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Command Performance
by Claire Corz Tofa

by Judith Ann Steck

White Horses
by Lori N. Kem

Christmas In The Oaks
by Susianne Baptiste


Challenge Answers

Last Dance
by Claire Corz Tofa

Back Then
by Lori N. Kem

A World of Hurt
by Kathie Murphy

Next Issue's Challenge:

Write a challenge that includes no romance. The character can be in a relationship, but no kissing, no snuggling, no warm fuzzies: make the story about something other than the person's love life. Tough, huh?

Challenge Due date: February 10, 1997

Special Challenge!

The special challenge for the holiday issue was to write a holiday story featuring your favorite characters -- plus holiday recipes, reworked carols, and holiday crafts with a special Law & Order slant. Check out the results at the apocrypha holiday page now!

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