And My Favorite Episode is....
By Lady V

I always have a hard time telling people exactly which Law & Order episode is my favorite. To me, itís like comparing an apple with an orange. A show that has delivered mostly high quality writing and acting throughout the years is bound to generate a number of favorites. To say that one episode totally outshines any other in this great series would totally underestimate its appeal. I will say that since my favorite character is Mike Logan, all of my favorite episodes revolve around him. In no particular order, here are the episodes which have made the most impression on me:

1. "Confession": This is the episode in which we learn that Mike is unafraid to be honest even when he is facing serious consequences. This is also the one is which Mike is transformed from a wisecracking kid into a mature adult with the death of his partner, Max Greevey. A good example of this honesty is shown in the scene in which Mike is in Ben Stoneís office with his PBA lawyer and is discouraged from admitting anything about the coerced confession from Maxís killer. Mike calmly goes up to Stone's desk and signs off on his deposition, saying, "Its the truth," which shows a high level of integrity.

2." Bad Faith": Mike's childhood friend commits suicide while trying to nab their former childhood priest, Father Krolinsky for molestation. This episode delves deeply into Mike's troubled soul unlike most others and while other actors would have hammed up the part, Chris Noth skillfully underplays the characterís angst.

3. "Indifference": The death of an abused child brings yet another glimpse into Mike's soul, albeit a brief one, in the powerful scene where he compares his mother to the dead child's mother to Max. While the characters are mostly passionate about justice in this series, it seems that in this episode the passion gets turned up a notch, probably because the defendants are beyond reprehensible.

4. "Mayhem":  An unusual episode in which only the "Law" side is featured. This break in the show's format allows us to follow Mike throughout a very long day in which he and partner Lennie Briscoe solve five crimes. What makes this fairly unusual episode work is the humor underlying many of the grisly cases.

I could go on about my favorite episodes, but I'd probably need to write a novel.
As for the show itself, it is unparelled in its ability to stay fresh and current amid a myriad of cast changes. It's also one of those few in which one can learn something new even if one has seen the episode 50 times in reruns. I know this is going to sound maudlin, but it really has enriched my life and hopefully it will live on for years to come.

whaddya think?