10/18/00)].  He lost patience with Dean "What Are You Offering?" Connors when Connors wouldn't properly represent his client [L&O Episode 291, "Star Crossed" (02/19/03)].

    with Det. Mike Logan
    Career History
    More so than with almost any other charater on "Law & Order," Jack McCoy's career does not necessarily dovetail with the years that are occasionally mentioned on his timeline. A year in TV time does not equal a year on the show; 22 cases (one per episode) with one set of cops, and one assistant, are not likely to go from arrest to prosecution to conviction in a single calendar year. So any timeline of milestones must be taken with a grain of salt. Here's what we've been told:
    • Joined the District Attorney's Office of New York in the mid-1970s. Evidence:
      • "24 years in this office." L&O Episode 89, "Second Opinion" (09/21/94)
      • 22 years. L&O Episode 153, "Double Down" (04/16/97)
      • "I've been prosecuting murderers for almost 25 years" [L&O Episode 196, "Disciple" (02/24/99)].
      • Though  it would then be unclear how the original mid-1970s date jives with Jack having argued with then-District Attorney Adam Schiff over "anti-war protesters" when he first applied at the DA's office. (The Vietnam War is said to have ended in April of 1975, and the protest to which Adam seems to have been referring happened in Baltimore in 1967.)  L&O Episode 162, "Nullification" (11/05/97)
      • "I've been prosecuting murderers for almost 25 years." L&O Episode 196, "Disciple" (02/24/99)
    • More generally, McCoy has said he "spent (his) career in the DA's office." L&O Episode 345, "Tombstone" (04/13/05) He interviewed with Nathan Fogg at the firm Cromwell Moore circa 1980. He was denied a position there. "Tombstone" (04/13/05)
    • Has had offers from private firms, but has "accepted [his] place in the world." L&O Episode 363, "Magnet" (02/08/06)
    • Requested Claire Kincaid as his assistant as soon as Ben Stone resigned. L&O Episode 89, "Second Opinion" (09/21/94)
    • Promoted to Executive Assistant District Attorney circa 1990, following the conviction of Andrew Dillard. He celebrated by taking his then-assistant and lover, Diana Hawthorne, to Ireland. Five years later, evidence that Diana Hawthorne had rigged the case in Jack's favor came to light. L&O Episode 123, "Trophy" (01/31/96)
    • Argued before the United States Supreme Court in the case of State of New York v. Emilio Pantoya. L&O Episode 229, "Vaya con Dios" (05/24/00)
    • Jack was on a hit list and nearly killed in 2005, but the man who set the murders in motion was shot and killed by his own son, who was acting to save lives -- including Jack's [L&O Episode 358, "Criminal Law" (11/23/05)]
    • Was appointed interim DA starting August 6, 2007 [L&O Episode 394, "Called Home" (01/02/08); L&O Episode 401, "Illegal" (02/13/08)].  He was apparently a compromise choice for the job when the mayor and the state Attorney General couldn't agree whom to appoint [Ibid].
    • Jack has a history of butting heads with authority figures, including his bosses. Examples include:
      • Was briefly suspended (December 2nd-13th-ish, 1995) when the irregularities of the Andrew Dillard case came to light. L&O Episode 123, "Trophy" (01/31/96)
      • Helped DA Adam Schiff fight the governor's office over being removed from the Hank Coburn case. L&O Episode 157, "Terminal" (05/21/97)
