the first annual apocrypha blue wall awards

Welcome to the list of nominees for the First Annual apocrypha Blue Wall Awards! Listed below are the selections apocrypha fans selected last month from our published stories over the '97-'98 year. Each title is linked to the original story, so if you want to re-read the entry, or read it for the first time, go right ahead! Then, when you're ready, send an email to us here at apocrypha and tell us, in this format:
1) Your top fiction selection (list author AND title) - pick ONE
2) Your top challenge selection (list author AND title) - pick ONE
3) Your top non-fiction selection (list subject AND title) - Pick ONE
Our next issue will list the winners! One vote per email address, and you must have voted by October 15, 1998 at midnight for us to consider your entry. We can't seem to rent the Shrine Auditorium for the ceremony, but we should have some cool graphic for winners to add to their fanfic pages -- maybe in upcoming years we'll have something way more gaudy, but this'll do for now. Okay, so it's your turn to pick the winners: Please send us the information as requested; incomplete nominations WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.
Winners will be announced in our special annual Christmas page!
Thanks for voting, and thanks for reading!
Kitt & Kor

Fiction Stories

The Dance
by Gaelin

Pride and Penance
by Susianne Baptiste

Dark Horse
by Susianne Baptiste

Keeping Secrets
by Michelle M. Leslie

Challenge Answers

Between the Lines
by Kitteridge

A World of Hurt
by Kathie Murphy

Secret Santa
by Kathie Murphy

by Sally Stark (Joystar)


McCoy in for Stone: Mor(iarty) of the Same?
by Claire Corz Tova

The Logan Mystique
by Lady V

Wonderful Chemisty: Interview with Lorraine Toussaint
by Kitteridge

Okay, so vote now! The address is: