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Although apocrypha got its start as a fanfic fanzine, we've expanded to include many other things, and with the shuttering of the best-known, longest-lived Listserv, apocrypha opened up our Announcement list at the end of  December, 2001 to include discussion of any and all things Law & Order, including Special Victims Unit and Criminal Intent (and whatever other L&O-related series Dick Wolf may dream up and peripheral topics as they seem relevant). The topics will range from the shows themselves to law enforcement issues, laws, New York, the actors, writers, producers and real-life cases as they may pertain to the show. We hope to have a Frequently Asked Questions online soon; for now please consider using the somewhat-dated, but still-useful one here:

Frequently Asked Questions (last updated in 1996):

The list is maintained by Kitteridge and Korillian, and published through Yahoo Groups. To subscribe to the list, you have two options:

1) Go to: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/apocrypha/  and sign up there. You will be required to register with Yahoo, however; this method provides greater flexibility in terms of deciding how you want to receive the list (Digest, individual emails, announcements only).

2) Write to: apocrypha-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Whichever way you decide to subscribe, you may unsubscribe by writing to:


Once subscribed, you post to the list by writing to:


Special Notices/Announcements Only

When you subscribe, you will receive both Special Notices/Announcements and messages from the discussion list. If you would prefer to opt out of receiving the discussion posts, you may do so by going through the Yahoo Groups web site (see above) and choosing "Only Special Notices" under "Edit My Membership." Special Notices will come on average once a week and include: updates on new issues of apocrypha and a list of all (at least, all we can find) Law & Order and Law & Order actor-related television events for that upcoming week.

If you have any submissions you would like to make to a special announcement list, you may contact apocrypha at apocrypha@podengo.com

For further information, contact Kitt or Kor at apocrypha@podengo.com.

(Last updated 2/02)