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Law & Order Repeat Offenders File

"The first half is a murder mystery. The second half is a moral mystery"
- Dick Wolf, series creator
Updated through episode 14-309, "Embedded" on 01-12-04
Appearances are for "Law & Order" only, unless specified.

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Thanks to Entertainment Weekly  for reviewing this site in their April 14, 2000 issue (#535):
"Finally, a site that explores TV's greatest mystery: the case of Law & Order's revolving guest stars. Perps regularly resurface as defense attorneys, reporters as judges, landladies as psychologists -- how do the writers explain it? Night school? Here, myriad examples of recidivist casting are logged alphabetically by name; e.g., Walter Bobbie has been lawyer to a pusher, brother to a suspect, and, in real life, director of Broadway's smash Chicago revival. Case closed. CHUNG-chung! A- "

In the criminal justice system there are three separate yet equally important groups: the police, who investigate crime; the district attorneys, who prosecute the offenders; and the repeat actors who play more than one role, causing loyal Law & Order viewers to question their sanity. These are their stories.

The production staff of Law & Order does a good job of spreading the actors out over time, but with TNT showing the episodes out of order it often happens that actors "repeat offend" in close proximity, even sometimes in consecutive episodes! Hence the creation of this repeat offender file.

Season-episode number is listed first, then the episode title, followed by the role played by the repeat offender. Note: This list includes the CBS pilot which was aired by NBC as episode 1-006. If you want to count the pilot as episode 1-000, subtract one number after episode 006 for the rest of the episodes.

Just so regular and recurring cast members don't feel left out, you can check the Law & Order Kevin Bacon Game Results . No cast member is more than 3 degrees away from Kevin Bacon!

If you would like to view an alphabetical episode guide, including witty quotations from the episodes (great for finding that 'quote' you want to remember), visit the Law & Order Alphabetical Episode Guide .

In addition, we have created a new page called Law & Order Meets the Tony Awards . Here you will find a list of some of the actors appearing in Law & Order who have received Tony Award nominations. Currently it is a work in progress as time permits. Law & Order relies heavily on the New York acting community, so it is our good fortune to be on the receiving end of this talented community week after week.

Caroline Aaron
2-027, "God Bless the Child," Susan, police psychiatrist and jury consultant
3-053, "Point of View," Valerie Walker, identifies defendant because of her 'fabulous' make-up

Leon Adair, Jr.
11-248, "Whiplash," Eddie (credited as Leon Adair)
13-282, "The Ring," Baliff
13-286, "The Wheel," Baliff
14-306, "Blaze," Court Clerk

Polly Adams
5-089, "Second Opinion," Dr. Roberta Gellman
5-102, "Performance," Monica Sutter
9-197, "Harm," Kelly McFarland
13-290, "Absentia," Gabrielle Simone

Nancy Addison
1-015, "Torrents of Greed (1)," Reporter #1
5-096, "Virtue," Edith Nash
7-153, "Double Down," Judge Selma Davis

Robinson Frank Adu
2-029, "In Memory Of," Armstrong
6-124, "Charm City," Mr. Johnson

Betsy Aidem
4-068, "Volunteers," Sharon Kirk
8-162, "Nullification," Kay (Christie) Brant
10-219, "Entitled (2)," Pauline Brecker

Carlo Alban
6-123, "Trophy," Damien
10-224, "Surrender Dorothy," Ramon Soriano

Paul Albe
2-034, "Star Struck," Emergency Medical Technician
6-128, "Deceit," Assistant Medical Examiner
14-308, "Floater," Foorman

Kevin Alexander
4-068, "Volunteers," Dr. Webb
7-137, "Good Girl," Fingerprint Technician
7-156, "Past Imperfect," CSU Dryden
12-255, "Armed Forces," Detective Bell

Opal Alladin
9-189, "Punk," Trina Fleming Crimmins
12-269, "Born Again," Rochelle Diggs

Echo Allen
6-115, "Jeopardy," waitress
9-186A, "Exiled: A Law & Order Movie," dancer

Mike Alpert
1-020, "The Troubles," driver
3-064, "Securitate," Frank Albers
10-219, "Entitled (2)," Gus Iacone

Bruce Altman
01-015/016, "Torrents of Greed," Harv Beigel, brother-in-law and high level gangster in Masucci family
04-076, "The Pursuit of Happiness," Tom Morrison, defense attorney
11-234, "Return," Mr. Feldman, defense attorney
12-259, "Formerly Famous," Brad Feldman, defense attorney

Chelsea Altman
03-047, "Forgiveness," Celeste, friend of victim
07-137, "Good Girl," Danielle Mason, defendant

Kevin Amalia
3-048, "The Corporate Veil," Wayne
4-068, "Volunteers," Wheeler

Lauren Ambrose
3-045, "Skin Deep," Jessica, school friend of defendant's daughter
4-072, "Pride and Joy," Maureen McKinnon, daughter of victim, sister of defendant
8-179, "Damaged," Valerie Maxwell

Maureen Anderman
2-035, "Severence," Sharon Styger
8-163, "Baby, It's You," Gayle Janaway, mother of victim

Arthur Anderson
6-121, "Remand," Judge Mallory
8-179, "Castoff," Old Man
12-266, "DR 1-102," Mr. Rothchild

Frank Anderson
1-018, "Secret Sharers," Bailiff #1
4-067, "Sweeps," Court Clerk

Stanley Anderson
2-028, "Misconception," Jerry Manley
13-294, "Genius," Nelson Lambert

Barbara Andres
1-003, "The Reaper's Helper," Patricia Holland, victim's mother
9-186, "Agony," Mrs. Anne O'Brien
11-236, "Amends," Alice Mosley

William Andrews
1-022, The Blue Wall, Al McCrory
3-062, "Animal Instinct," Frank MacCree

Sharon Angela
4-070, "Profile," Brenda McCarthy
6-118, "Paranoia," Doris
7-141, "Deadbeat," Delia

Florence Anglin
3-051, "Self Defense," Mrs. Pinsker (witness who heard the shots)
6-124, "Charm City," Marcy (homeless woman who shows up at the suspect's hotel room)

Jacqueline Antaramian
8-167, "Ritual," Farrah Patel
10-213, "Blood Money," Donna Grimaldi

Victor Anthony
7-140, "Double Blind," Dan Birney
11-240, "Sunday in the Park with Jorge," Nestor Salazar

David Anzuelo
7-148, "Working Mom," Machada
11-247, "White Lie," Fernando Vercal

Peter Appel
1-027, "God Bless the Child," Dr. Baumann
13-290, "Absentia," Krakow

Raul Aranas
2-032, "Heaven," Oscar Vergilio
12-277, "Patriot," Mr. Cortez, landlord

Ray Aranha
4-084, "Wager," 'Papa Doc' Henry Doinel
10-213, "Blood Money," trial judge

Victor Argo
2-040, "Cradle to Grave," Jose Tirado, building superintendent
7-146, "Barter," Enrique Flores, hitman

Robert Ari
5-092, "Family Values," Richard Kahn
8-158, "Thrill," store owner

Adam Arian
10-222, "Black, White and Blue," Dale Steward
14-302, "Bodies," Ari Mehlman

Matthew Arkin(brother of Adam Arkin of 3-051)
2-030, "Out of Control," Dr. Feldman (emergency room)
4-075, "Born Bad," Dr. Philip Vine (gives chromosome testimony)
9-205, "Refuge (2)," Harry Kozinsky
11-244, "Swept Away," Corey Kaufman

Lewis Arlt
4-071, "Black Tie," Garrett Darby
6-115, "Jeopardy," John Ralston
9-187, "Scrambled," Gerald Grove

Madison Arnold
1-013, "A Death in the Family," Lou Bridges
6-134, "Aftershock," Leonard Jensen
9-198, "Shield," Mr. Pelham
10-216, "Collision," Patrick Clarke

Rose Arrick
2-021, "Sonata for Solo Organ," Mrs. Birnbaum, Elaine Hale's landlady
6-112, "Bitter Fruit," Dr. Jane Freeland, victim's psychologist

Karina Arroyave
1-013, "A Death in the Family," Revina Price
9-189, "Punk," Candy Pacheco

Mary Ellen Ashley
11-242, "Phobia," Jury Foreperson
12-259, "Formerly Famous," Elaine

Vanessa Aspillaga
7-137, "Good Girl," Irene
11-240, "Sunday in the Park with Jorge,"

Linda Atkinson
1-005, "Happily Ever After, " Vitello
1-016, "Torrents of Greed (2)," Vitello
6-127, "Savior," Judge Gaines

Larry Attile
1-012, "Life Choice," Foreman
2-029, "In Memory Of," Anderson
5-105, "Act of God," Drinking Man
6-123, "Trophy," Williams

Kelly AuCoin
8-180, "Tabloid," First Assistant
10-223, "Mega," Pat Callister, victim's brother
12-254, "Who Let the Dogs Out?," Rich Porter

Paul Austin
1-007, "By Hooker By Crook," Stanko
5-105, "Act of God," Newbill
6-134, "Aftershock," Sean Dougherty
7-144, "Legacy," Detective Rossi
11-240, "Sunday in the Park with Jorge," Martin Scattergood

Erick Avari
1-001, "Prescription for Death," Dr. Ekballa Raza
14-308, "Floater," Ravi Patel

Val Avery
2-023, "Confession," Daniel Magadin, Sr., foreman of the secret grand jury
7-141, "Deadbeat," Max Schaeffer, ex-father-in-law of victim, defendant

Stephen Axelrod
5-110, "Switch," CSU Tech Catalano
7-145, "Menace," Philly
9-184, "Bait," CSU Tech Catalano

Leslie Ayvazian
3-060, "Jurisdiction," Pam Korolek
5-098, "House Counsel," Priscilla Lempert
6-133, "Homesick," Eileen Karmel

Joe Bacino
3-057, "Night and Fog," Jack O'Malley
4-069, "Discord," Shelby
6-114, "Savages," Dominic Lundston
11-239, "Whose Monkey Is It Anyway?" CSU Technician Nevins
12-257, "Soldier of Fortune," City Marshall

Rafael Baez
1-018, "The Secret Sharers," Nunez
3-058, "Mother Love," Angel Suarez
6-126, "Encore," Luis Cruiz, hitman
9-184, "Bait," Oscar Benvenidez

Darrin Baker
8-175, "Stalker," John Abbott
10-223, "Mega," Steve Stark

David Aaron Baker
6-132, "Pro Se," Lowe
12-277, "Patriot," Adam Teague

Dylan Baker
2-033, "His Hour Upon the Stage," Sean Hyland
9-185, "Flight," Aaron Dowling

Penny Balfour
9-185, "Flight," Roni
11-238, "Hubris," Carol Gibbons

Talia Balsam
3-054, "Consultation," Miss Turner, public defender
6-121, "Remand," Teri Marks, defense attorney

George Bamford
3-066, "Benevolence," Mr. McKenna
5-089, "Second Opinion," Leonard Hurst
8-171, "Grief," Harry Singer

Gerry Bamman
1-022, "The Blue Wall," Kimball
5-099, "Guardian," Dean Pollard
7-136, "I.D."  to present, Defense Attorney Stan Gillum

Christine Baranski
1-015/016, "Torrents of Greed," Catherine Beigel, wife and sister in Masucci family
4-086, "Nurture," Rose Seigal, defense attorney