      • During the trial of Bernard Dressler, Jack became so emotionally involved that both then-District Attorney Adam Schiff and then-assistant  Jamie Ross questioned his reasons and his judgment.  Both believed he was pursuing Dressler as a vendetta against the man who had been driving the car that struck Claire Kincaid's, resulting in her death. L&O Episode 168, "Under the Influence" (01/07/98)
      • Was nearly disbarred over his conduct in the Dressler case, but Jamie Ross' testimony "softened the blow" .  Abbie Carmichael pointedly referred to his being brought up on charges before the Bar Association Disciplinary Committee, and admitted he was exonerated. Episode 168, "Under the Influence" (01/07/98); L&O Episode 181, "Monster" (05/20/98); L&O Episode 210, "Justice" (11/10/99); L&O Episode 182, "Cherished" (09/23/98)
      • Has been placed in custody for contempt on at least two occasions. L&O Episode 136, "I.D." (09/25/96); L&O Episode 195, "Sideshow (1)" (02/17/99)
      • Thought he would be fired after disobeying a direct order by issuing a number of legally insufficient warrants for several Russian mobsters.  He was packing up the personal items in his office when Adam stopped in.  Jack said, "It's okay, Adam.  If I'd disobeyed a direct order from (former District Attorney) Frank Hogan, he'd have canned me, too." Adam responded, "That's Frank Hogan … I told you, no martyrs." L&O Episode 205, "Refuge (2)" (05/26/99)
      • Once challenged a judge he felt wasn't upholding her rulings. He even went so far as to throw out his closing and tell the jury everything he hadn't been allowed to present during the trial; he felt the defense had done the same. It resulted in a mistrial. L&O Episode 212, "Patsy" (11/24/99)
      • When then-assistant Serena Southerlyn was brought before the Disciplinary Committee, Jack volunteered to represent her, telling then-District Attorney Nora Lewin that he "(knew) the territory." L&O Episode 266, "DR 1-102" (01/30/02)
      • Once dared District Attorney Arthur Branch to fire him. L&O Episode 350, "Red Ball" (09/21/05)
      • Did not support Arthur Branch's decision to fire Serena Southerlyn. L&O Episode 338, "Ain't No Love" (01/12/06)
      • Was removed by the governor from the prosecution of Alex Borgia's murderers due to "irregularities" in the way he obtained the indictments. L&O Episode 371, "Invaders" (05/17/06)
      • Was charged with contempt of federal court. At the hearing, he was represented by Arthur Branch for "a reasonable fee." L&O Episode 392, "Over Here" (05/11/07)
      • Tendered his resignation -- which was refused -- after District Attorney Arthur Branch removed him from the trial of Randall Bailey.  Jack wanted to turn over a statement admitting mistaken testimony on the part of Dr. Rodgers; Branch didn't.  L&O Episode 393, "The Family Hour" (05/18/07)
      •  In 2007, he directed that an auxiliary police officer should be prosecuted for the murder of a woman participating in a protest of immigration policies [L&O Episode 401, "Illegal" (02/13/08)].  He effectively fired the original ADA in charge of the case, Joshua Lathem, because Lathem said that Jack "can't be trusted." The defense attorney on the case accused him of using the office of district attorney to "service a liberal agenda."
      • On the other hand, Jack's tactic in withholding the witness statement in "Competence" [L&O Episode 94, (11/02/94)] was echoed by a similar tactic on Adam Schiff's part in "Remand" [L&O Episode 121, (01/10/96)]: Adam wanted to withhold the fact that the victim had been pregnant at the time she was assaulted.

