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From the Editors' Desk

    Did we scare ya? If not, you haven't been over to the fiction section of this latest edition of apocrypha. Not only do we have some of the most frightening flecks of fanfic ever assembled in one place at one time on the web, but the issue is simply full to bursting with all sorts of other fresh fic! We were almost a little scared once we saw how much stuff there was to assemble. But here it is, our super-plus-double-sized-extra-scary edition of apocrypha.
    What is it about Halloween, anyway, that inspires such a response? Sure, it's secular, so no worries about conflicting religions (unless you're a Druid and really take Samhain seriously), and in the end, everybody likes a good scare. That's why The Blair Witch Project made $140 million dollars in the United States alone. And being scared is one of those very cheap endorphin/adrenaline rushes that's a little bit fun, and a little bit dangerous at the same time. Mix that with some salacious sexual writing, and boom! You got yourself some excellent entertainment. No wonder our Halloween apocrypha is the biggest and best yet!
    Since the last issue, however, there's been a few scary developments in the Law & Order universe, and we're not sure how we feel about them yet. For one thing, as the news section will tell you in greater detail, Rene Balcer is getting his own CBS series -- and may leave L&O. That's not good, folks. Second, the first Law & Order spinoff, Special Victims Unit, debuted in September to a generally rousing chorus of ... indifference to straight out annoyance. We'd love to hear from people who think this show is the greatest thing since, well, the original, and if you want to write an essay about "Why I Love SVU" do let us know. The program may improve. But for now, however, this show is a sad reminder of just how difficult it must really be to put on a great show like the original each and every week. SVU is the indicator that without a major piece of the puzzle (read: Balcer) in the mix, we may be witnessing the last true days of the L&O renaissance. What could be scarier?
    But that's all projection. And there are plenty of treats to go around: newcomer Jesse Martin as Eddie Green has got lots of screen presence and a unique character we're looking forward to seeing more of. (We also want to know if he's related to Shambala!) And the show itself is the real treat: In our humble opinions, Law & Order is truly in top form -- the first few eps of the season have been controversial, riveting and disturbing. Plus, Liz is pregnant! What's up with that? In any case, L&O is running at full throttle, and after ten years has finally become a top 10 show. Light a candle for its continued dominance (but not too much so -- extreme popularity creates people who put up items at Ebay like Chris Noth clocks and Law & Order address labels), and that Rene Balcer's venture fails miserably! (Sorry, Rene. We need ya here.)
    Trick or treat? Well, we've got both in this issue. First, to continue reminding you: We have two additions to the apocrypha world:

1) The apocrypha announcement list. This email list is solely for announcing-- no posts are accepted-- and will merely serve to alert apocrypha fans of upcoming deadlines and issues, special events, and maybe the occasional survey or two. If you're interested, go here and sign up now!

2) The apocrypha Yahoo! Club. This message board is primarily designed to foster discussions on writing, and on stories that appear in apocrypha, and for general questions or suggestions you might have for the editors that you don't mind everyone else reading. In addition, we have a special chat once a week, Thursdays at 9pm ET, in the Club chatroom. Upcoming: the authors of the Unofficial Companion may just be paying us a visit! All of these chats and events will also be announced on the mailing list. If this yanks your chain, go here and sign up.

And now, to the issue at hand. The Second Annual Blue Wall Awards have been decided, thanks to you, our readers. A hearty thanks and an extra piece of Halloween candy to the many, many voters we had (almost called in Deloitte and Touche to help tally all of the entries) -- and if  you head on over to the fiction page, you'll discover just who are the winners of the Fiction, Challenge and Non-Fiction awards. Congrats to all!
    As for our picks for this issue: Kor's got her eye on a little ditty called "Blast From The Past," by Major Houlihan. Winks Kor, "You'll never look at Ben Stone the same way again!" But keep in mind -- this is a Jack and Claire story, too! Kitt, on the other hand, has picked "Flowers of Evil" by Linda Winfree. She was captivated by Linda's heroine Caitlin, and notes, "The suspense -- and a little gore -- is riveting. This universe stands on its own, and kept me wanting more!" Of course, while you're perusing those, do check out the rest of the fic -- and non-fic. We've got an interview with Robert Palm, SVU's Executive Producer (although the interview took place pre-SVU), plus a special new introduction: The non-fiction challenge! Take a look at how three writers answered the question of whether Mike would make a good father ... and then consider tackling the new question yourself!
Finally, thanks, as always, for just being here and reading. Don't forget; we love feedback, and we love hearing from you about what you'd like to see here-- and what you'd like to write. If you have a fiction or nonfiction idea, and want to run it by us before writing, that's fine -- we can't guarantee acceptance, but we'll be happy to hear you out. As always, write apocrypha if you have questions. Our next issue will be for Winter 1999, which means you'll have some warm fic by early/mid December to keep your tootsies (and other body parts) heated up! Enjoy!

