The apocrypha Ratings System Page

Ratings, in and of themselves, are not meant to be a form of censorship. We'll take anything. And we do mean anything. So read your ratings first: we've set them up as icons, to indicate the content of a particular piece. When you see these icons you'll know what the story contains without us ever giving anything away. We decided to use icons to indicate content, rather than a system like the movies (PG, R, NC-17) because some people are offended by sex. Some by violence. And some are bothered by neither. What's NC-17 to me may be barely PG to you. So here it is, the iconic ratings system for apocrypha:


Sexual Content
This story will contain a scene or scenes in which graphic sexual material is displayed.

This story contains no graphic sexual material, only light romantic interludes.

This story contains nothing that could possibly harm anybody. Disney would approve. Nothing offensive, except perhaps this icon.

This story contains language some may find offensive, or vulgarities.

This story contains silly or satiric material.

This story contains some frightening or disturbing scenes.

This story contains active violence (blood, gore, torture).

This story contains characters going through anguish or anxiety.

This story contains scenes or themes of a homosexual nature.

This story contains a crossover with another TV series, film, or book.

In an egomaniacal nod to one of our editors, this icon is only used when the story formerly was a Kitt choice of the issue.

In an egomaniacal nod to the other editor, this icon is only used when the story formerly was a Kor choice from an issue.

icons courtesy of Jeffrey Zeldman, copyright 1997

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