Malcolm Barrett
11-242, "Phobia," Julian Zalak
13-281, "Tragedy on Rye," Harry Johnson

Marie Barrientos
1-014, "The Violence of Summer," Mimi Varella
11-232, "Dissonance," Irma Rodriguez
12-274, "Foul Play," Rosadel

Seth Barrish
5-096, "Virtue," Stuart Hendricks
8-176, "Disappeared," Ralph Staggs
10-216, "Collision," Harvey Bower

P. J. Barry
2-037, "Trust," Range Owner
4-070, "Profile," Johnny McDougall
6-126, "Encore," Burns

George Bartenieff
4-074, "American Dream," Appellate Judge Frederick MacNamara
4-083, "Mayhem," Jerome
5-102, "Performance," Appellate Judge Shawn MacNamara
6-114, "Savages," Appellate Judge Shawn MacNamara
10-206, "Gunshow," Appellate Judge Shawn MacNamara

Phyllis Bash
10-219, "Entitled (2)," Judge Taylor Jackson
11-234, "Return," Judge Jensen

George Bass
2-032, "Heaven," Superintendant
11-235, "Burn Baby Burn," Mario

Jerome Preston Bates
1-013, "A Death in the Family," Brutus Walker, suspect
4-082, "Family Values," CSU technician
6-123, "Trophy," Ernie Bigelow, freelance basketball scout and new uncle
14-306, "Blaze," Jerome Williams

Chris Bauer
3-047, "Forgiveness," Homeless David
6-134, "Aftershock," Mickey Scott
12-277, "Patriot," Sergeant in Wheelchair

Reathel Bean
9-196, "Disciple,"
13-281, "Tragedy on Rye," Mr. Bean

Gerry Becker
4-078, "Snatched," John Sherman
5-110 "Switch," Dr. Neal Latham
8-162 "Nullification," Thomas Robbins, defendant

Claire Beckman
6-120, "Blood Libel," Diane Farrow
8-179, "Damaged," Amanda Novak
10-211, "Marathon," Brenda Palmer

Joanna Beckson
6-134, "Aftershock," Linda
12-271, "Equal Rights," Neighbor

Richard Bekins
5-111, "Pride," Councilman Richard Durban
13-278, "American Jijad,"

Doris Belack
1-005, "Happily Ever After," Judge Barrie Morton (note: all judges in this episode are Barrie Morton! Quick, somebody get the prop crew to make more nameplates!)
1-015, "The Torrents of Greed (1)" to present, Judge Margaret Barry

Glynis Bell
2-042, "Intolerance," Ms. Silver
4-088, "Old Friends," Celia Gray
9-182, "Cherished," Dr. Elaine Spencer
13-297, "Kid Pro Quo," Shelby Jennings

Maria Bellantoni
7-149, "Judgment in L.A.: D-Girl," Carmela Rago
10-219, "Entitled (2)," Claire

Tom Bellin
7-146, "Barter," Dave Sheehan
10-206, "Gunshow," Joe Wells

Caprice Benedetti
6-129, "Atonement," Amber
12-276, "Oxymoron,"

Starla Benford
8-181, "Monster," Betty Wald
14-307, "Identity," Eileen Hargrove

Mike Benitez
12-277, "Patriot," Clerk
13-298, "House Calls," Dale Berck

P. J. Benjamin
5-098, "House Counsel," Arthur Gibbons
12-254, "Who Let the Dogs Out?," Dr. Paul Garrett
14-304, "Patient Zero," Owen Franks

Mimi Bensinger
6-119, "Angel," Beatrice Dichter
10-217, "Mother's Milk," Mrs. Chazen

Tanya Berezin
1-021, "Sonata for a Solo Organ," Arraignment Judge Rosalyn Lenz
2-023, "Confession," Judge Rosalyn Lenz
3-063, "Virus," Judge Janine Pate
4-069, "Discord," Judge Rosalyn Lenz
4-087, "Doubles," Judge Rosalyn Lenz
6-112, "Bitter Fruit," Judge Janine Pate
10-223, "Mega," Judge Rosalyn Lenz

Stephen Berger
4-074, "American Dream," Liebowitz
6-130, "Slave," Judge Robin Ingles
11-242, "Phobia," Arraignment Judge David Weintraub
12-264, "The Collar," Judge Nathaniel Berger

Stephanie Berry
1-002, "Subterranean Homeboy Blues," Nurse
6-123, "Trophy," Estelle Walters
8-178, "Bad Girl," Dolores Weston
11-236, "Amends," Bidner
14-302, "Bodies," Mrs. Evelyn Quilty

Frank Biancamano
2-031, "Renunciation," Doorman
3-062, "Animal Instinct," Larry Norbash
9-188, "Venom," Brian
12-261, "The Fire This Time," Building Manager

James Biberi
7-157, "Terminal," Reynolds
11-247, "White Lie," Detective #2

Ross Bickell
4-079, "Breeder," Ric Cushman
5-097, "Scoundrels," Jeffrey Wiggins
6-131, "Girlfriends," Burt Kaylin, father of victim
9-184, "Bait," Warren Stanton
13-288, "Chosen," Judge Bryce Miller

Gloria Biegler
5-102, "Performance," Dana Kerr
7-138, "Survivor," Mrs. Pieper
13-299, "Sheltered," Linda Sanders

Richard Bierman
5-102, "Performance," Stuart
8-160, "Navy Blues," garage attendant

Susan Bigelow
7-138, "Survivor," Paulette Walker
11-238, "Hubris," Mary Fazekas

Don Billett
5-093, "White Rabbit," FBI Agent Tilley
7-139, "Corruption," defense attorney for Flynn
8-165, "Shadow," Ed Richter
13-287, "Mother's Day," Judge Ed Richter

Olivia Birkelund
5-101, "Rage, Ms. Joan Stillman
13-297, "Kid Pro Quo," Clarissa Wagner

Reed Birney
2-043, "Silence," Barclay, gay journalist
8-158, "Thrill," attorney for archdiocese

Susan Blackwell
8-172, "Faccia a Faccia," Gabrielle Ruffino, defense attorney
9-196, "Disciple", Erica Castle, defense attorney
12-266, "DR 1-102," Lydia Fernands

Judith Blazer
10-220, "Fools For Love,"
13-300, "Couples," Carla Perazzo

Scotty Bloch
3-045, "Skin Deep," Judge Naomi Baum
4-086, "Nurture," Judge Naomi Baum
7-146, "Barter," Tashjian's attorney

Larry Block
2-033, "His Hour Upon the Stage," Feldman
5-107, "Cruel and Unusual," Slater
8-173, "Divorce," Stan
12-275, "Attorney Client," Darryl Moffet

Tom Bloom
5-098, "House Counsel," David Lempert
7-145, "Menace," doorman
9-191,"Hate," Detective Boris Tasche
10-218, "Panic," Aaron James
13-299, "Sheltered," Super

Mark Blum
3-060, "Jurisdiction," King County District Attorney, Frank Lazar
5-103, "Seed," Michael Aronson
9-186, "Agony," Attorney, Frank Lazar

Ted Blumberg
4-069, "Discord," Bobby Feinberg
12-274, "Foul Play," Mr. Wilson

Anne Bobby
5-100, "Progeny," Nancy Gunther
9-200, "Tabula Rasa," Sylvia Fallon

Walter Bobbie
2-033, "His Hour Upon the Stage," Peter Cummins, heroin dealer's attorney
3-049, "Wedded Bliss," Fred Drake, brother of defendant
10-209, "Merger," Michael Garrison

Stephen Bogardus
9-197, "Harm," Dr. Peter Michaels
12-272, "Slaughter," Jim Dittmar

Joan Bogden
6-129, "Atonement," Mrs. Dublinsky
11-242, "Phobia," Mrs. McBride

William Bogert
2-024, "The Wages of Love," Jules Simon
4-067, "Sweeps," Reardon
9-193, "Haven," Professor Arlen Howard
14-308, "Floater," Alvin Hartmann

Lou Bonacki
8-174, "Carrier," Super
9-194, "Hunters," Armand Libretti
11-241, "Teenage Wasteland," Mr. Russo
13-283, "Hitman," Tony Rosatti

Philip Bosco
1-005, "Happily Ever After," Gordon Schell, defense attorney
3-065, "Manhood," Gordon Schell, defense attorney
4-081, "Kids," Gordon Schell, defense attorney
8-172, "Faccia a Faccia," Dobbs, mob defense attorney
9-198, "Shield," Lee Jerrold

Lisa Bostnar
9-182, "Cherished," Elizabeth Waring
12-263, "Prejudice," Roberta Shields
13-298, "House Calls," Yolanda Parkova

Gretha Boston
10-224, "Surrender, Dorothy," Office Aide
11-251, "School Daze," Mother #2

Teagle F. Bougere
10-228, "Stiff," Jerry Ormand
11-250, "Brother's Keeper," Sebastian Waziri

Dennis Boutsikaris
1-004, "Kiss the Girls and Make them Die," Dick Berkley
3-48, "The Corporate Veil," Richard Berkley
8-170, "Castoff," Neil Pressman
11-237, "Thin Ice," Al Archer
12-263, "Prejudice," Al Archer

Buzz Bovshow
7-142, "Family Business," Charles Herman
10-212, "Patsy," Alan

Sully Boyar
1-006, "Everybody's Favorite Bagman," Swursky, furrier ("What am I? Karnak?")
1-012, "Life Choice," Judge Harvey Sirkin
3-048, "The Corporate Veil," Judge Fabrikant
4-068, "Volunteers," Judge Sirkin

Julie Boyd
5-095, "Precious," Eileen Willack, defendant
10-215, "Loco Parentis," Sandra Telford, wife and mother of defendants

Ami Brabson
8-181, Monster," Mrs. Richardson
11-247, "White Lie," Donna Faison
14-305, "Shrunk," Dr. Felicity Cyrus

Jim Bracchitta
5-101, "Rage," Kaplan
6-131, "Girlfriends," Jerold Spector
9-196, "Disciple," defense attorney for Ms. Grayson
10-207, "Killerz," Jerold Spector

Patrick Breen
6-130, "Slave,"  Andrew Gellis
13-282, "The Ring," Defense Attorney Hobart

Tom Brennan
4-077, "Golden Years," Father Frawley, deceased's priest
7-146, "Barter," Mr. Art Ganz

Ron Brice
3-051, "Self Defense," Marvin Welles
4-084, "Wager," Tercel
7-152, "Mad Dog," Officer Service
11-235, "Burn Baby Burn," Natron

Richard Bright
2-040, "Cradle to Grave," Albert Boxer
4-071, "Black Tie," Mr. Quinn
7-148, "Working Mom," victim's former police captain
13-280, "True Crime," Dru Hunt

Fran Brill
1-010, "Prisoner of Love," Sondra Moore, wife of victim
5-106, "Privileged," Anne Bartlett
8-174, "Carrier," Mrs. Stark, mother of defendant

Kent Broadhurst
4-068, "Volunteers," Dr. Creighton
6-123, "Trophy," Harry Kingston
8-164, "Blood," Harry Stokley, attorney for Joshua Burdett
12-264, "The Collar," Mr. Mansfield

Lee Brock
4-068, "Volunteers," Maxine Kort
6-125, "Custody,"
10-217, "Mother's Milk," Miss Strickland