Kitteridge and Korillian

Letters To The Editor
We get letters, we get letters, lots and lots of letters...

Subj: Cyberpublished?
Date: 9/3/99 8:33:50 AM Pacific Daylight Time

I was inordinately delighted to see Part One of "Leap of Faith" up and running on the site today, along with a large number of new, very interesting  sounding stories.  I realize that "Leap" is way longer than you generally prefer.  Please know how much I appreciate your giving it a go.

Chris McCann

Subj:  Letter To Editors Re: Interview with Dr. Dietz
Date: 9/3/99 3:15:21 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Cut the guy some slack, huh?  Well, I think that there continues to be some misunderstanding as to why so many of my fellow countrymen found "True North" offensive, and the way one character was portrayed was not the problem. I don't know if there is any point to beating this very dead horse, but this will be my last word on the matter.

What I had a problem with was the 'bend over and take it' attitude that the Canadian characters, from the defendant all the way up to the
consular general, were given.  Or the glaring inaccuracies about our code of human rights and the way of life in Canada.  They supposedly
have people to whom they pay a great deal of money to research such things for the show, where the hell were they?  I didn't expect Park
Dietz to be an expert source on Canada by any means and certainly don't single him out in particular.  Gotta think, though, that if they had to
rewrite that one particular scene upteen zillion times, there were major problems with the episode from the get go.

You can think that we're overreacting if you wish, Kitt ... but I respectfully suggest that it's easier to forgive the transgressions from
your side of the border.


Subj:  Ends and Beginnings
Date: 9/3/99 3:18:08 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Truly enjoyed this story.  Very moving and she wrote it in such a way that it was very easy to imagine.  Tara definitely nailed the characters of Lennie and Jack in this piece (and you gotta know that any story about Lennie is gonna catch my attention!).  I hope she submits more stories in future issues.


Subj: Ends and Beginnings
Date: 9/3/99 3:12:48 PM Pacific Daylight Time

 Having Known Tara Patterson for about 5 years now will have no affect on my judgment :-)

 Loved it!!!!!

Christa Huffine

Subj:  Fall of 1990
Date: 9/3/99 6:54:18 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Ok editors, you asked for this....
In the fall of 1990, I had only one child, and was debating what nursery school to send her to.  Now, she is starting the 7th grade and is almost
taller than her mom!

We started watching L&O and found ourselves blown away by the writing and acting.  Since I'm married to one of NY's Finest, Cop shows tend to be pretty laughable.  This one wasn't.

Better yet, since we're walking down memory lane....(and remember, you DID ask for this! ;}  ), I can remember signing onto aol and wandering around the TV section.  My first posting had to do with the lack of press the show got back then.  That was the spring of 1993...from then on, i was hooked on AOL and L&O ... maybe it's the initials thing huh??

hope this answers our illustrious editors questions...keep up the good work

The McGs

Subj:  Leap of Faith Part One
Date: 9/3/99 8:17:17 PM Pacific Daylight Time

I loved this one!!!  can't wait to read part two!!


Subj: Misc
Date: 9/4/99 7:31:18 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: McCannCJ

Re: Fireworks

Really enjoyed your story.  A very clever premise.  Well done!

Re: Last Days

Wow!  Thanks for doing admirable justice to a story well worth re-telling.  Hope to see more from you in the future...

Re: Law & Order Meets Godzilla

This was the wildest!  I dub thee, "St. George"!

Re: King's Basket

Wonderful story.  Super attention to detail.  Nice, very realistic (I love that gritty, atmospheric stuff) use of police/medical procedure and terminology.  Liked your ending it on a personal note with Rey and his kids--tied it all up very neatly.  Well done!

Chris McCann

Subj:  Devout Followers
Date: 9/5/99 9:47:54 PM Pacific Daylight Time

There are very few things I am generally obsessed with, but Law and Order ranks number three on my list. (Number two-chocolate, number
one-Ewan McGregor. Goes to show where my priorities are!) My best friend's English and lives in London, I think you got an e-mail from her
when she visited. I send her taped episodes, as she can't get them there.

If you don't have the best website devoted to a very cool show, I would be very surprised.

All my best,

Subj:  Son of the North
Date: 9/6/99 1:01:29 PM Pacific Daylight Time

This story was absolutely hilarious. I loved it! I had tears streaming down my face I was laughing so hard. I'd be interested to know how many
non-Canadians get some of those references <grin>.

Katherine Anne MacLean
in Toronto

Subj:  Fall Stories
Date: 9/7/99 4:32:07 AM Pacific Daylight Time

I enjoyed all of the issue's stories, plus the interviews with Richard and Park, as well as Cameron.  I think his Law and Order Database is great.
Special mention to the following.

"Fireworks" was great.  I always enjoy stories that feature Liz Olivet in them.

"The Offspring" brought tears to my eyes.  It's so sad that Claire never got the chance to see and raise the child that she and Jack produced.

"Ends and Beginnings" was sad because I always liked Adam and can't believe that's he's gone.

A challenge for all you writers.  Please write some Ben Stone stories.  There hasn't been any since last year's Holiday Issue.

Glenda Brooks

Subj:  New issue!!
Date: 9/7/99 2:18:47 PM Pacific Daylight Time

LOVED IT!!!!  I always look forward to each new issue and enjoy re-re-re-reading the stories between times.  Thanks for all the good work.

Jackie Leaf

Subj:  Ends and Beginnings
Date: 9/9/99 11:05:39 PM Pacific Daylight Time

I really enjoyed this fanfic!  Excellent writing and a great way to tell the story!  One of the best Law & Order fiction pieces I've read!


Subj:  Fall issue
Date: 9/11/99 6:32:56 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Just found apocrypha. Loved  it. Haven't read it in its entirety yet. I've marked the site, so will read more as my free time allows. I quite liked "Last Days."

Keep up the good work.

Mary L

Subj: The Offspring
Date: 9/11/99 10:04:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time

What a sweet story!  More, more!


Subj: Misc.
Date: 9/12/99 6:00:13 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Re: Happy Birthday


it was a lot of fun!!

Re: Fireworks

This was a nice read ... I liked the possibilities.  I especially liked that you left it as a "Maybe......" they're always so much more fun to think about afterward


Subj: Happy Birthday
Date: 9/12/99 2:26:01 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Wow! Though "Happy Birthday" was short, I really liked it. The thought of indicting Dick Wolf and Rene Balcer for murder is just too funny. Great Job!


Subj: Misc
Date: 9/14/99 5:58:55 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Re: The Offspring

Aww. "The Offspring" was really cute. Thanks for publishing it!

Re: Last Days

I want to thank you for publishing "Last Days." The first 3 times I read it, I completely burst into tears. It was a great story, and really showed the depth of Jacks emotion. The only thing I didn't like was the story was so realistic, and that it made me so sad.


Subj: Fireworks
Date: 9/18/99 9:19:37 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Gee, I wish it had happened that way; maybe Logan would still be at the 2-7.

Hannah Taylor

Subj: Misc
Date: 9/19/99 12:01:27 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Re: Not Much of a TV Show

A wonderful sense of humor!  Lots of lol...

Re:  Fireworks

A lovely story with two of my favorite people....thanks!

Re: Ends & Beginnings

This one simply left me speechless...a work of art!


Subj:  September 13, 1990
Date: 9/26/99 10:59:36 PM Pacific Daylight Time

By way of response to your invitation to tell you what I was doing on the day when L&O first saw the light of day... Well, I'm not sure that I recall what I was doing on that very day (I guess that the detectives would find this a suspicious response),which a glance at a perpetual calendar told me was a Thursday, but I can remember what I was doing around that time... I was living in Paris at the time, though I had just returned from a summer in Berlin, and was staying in a friend's living room in the rue Mademoiselle in the 15th arrondissement while looking for new accommodation. I eventually found a room in a group house out in the suburb of La Celle-Saint Cloud (Gerard Depardieu lived 5 minutes' walk from our place, but I only glimpsed him once, getting into his car) and registered for classes at the Sorbonne (where I was doing an M.A. in Russian lit). I was in a period of particular disenchantment with American culture at the time, and would have had no clue that the programme that nearly a decade later would be the dominating obsession in my life had just been born...

If the show came on at 10 p.m., that would have been 4 a.m. in Paris, so I was undoubtedly snoring away!

Hope that answers your question - by the way, is the chat on for this Wednesday?

