the fifth annual apocrypha blue wall awards
Welcome to the nomination process for the Fifth Annual apocrypha Blue Wall Awards! Listed below are the selections apocrypha has published over our fifth year as an online 'zine. ONLY THESE STORIES ARE VALID FOR THIS YEAR'S NOMINATIONS. If it ain't here, it ain't up until NEXT year's nominations. Each title is linked to the original story, so if you want to re-read the entry, or read it for the first time, go right ahead!

All you have to do is this: Put a nice little old check mark next to the THREE fiction stories, THREE challenges, ONE non-fiction piece and ONE non-fiction challenge piece you liked best, then click on "Submit." Our next issue will list the top nominees -- and then you'll have the chance to vote for the winners. One vote per email address, and you must have voted by November 15, 2002 at 11:59 PM ET for us to consider your entry.

Please send us the information as requested; incomplete or incorrect nominations WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. Don't pick more stories than a category allows, or we'll disqualify the entire entry.

**Note To Authors: If you wish to disqualify any of your stories from competition, email us and we will remove it from nomination and the final round.**

An email address is required. Without it, your nomination will be disqualified.

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Fiction Stories (Choose THREE)

Heartbeat by FMD
What Might Have Been by Clare Bautista
Blizzard by FMD
Dreams, Reality or Both by Python
Candy by Jayne Deaux
The Beginning by Clare Bautista
Scene But Not Heard (verse) by Kyllikki
Cold Light of Dawn by jael
Peter's Worldby teen_ah
Requiem for Didi by FMD
Burdenby Cirocco Jones
Mary Seuss & Law & Order--A Not-so-fan-fic Commentaryby R. Miles

Challenges (Choose THREE)

Visitor by Citizen Nancy
Target by Laura
She'll Be Back by Erin McDuff
Mirage by FMD
Jesse by Apesshipper52501
I Wish You Could by The Sentinel
Hiatus by Clare Bautista
Breaking the Ice by Shelly Johnson
Strange Things by Python
Phantom of Hogan Place by Mary
The Journey Back by Roda Werland
In the Blink of an Eye by Darlene Elias
No Anniversary by M. Books
Merry Christmas Darling by Shelly Johnson
Let It Snow by Maisie and Ro
Chess by Evelyn
Broken Angel by Roda Werland
Up Close and Personal by Rona Werland
Two Guys and a Girl by Clare Bautista
Still Life with Shadow by eb
Autumn by Tahlia Hein
The Jury Is In by Tona
Jack, Abbie and the Party by The Sentinel
Daddy and His Little Girl by Clare Bautista
Decisions by Shelly Johnson
Hoof Dreams by Shelley Johnson
Out of the Blue by The Sentinel
Straight From the Heart by Roda Werland
Night Portrait I by S.E. Olson
Second Chance by Clare Bautista
Next Season by Clare Bautista
Post of the Forlorn by K. Siegfried

Non-Fiction (Choose ONE)

Law & Order: A Law Enforcement Perspective (Fall 2001 by Heather Gray
Minorities in Law and Order by Mary Climer
Law & Order: A Law Enforcement Perspective: Winter 2001 by Heather Gray
A Cog In The Well-Oiled Machine: the apocrypha interview with Criminal Intent Co-Executive Producer Fred Berner by Kitteridge
Claire in Girlfriends by Ursula
Lost (And Found) In Space: the apocrypha interview with locations manager Moe Bardach by Kitteridge
Paraphilias and Criminal Justice: Analyzing the Legal System's Treatment of Sex Offenders through Law & Order by Gypsum

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