Elaine Bromka
1-019, "The Serpent's Tooth," Secretary
4-085, "Sanctuary," Mrs. DeSantis, beating victim's wife

Jeff Brooks
5-089, "Second Opinion," Steven Cooper
10-206, "Gunshow," Victor Colby
13-278, "American Jihad," Charles Scott

Brennan Brown
11-241, "Teenage Wasteland," Forensic Technician
13-282, "The Ring," Donald Houseman (uncredited)

Charles Brown
3-062, "Animal Instinct," Riggs
12-255, "Armed Forces," Stephen Morehouse

Leon Addison Brown
8-175, "Stalker," Anttwon Robertson
11-248, "Whiplash," Everald Daly

Melissa Fraser Brown
2-026, "Asylum," Miss Murdoch, homeless woman (needs glasses), wants the "cute" one in the line-up for an all-paid island vacation
4-075, "Born Bad," Tracy Polllit, young suspect's birth mother

P. J. Brown
8-173, "Divorce,"
12-254, "Who Let the Dogs Out?," Bill Reade

Roscoe Lee Browne
3-054, "Consultation," Sir Idris Balewa
14-307, "Identity," Aaron Miller

Samantha Brown
7-137, "Good Girl," Arlene Williams
9-186A, "Exiled: A Law & Order Movie," hooker in diner

David Brummel
7-143, "Entrapment," Pollard
10-216, "Collision," Kyle Bryant

Lee Bryant
4-080, "Censure," Melissa Thayer
7-138, "Survivor," Mrs. Campbell
10-227, "High & Low," Patricia Harris

Bill Buell
3-056, "Right to Counsel," Douglas Pomerantz
11-236, "Amends," Chris Paley

Angela Bullock
5-101, "Rage," Roberta Cooley
7-143, "Entrapment," Miss Watkins
9-192, "Ramparts," Dolores Powell

Yusef Bulos
5-097, "Scoundrels," Frank Rosebrock
10-229, "Vaya Con Dios," Van Dam

Cara Buono
6-131, "Girlfriends," Shelley Taggart, defendant, ran college prostitution ring (listed as "guided nature hikes" on her father's tax forms)
9-189, "Punk," Alice Simonelli, defendant, woman's prison inmate accused of killing her prison guard

Ty Burell
11-231, "Turnstile Justice," Paul Donatelli, husband
13-299, "Sheltered," Herman Capshaw

Maggie Burke
3-050, "Helpless," Celia Walsh
4-073, "Apocrypha," Judge Elayne Link
6-131, "Girlfriends," Naomi Fleming
8-176, "Disappeared," Miss Ridley
12-260, "Myth of Fingerprints," Judge Elayne Link
13-289, "Under God," Judge Elayne Link

Robert John Burke
5-105, "Act of God," Arthur 'Buzz' Palley, contractor and perp
11-250, "Brother's Keeper," FBI Agent Ron Innes

Leo Burmester
4-078, "Snatched," Defense Attorney Lester Hastings
6-124, "Charm City," Defense Attorney Leclaire
12-277, "Patriot," Defense Attorney Lester Hastings

Stuart Burney
1-006, "Everybody's Favorite Bagman," Wentzel
1-008, "Poison Ivy," Attorney for Parisi
4-068, "Volunteers,"
7-154, "We Like Mike,"  Joostens
13-283, "Hitman," Austin Foster

William H. Burns
10-227, "High & Low, Nassau County Policeman
11-231, "Turnstile Justice," Sergeant
12-255, "Armed Forces," Beat Cop
12-276, "Oxymoron," Court Officer #1
13-294, "Genius," Uniform Officer
13-299, "Sheltered," Sergeant #2

Fred Burrell
4-071, "Black Tie," Dr. Bradley
8-169, "Expert," Arthur Rigg
9-192, "Ramparts," Ross McMillan
12-270, "Girl Most Likely," Bill Wilson

Allyn Burrows
9-197, "Harm," Leonard Dorsey
12-247, "Foul Play," Kevin Shore

Danny Burstein
5-107, "Cruel and Unusual," Joe Garvey
8-177, "Burden," Howe
11-241, "Teenage Wasteland," Assistant District Attorney Lester Rosenfeld
12-276, "Oxymoron," Peter

Kate Burton
2-039, "Sisters of Mercy," Sister Bettina
12-255, "Armed Forces," Attorney Gardner

David W. Butler
2-042, "Intolerance," Detective Reily
13-280, "True Crime," Howard Rumsfeld

Kathleen Butler
10-219, "Entitled (2)," Janet Grimes
11-249, "All My Children," Audrey Dunn

Paul Calderon
1-018, "The Secret Sharers," Father Torres
3-063, "Virus," Doctor Rodriguez
8-181, "Monster," Jesse Castille
11-240, "Sunday in the Park with Jorge," Palmieri

Blanca Camacho
1-009, "Indifference," Miss Perez
4-081, "Kids," Lila Ramirez
10-215, "Loco Parentis," Rachel Shapiro

J. Smith Cameron
2-035, "Severence," Ms. Mindy Moskowitz
9-185, "Flight," Paula Downing
14-306, "Blaze," Linda Drosi

Gene Canfield
1-016, "Torrents of Greed (2)," D'Augustine
3-048, "The Corporate Veil," McBride
5-107, "Cruel and Unusual," Detective Nelson
7-140, "Double Blind," Gerald Bailey
8-168, "Under the Influence," Detective Fred Norris
9-186A, "Exiled: A Law & Order Movie," Detective Tony Boyer
10-219, "Entitled (2)," Frank Salvo

Michael Cannis
2-026, "Asylum," Reporter #1
12-266, "DR 1-102," ESU Captain

Stephanie Cannon
9-183, "DWB," Claudia Sawchuck
12-271, "Equal Rights," Karen

Louis Cantarini
1-005, "Happily Ever After," bank guard
4-073, "Apocrypha," Diggs
7-137, "Good Girl," Vernon Link
10-217, "Mother's Milk," Joe Pintozzi

Tom Cappadona
5-093, "White Rabbit," Eddie Maybrook
7-135, "Causa Mortis," Victor Driscoll
8-172, "Faccia a Faccia," Danny Maxwell
13-291, "Star Crossed," Waiter

Joe Capozzi
12-269, "Born Again," Clerk
13-287, "Mother's Day," Adams

Ashley Carin
2-034, "Starstruck," Jessica
8-174, "Carrier," Gloria Ball

Len Cariou
3-061, "Conduct Unbecoming," Cpt. Allard Bunker, defendant
6-134, "Aftershock," Mac Geller (Claire Kincaid's step-father)

Francesca Carlin
9-203, "Admissions," Elizabeth Fong
10-210, "Justice," Maggie

Johann Carlo
1-012, "Life Choice," Colman
7-144, "Legacy," Mrs. Jeffrey Zabner

Maurice Carlton
5-110, "Switch," Jones
11-240, "Sunday in the Park with Jorge," Francois

E. J. Carroll
9-183, "DWB," Officer Fenwick
11-252, "Judge Dread," Vince Ellis
13-278, "American Jihad," Kevin Bracken

Rosanna Carter
1-011, "Out of the Half Light," Mrs. Jackson
8-158, "Thrill," Mrs. Hemmerick

Barbara Caruso
1-002, "Subterranean Homeboy Blues," Hastings
9-196, "Disciple," Mother Superior Agnes
12-264, "The Collar," Administrator

Kent Cassella
9-185, "Flight," Harkavy
12-269, "Born Again," Mr. Fisher

Mark Cassella
2-033, "His Hour Upon the Stage," Pelletier
6-112, "Bitter Fruit," Co-worker
7-141, "Deadbeat," Detective Doyle
9-194, "Hunters," Sergeant
10-216, "Collision," Uniform Policeman
11-233, "Standoff," Clerk

Sal Cavaliere
11-245, "Bronx Cheer," Pete Verona
13-296, "Seer," CSU Technician Belcher

Robert Cea
2-041, "The Fertile Fields," Grady
3-045, "Skin Deep," Holland
4-085, "Sanctuary," Stokes
9-183, "DWB," David

Maria Cellario
1-016, "Torrents of Greed (2)," Connie Masucci, wife of Frank Masucci (head of Masucci family)
3-053, "Point of View,"  Elaine Cerreta, Phil's wife
6-133, "Homesick," Mrs. Wessel, Food Boutique owner

Al Cerullo
9-223, "Mega," Frank Naransky, helicopter pilot (dies in explosion, investigated as a suicide pilot)
11-247, "White Lie," Helicopter Pilot
Note: Al should be everybody's favorite 'unknown' actor. He's played a helicopter pilot in over 31 major films. L&O is listed as his only TV credit.

Todd Cerveris
8-167, "Ritual," Rodney Most
10-218, "Panic," Russell Wolenski
14-307, "Identity," Rusty Brown

Max Chalawsky
8-172, "Faccia a Faccia," Maitre D'
10-226, "Narcosis," Lance Vernon

Kathleen Chalfant
11-242, "Phobia," Ms. Cutler
14-305, "Shrunk," Lisa Cutler

David Chandler
1-006, "Everybody's Favorite Bagman," Dr. Goldberg
13-290, "Absentia," Attorney Marvin Silverman

Jordan Charney
2-034, "Star Struck," Dr. Mandell
10-218, "Panic," Judge Donald Karan
12-256, "For Love or Money," Judge Donald Karan
13-290, "Absentia," Judge Donald Karan
14-302, "Bodies," Judge Donald Karan

Herman Chaves
11-248, "Whiplash," Man
12-272, "Slaughter," Morano

Hope Chernov
8-170, "Castoff," Debbie
9-194, "Hunters," Lanie
13-299, "Sheltered," Maggie Barkman

Dominic Chianese
1-021, "Sonata for a Solo Organ," Dan Rubell
5-109, "Purple Heart," Judge Paul Kaylin
8-165, "Shadow," Judge Paul Kaylin
10-208, "DNR," Bobby Ward

Nick Chinlund
11-230, "Endurance," Barry Peck
14-309, "Embedded," Frank Elliott

Marilyn Chris
5-093, "White Rabbit," Mary Perella, wife of slain officer
6-112, "Bitter Fruit," Mrs. Capetti, mother of kidnap suspect
9-183, "DWB," Gayatri Devi

Bill Christ
6-112, "Bitter Fruit," Jamie Ehrenclou
8-158, "Thrill," Father Gervais
10-227, "High & Low," Vincent Steinberg

William Christian
8-164, "Blood," Shawn Taitt
11-245, "Bronx Cheer," Detective Regan

Dimitri Christy
9-201, "Empire," Driver
12-261, "The Fire This Time," William Thrall

Jude Ciccolella
2-036, "Blood Is Thicker," Morgan, informer
5-094, "Competence," Chief of Detectives Dennis Burnett, investigates the Van Buren ATM shooting incident (and none too sympathetically)
7-150, "Judgment in L.A.: Turnaround," Alan Sherrick, L.A. counsel for Newman

Leonardo Cimino
6-121, "Remand," Mr. Costello
10-218, "Panic," Tommy 'The Weasel' Valducci

Kelly Cinnante
10-224, "Surrender Dorothy," Kathy Connor
1-011, "Out of the Half-light," policewoman

Michael Ciulla
2-038, "Vengeance," storage attendant
8-168, "Under the Influence," night doorman
9-194, "Hunters," Bob
10-215, "Loco Parentis," Frick

