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Special Halloween Bonus!
by Jennifer Micelli 
"Paperwork. Piles and piles of paperwork."

File It Under 'Conversations That Never Took Place'
by Leslie Rampey
"Lennie sighed as he watched his daughter walk down the street away from him -- always away from him."


After Effects
by Cirocco Jones
"Dear Cathy: If you're reading this I assume I'm dead and you just got this from my lawyer. "

by Tobias Charity 
"He's awake. He's been awake a lot lately, just thinking more than anything. "

Officer Down
by FMD 
"Detective Lennie Briscoe looked up as his partner Detective Rey Curtis came and stood next to his desk. "

Last issue's challenge: Write a crossover with any other show that's not a cop or lawyer show.
Hidden Things
by The Sentinel
"Spike entered the bar, his long, black trenchcoat only a little out of place."

Prudence Mistaken For A Dead ADA
by Walt Parker
"New York. A city that Phoebe Haliwell had lived in while going to college before her grandmother's death forced her to move back to San Francisco to live with her sisters, Piper and Prudence (or "Prue" for short) in a mansion that has been in the family for generations."


The apocrypha Interview: SVU's Judith Light
by Kitteridge
"When you're asked to do a series, an hour drama, it becomes your life, and there's not much else you can do."

Two Challenges!
Well, it's that time again: Halloween is just 30 days away. So get cracking! apocrypha will come out with a special Halloween page, appended to this issue, on the day itself. Just write a story with Halloween, or scary stuff, or the supernatural and send it along -- you're automatically included!

LENGTH: 5,000 words or fewer
DUE: October 20, 2002

The main challenge for next issue goes thusly:
Write a story in which something significant happens to your protaganist for the first time. Doesn't matter exactly, and it sure as heck doesn't have to be sexual. Just pick some kind of milestone and write a story about it. Be sure your readers understand what makes this event so significant to this character.

LENGTH: 5,000 words or fewer
DUE: November 15, 2002

Jimena and Stephanie have earned our esteem for knowing the correct answer to last issue's contest: That is, the name of Tom Fontana, former executive producer of Homicide: Life On The Streets, current executive producer (and arm-provider) for the soon-to-be-extinct series Oz, and upcoming executive producer for HBO's Baseball Wives. He also made this statement as a tongue-in-cheek storyline:"Briscoe gets tired of being a New York cop, goes to Baltimore, convinces Munch to quit, too. They move to South Beach, coaching an all-women volleyball team. The spin-off runs six years. [We] retire, with smiles on our faces."

And now:The next contest, which we will make easier for those who need brain cells for more important deeds. Within this issue of apocrypha is an "easter egg," that is, a hidden link. It will lead you to a special L&O page, so you'll know when you get there. Tell us 1) Where linked word (or) picture is and 2) Who was the author of the saying on the page.

These are the rules as we know them: Email the episode name to Include your FULL NAME and SNAIL-MAIL ADDRESS. Correct answers sent in by November 15, 2002 will have their names tossed in the skies, and the one that lands in the most southeasterly direction wins. That lucky stiff will get a copy of the Law & Order script "Under The Influence." One entry per snail-mail address. Partial entries will be DISCARDED without notice. Replacement entries will not be accepted. apocrypha employees and their immediate family members are disqualified, although treasured and welcome to more candy.