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Blurred Edges
by Susianne Baptiste

by Michelle M. Leslie

Stand Off, conclusion
by Kim Hood

Too Much To Lose
by Gwenn McGovern

A Wind in New York
by Trig

Shalom, My Love
by Lynne Hoffman

Special Tribute Section: Lori Kem

We're "reprinting" all of the late Lori Kern's submissions to apocrypha as a small tribute. As one of our favorite contributors, Lori brought a fresh perspective and charming turns of phrase to her stories, and she will be missed. For more information, please return to the Editor's page.

White Horses
by Lori N. Kem

Back Then
by Lori N. Kem

Challenge Answers

The challenge: write a story about a character's school days.
The stories below are the responses.

Going In Circles
by Lady V.

Our Lady of Perfection
by Audrey

School Days
by Shelleigh Boyd

The Bulldog
by Michelle M. Leslie

The Graduate
by Lynne Hoffman

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Next Issue's Challenge:

Our next "issue" will be our winter one, so write a non-holiday story, and tell it from the point of view of a child, talking about one of the L&O characters. The child could be one of the character's relatives, or children, or just someone they came across in passing. That challenge will be due by October 15, 1998, and please adhere to the length restrictions (see guidelines.) The Winter issue will be out on November 1.

On the other hand, we will have our special Holiday page which will be attached to the Winter apocrypha in late December, in time for the holidays. As we did last year, all challenges and stories in that issue will need to be about the holidays in some way -- and any holiday, not just Christmas or Hanukkah. We will print all of those stories which come to us under the usual story length limit of 10,000 words, and which arrive by December 1. Make sense? We hope so!

Challenges Due date: October 15, 1998 / December 1, 1998

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