Phillip Clark
4-071, "Black Tie," Murphy
6-113, "Rebels," Axel
9-190, "True North," Pete Barnett

Hope Clarke
7-137, "Good Girl," Judge Emma Reynolds
13-284, "Open Season," Mrs. Marbury

Larry Clarke
7-155, "Passion," Dr. Norman Ganz
9-183, "DWB" through season 10, Detective Morris LaMotte (Profaci's replacement after the L&O movie "Exiled")

Chris Clavelli
9-193, "Haven," Sergeant Levinson
14-303, "Bounty," Carl

Malachy Cleary
4-082, "Big Bang," Sanders
8-181, "Monster," Detective Harry Spivak
11-246, "Ego," Franks
13-301, "Smoke," Skinner

Robert Clohessy
8-179, "Damaged," defense attorney Painter
10-215, "Loco Parentis," Robert Telford, defendant and father of co-defendant

Lee Cobb
8-161, "Harvest," Downey
9-183, "DWB," Lt. Gilbert Rausch
11-240, "Sunday in the Park with Jorge," Sergeant
12-257, " Soldier of Fortune," Uniform Sergeant
13-301, "Smoke,' Officer Morgan

Carl Jay Cofield
3-059, "Mother Love," George Moore
4-085, "Sanctuary," Reverend Ott's assistant, tries to prevent Briscoe and Logan from entering sanctuary

Bill Cohen
(Note: Bill plays different characters in the two Larry Miller as "Dobson" episodes, "Coma" and "Encore"!)
3-046, "Conspiracy," teacher
4-077, "Golden Years," Waters
5-090, "Coma," Sandler
6-126, "Encore," Wilson
7-140, "Double Blind," Sam Krasny
10-228, "Stiff," Ken
13-282, "The Ring," Paulson

Lynn Cohen
4-070, "Profile," Judge Elizabeth Mizener
5-105, "Act of God," Judge Elizabeth Mizener
7-138, "Survivor," Countess of Alto-Perugia
8-178, "Bad Girl," Judge Elizabeth Mizener
10-225, "Untitled," to present, Arraignment Judge Elizabeth Mizener

James Colby
2-034, "Star Struck," Donahue
3-060, "Jurisdiction," Holzgang
5-109, "Purple Heart," Kiley
9-189, "Punk," Corrections Officer Atwood
12-260, "Myth of Fingerprints," Bobby Campbell

Victor Colicchio
1-018, "The Secret Sharers," Urbano
4-083, "Mayhem," Omar Cabezas
9-184, "Bait," Reggie Mathis
9-186A, "Exiled: A Law & Order Movie," Elaine's waiter

Magaly Colimon
9-198, "Shield," Dr. Arlene Brooks
12-271, "Equal Rights," Lisa Schneider

Patrick Collins
4-072, "Pride and Joy," Ned Hughes
10-220, "Fools for Love," Douglas Kendrick

Rufus Collins
5-091, "Blue Bamboo," Teagle
11-240, "Sunday in the Park with Jorge," Ira

Oscar A. Colon
6-130, "Slave," Reyes
10-226, "Narcosis," Jake

Teddy Coluca
7-152, "Mad Dog," Leacock
12-268, "Access Nation," Frank
14-304, "Patient Zero," Kostas Theodoulous

Jeannine Comeau
7-152, "Mad Dog," Clerk
8-179, "Damaged," Brooklyn Trial Jury Forewoman
9-195, "Sideshow (1)," Clerk
11-240, "Sunday in the Park with Jorge," Jury Foreperson
11-251, "School Daze," Paralegal
12-257, "Soldier of Fortune," Paralegal
14-307, "Identity," McCoy's secretary

Jon Ellison Conlee
5-101, "Rage," Hal, bartender
7-145, "Menace," Crazy 'Mike' McDugan, defendant

Brian Connors
5-90, "Coma," Uniform Policeman
6-114, "Savages," Newman
10-221, "Trade This," Gerald Harmon
11-253, "Deep Vote," Gerald Harmon

Frances Conroy
1-010, "Prisoner of Love," Elizabeth Hendrick, socialite and dominatrix
9-196, "Disciple," Rosa Halacy, exorcist and former nun

Jarlath Conroy
10-216, "Collision," Father Royce
12-259, "Formerly Famous," Frank Noonan

Michael Constantine
2-037, "Trust," Dan Barrett, defense attorney
4-085, "Sanctuary," Joshua Berger, hit-and-run driver

Frank Converse
2-033, "His Hour Upon the Stage," Gary Wallace, victim's partner, defendant
6-122, "Corpus Delicti," Lyle Christopher, horse breeder, defendant
9-203, "Admissions," father of perp's friend, threatens son if he continues to coverup

Divina Cook
2-040, "Cradle to Grave," Miriam Gomez
7-135, "Causa Mortis," Mrs. Galvez
8-165, "Shadow," Marta Liriano
10-224, "Surrender Dorothy," Reima Montez

Jonathan Teague Cook
1-021, "Sonata for a Solo Organ," Bum
2-093, "White Rabbit," Henry Maybrook
7-135, "Causa Mortis," Marty Fine
11-249, "All My Children," Paul Bregman

Linda Cook
11-240, "Sunday in the Park with Jorge," Paige
12-262, "3 Dawg Night," Sonya Bergman

Chuck Cooper(1997 Tony Award winner for "The Life")
1-021, "Sonata for Solo Organ," Drew McDaniel, victim ("grand theft kidney")
5-091, "Blue Bamboo," Art Samuels, talent agent
6-125, "Custody," attorney for Michael Walters
11-235, "Burn Baby Burn," Rolando August

Helmar Augustus Cooper
1-017, "Mushrooms," Herb Williams
6-114, "Savages" to present, Appellate Judge Lawrence McNeil

Maddie Corman
9-203, "Admissions," Melissa Slater
14-307, "Identity," Andee Mae Haley

Donald Corren
2-032, "Heaven," Ezra Stine
3-045, "Skin Deep," to present, Medill, forensics

Kerrianne Spellman Cort
10-211, "Marathon," Mercer
13-285, "Asterisk," Assistant Medical Examiner Sally Lane
13-294, "Genius," Assistant Medical Examiner Sally Lane

Jesse Corti
1-003, "The Reaper's Helper," Angel Suarez, jilted gay lover of victim
4-076, "The Pursuit of Happiness," Alejandro (Alex) Nunoz, defendant (pulled trigger for his Russian lover)

Diane Cossa
7-157, "Terminal," Mrs. Conroy
12-259, "Formerly Famous," Susan Brandee

Joseph Costa
6-116, "Hot Pursuit," Produce Seller
12-272, "Slaughter," Mr. Hatcher

Nicolas Coster
2-023, "Confession," Morgan Stern
4-068, "Volunteers," Reid Mullin

Ritchie Coster
11-232, "Dissonance," Jorgan Stern
14-302, "Bodies," Mark Bruner

Ned Coulter
8-172, "Faccia a Faccia," Manager
13-278, "American Jihad," Dr. Tom Byra

Michael Countryman
2-025, "Aria," Dr. Joseph Stern
12-275, "Attorney Client," Bob

Christopher Cousins
5-096, "Virtue," Todd Locke, Councilman Talbert's aide
7-145, "Menace," Robert Dorning, defendant

Catherine Cox
8-164, "Blood," Dr. Nancy Frieder
12-272, "Slaughter," Mrs. Hatcher

James Coyle
6-116, "Hot Pursuit," Zimmer
8-175, "Stalker," Jack O'Hara
11-232, "Dissonance," Bill O'Riley

Liam Craig
9-189, "Punk," CSU Technician
12-269, "Born Again," Doug Laurie

Dennis Creaghan
3-58, "Promises to Keep," Leonard Gorham
9-185, "Flight,"
11-239, "Whose Monkey Is It Anyway?," Liddle

Michael Creo
11-245, "Bronx Cheer," Dave Davis
12-272, "Slaughter," Sal, Jr.

Deborah Cresswell
9-182, "Cherished," Martha Robertson
10-227, "High & Low," Paula Dunbar

Jane Cronin
2-038, "Vengeance," Arraignment Judge Alison McKeever
9-183, "DWB," Sylvia

Tandy Cronyn
5-107, "Cruel and Unusual," Nancy Moore
13-295, "Maritime," Mrs. Eastman

Lindsay Crouse
3-058, "Promises to Keep," Dr. Diane Meade
10-208, "DNR," Judge Diane Grobman, victim

Gilbert Cruz
1-005, "Happily Ever After," Paramedic
3-066, "Benevolence," CSU Carillo
8-159, "Denial," CSU Tech #1
9-186A, "Exiled: A Law & Order Movie," Detective #2
10-225, "Untitled," Mel Hamed
11-235, "Burn Baby Burn," Lopez
13-291, "Star Crossed," Super

Tony Cucci
3-045, "Skin Deep," Avery
9-186A, "Exiled: A Law & Order Movie," VIP bouncer #1 at 'Cat Walk'
11-242, "Phobia," Herb Glenmon

Michael Cullen
1-020, "The Troubles," Roberts (officer who kicks body of first victim)
4-075, "Born Bad," Father Jack Malone (discovers victim)
5-108, "Bad Faith," first uniform policeman (falsifies crime scene)
8-181, "Monster," Borough Detective Commander Deitz (tells Van Buren that the Department wants her to resign)
9-183, "DWB," Borough Detective Commander Deitz
10-211, "Marathon," Borough Detective Commander James Dietz

Sean Cullen
9-193, "Haven," Professor Davis Mills
14-308, "Floater," Gene Marchetti

John Cullum
7-145, "Menace," Harold Dorning, victim's employer
12-257, "Soldier of Fortune," Bernard Powell, Sr.

Anthony Cummings
2-044, "Working Stiff," Kevin Moonehead
3-064, "Securitate," Brian Hollingsworth

John Cunningham
2-033, "His Hour Upon the Stage," Cobb, defense attorney
3-062, "Animal Instinct," Dr. Donald Walsh, husband of victim, defendant
5-090, "Coma," Max, defense attorney
7-148, "Working Mom," Metzler, defense attorney
9-204, "Admissions," Mr. Crowley
12-265, "Undercovered," Dan Metzler

Bill Cwikowski
2-040, "Cradle to Grave," Hampton
5-092, "Family Values," painter
7-151, "Judgment in L.A.: Showtime," Jerry Vance
10-223, "Mega," Walter Lewin
12-264, "The Collar," Allan Boswell

Jon Cypher
5-099, "Guardian," Jerome Kamen
10-224, "Surrender Dorothy," Harlan Graham

Sandra Daley
5-099, "Guardian," Susie Rayber
9-193, "Haven," Lori Matthews
11-235, "Burn Baby Burn," Salina Watts

Stevie Ray Dallimore
9-186, "Agony," Roger lansing
13-282, "The Ring," Bradley Hagan

Jill Dalton
12-272, "Slaughter," Robert Miller
14-302, "Bodies," Megan Goddard

Paul D'Amato
3-060, "Jurisdiction," Delbert Kort
10-206, "Gunshow," Art Lydell
13-285, "Asterisk," Ralph Pena

Leila Danette
4-083, "Mayhem," Black Woman
5-097, "Scoundrels," Mrs. Banning
6-124, "Charm City," Mrs. Donner

Kevin Daniels
10-222, "Black, White and Blue," Reporter #3
11-243, "A Losing Season," Chris Coty, professional baseketball player