    with Adam Schiff
    Notable Prosecutions
    Organized Crime – the Mafia, the Russian Mob, drug cartels, gangs
    • Vincent Dosso (and his lawyer, Paul Kopell) L&) Episode 98, "House Counsel" (01/04/95)
    • Sam "Bunny" Russo L&O Episode 146, "Barter" (02/12/97)
    • Alberto Napoli L&O Episode 172, "Faccia a Faccia" (02/25/98)
    • Sean Russo L&O Episode 202, "Ambitious" (05/12/99)
    • Constantine Volsky L&O Episode 204 & 205, "Refuge (1&2)" (05/26/99)
    • Joe Peña L&O Episode 247, "White Lie" (04/04/01)
    • Albert Bennato L&O Episode 253, "Deep Vote" (05/23/01)
    • Nicky & Tommy Avakian L&O Episode 276, "Oxymoron" (05/15/02)
    • Frederico Righetti L&O Episode 313, "Payback" (01/14/04)
    • Foster Keyes and Ronald Duggin L&O Episode 317, "Can I Get a Witness?" (02/25/04)
    • Franco Tortomassi L&O Episode 320, "Nowhere Man" (03/31/04)
    • Paul Raimondo L&O Episode 321, "Everybody Loves Raimondo's" (04/14/04)
    • Michael Ruffino L&O Episode 333, "Cry Wolf" (11/17/04)
    • Hydar Raheem L&O Episode 335, "Enemy" (12/01/04)
    • L-12  L&O Episode 354, "Life Line" (10/19/05)


    • Algen Corporation (bio supplier) [L&O Episode 185, "Flight" (10/21/98)]
    • Rolf Firearms [L&O Episode 206, "Gunshow" (09/22/99)]
    • SMJ Medical Services [L&O Episode 231, "Turnstile Justice" (10/25/00)]
    • Consolidated Broadcasting Corporation (television network) [L&O Episode 244, "Swept Away -- A Very Special Episode" (02/28/01)]
    • Gerard Diamond Company [L&O Episode 257, "Soldier of Fortune" (10/24/01)]
    • Access Nation (online data brokerage firm) [L&O Episode 268, "Access Nation" (02/27/02)]
    • AgriStar Enterprises (food supplier) [L&O Episode 272, "Slaughter" (04/10/02)]
    • Barden Pharmaceutical [L&O Episode 329, "Coming Down Hard" (10/06/04)]
    • The Countrymen (citizens' border patrol) [L&O Episode 357, "New York Minute" (11/16/05)]
    • Confront and Heal (television newsmagazine) [L&O Episode 376, "Public Service Homicide" (10/20/06)]
    • Babes Being Bad (amateur porn company) [L&O Episode 379, "Release" (11/10/06)]
    • Linden VA Hospital (indirectly) [L&O Episode 392, "Over Here" (05/11/07)]
    • Saving$Mart [L&O Episode 397, "Bottomless" (1/16/08)]
    • A Big Tobacco company, though not in an episode of L&O; we're told about it in L&O Episode 401, "Illegal" (02/13/08).
    Vietnam-era crimes & criminals
    • Susan Forest L&O Episode 93, "White Rabbit"10/19/94)
    • Darryl Grady L&O Episode 192, "Ramparts" (01/13/99)
    • Colonel Emilio Pantoya L&O Episode 229, "Vaya con Dios" (05/24/00)
    Prosecutors, Cops & Public Officials
    •  Lt. Anita Van Buren (she was "no-billed" by the Grand Jury) L&O Episode 94, "Competence" (11/02/94)
    • Spencer Talbert L&O Episode 96, "Virtue" (11/23/94)
    • Kevin Crossley L&O Episode 111, "Pride" (05/24/95)
    • Diana Hawthorne L&O Episode 123, "Trophy" (01/31/96)
    • Lt. John Flynn L&O Episode 139, "Corruption" (10/30/96)
    • ADA Charlie Harmon L&O Episode 165, "Shadow" (11/26/97)
    • Frank Dietrick, Officer Sawchuck and Officer Fratelli L&O Episode 183, "DWB" (10/07/98)
    • Mark Rivera L&O Episode 184, "Bait" (10/14/98)
    • Officers Marissa Hastings and Steve Felton L&O Episode 198, "Shield" (03/24/99)
    • Judge Andrew Wolinsky L&O Episode 210, "Justice" (11/10/99)
    • Officers Patrick Flannery and Earl Smith L&O Episode 222, "Black, White and Blue" (03/22/00)
    • Corrections Officer Pete Bennett L&O Episode 233, "Standoff" (11/08/00)
    • Asst. US Attorney Frank Conroy L&O Episode 246, "Ego" (03/21/01)
    • Senator Anne Benton L&O Episode 253, "Deep Vote" (05/23/01)
    • NYPD Lab Supervisor Lisa Russo L&O Episode 260, "Myth of Fingerprints" (11/14/01)
    • Judge Ruth Alexander L&O Episode 308, "Floater" (11/12/03)
    • Det. (Ret.) Bob Cerullo L&O Episode 361, "Family Friend" (01/11/06)
    • Eric Lund L&O Episode 369, "Kingmaker" (05/03/06)
    • DEA Agent Kevin Almonte L&O Episode 371, "Invaders" (05/17/06)
    • Senator Randall Bailey L&O Episode 393, "The Family Hour" (05/15/07)
    • Victor Vargas [L&O Episode 399, "Political Animal" (01/30/08)]
    • Auxiliary Officer Rodchenko [L&O Episode 401, "Illegal" (02/13/08)]

    New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who appeared in 
    two episodes: "Nowhere Man" and "Paradigm"
    Personal Information/History

    Full name: John James McCoy. "Jack" is a nickname. [L&O Episode 195, "Sideshow

    Home Address: As of 1996, lived on the West Side of Manhattan. [L&O Episode 135, "Causa Mortis" (09/18/96). Cameras glimpsed the inside of his apartment in L&O Episode 153, "Double Down" (04/16/97), revealing that he owns a grandfather clock, and keeps a picture that may be of Claire Kincaid above the desk in his living room. Also not particularly concerned with neatness: His books are in piles rather than on shelves.

    Ethnicity: Irish. L&O Episode 104, "Wannabe" (03/15/95); L&O Episode 219, "Entitled (2)" (02/18/00)

    Birthdate: Unknown, though he's a baby boomer. L&O Episode 170, "Castoff" (01/28/98)]

    Religion: Raised Catholic, "by the Jesuits." L&O Episode 119, "Angel" (11/29/95). Appears uncomfortable when a priest inquires as to when his last confession was. L&O Episode 264, "The Collar" (01/09/02). Later, describes self as a "lapsed Catholic." L&O Episode 388, "Good Faith" (03/30/07) On some level, he believes in the Devil [L&O Episode 196, "Disciple" (02/24/99)], but he does not believe in the paranormal; in fact, he thinks those who do believe in the paranormal are either gullible or plain stupid [L&O Episode 296, "Seer" (04/23/03); L&O Episode 310, "Compassion" (11/26/03)]. He considers the recent explosion of interest in the spiritual, particularly in speaking to the dead, "a pacifier. L&O Episode 310, "Compassion" (11/26/03)]. Has stated he is agnostic. L&O Episode 289, "Under God" (02/05/03)


