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Prudence mistaken for a dead ADA
By Walt Parker

New York. A city that Phoebe Haliwell had lived in while going to college before her grandmother's death forced her to move back to San Francisco to live with her sisters, Piper and Prudence (or "Prue" for short) in a mansion that has been in the family for generations. It had been a city where Phoebe, youngest of the Haliwells had been a bit wild in when she lived there, but this trip with her sisters was supposed to be about a triumph for Prudence, or Prue as she was called. Prue was the oldest of the sisters, and she was working on a major photography shoot that Piper and Phoebe were helping her with on the coast opposite their residence.
The shoot had been going as close to flawlessly as one would expect, especially in New York. Upon completion the sisters were supposed to join everyone else involved for a party in lower Manhattan, but Prue had stopped to see an old friend at a coffee shop across from Carnegie Hall on 7th Avenue and 57th Street. From there, it was a ride on the Broadway line to the City Hall Station to a party on Park Row, or so Prue thought.
While waiting for the train at the 57th Street station on 7th Avenue, a man who appeared to be homeless ran up from behind and smashed Prue in the head. She would fall to the subway tracks below, with her four-inch stiletto slides flying all the way to opposite platform, hitting another woman in the head who did escape injury. The man who hit her ran out of the station through the 55th Street exit, but not before dropping what appeared to be several pieces of paper where Prue had been hit. No train happened to be coming into the station on the express track at that time, preventing Prue from suffering further injury.
Detectives Lennie Briscoe and Ed Green, who happened to just have had dinner at the same coffee shop Prue had been were the first non-Transit Police there after another woman who had seen the attack had run out from the 57th Street exit. She would tell the detectives a homeless man had hit someone in the middle of the platform. When Lennie and Ed got there, they recognized the woman (who was in the process of been lifted from the Subway Tracks and was being rushed to Roosevelt Hospital, about a quarter mile from the station) as Lennie had noticed Prue in the coffee shop because she bore quite a resemblance to Claire Kincaid. If that weren't enough, a note was lying next to where Prue had fallen saying "Sasha Grushkov has to be freed", along with old newspapers from the time of the trial that put Grushkov in jail from early 1994.
Shortly before the subway platform incident happened, Lennie had explained to Ed how Claire had been the assistant to Jack McCoy until she had been killed when a drunk driver rammed the SUV he was driving into the car Claire was driving and Lennie was a passenger in five years earlier. He then said at literally the same time another woman, who had been in the wrong place at the wrong time had been killed at the hands of the Grushkov Crime Family in front of Claire's apartment building. Those incidents had occurred on what had been the two-year anniversary of the Grushkov family killing Ann Madsen as she was in the process of being placed in the Witness Protection Program. That happened shortly after the leader, Sasha Grushkov/Steve Green had been convicted of ordering the murder of an accountant of a baby food company he had become a partner with Ms. Madsen in. Lennie had explained the murder of the Claire look-alike happened because Claire was "second chair" on the trial that had convicted Grushkov, and she was the only member of the prosecuting team still in the DA's Office at that time, as Ben Stone (who Claire was assistant to before Jack) had resigned immediately after Ms. Madsen was killed.
Lennie suddenly felt sick to his stomach for a second when he realized this was the seven-year anniversary of Ann Madsen being executed (and five year anniversary of Claire's death). He suddenly remembered that Claire had been ordered killed by Sasha Grushkov from jail the night the drunk driver rammed into her exactly five years earlier, that even before finding out about the note and old newspapers from the time of the conviction. On the March night Claire was killed in 1996, Grushkov had wanted to send a message to the DA's Office that he should be "freed immediately or there would be more killings", only for that to die down when Claire had in fact been killed. The Grushkovs had kept a belief that Claire was actually not "dead", but in the Witness Protection Program somewhere after having plastic surgery. Not even five minutes after Prue had been attacked, a message had hit the DA's Office that "Claire Kincaid had finally been killed in the subway, and Sasha Grushkov should be freed immediately." Lennie then explained to Ed how no one had thought about it being the anniversary of Ms. Madsen being killed at the time of that shooting and the accident involving Claire and the drunk SUV driver. When Ed asked, Lennie mentioned that day in 1996 also was when Mickey Scott "had been given the needle" (as Lennie put it) for raping and murdering a woman who had rear-ended him in a traffic accident, and everyone who witnessed the execution had been trying to take their minds off of that.