Thaddeus Daniels
9-195, "Sideshow," Leon Purcell
13-284, "Open Season," Sergeant Lawrence

Randy Danson
1-014, "The Violence of Summer," Diane Manso
5-105, "Act of God," Delores Hartman
11-242, "Phobia," Susan Powers

Janis Dardaris
1-015, "The Torrents of Greed (1)," Mrs. Florence Mackey
13-295, "Maritime," Bonnie Stoll

Cynthia Darlow
5-096, "Virtue," Lisa Franklyn
7-146, "Barter," Kay Jensen
8-174, "Carrier," Bartender
13-300, "Couples," Ellen

Tony Darrow
2-033, "His Hour Upon the Stage," Mario Forcelli
6-126, "Encore," Joey Giabone
13-283, "Hitman," Bobby "Bobby Vig" Vignerelli

Angel David
5-109, "Purple Heart," Freddie
11-245, "Bronx Cheer,"

Jack Davidson
2-035, "Severence," Mr. Torrens
4-076, "The Pursuit of Happiness," George Berman
6-132, "Pro Se," Blumberg
8-164, "Blood," Spense Carlyle
10-213, "Blood Money," Bank Manager

Jeremy Davidson
9-202, "Ambitions," Sean Russo
12-260, "Myth of Fingerprints," Luke Campbell (uncredited)

Richard M. Davidson
1-009, "Indifference," Court Clerk
1-012, "Life Choice," Court Clerk
7-144, "Legacy," Adrian Kaye
12-276, "Oxymoron," Phillip Clark

Brian Davies
4-070, "Profile," Dr. Rheinhold Bishop
10-229, "Vaya Con Dios," Judge Busey
11-242, "Phobia," Trial Judge

Eisa Davis
10-225, "Untitled," Erica Yellin
12-277, "Patriot," Assistant District Attorney

Todd Davis
6-112, "Bitter Fruit," Scavenger
7-147, "Matrimony," Detective Henry
11-235, "Burn Baby Burn," Iman
12-266, "DR 1-102," Louis Williams

Lucy Deakins
4-069, "Discord," Julia Wood, rape victim
13-282, "The Ring," Leah Stanton

Rosemary DeAngelis
2-028, "Misconception," Dr. Mishon
3-052, "Prince of Darkness," Sally Goldman
3-060, "Jurisdiction," Sally Goldman
6-133, "Homesick," Judge Beth Krieger
8-165, "Shadow," Judge Sally Goldman
12-273, "Dazzled," Marina Griesmer

Jean DeBaer
1-031, "Renunciation," Constance Pack, divorcee, mother of defendant
7-142, "Family Business," Laura Bergreen, sister-in-law of victim, suspect

David DeBeck
5-098, "House Counsel," Host
12-266, "DR 1-102," Captain Bolland

David Deblinger
7-157, "Turnaround," Miller
12-276, "Oxymoron," Tommy Avakian

Paul DeBoy
9-191, "Hate," Lionel Morrison
12-270, "Girl Most Likely," Mr. Cade

Al DeChristo(aka Alphonse Guglielmo)
5-097, "Scoundrels," Roy Leonard, private detective
7-150, "Judgment in L.A.: Turnaround," forensic garage technician
9-192, "Ramparts," Clark Paley
12-272, "Slaughter," Dan Andrews

Brian Delate
4-060, "Jurisdiction," Internal Affairs Lt. Jorgensen
6-132, "Pro Se," Mickey Leahy
8-175, "Stalker," Detective Lloyd Fraker
11-230, "Endurance," Arson Detective Harris

Emilio Del Pozo
6-128, "Deceit," Arraignment Judge John Sierra
7-136, "I.D.," Arraignment Judge John Sierra
8-170, "Castoff," Doorman #1
10-222, "Black, White and Blue," Tony
14-303, "Bounty," Garcia

George Demas
9-197, "Harm," Mr. Gerard
12-258, "Possession," Charles Braden

Ray DeMattis
2-024, "The Wages of Love," Kolvino
4-081, "Kids," Cox
6-127, "Savior," Bob Saner
11-243, "A Losing Season," Arnold Dickler

Tom Demenkoff
6-127, "Savior," Mark Whitten, State Liquor Authority associate of Joyce Webber
8-166, "Burned," Jack Brady, the audio specialist in the police crime lab who tells Briscoe and Curtis that their evidence is not good enough
12-270, "Girl Most Likely," McVitty

Brenda Thomas Denmark
2-040, "Cradle to Grave," Nurse James (listed as Brenda Denmark)
3-059, "Mother Love," Beverly Harris, defense attorney
4-082, "Big Bang," Mary Willoughby
6-115, "Jeopardy," Expeditor
11-242, "Phobia," Rosalie Price

Danny Dennis
2-027, "God Bless the Child," Al Webber
13-281, "Tragedy on Rye," Counterman

Leslie Denniston
4-080, "Censure," Sara Felder, friend (or perhaps sister) of Janet Rudman
5-104, "Wannabe," Sally Prescott, wife of victim
8-174, "Carrier," Lenore Kiley, mother of victim
12-256, "For Love or Money," Elizabeth Dumas

Chris de Oni
10-228, "Stiff," Rafaldo ("Rafalito")
13-283, "Hitman," Harvey Ruiz

Anthony DeRiso
1-022, "The Blue Wall," McCrory's lawyer
3-062, "Animal Instinct," Peters

Angel Desai
12-261, "The Fire This Time," Ellen Harris
13-298, "House Calls," Grace

Jay Devlin
2-035, "Severance," defendant Charles Martine
4-077, "Golden Years," Bill Swayze
5-111, "Pride," McAfee

Rusty DeWees
6-116, "Hot Pursuit," Leon Trapp
7-145, "Menace," Dave Randall (the Candle), arsonist

Guillermo Diaz
4-081, "Kids," Juan Domingo
10-211, "Marathon," Bobby Sabo

John Di Benedetto
2-028, "Misconception," O'Malley
4-078, "Snatched," Manager of storage company
7-140, "Double Blind," Bruce Coui, superintendent of victim's building
7-157, "Terminal," McGill
12-264, "The Collar," Caretaker

Toni Di Buono
2-044, "The Working Stiff," Alice Cantwell
11-242, "Phobia," Jerrilyn Essex

George DiCenzo
2-044, "The Working Stiff," Eddy Palmieri, union president
7-146, "Barter," Sam "Bunny" Russo, loan shark, defendant

Mia Dillon
2-044, "Working Stiff," Dr. Bergman
8-166, "Burned," Elaine Anderton Lawlor, mother of defendant
11-251, "School Daze," Patricia Semple, mother of student defendant

Tracy Dillon
8-169, "Expert," Jennifer
9-186A, "Exiled: A Law & Order Movie," blond VIP dancer at 'Cat Walk'

Paul Diomede
9-205, "Refuge (2)," Jay Jay
12-256, "For Love or Money," Paul Kasperski

Beth Dixon
3-050, "Helpless," Nicole Simon
13-281, "Tragedy on Rye," Mrs. Dolan

MacIntyre Dixon
2-037, "Trust," Merrill
5-110, "Switch," Paul White
7-155, "Passion," Prof. Peter Hilligin
10-222, "Black, White and Blue," Appellate Judge Vincent Miceli

Matthew Dixon
6-116, "Hot Pursuit," Michael Mirvis
11-234, "Return," Eddie Novello

James Doerr
3-066, "Benevolence," Mike Cornell
5-091, "Blue Bamboo," Grady
8-158, "Thrill," Sheehan
12-258, "Possession," Jack Ianelli

Michael Dolan
3-061, "Conduct Unbecoming," defendant railroaded by the Navy
6-119, "Angel," Keith Coleman, father of victim, husband of defendant

Mark H. Dold
8-172, "Faccia a Faccia," Lionel
13-301, "Smoke," Fred

John Doman
1-022, "The Blue Wall," Bailiff
7-154, "We Like Mike," Sergeant Frank Gottlieb
9-190, "True North," Mr. Stephans
13-295, "Maritime," Howard Ridgeway

Jennifer Don
12-269, "Born Again," Uniform Police Officer
13-285, "Asterisk," P. O. Sarah Peterson

Jesse Doran
7-143, "Entrapment," Robert Falco
9-194, "Hunters," Eddie Dow
10-219, "Entitled (2)," Police Commissioner's Aide
12-272, "Slaughter," Arthur King

John Dossett
3-063, "Securitate," Don Stuart
9-195, "Sideshow (1)," Frank Wellington
12-264, "The Collar," Father Evans

Doc Dougherty
9-198, "Shield," Sergeant Kaufman
11-248, "Whiplash," Bill Reed

Ann Dowd
1-021, "Sonata for Solo Organ," Teresa Franz
4-079, "Breeder," Dorothy Baxter, defendant (kidnaps baby she believes is hers by contract)
6-132, "Pro Se," sister of defendant

Herb Downer
3-046, "Conspiracy," Warner
6-117, "Paranoia," Judge Morris Birch
9-194, "Hunters," Alex Hunt
12-258, "Possession," Howard Thomas

Gerard Doyle
11-232, "Dissonance," Jeremy Ryder
12-259, "Formerly Famous," Bill Connelly

David Drake
2-034, "Star Struck," Tim Voorman
12-257, "Soldier of Fortune," Mr. Aldrich

John Driver
3-057, "Night and Fog," Malcolm Haymes
6-127, "Savior," Mark Levinsohn
7-157, "Terminal," Phillip Keenan
9-183, "DWB," U.S. District Attorney Gervitz

O. L. Duke
4-084, "Wager," John Green, pool player
6-118, "Humiliation," Roscoe Squire, victim's pimp
7-141, "Deadbeat," Jackson
8-181, "Monster," Antonio Chaikin

Wally Dunn
4-081, "Kids," Assistant Medical Examiner Jonas
6-115, "Jeopardy," Edward Odlum
8-172, "Faccia a Faccia," Lee Frick
11-246, "Ego," Vincent Hall
13-281, "Tragedy on Rye," Saul Mishner

Marina Durell
2-040, "Cradle to Grave," Mrs. Ruiz
6-121, "Remand," Olivia Valerio
11-236, "Amends," Soledad Estrada

Richard Duva
3-061, "Conduct Unbecoming," EMS Medic
10-220, "Fools for Love," Max Jessel

Brian Dykstra
7-155, "Passion," Uniformed Policeman #2
11-234, "Return," CSU Officer

Michael Early
9-195, "Sideshow (1)," James Arkadie
13-294, "Genius," Norman Carlson

Keely Eastley
5-095, "Precious," Dr. Irene Mischler
6-119, "Angel," Jury Forewoman
9-182, "Cherished," Judge Lillian Barone

Barbara eda-Young
4-075, "Born Bad," Judge Martha Kershen
7-141, "Deadbeat," Betsy Graves, Women's Legal Assistance Center

Burt Edwards
3-059, "Mother Love," Sam Allen
5-104, "Wannabe," Grandpa Brewster

Daryl Edwards
1-008, "Poison," Richard
9-192, "Ramparts," Allan Taylor
11-230, "Endurance," Nathan Walpole

Jay Edwards
12-269, "Born Again," Mark Danielson
14-306, "Blaze," Tom Champa

Paul Eichel
3-046, "Conspiracy," jury foreman
8-172, "Faccia a Faccia," Manny Ebbs