    McCoy in his apartment
    Family History

    Much as with Jack himself, there are inconsistencies among the specifics concerning Jack's father's career, though other aspects of the character have remained very consistent. Here's what has been given on the show:

    • Jack's father was a member of the Chicago Police Department long enough to pull a pension: 
      • "My father was a cop for 31 years." [L&O Episode 90, "Coma" (09/28/94)] 
      • 35 years [L&O Episode 134, "Aftershock" (05/22/96)] 
      • 22 years [L&O Episode 280, "True Crime" (10/16/02)] 
    • The elder McCoy is described by Jack as a man with "big, thick hands" in which, as a toddler, Jack "sat in his hands like they were a chair" … but was "still scared of those hands" long after his father died. [L&O Episode 134, "Aftershock" (05/22/96)]. He beat Jack's mother and was at least emotionally, and very likely physically, abusive toward Jack as well; he liked his routine (and his wife's corned beef and cabbage) and could become violent when it was interrupted [L&O Episode 134, "Aftershock" (05/22/96); L&O Episode 378, "In Vino Veritas" (11/03/06)]. He wasn't partial to anyone who wasn't Irish: "he'd come home from work and rant about the blacks, Italians, Ukrainians" [L&O Episode 378, "In Vino Veritas" (11/03/06)]. He "smoked like a chimney," dying of lung cancer c. 1986; Jack was present at his deathbed [L&O Episode 134, "Aftershock" (05/22/96)]. As an adult, Jack refers to his father as a "sonofabitch" [L&O Episode 145, "Menace" (02/05/97); L&O Episode 299, "Sheltered" (05/14/03), etc.] and once told Lennie Briscoe that making his father proud is "not what gets [him] up in the morning" [L&O Episode 280, "True Crime" (10/16/02)]. Jack has stated that he neither liked nor respected his father [L&O Episode 378, "In Vino Veritas" (11/03/06)].
    • Jack's father bowled well enough to have won a trophy, and he played darts. He started teaching Jack to play darts when Jack was about three; Jack would sit in his hands and they'd toss darts until Jack fell asleep. When Jack was eight, his father took him down to the pub and bet $20 that Jack could beat anyone there. After Jack put "three in the men's room door," he "spent the next three weeks in the basement (practicing). I haven't lost since. In my family, losing was not an option" [L&O Episode 134, "Aftershock" (05/22/96)
    • Jack's mother was apparently fairly pragmatic, at least when it came to marriage; she told Jack, "Marry a rich girl and expect to work hard for the money" [L&O Episode 92, "Family Values" (10/12/94)]. 
    Other Relations
    • Jack is his father's "firstborn" [L&O Episode 134, "Aftershock" (05/22/96)], and he has at least one (younger) sibling who has at least a son [L&O Episode 215, "Loco Parentis" (01/05/00)]. 
    • Jack's nephew has at least a daughter, for whom Jack bought a bicycle [L&O Episode 397, "Bottomless" (01/16/08)]. 
    • Jack has a grown daughter, from whom he has been estranged [H:LOTS Episode 82, "Baby, It's You (2)" (11/14/97); L&O Episode 372, "Fame" (9/22/06)] and who lives in Maine [L&O Episode 372, "Fame" (9/22/06)]. They met in a bar at the end of the episode "Fallout" [L&O Episode 390, (04/27/07)], and though her name wasn't spoken, the credits list it as "Rebecca." Before that meeting, Jack and his daughter reportedly hadn't spoken in nine years [L&O Episode 372, "Fame" (9/22/06)]; the same reporter that wrote about Jack's estrangement from his daughter sent him photos at the end of the episode, presumably of Rebecca, the envelope containing which Jack put in his desk without opening.
    • He has two ex-wives [L&O Episode 89, "Second Opinion" (09/24/94); L&O Episode 374, "Home Sweet" (10/06/06)].  Only one was mentioned until the episode "Home Sweet," when Jack introduces Connie Rubirosa to the woman who represented his second ex-wife. It's assumed, but not confirmed, that the first ex is Rebecca's mother. One or both exes left him because he worked too many late nights [L&O Episode 304, "Patient Zero" (10/08/03)]. The second divorce was apparently acrimonious; Jack told Connie that his second wife's attorney was "why [he'll] never get married again" [L&O Episode 374, "Home Sweet" (10/06/06)].
    Important Childhood Events
    • Jack grew up on Damen Avenue on Chicago's South Side [L&O Episode 134, "Aftershock" (05/22/96); L&O Episode 289, "Under God" (02/05/03)]. As a child, he wanted to be a police officer -- "wear the blues, walk a beat … carry a gun … be the toughest guy on the block" [L&O Episode 134, "Aftershock" (05/22/96)], but Jack's father wanted him to be a lawyer: "You, Jack, you are going to law school … someday, we're gonna be (a)  judge." 
    • At some point, Jack had a job delivering newspapers [L&O Episode 383, "Charity Case" (01/12/07)].
    • Had a childhood friend named Tommy Soutar, whom he followed around "like a puppy". Tommy lived two doors down on Damen Avenue, and was a couple of years older than Jack. Soutar died in a VA hospital in 1968 after refusing a deathbed recantation of his sins. Once the priest had moved on, Tommy said to Jack, "God forgive me if I'm wrong." Jack "thought it was right" and that it "took a lot of guts" [L&O Episode 289, "Under God" (02/05/03)]. 
    • Jack did not serve in Vietnam [L&O Episode 255, "Armed Forces" (10/03/01)]. He at least sympathized with Vietnam protesters, telling Abbie Carmichael at one point that "Activists aren't terrorists!" [L&O Episode 192, "Ramparts" (01/13/99)], and it's implied that he was a protester himself [L&O Episode 93, "White Rabbit" (10/19/94); L&O Episode 162, "Nullification" (11/05/97); L&O Episode 229, "Vaya con Dios" (05/24/00)]. He remains suspicious of 1960's government policies [L&O Episode 93, "White Rabbit" (10/19/94); L&O Episode 192, "Ramparts" (01/13/99)].
    playing darts in "Aftershock"
    • Attended six years at St. Ignatius. L&O Episode 196, "Disciple" (02/24/99)
    • Completed his undergraduate work at the University of Chicago.*