Piper and Phoebe had rushed to Roosevelt Hospital when they received word of what happened to Prue, only to be told she was dead, and her body had been sent to the city morgue across town on 1st Avenue. Unbeknownst to the younger Haliwells, moments after Prue was admitted to the hospital, a call came from Jack McCoy (who received the message as the Grushkovs knew Claire had not only been his assistant, but also his girlfriend), and Federal Agents had rushed to the hospital and morgue. The agents ordered the doctors to tell anyone who asked that Prue was dead, and anyone at the morgue that Prue's body had been accidentally cremated, however, Prue was anything but dead, though the lives of Prue, Piper and Phoebe would never be the same. Remembering what had happened with Ann Madsen seven years earlier, armed guards had been placed near the Emergency Room, something Piper and Phoebe had noticed as they were escorted out of the hospital, going across town to the morgue to they thought claim Prue's remains. In reality, doctors had been successfully able to stabilize Prue, but she was by no means out of the woods at this point. While that was going on, Piper and Phoebe were with Lennie and Ed at the 27th Precinct. Lennie and Ed had just found out that the attack on Prue actually had been a hit by the Grushkovs, with the man arrested for Prue's "murder" in an interrogation room admitting to such. Upon seeing the suspect, Piper and Phoebe mentioned to Lennie, Ed and Lieutenant Anita Van Buren that a man similar to his appearance appeared to have been following them in San Francisco a few days before they came to New York. The sisters then mentioned they had thought nothing of it at the time due to the fact that "men followed and stared at us all the time", as Phoebe would say. Neither Piper nor Phoebe mentioned the three sisters actually were witches and many of the "men" were actually warlocks, demons and the like.
Jack McCoy had made it down to the 27th Precinct, wanting to see the man who would pull the act he did thinking he was killing Claire. After introducing himself, and being shown photos by the Piper and Phoebe of Prue that they had, Jack could see how Prue could easily have been mistaken for Claire. Jack knew had Claire survived the car crash, she likely would have needed to have had several skin graphs because of severe facial wounds suffered at the hands of the drunk driver who rammed into her car. Jack's assistant Abbie Carmichael also was there, amazed that anyone would go to the length the Grushkovs did feeling anyone like Sasha should be freed. The man, waving his right to an attorney, had said he had been told his family would have been killed had he not tried to kill "Claire Kincaid." He explained another high-up member of the family had seen what he thought was Claire in San Francisco a few weeks earlier on a tip from others who were there on "business", and had been tracking their every move.
"Amazing how sick someone like Sasha Grushkov must be", Abbie would say to Anita, Piper and Phoebe.
"You got that right", Anita replied, then noting that she had been the Lieutenant when the original case that caused Ann Madsen to eventually be murdered by the Grushkovs happened. Anita subsequently added that the accountant that Sasha ordered killed when he was about to go to the government over what he knew was tainted baby food in 1994 was originally thought to be have been killed by a homeless man pushing him in front of an 18-wheeler.
"Are you kidding?" Phoebe would say.
"No, and that's the irony of this", Anita would then say, aware that this was briefly thought to be similar at first to the "Texas Bricksmasher" case, where a woman had been smashed in the head by a homeless man on Madison Avenue and 42nd Street in Manhattan in 2000.
By this point, Leo Wyatt (Piper's husband and a "whitelighter" who oversaw the sisters) and Cole Turner (Phoebe's future husband who at the time also was the demon Baltazhar, but in human form didn't have a demonic curve in him) had arrived at the 2-7, finally able to console Piper and Phoebe after they had been on a wild runaround through Manhattan. They first missed them at Roosevelt Hospital (seeing the armed guards there, however, which made Leo suspicious) and then at the city morgue across town before being made aware they were at the 2-7. Finding out that the man who "killed" Prue because they mistook her for "Claire Kincaid" explained some of their suspicions at the hospital seeing the armed guards that looked like Federal Marshalls posted at the Emergency Room doors, carefully checking everyone's ID. They would not tell the Detectives or anyone else because at that point, as it was only their instinct telling them such.
Once everything was clear, the next step of the process of the arraignment. Jack McCoy was going after much bigger game than the man who "killed" Prue. He wanted Sasha Grushkov to face the needle for his ordering not only Prue's "death", but for ordering that his former assistant and late girlfriend be killed five years earlier, which resulted in the death of another woman. It would turn out the man who "killed" Prue was also among the men who killed the woman who looked like Claire at the time the drunk driver crashed into the real Claire's car, as those suspects had never been able to be arrested because of tainted evidence and witnesses fearing retaliation. The suspect agreed and was immediately placed into protective custody, while at that point, using their powers, Piper, Phoebe and Leo all went from the 2-7 to the Emergency Room (after first asking where the restroom was, claiming the need to go there and using their powers from there). While only in there for about three seconds before leaving using the same powers and returning to where Cole was (as armed guards were both in and outside the ER), they saw that Prue actually wasn't dead, but nonetheless was in very bad shape. After leaving the 2-7 and getting a couple of blocks north, Leo would then go to "the elders" to explain what had happened.