Lisa Eichhorn
3-053, "Point of View," Mary Kostrinski, makeup artist, defendant
4-086, "Nurture," Arnette Fenady, poet, defendant
9-187, "Scrambled," Arlene Galvin, defendant
13-293, "Suicide Box," Dr. Gail Berardi

Ned Eisenberg
7-152, "Mad Dog," Defense Attorney James Granick
9-186A, "Exiled: A Law & Order Movie," Jerry Kleinert
10-215, "Loco Parentis," Defense Attorney James Granick
11-233, "Standoff," Defense Attorney James Granick
13-301, "Smoke," James Granick

Kevin Eldon
9-182, "Cherished," Oscar Castellano
9-195, "Sideshow (1)," CSU Detective Kett
10-206, "Gunshow," Dan Hayala
11-250, "Brother's Keeper," Payton
14-309, "Embedded," Bernie

Jane Elliott
8-170, "Castoff," Randi Smolin
11-246, "Ego,"

Shawn Elliott
3-052, "Prince of Darkness," Ramone Buenaventura
5-091, "Blue Bamboo," Judge Joseph Rivera
5-107, "Cruel and Unusual," Judge Joseph Rivera
6-115, "Jeopardy," Judge Manuel Leon
6-132, "Pro Se," Judge Manuel Leon
7-153, "Double Down," Judge Dominic Santos
11-236, "Amends," Judge Joseph Rivera
12-255, "DR 1-102," Judge Manuel Rivera

Stephen Elliott
1-018, "The Secret Sharers," Judge Neil Markham
3-063, "Virus," Dr. Hogan, head of clinic

Lisa Emery (wife of Josh Pais who plays medical examiner Borak)
2-032, "Heaven," Ms. Van Brocklen, district attorney's press liaison
5-097, "Scoundrels," Alice Huntley, defense witness with secrets
10-224, "Surrender Dorothy," Gwen Graham
13-299, "Sheltered," Meg Lafferty

Robert Emmet
3-055, "Extended Family," Harold Zorn, suspect and convicted pedophile
6-132, "Pro Se," Frank Ellis, whose wife survived a mass murder and is suing Kincaid for letting the murderer off years before
10-218, "Panic," Dr. Samuel Bookman (credited as Robert Emmet Lunney)
11-251, "School Daze," Bill Semple, father of student defendant (credited as Robert Emmet Lunney)

Linda Emond
6-127, "Savior," Laura Cochran
10-218, "Panic," Carolyn Tyler

Kevin Eshelman
1-002, "Subterranean Homeboy Blues," Policeman #2
2-038, "Vengeance," elevator repairman
3-048, "The Corporate Veil," Billy Doyle

Laura Esterman
6-117, "Paranoia," Professor Florence Cooley
10-213, "Blood Money," Eva Walcoff

Gary Evans
6-126, "Encore," Garrison (officer at Port Authority Bus Terminal)
7-149, "Judgment in L.A.: D-Girl," Uniform Policeman Richie
9-182, "Cherished," Officer Blackledge

Ramsey Faragallah
8-167, "Ritual," Dr. Nasser
10-212, "Patsy," Dr. Supay

Ronnie Farer
2-028, "Misconception," Mrs. Marti Alcott
12-275, "Attorney Client," Gina Berry

Cyrus Farmer
10-208, "DNR," Detective Calvin Lowell
12-262, "3 Dawg Night," Darryl "G Train" Collins

Tom Riis Farrell
2-026, "Asylum," Homeless man #3 (identifies Lemonhead to police as Christian Tatum)
4-083, "Mayhem," Scott Hexter, mis-identified suspect and 5th murder victim
6-134, "Aftershock," Bud, playing darts in the bar
7-144, "Legacy," Howard Philips, hitman with little white dog (alias Dr. Paul Sackett, podiatrist)

Santo Fazio
6-120, "Blood Libel," Johnny Cobb
7-154, "We Like Mike," Miles
11-242, "Phobia,"

Dustin Felder
9-193, "Haven," Lionel Kendry
11-252, "Judge Dread," Mr. Bruce

Stuart Feldman
7-151, "Judgment in L.A: Showtime," Kevin
11-249, "All My Children," Frank Denson

Tibor Feldman
2-023, "Confession," lawyer for Morgan Stern (uncredited)
3-060, "Jurisdiction," Jerry Silbo, special narcotics prosecutor
5-091, "Blue Bamboo," Kendrick, club owner

Crystal Field
2-40, "Cradle to Grave," Lawson
11-230, "Endurance," Wilma Lovak

Dicky Fine
7-136, "I.D.," Earl Perkles, elevator maintenance man, loves his elevator system!
9-186A, "Exiled: A Law & Order Movie," Harvey

Bill Fiore
3-049, "Wedded Bliss," Ron Russo
10-2210, "Justice," Buddy

Glenn Fitzgerald
6-117, "Paranoia," Merril Grupp
11-240, "Sunday in the Park with Jorge," Seth Titell

Allen Fitzpatrick
6-123, "Trophy," Grimley
9-184, "Bait," Mr. Golding
13-301, "Smoke," Judge Darren Berman

James Flaherty
12-245, "Bronx Cheer," Clerk
12-262, "3 Dawg Night," Clerk
12-275, "Attorney Client," Doorman
13-285, "Open Season," Court Clerk

Kit Flanagan
4-087, "Doubles," Joan Zinns
5-108, "Bad Faith, Zinns
10-226, "Narcosis," Judge Evelyn Greico
13-283, "Hitman," Connie Henderson

Elizabeth Flax
5-093, "White Rabbit," paramedic
10-214, "Sundown," C. Tierney
12-270, "Girl Most Likely," Paramedic

Susan Floyd
8-175, "Stalker," Andrea Blake, victim not believed by police
13-279, "Shangri-La," Jessica Sheets, defense attorney for Fiona Reed, knows Jack McCoy from waaay back
14-302, "Bodies," Jessica Sheets, defense attorney

Donna Jean Fogel
5-089, "Second Opinion," Pauly, details scene to Logan
6-113, "Rebels," Slattery

Halle Foote
5-111, "Pride," Marjorie Durban
13-279, "Shangri-La," Margaret Chapman

Clebert Ford
3-055, "Extended Family," building superintendant
11-231, "Turnstile Justice," administrator

Fil Formicola
5-098, "House Counsel," Vincent Dosso
7-143, "Entrapment," Leo Robertson of Hudson Air Works Inc.
10-208, "DNR," Anson Scott

Henderson Forsythe
2-027, "God Bless the Child," Lucius Carpenter
10-213, "Blood Money," Hamilton Stewart

Marlene Forte
7-153, "Double Down," Sandra Pena
9-198, "Shield," Alicia Bowers

Andy Fowle
8-162, "Nullification," Lewis Cray
10-212, "Patsy," Anthony Felker

Monique Fowler
9-182, "Cherished," Megan Connery
12-165, "Undercovered," Ms. Ames

Robert Foxworth
7-155, "Passion," Professor Charles Evans
14-305, "Shrunk," Dr. Frederick Barrett

Nancy Franklin
3-060, "Jurisdiction," Brooklyn Trial Judge Walton
10-229, "Vaya Con Dios," female justice
13-292, "Bitch," Regine

Randy Frazier
5-104, "Wannabe," T. A. Supervisor
6-128, "Deceit," Super
9-191, "Hate," Victor
12-255, "Armed Forces," Ralph

Peter Frechette
1-003, "The Reaper's Helper," John (Jack) Curry, defendant
6-115, "Jeopardy," Peter Nicodos, brother of victim, defendent
13-289, "Under God," Jim Wheeler

Arthur French
4-085, "Sanctuary," Dr. Myron Jansen
7-143, "Entrapment," Vernon Johnson
14-305, "Shrunk," Josiah Winthrop

Peter Friedman
5-093, "White Rabbit," Professor William Goodwin
12-275, "Attorney Client," Harold Jensen

Anthony Fusco
"Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die," Epstein
"Profile," Dr. Richard Becker
"House Counsel," Attorney John Murphy, dubbed "Oliver Wendell Blockhead" by Jack McCoy
"Faccia a Faccia," Barry Stovitz

Jim Fyfe
1-012, "Life Choice," Cleary (finds victim's boyfriend's fingerprints)
3-063, "Virus," Robert Picard (explains hospital computer network to police)

Boyd Gaines
3-061, "Conduct Unbecoming," Lt. St. Clair
5-104, "Wannabe," Nathan Barclay, father of suspect, and Chairman of the Board of Governors of and attorney for Luther C. Chase Academy
7-147, "Matrimony," Oliver Shain, perpetrator and victim's attorney

Gia Galeano
3-065, "Manhood," dispatcher
4-080, "Censure," detective
5-094, "Competence," Ana Valdez
5-099, "Guardian," police clerk
5-101, "Rage," Gia
6-113, "Rebels," detective
6-118, "Humiliation," to present, Gia

John Joseph Gallagher
3-053, "Point of View," Paddy O'Hagan
10-224, "Surrender Dorothy," Eric Carlson
11-250, "Brother's Keeper," Buddah

Tim Gallin
2-043, "Silence," Cabbie
13-300, "Couples," Andy Corvo

Leland Gantt
3-059, "Mother Love," Jonas "Skate" Stark, victim's boyfriend, suspect
11-250, "Brother's Keeper," FBI Agent Jeff Washington

Rita Gardner
2-035, "Severance," Mrs. Torrens
10-206, "Gunshow," Second Appellate Judge
11-230, "Endurance," Jury Foreperson

Michael Garfield
5-1-5, "Act of God," DeForrest
9-204, "Refuge (1)," Tom Odlum
13-288, "Chosen," Officer Garvin

Kenneth Garner
7-147, "Matrimony," Maitre D'
10-209, "Merger," Mark Vance

Patrick Garner
3-064, "Securitate," Sy Pappas
10-213, "Blood Money," Walter Estes

Barbara Garrick
6-114, "Savages," Jenny Sandig
10-221, "Trade This," Mrs. Sims

David Garrison
6-123, "Trophy," Gerald Fox, defense attorney for Jack's ex-assistant and lover
8-168, "Under the Influence" to present, Richard Billings, defense attorney

Ray Garvey
10-206, "Gunshow," CPW Policeman #1
13-288, "Chosen," Rupert

Michael Gaston
4-088, "Old Friends," Wheeler
7-143, "Entrapment," FBI Agent Ron Fletcher
9-197, "Harm," Mr. Delany
11-247, "White Lie," Major Jim Wyman

Joseph Vincent Gay
9-202, "Ambitious," Terry Small (listed as Joseph Gay)
11-242, "Phobia," Culver
13-291, "Star Crossed," Officer Tyler Barnes

Paul Geier
1-009, "Indifference," Redding
4-067, "Sweeps," Barry Talbott
7-140, "Double Blind," Dr. Charles Webb
8-160, "Navy Blues," Chuck Baxter
11-249, "All My Children," Dr. Rhinebeck

Ray Genadry
2-041, "The Fertile Fields," Defense Attorney Andonian
4-073, "Apocrypha," Assad Asalam
8-167, "Ritual," Jeff Mohammed

Jeff Gendelman
3-046, "Conspiracy," Mitchell Koblin, defendant
4-082, "Big Bang," Barry Ramsey

Edmond Genest
2-035, "Severence," John Blanchard
3-062, "Animal Instinct," Judge Feldman
8-170, "Castoff," Warren Stevenson

