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From the Editors' Desk

THOMAS E. FRANKLIN / The Associated Press

And so, we also try to soldier on.
Apologies for the lateness of the issue. Although Kor, Kitt and our loved ones all escaped unscathed from the September 11 attack, the next issue of the magazine was a little hard to give priority. Nevertheless, we still have some exciting fiction and non-fiction worth sharing, as well as a space where you can nominate your favorite stories and non-fiction from the past year for our fourth annual Blue Wall Awards. The fiction challenge has thankfully been returned, though considering so many of our readers jumped at the chance to write about second bananas, we wouldn't be surprised if it goes missing again....
So for now, hope you enjoy the issue -- everybody needs a little escape from reality here and there. We're already considering fiction for the next issue, which will be out in late November/early December, but before that,we will be doing a special Halloween issue -- so get those pens a'scribblin', cause we're gonna want those tales in very, very soon so it can go up in time for the holiday.
We're sure you've heard this enough times, but here's one more: We write and read about fictional characters who enforce the law, but on September 11 we lost far too many of the real-life ones who keep the real-life law and order of the U.S. intact. Support your local police and firemen, hug your loved ones, smile at your neighbor, and donate to the worthy causes attempting to alleviate the suffering of so many people who didn't deserve to die on that clear September morning.
Keep submitting, keep reading, and keep watching. Give us feedback, ask questions, send money and philosophies about life. We love hearing from you -- we're at: apocrypha.

Kitteridge and Korillian

Letters To The Editor
We get letters, we get letters, lots and lots of letters...

Subj:  Season's End
Date:  7/18/2001 6:56:04 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Fun story. Real world crossovers are HARD to write, but this one  came out okay.


Subj:  Season's End
Date:  7/16/2001 11:15:31 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Re: Season's End by Shelly Johnson

Intriguing story!  I enjoyed it very much.  Though I've watched Law & Order a bit and have enjoyed it, I'm actually a very big Forever Knight fan.  I thought the characters worked well together, but, of course, the crux of this story was the interesting twist of the characters knowing that that's exactly what they were/are.

It's as my husband always says, "Half the time authors don't care what they do to the characters they create and work with.  They shoot them, rape them, torture them, etc., without any thoughts to feelings [whether it's the characters' feelings, or the fans' feelings], or consequences."  This story just goes to show that sometimes people really do care - about the characters, the fans, and the whole world involved with fan fiction and television.

Knight Fangs

Subj:  heather summer 2001
Date:  7/20/2001 7:07:31 PM Eastern Daylight Time

I just read Heather Gray's article, "Law and Order: A Law and Order Perspective". It seems to me this rambling, article is mostly blatant
self-promotion about Heather Gray with very little perspective on anything at all. I couldn't tell from one paragraph to another what she
was supposed to be writing about--except herself. I would much rather read an article by a writer who has something to say--not something to

Kim MacRae

Editor's Note: apocrypha suggests readers give new columnists more than one issue before coming to major conclusions about style and content. Additionally, it should be known that the editors were the ones behind asking Ms. Gray to introduce herself to the readers, rather than just coming in cold. So if that was your gripe, blame us. Check her out again this issue, and check out her response to a post on the Yahoo! Club message board below:

Subj:  Feedback From The Messageboard
Date:  7/18/2001 11:05:44 PM Eastern Daylight Time

I had a read through the message posted to the board that you forwarded to me.  Thank you for the feedback.

Evidently I wasn't clear enough on my perspective about prosecutor involvement in a case.  It is customary for  both American and Canadian prosecutors to be involved at the start (or as near as possible) to an investigation of a serious nature.  My point, and obviously I was not clear enough about what I meant by 'involvement', was that the prosecutor would not actually conduct any interviews.  It is the portrayal of DAs going to a prison to interview suspects or going to homes and businesses and interviewing witnesses that I was somewhat critical of.

The point by infiniterecord was that he drew the conclusion that I was saying that the ADA would not be involved in an interview.  We are both correct.  The ADA would direct the course of the investigation but that is markedly different than conducting an interview or gathering evidence themselves.  They may very well monitor the interview (this is done via closed circuit television or mirrored wall as shown on Law and Order).

In both Canada and the U.S., since the prosecutor cannot (normally) be called as a witness on a case they are prosecuting, they direct the investigation.  It is the police officers or detectives that must actually conduct interviews (which is also evidence) and gather other forms of evidence.

As a detective in child abuse, I have experienced the process  of consulting with prosecutors early on in an investigation (particularly in a child death or serious sexual assault).  Their concern of the proscutors at that point is that there be no impediments to the gathering of, and integrity of, crucial evidence.

I'll see just how many responses you get that draw the same conclusions as this reader before I decide whether to respond to it in the fall column.

Thanks for allowing me to write for your e-zine.  It's certainly been fun!

Heather Gray

Subj:  jigsaw
Date:  7/22/2001 12:37:43 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Whoa!  Very intense, very cynical and twisted, VERY cool.  Loved it!

Amy Salzman

Subj:  new column
Date:  7/23/2001 3:30:51 PM Eastern Daylight Time

K & K,

The new column by Heather Gray looks like something to look forward to. Always interesting to see how these things work in real life. Thank you for finding her, and thank her for writing.


Subj:  heather summer 2001
Date:  7/25/2001 5:38:16 PM Eastern Daylight Time

It looks good.  I think you could also mention in the first paragraphs the fact that [Heather] won the medals. Pretty awesome.


Subj:  love jack
Date:  8/2/2001 9:55:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time

This is a well thought out original idea! Congratulations on such a well written piece!


Subj:  Steven Hill
Date:  8/21/2001 11:07:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Great piece! Great actor. The show will miss him. (They already have.)

Leo Rettig

Subj:  Season's End
Date:  8/29/2001 7:15:32 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Just read your L&O/Forever Knight fanfic --- cute concept.

Subj:  Re: Commotion
Date:  9/10/2001 12:50:47 AM Eastern Daylight Time

I have NEVER laughed that hard in my life. Hilarious and absolutely brilliant!!! I loved it!! Wonderful!


Subj:  You Don't Know Jack
Date:  9/26/2001 3:01:36 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed your story.  I miss Claire being on the show and you made it seem like she's back.  Thanks for an
enjoyable read!


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