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[National Association of Police Organizations Honors Top Cops]
[L&O: CBS Orders Series from Rene Balcer]
[Unofficial Companion Releases Second, Updated Edition)]
[Entertainment Weekly Endorses apocrypha]
[Etcetera: Carey Lowell Returns; Balcer Departure Speculation: Who Will Fill His Shoes?; Trivia Contest Winners; Blue Wall Award Winners]

National Association of Police Organizations Honors America's
Finest For Sixth Annual TOP COPS(R) Awards
(reprinted from the PR Newswire)

The National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) is pleased to present its list of winners and honorable
mentions for the Sixth Annual TOP COPS Awards(R), announced NAPO Executive Director Robert T. Scully today.

The TOP COPS Awards(R) pay tribute to law enforcement officers from across the country for outstanding service to their communities during the preceding year.  The TOP COPS(R) were nominated by fellow officers and selected from hundreds of nominations by an Awards Committee.  Officers from the top ten cases have been chosen as the 1999 TOP COPS(R).  In each remaining state, one case has been selected for which the officer(s) will receive an Honorable Mention award.

"The TOP COPS Awards(R) provide an opportunity for all of us to recognize some of the brave men and women in America's law enforcement community who selflessly put their lives on the line day in and day out," said Scully. "Law enforcement officers care deeply about the citizens and communities they serve, and this honor is one way of letting them know their contributions are not taken for granted."

The Sixth Annual TOP COPS Awards(R) ceremony will be held at the Hilton-Washington & Towers in Washington, D.C. on Friday, October 22, 1999. The Masters of Ceremony for the prestigious event are Richard Belzer of NBC's Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and Lynne Russell of CNN's Headline News. Barring any schedule changes, also in attendance will be: S. Epatha Merkerson, Jerry Orbach, and Sam Waterston of NBC's Law and Order, Ed Marinaro of Hill Street Blues, and Yaphet Kotto of NBC's Homicide: Life on the Street.  Many other television celebrities are still confirming.

The National Association of Police Organizations is a national law enforcement organization representing more than 250,000 sworn law enforcement officers and 4,000 police unions and associations throughout the country. Based in Washington, D.C., NAPO fights for the rights of law enforcement officers through federal legislation, legal advocacy and education.  TOP COPS
Awards(R) proceeds will benefit the Police Research and Education Project; NAPO's sister educational organization, the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund; and Concerns of Police Survivors.

CBS Orders Pilot from Law & Order producer
Is Balcer Leaving L&O?

By Josef Adalian
(reprinted from Variety)

CBS has signed a seven-figure deal with veteran Law & Order writer/producer Rene Balcer for an hourlong pilot next season.
Tentatively titled Hopewell, the project is a cross between Law & Order and Northern Exposure. It focuses on a lawyer
 who moves his wife and kids to a rural East Coast town in order to find a more wholesome lifestyle. Instead, he finds that crime knows no borders.

"This won't be Northern Exposure," Balcer said Thursday. "It'll be edgy. It'll be unsentimental. Any humor the show has will
 be similar to what's in Law & Order."

 If CBS picks up the pilot, Balcer would leave Law & Order, where he's been a scribe and producer for the past 10 years,
 writing more than 60 episodes of the Emmy-winning series.

(See more below (Et Cetera) on speculation over Balcer's possible departure.)

Law & Order: The Unofficial Companion Releases Second Edition
(From Press Release)

        Now updated and expanded to include the 1999 season, Law and Order: The Unofficial Companion (Renaissance Books, 1-58063-108-8, November, $17.95, 368 pages), by Kevin Courrier and Susan Green, was written with the cooperation of the show's creator and executive producer, Dick Wolf, and features extensive interviews with the stars,
producers, and writers.  It is the first-ever guide to this popular, Emmy-award winning police drama and includes details on:

  1. the past and current stars of the show? plus who was fired, who left willingly, and who remains
  2. the show's continued problems with censorship issues and advertiser fallout
  3. the behind-the-scenes fights -- both verbal and physical -- that have peppered the production
  4. how Wolf was forced to increase the estrogen and decrease the testosterone on the show
  5. the history behind the creation and development of the show, and season-by-season critiques of each episode
This book is available at bookstores everywhere or by calling (800) 452-5589.

A Pat on the Back: Entertainment Weekly Endorses apocrypha

You like us, you really like us!

In the October 8, 1999 special Internet Section of Entertainment Weekly, apocrypha was not only spoken of, reviewed and approved of -- we were given an A-! The review, which can be found by going here, reads as such:


A ''Law & Order'' fansite that's got its bases covered -- past, present, and future

A site to sate the most rabid ''Law & Order'' fan. It's got facts -- from former stars (Chris Noth's whereabouts) to future plots (expect a lawyer from seasons past to reappear). It's also got fiction: Guest writers have taken it upon themselves to fill in the characters' oft- inscrutable private lives. The resulting stories are filled with steamy sex, lots of booze, even a love child. Think of it as ''Law & Order: NC-17.''  Grade: A-

 -- Gillian Flynn

Thanks to Gillian!

Et Cetera

Carey Lowell (Jamie Ross) will be reprising her role in the season's sixth episode, as reported in the last edition of apocrypha -- new information indicates that she'll actually be part of a two-part "movie." All of which would allow the show even more time to resolve that dispute between Ross and Jack McCoy -- did she rat him out or not?.... Fans are divided over Rene Balcer's new spot at CBS, with Hopewell. On the one hand, branching out was inevitable for the multi-talented producer/writer; on the other, who will replace him on the West Coast? Likely contenders include William Fordes, who began with the show back in the early 1990s as legal advisor and was recently promoted to producer. In a recent interview, Fordes deadpanned, "Rene ... runs the show [but] they canít do this show without me. You can fire the rest of the staff, but you canít get rid of me. And they ought to know that." On the other hand, the show has underplayed the introduction of Lynn Mamet (sister of Pulitzer Prize-winning David) to the staff; is she being groomed to possibly take over? Regardless, if Balcer (who has overseen nearly every script for several years now) departs, expect shakeups in both tone and focus of scripts. Balcer has made it no secret he enjoys writing for the character of Jack McCoy, hence McCoy's role (and the "Law" side of things) has been beefed up in recent years; without him, could another character be ripe for a stronger place in the show? And will Sam Waterston stay, with his character's mentor gone?.... Other random speculation regarding Balcer's new show: Now that Chris Noth (Mike Logan) has been given a development deal also at CBS, can a reunion be far behind?.... Congratulations to the winners of our Richard Brooks (Paul Robinette) Trivia Contest from last issue: Stephanie Bamberger and Carol Abshier answered correctly that both Brooks and Noth had appeared in Hill Street Blues -- although not in the same episodes -- and walked away with a special copy of the first two episodes of Brooks' new series, G vs. E, and the press materials that came along with the tape. Congrats, ladies!.... Also, our hats off to this year's winners of the second annual apocrypha Blue Wall Awards. Lynne Hoffman (Best Fiction), Shelleigh Boyd (Best Challenge) and Unofficial Companion authors Kevin Courrier and Susan Green (Best Non-Fiction) were selected by apocrypha readers for their contributions to our 1998-1999 issues. Their stories are featured in our voluminous fiction section this week, so check them out again. Next year, Carnegie Hall!

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