Michael Genet
3-046, "Conspiracy," Johnson
6-133, "Homesick," Henry Davis
13-284, "Open Season," Bill Danberg

Libby George
12-270, "Girl Most Likely," Sandra Hall
14-309, "Embedded," Arraignment Judge Iris Chapman

James Georgiades
2-028, "Misconception," Dosso
3-058, "Promises to Keep," Bergen
7-145, "Menace," George Marsh
9-189, "Punk," Hal Pinsky
10-222, "Black, White, and Blue," Officer Patrick Flannery

Charles E. Gerber
4-067, "Sweeps," Jack Horland
10-227, "High & Low," Mark Berry

Peter Gerety
5-111, "Pride," Charles Powell
10-206, "Gunshow," Charles Powell
13-291, "Star Crossed," Dean Conners

Alexandra Gersten
1-002, "Subterranean Homeboy Blues," Abby Diamond, previous assault victim
4-067, "Sweeps," Sara Fisher, mother of molested boy

Stephen Gevedon
5-110, "Switch," Edward Brennig
8-175, "Stalker," Russell Lowry, defendant

Nicholas J. Giangiulio
2-042, "Intolerance," McCharen
4-035, "Sanctuary," DeSantis, beating victim
5-099, "Guardian," Ferelli
7-150, "Judgment in L.A.: Turnaround," Mr. Morrell
9-205, "Refuge (2)," doorman

Julia Gibson
7-157, "Terminal," Mrs. Sara Wexman
10-224, "Surrender Dorothy," Eleanor Carlson

Meg Gibson
9-186A, "Exiled: A Law & Order Movie," Detective Doyle
9-195, "Sideshow (1)," Faye Wellington

Jack Gilpin
5-100, "Progeny,"  Dr. Simon Reed
7-157, "Terminal," Mr. Axtel
9-185, "Flight," Mr. Axtel
11-231, "Turnstile Justice," Mr. Axtel
12-256, "For Love or Money," Mr. Axtel

Mark Giordano
7-139, "Corruption," Galloway
10-226, "Narcosis," Officer Sal Arington

Gennaro 'Jerry' Giorgio
2-024, "The Wages of Love," court clerk
9-186A, "Exiled: A Law & Order Movie," Detective Jerry Giorgio

Frank Girardeau
1-003, "The Reaper's Helper," Massacio
3-053, "Point of View," Vinnie
5-090, "Coma," Fred Harding
7-142, "Family Business," John Podbielski
8-175, "Stalker," Ron Sebastian
9-193, "Haven," Detective Gerry Tremont

Karen Goberman
8-177, "Burden," Martha McSorley
13-287, "Mother's Day," Blair Silverman

Merwin Goldsmith
1-017, "Mushrooms," Arraignment Judge Stanley Gollub
3-060, "Jurisdiction,"  to present, Arraignment Judge Ian Feist

Mateo Gomez
2-032, "Heaven," Daniel Esperanza
5-093, "White Rabbit," Jose Montero
6-130, "Slave," Mr. Garcia
10-219, "Entitled (2)," Randy Miller
11-236, "Amends," Johnny Estrada

Joe Gonzalez
3-059, "Mother Love," Vasquez
5-090, "Coma," Montero
6-114, "Savages," Sergeant Gilbert Gonzales
8-160, "Navy Blues," parking attendant
11-230, "Endurance," Aguilera
12-272, "Slaughter" to present, Sergeant Martinez

Maribel Gonzalez
8-163, "Baby, It's You (1)," Lucia Cottone
9-186A, "Exiled: A Law & Order Movie," Maritza Benavides

Greer Goodman
7-146, "Barter," Flores' Defense Attorney Tucker (episode guide says Mrs. Ganz, IMDB says it was Def. Attny. Tucker)
13-282, "The Ring," Caitlan Burch

Alan Gordon
4-075, "Born Bad," Clyde
5-097, "Scoundrels," Maxwell

Mark Alan Gordon
9-205, "Refuge (2)," John Weyer
13-287, "Mother's Day," Dr. Dvid Trask

Trisha Gorman
7-148, "Working Mom," May
9-186A, "Exiled: A Law & Order Movie," abused wife

Karen Lynn Gorney
2-040, "Cradle to Grave," Iris Corman, slumlord
8-171, "Grief," Monk, bar patron

Nicholas Gould
5-093, "White Rabbit," Noah Levitan, son of defendant Susan Forrest
11-237, "Thin Ice," Josh Felder, teenage hockey player

Marty Grabstein
7-154, "We Like Mike," Ackerman
14-307, "Identity," Shlomo Lineberg

Randy Graff
1-021, "Sonata for a Solo Organ," Dr. Martha Kershan
12-275, "Attorney Client," Hillary Morton

Dion Graham
9-189, "Punk," Smith
14-308, "Floater," Ron Hamilton

Elain Graham
7-140, "Double Blind," Corrine Casik
10-224, "Surrender Dorothy," Professor Vivian Gage

Gerrit Graham
8-180, "Tabloid," Alan Bruder
12-272, "Slaughter," Mr. Hutchins

Ann Gray
12-269, "Born Again," Lorette Haley
13-300, "Couples," Lynne Goalby

Jerry Grayson
2-038, "Vengeance," Mr. Hellman (Super)
3-064, "Securitate," Morrie Lyles
5-094, "Competence," Jeffrey Crockett
6-134, "Aftershock," Mike
11-230, "Endurance," Richie Zwick
13-281, "Tragedy on Rye," Comedy Club Owner

David Green
1-014, "The Violence of Summer," Dr. Kornfeld
3-056, "Right to Counsel," Jim Regan
12-260, "Myth of Fingerprints,"

Lawrence Green
2-024, "The Wages of Love," Juror Gillette
9-183, "DWB," Forensics technician Jackson

Mitchell Greenberg
5-089, "Second Opinion," Dr. Alan Friedland
10-216, "Collision," Dr. Barry Samuels
12-274, "Foul Play," EMS Inspetor Davis

Larry S. Gregory
4-072, "Pride and Joy," Novogrod
6-120, "Blood Libel," first uniform policeman
9-200, "Tabula Rasa," court officer
10-207, "Killerz," Stevens
12-268, "Access Nation," Uniform Officer #2

Zach Grenier
1-021, "Sonata for Solo Organ," Lemish
5-103, "Seed," Jim Warren of Hudson Diagnostic Laboratories
6-120, "Blood Libel," Mr. Aronson, father of victim
11-245, "Bronx Cheer," Mr. Hauser

John Griesemer
4-081, "Kids," Monsignor Whalen
7-153, "Double Down," Driver
9-185, "Flight," Hyram Jenkins
11-231, "Turnstile Justice,"

Joe Grifasi
2-030, "Out of Control," Ezra Gould
6-122, "Corpus Delicti," James Linde
9-182, "Cherished," Attorney for the Warings

Kristin Griffith
5-103, "Seed," Clara Brock
11-249, "All My Children," Brenda Lucas

Dan Grimaldi
2-026, "Asylum," Counterman
3-065, "Manhood," Jerry Kerwin
5-097, "Scandal," Carl Piselli
8-174, "Carrier," Joseph Margini
11-253, "Deep Vote," Albert Benado, mobster who hired hitman

Tracy Griswold
4-068, "Volunteers," Greg Adamson
10-218, "Panic," Rhodes

George Grizzard
2-035, "Severance," Arthur Gold
3-066, "Benevolence," Arthur Gold
4-080, "Censure," Arthur Gold
7-147, "Matrimony," Arthur Gold
10-213, "Blood Money," Arthur Gold
11-232, "Dissonance," Arthur Gold

David Groh
1-009, "Indifference," Dr. Jacob Lowenstein, defendant
4-080, "Censure," Judge Joel Thayer, defendant

Sam Groom
2-035, "Severence," Attorney Larry Teasdale
5-110, "Switch," Frank Nelson, falsely accused father
10-208, "DNR," Claymore

Zabrina Guevara
8-161, "Harvest," Lucita
13-292, "Bitch," Salma

George Guidall
1-022, "The Blue Wall," John Ryder
4-078, "Snatched," Marvin Kattleman
6-115, "Jeopardy," Simon Wells
7-150, "Judgment in L.A.: Turnaround," Mr. Ellison, victim's father
7-151, "Judgment in L.A.: Showtime," Mr. Ellison, victim's father
9-197, "Harm," Dr. Miller
11-237, "Thin Ice," Bertram Dobbs
12-268, "Access Nation," Kenneth Conley

Paul Guilfoyle
1-006, "Everybody's Favorite Bagman," Anthony Scalisi, perp with pit bull ("Spuds moves, you're history.")
9-186A, "Exiled: A Law & Order Movie," Detective Sammy Kertz

Barbara Gulan
5-107, "Cruel and Unusual," Francine Randazzo
8-176, "Disappeared," Anne Lewis
12-259, "Formerly Famous," Mrs. Boyle

Ronald Guttman
1-006, "Everybody's Favorite Bagman," Farber
10-213, "Blood Money," Assistant Italian Consul
11-232, "Dissonance," Carl Reger, maestro, defendant

Frank Guy
6-130, "Slave," Court Clerk
11-237, "Thin Ice," Jury Foreperson

Murphy Guyer
2-032, "Heaven," Tommy Gallagher
3-045, "Skin Deep," Jeffrey Brandt
10-206, "Gunshow," Mr. Weber
11-241, "Teanage Wasteland," Leslie Stanton

Jack Gwaltney
1-008, "Poison Ivy," Officer Davis
8-160, "Navy Blues, Jack Young
14-304, "Patient Zero,"

Stephanie Roth Haberle
10-219, "Entitled (2),"
13-288, "Chosen," Holly Strelzik (uncredited)

Marianne Hagan
6-114, "Savages," Marcie Donner
7-164, "Blood," Jane Levin
9-185, "Flight," Teresa Copeland

Khrystyne Haje
13-286, "The Wheel," Rebecca
14-304, "Patient Zero," Elaine Blanchard

Georgine Hall
5-097, "Scoundrels," Mrs. Greenfield
13-284, "Open Season," Thalia Raye Phillips

Jack Hallett
1-018, "The Secret Sharers," Morton
4-083, "Mayhem," Defense Attorney Bauer
7-156, "Past Imperfect," Abrams
10-221, "Trade This,"

Kim Hamilton
2-036, "Blood Is Thicker," Judge Vivian Jackson
6-121, "Remand," Marcella Klein, attorney (testifies about actions of Taradash, the deceased lawyer)

Richard Hamilton
2-029, "In Memory Of," Ed Conover, gay senior citizen, suspect and neighbor of victim
3-061, "Conduct Unbecoming," Mr. Hagen, father of victim
7-140, "Double Blind," James "Jimmy the Pin" Poulos

Ben Hammer
2-024, "The Wages of Love," Judge Mooney
2-037, "Trust," Judge Frank Markman
3-046, "Conspiracy," Judge Herman Mooney (screen), Cornell (credits)
4-071, "Black Tie" to present, Judge Herman Mooney

Frannie Handman
4-072, "Pride and Joy," Bess
7-154, "We Like Mike," Gertrude

James Hanlon
7-143, "Entrapment," Local Policeman
11-236, "Amends,"

Jan Leslie Harding
5-108, "Bad Faith," Judy Marino, wife of victim, who was a boyhood friend of Logan
10-215, "Loco Parentis," Vicki Velardi