    • Graduated 8th in his class from NYU Law School [L&O Episode 162, "Nullification" (11/05/97)]. [L&O Episode 98, "House Counsel" (01/04/95)]. That day was one of the proudest in his father's life; he took Jack's diploma and hung it in his den, above his bowling trophy. L&O Episode 134, "Aftershock" (05/22/96)

    McCoy's JD

    Medical/Psychological History
    • May have a weak knee: McCoy is seen wearing a knee brace on his right leg while playing basketball. L&O Episode 274, "Foul Play" (05/01/02).
    • He takes Sumatriptan, presumably for migraines. L&O Episode 268, "Access Nation" (02/27/02) 
    • He was apparently thrown into an intense depression following the death of Claire Kincaid that led to bouts of inappropriately heavy drinking. L&O Episode 135, "Causa Mortis" (09/18/96); L&O Episode 168, "Under the Influence" (01/07/98), among others, during which his drinking increased to the point that his then-assistant Jamie Ross commented on it. L&O Episode 146, "Barter" (02/12/97); L&O Episode 161, "Harvest" (10/29/97) "Under the Influence" marked a turning point -- Jack took out his anger and grief on the defendant and was able, at the end, to join Jamie and her fiancé socially. A comment from Adam much later -- "If I didn't know better, I'd offer you a drink." L&O Episode 229, "Vaya con Dios" (05/24/00)] -- suggests he was on the wagon for a while, though he was clearly off again by 2002, when he and Serena shared a drink after she was cleared by the Bar Association Disciplinary Committee. L&O Episode 266, "DR 1-102" (01/30/02)]. 
    • Tries to project a "tough guy" image. He refuses to admit that he can be emotionally affected by anything. L&O Episode 134, "Aftershock" (05/22/96); L&O Episode 181, "Monster" (05/20/98); L&O Episode 230, "Endurance" (10/18/00); L&O Episode 310, "Compassion" (11/26/03), etc.] 
    • Had affairs with four of his assistants: an ex-wife, Sally Bell, Diana Hawthorne and Claire Kincaid. L&O Episode 89, "Second Opinion" (09/21/94); L&O Episode 97, "Scoundrels" (11/30/94); L&O Episode 123, "Trophy" (01/31/96); L&O Episode 195, "Sideshow (1)" (02/17/99)
    • Likely suffered physical abuse at the hands of his father. L&O Episode 134, "Aftershock" (05/22/96)
    • As a child, had a dream in which he was swimming in a blue ocean towards an island that, despite his best efforts, never got any closer. [L&O Episode 205, "Refuge (2)" (05/26/99)
    Friends of Note
    • Paul Kopell. They attended law school together, and Paul once (circa 1969) stayed up until three in the morning the night before an exam to teach Jack the rule against perpetuities [L&O Episode 98, "House Counsel" (01/04/95)]. Jack and Paul were evenly matched in the courtroom until Jack convicted Paul as conspiring with his client, mob don Vincent Dosso.
    • Danielle Melnick. She once told him, "You know, I love you, Jack, but you are really pissing me off" [L&O Episode 315, "City Hall" (02/11/04)]. Later in the same episode, Jack told Arthur that he and Danielle "have been friends for twenty years." 
    • Michelle Kates, who apparently knows Jack well enough to know who his girlfriends are [L&O Episode 117, "Paranoia" (11/15/95)]. 
    • Ruthie Miller [L&O Episode 133, "Homesick" (05/15/96); L&O Episode 160, "Navy Blues" (10/15/07)]. 
    • Jessica Sheets. She told Jack, "Ah, but Jack … I know where you live" when he informed her that "opposing counsel hasn't called me [human] in a long time" [L&O Episode 279, "Shangri-La" 10/09/02)], suggesting they've known each other for some time. Later in the same episode, he assured the judge that she was "completely unaware of her client's deception," helping her avoid sanctions. Also, when she moved to be relieved as Mark Bruner's counsel in "Bodies" [L&O Episode 302, (09/24/03)], he didn't oppose.
    • Former DA Adam Schiff. A father/son type relationship was implied in their interactions -- Jack's smile lit up the room when Adam told him, "You did darn good" [L&O Episode 113, "Rebels" (09/27/95)], and Jack later calls Adam the "wisest man east of the Missouri" [L&O Episode 134, "Aftershock" (05/22/96)]. Jack went to the hospital to support Adam (April 26, 1997) when Adam turned of his wife's life support [L&O Episode 157, "Terminal" (05/21/97)]. Both men were unhappy in "DWB" [L&O Episode 183, (10/07/98)] when Jack refused to drop the charges against the three officers so the US Attorney's Office could take over; Adam even stated, "You're defying me."
    • Nora Lewin. Jack and Nora knew each other before she was appointed interim DA. L&O Episode 230, "Endurance" (10/18/00)
    • Jean Piccone [L&O Episode 313, "Payback" (01/14/04)]. 
    • Father Paul [L&O Episode 264, "The Collar" (01/09/02)]. 
    Non-work Romantic Entanglements/Dates
    • Sheila Kowalski (probably when Jack was in high school). When Jack's father found out about it, Jack "got the back of his hand." L&O Episode 378, "In Vino Veritas" (11/03/06)
    • Once "followed a girlfriend to a party, just to be sure." L&O Episode 282, "The Ring" (11/06/02) 
    • Two ex-wives, one of whom was once Jack's assistant [L&O Episode 89, "Second Opinion" (09/21/94); L&O Episode 374, "Home Sweet" (10/06/06)] 
    • Madeline, Jamie Ross's friend. L&O Episode 164, "Blood" (11/19/97)
    • An unnamed history professor. L&O Episode 197, "Harm" (03/03/99) 
    • An unnamed blonde, seen only once, in the episode "Criminal Law." L&O Episode 358, (11/23/05) Jack is forced to abandon her when Detectives Green and Fontana hustle him into their car.

    McCoy with Danielle Melnick
    Political Affiliations/Opinions

    He seems to be fairly moderate, politically: 