While a couple of days later Piper and Phoebe left to return home with what they were told was "Prue's remains", Jack McCoy was getting ready to try separate cases of first degree murder on Sasha Grushkov and three associates for Prue's "death" and the order of the death of Claire that caused an innocent woman to be killed five years earlier in a huge sweep of the mob. Sasha was not amused, at arraignment going as far as attempting to spit at Jack, saying how his late assistant/girlfriend was nothing more than "lawyer trash", and how he and his men should be free. Jack didn't care, though he was about to undergo a change of assistants. Abbie was leaving for the U.S. Attorney's Office, and DA Nora Lewin assigned Serena Southerlyn as Jack's "second chair", as it was early enough in the proceedings to make that kind of a change. Serena quickly proved herself in the DA's Office, and Jack was quickly becoming impressed with her work to ask she become his assistant full-time.
In the time that would elapse between the arraignment of Sasha and the men and the actual trial, Prue was in a coma for two months before coming out of it, though it would be considerable time before Prue could begin therapy. While still in the coma, she was moved to an undisclosed location "somewhere between New York and San Francisco", not even where Piper, Phoebe, Leo, Cole, or Prue's mother and grandmother (who were actually dead but can return as ghosts on occasion) could find her. While everyone close to Prue knew otherwise, as far as they were supposed to say, Prue was dead. She had actually been placed in the Witness Protection Program, in part because of what had happened in 1994 with Ann Madsen, and Prue would have no way to get in touch with her family.
Back in San Francisco, Piper and Phoebe discovered they had another half-sister that their mother had with a whitelighter named Sam whose name was Paige Matthews. Paige had quickly bonded with her half-sisters (still amazed at the powers they all had), and the three flew to New York when the trial of the man who ordered Prue to be killed and had ordered Claire's death was standing trial in this case with his associates for only the earlier murder of an innocent woman. It had been decided to hold back trying them for Prue's "death" until a later date, opting to try the older case first, as while Jack was told Prue was dead, he in all honesty didn't believe she actually was given what Lennie and Ed had told him before Federal Marshalls had arrived at the hospital. Although this trial was not for Prue's "death", nonetheless the sisters (as well as Leo and Cole) were interested for obvious reasons, enough so that the sisters flew back and forth between coasts twice during the trial, only returning home to take care of necessary business. Twelve days after the trial started, Sasha Grushkov and his associates were found guilty of murdering the Claire look-a-like, with Sasha subsequently sentenced to death at the penalty phase a week later. The associates were spared the death penalty as they turned on Sasha, and also helped rat out other high-level associates who were under orders by Sasha to kill as necessary.
The verdict pleased all of Prue's family, as the fact she was "killed" simply because she looked like an Assistant District Attorney who actually had died five years earlier in the eyes of Piper and Phoebe in particular made it just as satisfying as if they had been convicted for "killing" Prue. While her life would never be the same and facing a long road of therapy, Prue also was satisfied. Even though she could not be with them at that time, she knew her sisters also were satisfied. That gave Prue hope everyone in the Grushkovs eventually would have justice served and she could reunite with her sisters, with Prue also hoping her sisters (including Paige) would never have to see her struggle to do even the most basic of things.
Meanwhile, as Jack, Serena and everyone else exited the New York Supreme Courthouse at 60 Centre Street, the skies opened as a huge mid-summer downpour hit that part of Manhattan. Serena headed back to the office, with Jack asking her to take his things with him, as he had one thing he felt he needed to do before he could return to the DA's Office. Paige, Piper and Phoebe offered to help Serena get everything back without getting soaked, as the sisters had a sense of what Jack needed to do.
Jack would head the opposite direction of the DA's Office, heading into a small park between Lafayette and Centre Streets just south of Worth Street, near a closed subway entrance. Jack would go down the steps, and when it appeared no one was around, he would yell to the sky "Damn you Ben Stone!!!!" At least for that moment, Jack felt the man who was the lead prosecutor on the original case involving Sasha Grushkov that Claire was "second chair" to was indirectly responsible for Prue's "death." This was especially given that Sasha and his associates had held onto the belief that Jack's late assistant/girlfriend had still been alive for five years after she had died, as to Jack, Ben Stone had some guilt in this case. In Jack's mind, Ben's threatening a woman with 25 years in jail (on a count of hindering prosecution) for her unwillingness to testify against Sasha Grushkov as he did in 1994 (when Ann Madsen was in fear for her life) had now caused the deaths of two innocent women. In this case, those had come two and seven years after Sasha Grushkov had been found guilty and Ann Madsen had been executed by the Grushkovs.

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