Dr. Elizabeth Olivet
Played by: Carolyn McCormick
Introduction Scene: L&O, Episode 23, "Confession" (9/17/91)
First Lines: "TK"
Exit Scene (to date): SVU Episode 33, "Abuse" (1/26/01)
Final Lines (to date): "TK"
Reason for Character Departure: Not given
Reason for Actor Departure: "Actress Carolyn McCormick accepted a lead role in the American version of the British-spawned Cracker on ABC." (Law & Order, The Unofficial Companion, p. 30, 1998 - Second Edition)

Career History
  • *Dr. Olivet was listed as a psychologist in several episodes, then became a psychiatrist in others. 
  • In L&O Episode 207, "Killerz" (9/29/99), it was revealed that Dr. Olivet was in private practice, having worked with the police department for six years and two years in academia.

Medical History

  • *Dr. Olivet appeared pregnant (McCormick was) in L&O Episode 207, "Killerz" (9/29/99) but no mention was made of the pregnancy or that the doc was in a relationship.
  • While investigating the questionable practices of a gynecologist (as a patient had related to her), Olivet was raped in L&O Episode 50, "Helpless" (11/4/92). The rape was referred to in L&O Episode 53, "Point of View" (11/25/93), when it is pointed out to her on the stand by EADA Ben Stone how having been raped now impairs her judgment when it comes to evaluating a woman claiming a near-rape.

Personal History
None established in canon. However, McCormick said in the Unofficial Companion, "If there was going to be a liaison, it would be with Ben Stone, not Logan. Michael [Moriarty], I thought he was fabulous, one of the best things on the show. Olivet and Stone had a very interesting thing going on .... There was definitely some sexual tension between those two. He left the show right when it might have started going in that direction."

Additional Information

  • The court's psychiatrist was replaced by Dr. Emil Skoda in Episode 159, "Denial" (10/8/97).
  • Dr. Olivet has continued to make recurring appearances

Repeat Offender?
McCormick has not appeared on any Law & Order as any other character besides Olivet. 

Other Relevant Appearances
McCormick appeared on H:LOTS Episode 41, "Sniper (1)" (1/5/96) and Episode 42, "Sniper (2)" (1/12/96) as Linda Mariner.


  • In Episode 204, "Refuge (Part One)" (5/26/99), Dr. Skoda introduces Dr. Olivet to EADA Jack McCoy as if they've never met before. (Perhaps Olivet and McCoy were just being polite.)
  • Dr. Olivet was listed as a psychologist in several episodes, then became a psychiatrist in others. 

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* = information yet to be confirmed
H:LOTS = Homicide: Life On The Streets
L&O = Law & Order (the original series)
SVU = Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
CI = Law & Order: Criminal Intent

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