    • He's pro-death penalty, and will push to get it, though the exception came immediately following Claire Kincaid's death [e.g., L&O Episode 114, "Savages" (10/18/95); L&O Episode 134, "Aftershock" (05/22/96); L&O Episode 135, "Causa Mortis" (09/18/96); L&O Episode 178, "Bad Girl" (04/29/98); L&O Episode 176, "Disappeared" (04/22/98); L&O Episode 190, "True North" (12/09/98); L&O Episode 241, "Teenage Wasteland" (02/07/01); L&O Episode 380, "Deadlock" (11/17/06), etc.] He believes the death penalty discourages citizens from engaging in vigilantism. 
    • Has a "moral objection" to suicide [L&O Episode 208, "DNR" (10/06/99)]. 
    • He refuses to state a position on embryonic stem cell research; when Connie Rubirosa tried to get one out of him at the end of "Talking Points" [L&O Episode 384, (02/02/07)], he responded with a non sequitur:  "I think, if God created man in His image, maybe we've all just degenerated from whatever's floating around in that petri dish."
    • On the other hand, he's probably pro-choice; or, at least, he doesn't consider abortion providers to be murders [L&O Episode 100, "Progeny" (01/25/95)] 
    • He believes affirmative action provides minorities with "otherwise unavailable opportunity" [L&O Episode 303, "Bounty" (10/01/03)].
    • He apparently supports gay marriage [L&O Episode 314, "Married With Children" (02/04/04)], but that didn't stop him from invalidating a number of gay marriages in order to win a case [L&O Episode 332, "Gov Love" (11/10/04)]. He was not present when Serena Southerlyn asked Arthur Branch if she was being fired because she was a lesbian [L&O Episode 338, "Ain't No Love" (01/12/06)].
    • As of 2007, he supports a candidate that appears to be a riff on Hillary Clinton, though he's probably not a diehard supporter; as he put it, "Compare it with the alternative" [L&O Episode 399, "Political Animal" (01/30/08)].
    • He seems to cognitively disapprove of illegal immigration on some level, but since -- generally speaking -- illegal immigrants aren't killing anyone, he doesn't devote a lot of energy to the subject. He once used an illegal immigrant as a prosecution witness and was unable to prevent the judge from deporting her [L&O Episode 357, "New York Minute" (11/16/05)], and he will use deportation as a weapon to ensure a witness's cooperation [L&O Episode 386, "Melting Pot" (02/16/07)].
    • He likely protested the Vietnam war [L&O Episode 162, "Nullification" (11/05/97)] and remains sympathetic to those ideals [L&O Episode 93, "White Rabbit" (10/19/94); L&O Episode 162, "Nullification" (11/05/97); L&O Episode 192, "Ramparts" (01/13/99); L&O Episode 229, "Vaya con Dios" (05/24/00)]. In particular, he's wary of post-9/11 fear politics. When prosecuting a man who had murdered an Arab man by blowing up his apartment, he told Nora Lewin, "We can't just forget the rule of law because we don't like who lays claim to it", and later, "People can consider whatever they want, but fear is not a license to kill." [L&O Episode 277, "Patriot" (05/22/02)]. However, he will use evidence gained by anti-terrorist measures if it supports his case [L&O Episode 315, "City Hall" (02/11/04)]. 
    • Believes in peaceful protest and civil disobedience: "A bad law sometimes demands an illegal act," as long as no one gets killed [L&O Episode 162, "Nullification" (11/05/97)], and though he never served in the military, he has great respect for those who served honorably [L&O Episode 255, "Armed Forces" (10/03/01); L&O Episode 392, "Over Here" (05/11/07)].
    • He believes that the 2nd Amendment has outlived its usefulness [L&O Episode 206, "Gunshow" (09/22/99)].
    • He has been accused of being a liberal.  [L&O Episode 303, "Bounty" (10/01/03); L&O Episode 401 "Illegal" (02/13/08)]
    • That said, he dislikes politics -- when Spencer Talbert accused him of trying to advance his political career, he responded, "No, I don't like politics. And I much care for politicians, but I won't hold your job against you" [L&O Episode 96, "Virtue" (11/23/94)]. He also told Arthur Branch, "You do politics, Arthur, not me. I do the law" [L&O Episode 384, "Talking Points" (02/02/07)]. However, he's not above using the media to put pressure on others to get his way [L&O Episode 96, "Virtue" (11/23/94); L&O Episode 302, "Bodies" (09/24/03), etc.] 
    • Something of a realist, he knows no single prosecution will make a difference in the beliefs and attitudes of the public at large [L&O Episode 191, "Hate" (01/06/99)].
    • He finds religious leaders who are indicted for murder contemptible and may not even use their honorifics [L&O Episode 385, "Church" (02/09/07), etc.] He does not have a strong faith in God; when Serena asks him, "So, God's dead?" he responds, "I'm proud to say I don't know." He seems to have no particular use for the Catholic Church as an institution: "Anybody who knows that he knows gets my hair up" [L&O Episode 289, "Under God" (02/05/03)].
    • He finds racism, in particular anti-Semitism, repugnant [L&O Episode 120, "Blood Libel" (01/03/96); L&O Episode 213, "Blood Money" (12/01/99); L&O Episode 319, "Evil Breeds" (03/24/04), etc.] 
    • He finds the ideas of forced sterilization and eugenics repugnant, but enticing -- which scares him [L&O Episode 355, "Birthright" (11/02/05)].
    with Abbie Carmichael



