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Hey, we won stuff! Check here to see what awards our site has garnered lately!

We're very proud to bring you the second issue of apocrypha, for your reading edification and the satisfaction of nodes in your brain you never knew you had. We've revamped the look of the magazine for easier reading and added a few new sections, as well as of course fresh fan fiction! Check out the interview with WaterWitch, or the "Wannabe" review!

Even with these great essays to augment the fiction, we always can use more ideas -- got an idea for a column? Something you've wanted to get off your chest? A review of a particularly good -- or bad? -- Law & Order episode? Send it along! You don't have to write a story to submit to apocrypha.

Where to start, where to start? Well, we got some wonderful Letters to the Editor we're happy to share with you, but if you want to leap right over to the fiction section, may we recommend Korillian's editor's pick of the issue, Christmas In The Oaks by Susianne Baptiste. Korillian says "Sooz's stories are always a treat!" Kitt has reserved her pickings for the Challenges section, pointing her finger at Lori N. Kem's Back Then in particular. Says Kitt, "A whole life in a few words, told with a unique point of view -- hard to see Lennie Briscoe the same way again after reading this one." And be sure to note the artwork included with some of the stories. Magnifique! Additionally, we have a special story which we would be remiss in not pointing out: it's controversial. "A World of Hurt" is the first slash story we've published, and it can be found in the Challenges section. Whether you like the story or not, it does underscore one very important fact about apocrypha -- we'll take on all stories, regardless of subject matter, or relationships within. We hold no preferences on the kind of relationships portrayed -- or who they are with. If we like the story, we'll publish it. And don't forget: challenges are always published, which means they are excellent opportunities for writers to push the envelope. Write us and let us know what you think about any of the stories, good or bad.

One last thing, and then you're off. On December 20, apocrypha will tack on a special Holiday Page to this current issue. In that issue we want to feature as many new, specifically holiday-related Law & Order stories as possible -- so think of it as a challenge: we'll accept all holiday stories that get to us by the deadline! (Watch your length; we got shopping to do too, y'know! :D) Additionally, we wanted to include some fun stuff: holiday recipies, holiday songs and carols, holiday craft projects -- anything you do or enjoy over the holidays, but with a Law & Order slant! (A recipe for "Ben Stone Soup" or the lyrics to "The 12 Days of Logan" or a how-to on "Jack and Claire Cutout Dolls To String Around The Tree"!) We'll slap that together as a special holiday gift for you, our readers. But send now! We need everything in by December 1, 1997!

So enjoy this, our fall "Prescription for Fiction" issue, and let us know what you think! Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Any comments, just throw them our way here at apocrypha and we'll see what we can do!

Kitteridge and Korillian

Letters To The Editor
We get letters, we get letters, lots and lots of letters...

Gawrsh gals--princess di and mikey? it sure was a cute story. keep 'em coming. this is loads of fun!!!


Wow! What a wonderful site. What a great idea, the challenges and such. Looking forward to visiting again and again!!

My compliments,

I love it...Just wish I could write that well...
Thank you


Kitt & Kor -

After finally figuring out how to access the site (DUH ... point and click!) I spent a wondrous time with your creation. Even read my own submission, second guessing all the way. ;)

A special thanks to Deb White whose editorial justifies my liking for Stone as well as McCoy and presents him without the rose colored glasses. He is human, he is (as is McCoy) flawed and on occasion those imperfections show - as do all our own.

Mega amounts of gratitude for the extended permitted length for submssions. The question now is, may one submit both a story and respond to a challenge in the same issue? This writer would like to expand (as Kitt suggested) on Sally & Jack, and get rid of Sally as quickly as possible, via the challenge to end a relationship ...

Kudos, bravo, merci bien, and a hearty well done! (The icons are priceless, IMO.)


Editors Note: Yup, you may submit a story and a challenge together! No limit on submissions, at least...not at this point!

thanks, i have enjoyed the web site and placed it on my favorite places folder. it is a break from the net forum, pity what is happening to it..but i just wanted to thank you ffor letting me know..if i get the courage i might submit som of my stories..


Dear Eds. WOW, what a great site. Today was my first visit and I felt cheated that I couldn't spend more time taking it all in. Needless to say, I will be a frequent visitor. Congratulations on your achievement.


I didn't have time to read everything in the premier issue of Apocrypha, but from what I've seen, I totally like! Particularly Kitt's story. It's nice to have a story about Mike Logan that dosen't have angst and steamy sex in it (not that I'm complaining about any of the other stories out there. I like sex, mind you, :D :D :D). It was just good to see him in a different light (pun totally intended, :D).

When I get more time, I'll have to come up with an answer to that challenge question you posed. Anyway, keep up with the good work!

Lady V

oh, that was just wonderful!!! More! More!


Wow! This is a great story [Pride & Penance], as good as any romance novel I have read. Of course the subject is riveting. Where can I find the rest of the Death & Desire series?


The note at the top of the story said that Pride & Penance was "a bridge between two longer pieces of my Death & Desire series." Where can I find those stories.


Editors note: The "Death & Desire" series, part of the SoozBenn canon; let us know if you want to get in touch with the author.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you. That was awesome!! Oh, one thing though, yes we all love Claire's hair but it doesn't necessarily need to be the center of the entire story. It was still okay though.



My name is Elizabeth (aka MORALITO). I just finished visiting your webpage. I LOVE IT!!!!! I used to be a member of Debbie Walheim's NOTH list. So I guess now you know that I love Chris Noth. I want to take this time to congratulate you on the good work that you guys have done. I am very happy with it.I love the stories that you have published. They were good. Hopefully, I'll be enlightened someday and I'll write one for you one of these days!!!!! Thank you once again.


ACK! Pant, pant.
Cold Shower!
I was with it all the way, and I don't even normally think of Mikey "that" way!
Oh my!
Wonder what my boyfriend is doing just now...



A short note to tell you how much I enjoy this site---keep up the great work---I can't write like many of you do, but I'm really envious of your talents.


Dear Editors:

Love your 'zine! As a devoted L&O fan and one who has the writing bug, I find your site an absolute ideal way to satisfy both interests. I have really enjoyed the fiction contributed so far, and am anxious to submit something of my own.

Thanks so much...I'll be back to your site soon!

Tracy in Texas

Dear Editors,

Awfully formal but I am new to this whole internet and Law & Order thing.

I loved "Bewteen the Lines". There is no other way to describe how I felt about this story. It was wonderful.

I am thinking about writing something but I have not decided what to write about as of yet. I have a couple ideas floating around in my head. But I am unsure. So do you think I should just go without fear into the realms of fan fiction or should I just keep reading this wonderful publication??

Wishing "apocrypha" the greatest success,

Patti Raymond

Editors note: Write, write, and submit, submit! ;)

Dear Editors,

Having very recently discovered the joys of both the internet and the L & O web site, I stumbled on the first issue of apocrypha. Thank you for providing such a great space for creativity and enjoyment!!! I look forward to the next issue and maybe, just maybe I'll get up the courage and inspiration to write and submit. Thanks again for your hard work on behalf of all the L & O junkies of the world!!!!


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