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From the Editors' Desk

We're a little tired.
You know, it's that end-of-summer, start-of-the-beginning-of-the-end-of-the-year malaise. It's a time of year that's rife with new things (school starting, prime-time season beginning [as soon as the Olympics stop yapping their 15-hour-delayed traps], leaves begin turning) -- but in a way, they're all false starts. In this society, we begin with January 1, not September or October. From now until the end of the year, we'll slouch ever forward into the debauchery of Halloween (special apocrypha issue on that -- keep reading for details), speed bump over Election Day (write Kitt if you want a recommendation on who to vote for), glide over Veteran's Day and suddenly it's food time on Thanksgiving, then Hanukkah, then Christmas, then New Year's ... and we're back to the beginning again. Thinking about it makes us a little tired, although the candy will be nice.
What's also a little tiring, when you think about it, is the notion of 11 years of Law & Order. Yay. Good on them, it's great being the longest-running prime-time drama on the air, and soon Dick Wolf will take over the universe with a possible new third L&O series (see news) and his various other endeavors, like Deadline (which uses Wolf's newspaper The Ledger, just like the L&O universe) and Arrest & Trial. But that's a lot of watching, and a lot of stuff to absorb, and a lot of canon to know when you're writing fanfic and reporting on the comings and goings of writers, directors, producers and actors. Those pesky people. On the other hand, things are exciting: This eleventh season gives us two new executive producers, a new district attorney (ach, Steven Hill, we hardly knew ye -- though you can find out more here), and if we keep our fingers crossed, no more Lynn Mamet scripts, no "love" relationship between any two regular characters, and a whole lot more twisty turny peel back and see what's really at the core of this crime type stories. The possibilities are endless -- will this new pack of people sieze on them, or will we find out what we've begun to suspect lately: That NBC has their talons so well dug in on this show that there's no chance of ever being surprised again? Former writer I.C. Rapoport has something to say about that here, so be sure to check him out. And then there's those looming writers/actors negotiations, which could put a stop to L&O for a while after this season -- there's rumors if a strike happens, it could go on for years. Years! The news section should clue you in to some of the possible points of contention.
So it's a lot to think about. But for now, here is our Fall issue, all shiny and ready for your inspection. Pay attention to the challenges -- we'll be adding a special one-page Halloween "issue" at the end of October, made up purely of your challenges, just like we do for the end-of-the-year Holidays, as well as the regular old Winter challenge. Take advantage! Send in! And while we're at it: If anyone is interested in assuming the duties of alerting the Announcement List of upcoming L&O-related events, email us and we'll be happy to pass on that baton. Y'see, real life happens a lot of the time ... and we're a little tired lately. So that's a duty we'll be happy to have someone else assume for now. And here's another job for all of you readers and writers out there: Make suggestions! Tell us what you want! Submit! At the end of the Letters to The Editor there's a note from a reader suggesting L&O crossover with Highlander! And why not? We're happy to consider all works -- we're always eagerly anticipating the next great fanfic writer who sends us something from out of the blue.
    For now, here's what has gotten us all worked up for this issue: Kitteridge suggests you click on "Venom," and says, "It's a crisp, biting little tale worthy of the season." Korillian has plucked Cindy Gingrich's story, "The Playlist" out of the heap, saying it's a "quick, sexy read." Additionally, now is the time to pick your choices for the third annual Blue Wall Awards! Last issue you picked the nominees -- now go here to choose from the top vote-getters for the final round! Winners will be announced in our Winter issue, out in late November/early December.
As always, thanks for reading! Give us feedback, ask questions, send money and philosophies about life. We love hearing from you -- we're at: apocrypha.
Kitteridge and Korillian

Letters To The Editor
We get letters, we get letters, lots and lots of letters...

Subj:  Re:new issue
Date: 7/1/00 3:39:45 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Thank you once again for a wonderful issue of apocrypha!  I know I can always depend on you for really well-written fan fic!

Jackie Leaf
Law & Order Junkie
Logan, Briscoe and McCoy fan!!