Chris Morris

Subj:  The Offspring
Date: 9/29/99 12:13:58 AM Pacific Daylight Time

I thought the story was pretty good but it could have gone more into the background about claire's pregnancy.  I did not like it in first person form.

Paulette Wicks

Subj:  Last Days
Date: 10/1/99 8:29:38 PM Pacific Daylight Time

I loved it!!!  Wish the rumors about Hennessey returning for a guest spot on L&O were true.  I'd love to see Claire & Jack together again,
even if it's a flashback!

Kimberleigh Taylor

Subj: Fireworks
Date: 10/2/99 10:53:50 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Awesome - loved it.

I just stumbled onto this site - loved the story.

Mary Lerch

Subj:  L&O actors other roles
Date: 10/12/99 9:36:07 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Loved the update.  Oh, and before I forget, my congratulations to the writers of the most recent apocrypha.  As usual the stories are all high quality and I find myself re-reading them constantly.  Good work!!!

Law & Order junkie

Subj: The Dance
Date: 10/13/99 5:55:38 AM Pacific Daylight Time

WOW...  and I had to read this before getting ready for work.  Can't wait to read it when I'm alone!  Very, very erotic and well written.  I write very much like you, but purely a novice.  Can't wait to read more.  I've bookmarked your page and intend to read everything!  Wish I'd have found it sooner.  I'm a huge Chris Noth fan, as well as all the actors on both L&O shows.  Keep up the good work!


Subj:  Son of the North
Date: 10/14/99 4:23:20 PM Pacific Daylight Time

God, was that ever funny!  I'm reading it on the computer at work and people in the upholstery shop next door can hear me laughing through the wall!

VP in Mpls.

(P.S.  If you e-mail responses, don't do it to me here!  I'll get into woolly-mammoth-sized trouble for goofing off at work!)

Subj:  Happy Birthday
Date: 10/20/99 2:57:10 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Though the plot isn't the best she's ever come up with--it's not bad for a 2nd idea that came when she needed one in a hurry--AND much better than a couple of other lines she had tossed at her from the depths of her imagination--the author has Logan's voice down and is well pleased with her work and thinks it's not so bad.  Putting yourself in the bed of your favorite character's not so bad either :-)


Subj:  Question
Date: 10/21/99 4:43:01 PM Pacific Daylight Time

What happened to Alfred Wentworth. He was in the first, I think, show before Adam. I'm a latercomer to L&O addiction . . . the past four or five years. First I got hooked on the reruns and now I won't miss a rerun or a new show. I'm still upset about the cancellation of Homicide, our cross-over sister/brother. And the new show on Monday nights needs something. I really don't care for the female lead whatever her name is. Come to think of it, the male lead is pretty weak, too.

I'm glad I found your website.


Note From The Editors:

Good question!

Alfred Wentworth, who was played by Roy Thinnes, was the Manhattan District Attorney in the pilot episode of Law & Order. The pilot was originally made for CBS and filmed in 1988, but was rejected initially by the network and then began making the rounds. By the time NBC gave it the green light and go-ahead to film more episodes, Thinnes was either unavailable or uninterested. He bookended his first L&O appearance with stints on the soap opera One Life To Live (as Alex from 1984-85, then in 1987, then as Sloan from 1992-95), but his resume doesn't explain why he couldn't take the role, particularly since he became a repeat offender by appearing in "Terminal" (1997) and "Ramparts" (1999).

Our guess is that since the character of "Alfred" wasn't simply recast but tossed out altogether, the show wanted more of a father figure, to better mirror New York's real-life longtime DA Morgenthau. They got him, in spades, by casting Steven Hill as Adam Schiff.

-- Kitt & Kor

Subj:  The Offspring
Date: 10/23/99 2:02:26 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Whoever wrote this story did a damn fine job of it.  As a writer myself I must say that this story albeit short, which it only real downfall, grabs a certain emotion from me I haven't felt in years.


Subj:  Misc
Date: 10/22/99 5:58:15 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Re: Leap of Faith Part One

OMG!!!  I can't wait for  the next issue to read part 2.  I was practically reading this on the edge of my seat.  This story was not only beautifully written, but pulls you in as if you were right there watching the events unfold.


Subj: War and Disorder
Date: 10/23/99 2:26:08 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Very cool.  I love to watch both shows [L&O and M*A*S*H], but never expected to see them combined in a fan-fic.  If I wore hats, mine would be off to you.


Subj:  The Offspring
Date: 10/24/99 11:54:21 AM Pacific Daylight Time

A bit, shall we say, schmaltzy . . . but not at all horrible.

David Williams

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