Some verse about fanfic, not oft' made to share; take a dip in the pool, wade around -- that's why it's there!

Things Not Seen
By Kitteridge

the inbetween times and the places not seen
are places we visit in the threads of our dream
rock candy mountain aglitter with sweet
or lonely sad dungeon dank with moss and peat
are places only pictured, shapes just created
which never are shown, only secondhand related
"put your hands here" says today's storytelling god
"reach underneath, but don't press too hard"
so groping, what is felt when hands caress words
are they soft and pliant, or coarse and disturbed
and do you want more, despite your disgust
or do you wish that you'd never agreed to trust
the sharpness felt when you reached in the space
when you chose your tale-teller and looked in her face
are the heroes different than those you'd imagined
do they spit curse and shit -- behavior unfathomed!
not very good reading, now wouldn't you say?
if it's depression I'd wanted, I'd have done it my own way
I wanted mere flowers, silk and nice sticky stuff
this dream's a shared one and you've done quite enough
and sensing that her time is ended for today
the web-spinner awakes, tells her children "go play"
and today's chosen god disappears with her prose
removing your stray hand from the underneath you chose
handing it back to you still covered with slick
and crusty hard memories from the dream that still stick
for a while, but in short enough time there's the yearn
for unexplored places that whisper and burn
and so unexpected, soon enough you yearn for the dream
of the inbetween times ... and the places not seen.


whaddya think?