    • Drinks Scotch, alone and with others [L&O Episode 102, "Performance" (02/08/95); L&O Episode 119, "Angel" (11/29/95); L&O Episode 134, "Aftershock" (05/22/96); L&O Episode 151, "Showtime" (03/27/97); L&O Episode 161, "Harvest" (10/29/97); L&O Episode 266, "DR 1-102" (01/30/02), etc.] 
    • Plays basketball [L&O Episode 274, "Foul Play" (05/01/02)]. 
    • Is apparently a Chicago Bulls fan. Seasons 5 through approximately 11, he kept a Chicago Bulls cap on a shelf above the couch in his office (it was there during "Dissonance" [L&O Episode 232, (11/01/00)] and gone by "School Daze" [L&O Episode 251, (05/16/01)]), and he has a Bulls beer stein that is currently residing on the window sill in his office.
    • Rides a motorcycle. There are two models known; as of Season 6, he was riding a Yamaha [L&O Episode 113, "Rebels" (09/27/95)]; by Season 14, he'd upgraded to a BMW [L&O Episode 302, "Bodies" (09/24/03)]. He also has an interest in antique motorcycles [L&O Episode 173, "Divorce" (03/04/98)]. Currently wears a plain black, full face helmet; a previous helmet sported a silver-and-gold design.
    • Is as good a darts player as Lennie Briscoe was a pool player [L&O Episode 134, "Aftershock" (05/22/96)] 
    • Likes to chat online with an old college roommate who now lives in London. [L&O Episode 268, "Access Nation" (02/27/02)].
    • Listens to the Beatles, fusion jazz, and the Clash. Ibid.
    • Has read a biography of Eleanor Roosevelt. Ibid.
    • Dislikes reality TV and holds infotainment in utter contempt [L&O Episode 376, "Public Service Homicide" (10/20/06)].

    McCoy and favorite mode of transport

    Personal Quirks
    • Wears a ring monogrammed "JJM" on his right hand. 
    • Is right handed, and apparently prefers to write by hand, in pen.
    • Wears his watch on his left arm, above the wrist.
    • Usually wears a leather jacket, and his winter coats have hoods; he also wears size large gloves [L&O Episode 296, "Seer" (04/23/03)]. Until Season 16, he wore watch caps in the winter, then upgraded to a fedora, which is first seen in "Criminal Law" [L&O Episode 358, (11/23/05)]. (Sam Waterston prefers a fedora in public, which may have influenced the change.) 
    • Wears gray suits with traditional dress shirts: white, off-white and light blue. Generally wears ties with diagonal stripes, though occasionally wears one with a small pattern. Had a couple of paisley ties, one of which Adam Schiff poked fun at in "Showtime" [L&O Episode 151, (03/27/97)]. 
    • Seasons 12-15, he wore an American flag pin on his lapel occasionally.
    • Banks at Citibank. As of 2002, he used his grandmother's name as his password for absolutely everything [L&O Episode 268, "Access Nation" (02/27/02)]. 
    • As of 2006, wears reading glasses [L&O Episode 372, "Fame" (9/22/06), etc.] 
    • Takes his coffee black [L&O Episode 117, "Paranoia" (11/15/95)]. 
    • Is unselfconscious about eating in front of others [L&O Episode 90, "Coma" (09/28/94); L&O Episode 114, "Savages" (10/18/95); L&O Episode 183, "DWB" (10/07/98); L&O Episode 292, "Bitch" (02/26/03); L&O Episode 320, "Nowhere Man" (03/31/04), etc.] 
    • Is not above napping on the couch in his office [L&O Episode 155, "Passion" (05/07/97)]. 
    • Is a competent enough electrician to re-wire a lamp [L&O Episode 249, "All My Children" (05/02/01)]. 
    • Is relatively capable when it comes to technology, but isn't entirely comfortable with the speed of recent technological advances [L&O Episode 268, "Access Nation" (02/27/02); L&O Episode 284, "Open Season" (11/20/02), etc.] 
    • Is enough of a gentleman to stand and offer a chair to a female colleague when she joins him in a restaurant [L&O Episode 331, "Cut" (10/27/04)]. 
    • Usually lets his female assistants drive when a car is necessary [L&O Episode 134, "Aftershock" (05/22/96); L&O Episode 342, "License to Kill" (02/23/05), etc.]
    • Owns a tiepin from Bobby Kennedy's 1968 Presidential campaign.  It was given to him in 2007 by EADA Michael Cutter, who "found it on eBay" [L&O Episode 401, "Illegal" (02/13/08)].

    with chapeau

    with ring

    Repeat Offender?
    No. Sam Waterston has only appeared in Law & Order as the character Jack McCoy.

    Other Relevant Appearances
    As Jack McCoy:

    Relevant Appearances by Family Members
    • Son, James Waterston 
      • Dr. Shimo in "Refuge (2)" [L&O Episode 205, (05/26/99)] 
    • Daughter, Elisabeth Waterston 
      • Penny Rollins in "High & Low" [L&O Episode 227, (05/17/00)] 
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