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the fourth annual apocrypha blue wall awards
Welcome to the nomination process for the Fourth Annual apocrypha Blue Wall Awards! Listed below are the selections apocrypha has published over our fourth year as an online 'zine. ONLY THESE STORIES ARE VALID FOR THIS YEAR'S NOMINATIONS. If it ain't here, it ain't up until NEXT year's nominations. Each title is linked to the original story, so if you want to re-read the entry, or read it for the first time, go right ahead!

All you have to do is this: Put a nice little old check mark next to the THREE fiction stories, THREE challenges, ONE non-fiction piece and ONE non-fiction challenge piece you liked best, then click on "Submit." Our next issue, in September, will list the top nominees -- and then you'll have the chance to vote for the winners. One vote per email address, and you must have voted by November 15, 2001 at 11:59 PM ET for us to consider your entry.

Please send us the information as requested; incomplete or incorrect nominations WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. Don't pick more stories than a category allows, or we'll disqualify the entire entry.

**Note To Authors: If you wish to disqualify any of your stories from competition, email us and we will remove it from nomination and the final round.**

An email address is required. Without it, your nomination will be disqualified.

Thanks for voting!

Just complete this form. Click on Submit when ready to send.

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Fiction Stories (Choose THREE)

Taking Stock by Karen Howard-Joly
Random by Raye Duncan
Baby, Secret Of A Lost Love by Lynne Hoffman
Aftermath by Lady V
Venom by Marguerite Reed
The Playlist by Cindy Gingrich
Things Not Seen (verse) by Kitteridge
Freak by Marguerite Reed
Forgiven, Part 1 and Part 2 by Cindy Gingrich
Daylight by Azure
Stand Up Guy by Kitteridge
Reflections of the Fallen by Azure
Black, White and Gray Part One and Part Two by Gypsum
Blackout Night by Angilbas
Season's End by Shelly Johnston
Commotion by Valerie Rademacher
Stripped: Animal Shelter by Kitteridge
Red Riding Hood by Dame Delight

Challenges (Choose THREE)

Hidden Agendas by Kitteridge
'Til Death Do Us Part by Lin Johnson-Courtright
Getting Back On by bluejeans
De Jure by M.L. Stone
Absolution by Jane/Lani
Twisted by Katharine Gabriel
Another Nameless Person by Lin Courtright
The Gilded Cage by Velvet Durano
Hint Of Mint by Nindalf
Go Blonde by James Paul
High Stakes by Cindy Gingrich
Thunderstruck by Mike Livingston
No Execution by The Sentinel
I Don't Care If I Never Get Back by karisma
Second Chance by Jenna
The Secret History by Lady V.
...And You Show Up For Work by Brittany Frederick
Sweethearts by Luna
Valentine by Sapphire
Warrant by Gypsum
Some Vacation by The Sentinel
The Jury Is In by Tona
Jigsaw Takes A Holiday by Calysta Noir
Love, Jack by Cindy Gingrich

Non-Fiction (Choose ONE)

The apocrypha Interview: Writer/Producer David Black ) by Kitteridge
A Long Day’s Journey: Well Worth Every Step by Karen Howard-Joly
The apocrypha interview: Gaelin by Korillian
The apocrypha interview: Writer I.C. "Chuck" Rapoport  by Kitteridge
Steven Hill: Hollywood's Most Talented Curmudgeon by  John Sobiski
Law & Order: A Law Enforcement Perspective by  Heather Gray
Aftershock: Law & Order In Reverse by  Ursula

Non-Fiction Challenges (Choose ONE)

Why I Watch by Yanna P.
And My Favorite Episode Is... by Lady V
Trial Part Two: In Defense of Special Victims Unit by Brittany Frederick
Lennie Briscoe by Jackie Leaf

Any comments?


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