Subj: Hidden Agendas
Date: 7/5/00 7:44:05 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Loved this story, and it shows that once again Kitt is a great writer.

Christa Huffine

Subj:  absolution
Date: 7/4/00 11:00:17 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Great story, what I'd been looking forward to for a while.

emily d.

Subj:  absolution
Date: 6/30/00 1:21:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time

This story is WONDERFUL.  Please get more of Jane/Lani's writing on the page. She's great.


Subj:  long day's journey
Date: 6/30/00 3:18:32 PM Eastern Daylight Time

What do I think?  As a fan of that beautiful soul known to the world as Sam Waterston, I can only sigh my thanks for this wonderful report.  It was like I was there.  And it confirms what I've always suspected -- Samuel Atkinson Waterston is a real human being.

Yours truly,
Ayesha Haqqiqa LeRoy

Subj: War and Disorder
Date: 7/13/00 4:00:27 AM Eastern Daylight Time

As a big M*A*S*H  fan i thought it was great!


Subj:  Photos and Stories
Date: 7/28/00 2:39:31 AM Eastern Daylight Time

I already READ apocrypha and love it, so why I didn't think of this earlier, who knows. Anyway what I was looking for was decent Jack McCoy slash (why everyone wants to slash Stone instead I don't know. I liked Stone just fine, but never found him attractive, and I think that part of
what makes me enjoy slash is how gorgeous I think the participants are.)

I have gone through the archives here, but it might be hoped that a fellow reader might point me to something good?

Also...on a non literary tack...looking for S. Epatha Merkerson pics (preferably L&O clips with Jerry Orbach.)

many thanks

Ed. Note: Email us at and we'll forward suggestions to Tana!

Subj:  A Long Day's Journey
Date: 7/31/00 7:59:55 PM Eastern Daylight Time

I saw the play too.  I didn't have the travel problems that you had, however I completely agree with your
article.  I also was able to receive Sam's autograph. Well I forgot my camera, so my parents being ever so
nice took me back to the theater the next night and I got Sam's autograph "again", but I also got his son's.
That time I also didn't forget my camera and got a picture with the both of them.


Subj: Lorraine Toussaint
Date: 8/5/00 11:02:10 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Enjoyed the interview. Nice to know the actresses as a person. She is a strong actress, beautiful and good to know busy performing her craft. I never saw the show spoken of in the interview. But I know I'd like to see her in those shows. I am an Any Day Now fan, just discovered Ms Toussaint. Want to start a fan club?.


Ed. Note: Again, email us at and we'll forward any info on starting an LT fanclub to Bendera!

Subj:  why
Date: 8/7/00 3:52:16 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Yanna, i absoultely *loved* your honest and frank article about why you watch L&O. i have to agree with you on virtually everything you
said -- the constant and often confusing character changes have, I believe, hurt the show a bit -- yes, it's very successful as it is, but
could be moreso if the cast still included the Stone/Robinette/Cragen/Ceretta/Logan mix.

Benjamin Bratt is actually older than Julia Roberts; he's 36 and she's just 31. Actually, I don't think Logan would sound all that bad in
French -- although German would be much more forceful.

Anyway, thanks for the great read.


Subj: Doors of Paper
Date: 8/23/00 12:16:40 AM Eastern Daylight Time

I happened upon your spooky Law & Order story sort of by accident and thought I would read it.  I was SOOO impressed by it!  It was terrific!  You must be a huge L&O fan becasuse you captured each character's personality perfectly, and even brought back my favorite, Mike Logan!  Bravo!!


Subj: Crossover Idea
Date: 9/17/00 11:48:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time

I found your website on the Internet about two months ago, and I enjoyed it a lot.  I especially like the few crossover stories you have with other shows, like the X-Files, M*A*S*H, and Forever Knight.

However, there is one show that I like that thought would make an interesting crossover with Law & Order, that show is Highlander.

What if one of the Law & Order characters found out that he/she was an Immortal, like the characters from Highlander.  I think that Abbie Carmichael would make a great Immortal, of course the others wouldn't be bad at it either.

I hope to see it!

Mark Pacetti

Ed. Note: Writers -- how about it?

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