Michael Harney
2-037, "Trust," Detective Cullikson, assigned to first murder
4-088, "Old Friends," Aaron Packard
7-149, "Judgment in L.A.: D-girl," Det. Stu Miller
7-150, "Judgment in L.A.: Turnaround," Det. Stu Miller

Baxter Harris
1-004, "Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die," Mr. Bartlett, father of victim
4-080, "Censure," prosecutor at Claire Kincaid's disciplinary hearing
8-180, "Tabloid," Abner Parkes

Cynthia Harris
2-030, "Out of Control," Ms. Gifford
4-069, "Discord," Adele Diamond, defense attorney
7-155, "Passion," Adele Diamond, defense attorney

Harriet Sansom Harris
1-020, "The Troubles," Sheila, Irish barmaid (puts detectives on to prison guard)
3-048, "The Corporate Veil," Mrs. Kenney, FDA inspector

Idina Harris
2-040, "Cradle to Grave," Jackie Ward
4-083, "Mayhem," Theresa (billed as Bruklin Harris)

Lenore Harris
2-041, "The Fertile Fields," Mrs. Rachel Shore
4-070, "Profile," Marya Levinson
4-099, "Old Friends," Marya Levinson
5-107, "Cruel and Unusual," Marya Levinson
7-143, "Entrapment," legal aid attorney
9-204, "Refuge (1),"
12-271, "Equal Rights," Molly Kochan

Steve Harris
4-084, "Wager," Joey "Dogs" Lang, prisoner
5-105, "Act of God," Calvin Tiller

Cecilia Hart
4-070, "Profile," Mary Bradley, daughter of defendant (and major obstructor of justice, but kills father while he is attacking her best friend)
6-126, "Encore," Marcia Stamell, defense attorney
8-171, "Grief," Greta Singer, mother of comatose rape victim

Roxanne Hart
1-005, "Happily Ever After," Janet Ralston, perp and victim's wife
11-252, "Judge Dread," Tough Judge, intended victim

Marcia Haufrecht
9-183, "DWB," Linda Coffey
11-236, "Amends," Brenda Jenks

Ira Hawkins
9-201, "Empire," Reverend Jenkins
11-239, "Whose Monkey Is It Anyway?,"

Cynthia Hayden
3-047, "Forgiveness," Claudia Milgram
5-092, "Family Values," Miss Vincent
8-158, "Thrill," Mrs. Green
9-192, "Ramparts," Miss Latham
11-245, "Bronx Cheer," Vera Shaeffer

Sophie Hayden
4-074, "American Dream," Beverly Dorfman
14-308, "Floater," Karen O'Farrell

Anthony Heald
1-020, "The Troubles," Ian O'Connell, Irish terrorist, defendant
5-096, "Virtue," Councilman Spencer Randolf Talbert, defendant

David Healy
7-141, "Deadbeat," Mr. Reynolds
10-223, "Mega," Lawrence Garret

John Heard
4-087, "Doubles," Mitch Burke, victim's father
10-208, "DNR," Mr. Grobman, victim's husband and defendant

Paul Hebron
3-050, "Helpless," Reporter #2
5-093, "White Rabbit," Merriwell

Paul Hecht
1-012, "Life Choices," Mr. Ballard, defense attorney
3-050, "Helpless," Dr. Alexander J. Merritt, defendant (gynecologist who molests Dr. Olivet)
7-149, "Judgment in L.A.: D-Girl," Dr. Dan Duvall, victim's psychologist
7-150, "Judgment in L.A.: Turnaround," Dr. Dan Duvall, defendant's psychologist
7-151, "Judgment in L.A.: Showtime," Dr. Dan Duvall, defendant's psychologist, and possible suspect
10-209, "Merger," Mr. Deliasa, defense attorney

Dan Hedaya
3-060, "Jurisdiction," Lt. Brian Torelli, who convinces retarded man to plead guilty even though he is innocent
8-163, "Baby, It's You," Leslie Drake, victim's parent's attorney

Deborah Hedwall
1-021, "Sonata for Solo Organ," Elaine Hale, nurse, defendant
7-141, "Deadbeat," Arlene Webber, ex-wife of victim, daughter of defendant

John Heffernan
2-036, "Blood Is Thicker," Welch
11-241, "Teenage Wasteland," Marvin Warner

V. Craig Heidenreich
10-226, "Narcosis," Burt Malone
12-255, "Armed Forces,"

Laurie Heineman
1-017, "Muchrooms," Janice Kay
11-234, "Return," Sylvia Becker

Adam Heller
6-126, "Encore,"
8-176, "Disappeared," Theodore Spiros

Kevin Scott Henderson
12-263, "Prejudice," Doug Larsen
13-301, "Smoke," Gault

Stephen McKinley Henderson
5-103, "Seed," Judge Marc Kramer
7-152, "Mad Dog," Judge Gerald Mowat
12-268, "Access Nation, " Trial Judge Marc Kramer
13-283, "Hitman," Judge Marc Kramer

Richard Henning
11-250, "Brother's Keeper," Hanssen
13-295, "Maritime," Clerk

Diana Henry
6-115, "Jeopardy," Cindy
10-218, "Panic," Sheila Luterik

Blas Hernandez
1-018, "The Secret Sharers," Herrera
2-044, "The Working Stiff," janitor

Edward Herrmann
5-100, "Progeny," Father Drew Seeley
9-201, "Empire," Mr. Mosbeck

David Heuvelman
4-069, "Discord," court reporter
9-198, "Shield," Robert Murphy, diner counter guy
14-316, "Veteran's Day," Warren Crawford, super

John Benjamin Hickey
8-170, "Castoff," Charles Thatcher
12-266, "DR 1-102," Solomon

Michael Higgins
2-029, "In Memory Of," Thad Messina
9-192, "Ramparts," Darryl Grady

Stacy Highsmith
6-125, "Custody," Darla Walters
10-206, "Gunshow," Terrified woman

Katherine Hiler
6-112, "Bitter Fruit," Young Mother
12-265, "Undercovered," Jodi Reeves

William Hill
2-033, "His Hour Upon the Stage," Hopkins
2-041, "The Fertile Fields," Hopkins
3-056, "Right to Counsel," Milgrim
4-073, "Apocrypha," Hines
7-143, "Entrapment," Eddie Page
8-181, "Monster," Joe Kusevitsky
10-217, "Mother's Milk,"
12-258, "Possession,"

John Hillner
10-212, "Patsy," Larry Taylor
13-284, "Open Season," Wesley McGrath

Joseph Hindy
2-040, "Cradle to Grave," Thurman
10-216, "Collision," Phil Bower

Marin Hinkle
8-171, "Grief," Leslie Russo
10-228, "Stiff," Debbie Mason

Michael Hirsch
1-022, "The Blue Wall," Donnelly
3-065, "Manhood," Dr. Ross
6-114, "Savages," Lyndon Whitney
11-248, "Whiplash," Paul Thigpen

Robert Hirschfeld
1-022, "The Blue Wall," Defense Attorney Saunders
3-051, "Self Defense," Abrams
7-140, "Double Blind," OCCB Detective Manny Lipsitz
10-219, "Entitled (2)," Rick Levine

Hallee Hirsh
8-171, "Grief," Gillian Lanetti
10-207, "Killerz," Jenny Brandt, young and mentally unstable perp

Wai Ching Ho
3-051, "Self Defense," Mrs. Rhee (credited as Waichinjlto)
10-213, "Blood Money," Owner
11-241, "Teenage Wasteland," Mrs. Ngai

Bill Hoag
5-104, "Wannabe," Eugene (credited as William Hoag)
6-132, "Pro Se," Officer Hack
11-235, "Burn Baby Burn," Sergeant Bowers
12-277, "Patriot," Fire Marshall

Michael Hobbs
7-135, "Causa Mortis," Sergeant
9-194, "Hunters," Spellman
11-247, "White Lie," Pat Conners

Mike Hodge
1-014, "The Violence of Summer," Judge Scanlon
8-164, "Blood," Leonard Hillman
9-192, "Ramparts," Jeff Young
11-235, "Burn Baby Burn," Judge Delano Burns
14-306, "Blaze," Judge Delano Burns

Patricia Hodges
2-028, "Misconception," Elaine Cowan
4-086, "Nurture," Helen Veysey
8-173, "Divorce," Monique Hawkins
9-192, "Ramparts," Diana Wells-Harrison

Charlie Hofheimer
5-104, "Wannabe," Andrew Jameson, friend of defendant's son
6-133, "Homesick," perpetuator and step-brother of victim

Jane Hoffman
2-028, "Misconception," Mrs. Fisher
45-097, "Scoundrels," Jane Curren

Philip Hoffman
1-014, "The Violence of Summer," Hypnotherapist
12-267, "Missing," ATF Agent

Philip Seymour Hoffman
1-014, "The Violence of Summer, " Steven B. Hanauer
3-060, "Jurisdiction," Eddie Feldman

Jonathan Hogan
1-012, "Life Choice," Corcoran
5-097, "Scoundrels," John Curren
9-191, "Hate," Mr. Latimer
13-298, "House Calls," Dr. Ellis Heinz

Robert Hogan
2-032, "Heaven," Patrick Monahan, Fire Chief
4-081, "Kids," former police detective Ted Parker, friend of Briscoe, suspect's father
7-143, "Entrapment," FBI Agent Carlin
9-192, "Ramparts," Captain Walder
12-254, "Who Let the Dogs Out?," Judge Albert Scholl
14-309, "Embedded," Judge Hugo Bright

Amy Hohn
5-095, "Precious," Assistant Medical Examiner
6-114, "Savages," Assistant Medical Examiner Manning
7-150, "Turnaround (2)," Canton
10-219, "Entitled (2)," Delia Woodruff

Anna Holbrook
3-055, "Extended Family," Janet Silver, divorced wife of defendant, mother of victim
5-092, "Family Values," Christine Whitburn
7-147, "Matrimony," Velma D'Arcy, perpetuator and mother of defendant
12-270, "Girl Most Likely," Mrs. Milford

Owen Hollander
10-226, "Narcosis," Joe Shelby
14-309, "Embedded," Pat

Tommy Hollis
7-137, "Good Girl," Ed Monroe
11-236, "Amends," Dean Isaac Wadleigh

Dyron Holmes
8-178, "Bad Girl," Isaac Alvarez
9-186A, "Exiled: A Law & Order Movie," 27th precinct cop
13-280, "True Crime," Carter Newton

Merrill Holtzman
1-003, "The Reaper's Helper," Hurley
4-086, "Nurture," Court Clerk
7-139, "Corruption," Milton Corbey

Sharon Hope
8-165, "Shadow," Marguerite LeChevalier
11-241, "Teenage Wasteland," Arraignment Judge

Will Horneff
4-075, "Born Bad," Chris Pollit, teenager charged as an adult for murder
13-278, "American Jihad," Greg Landen, aka Mousah Salim, defendant

Tony Hoty
8-162, "Nullification," NYB Regular
11-252, "Judge Dread," Court Officer Sergeant
12-276, "Oxymoron," Doorman

David S. Howard
2-044, "The Working Stiff," union speaker
3-046, "Conspiracy," Mr. Koblin, father of defendant
8-158, "Thrill," Mr. Morris

Tracy Howe
10-210, "Justice," Mitchell
12-255, "Armed Forces," Sgt. Cavanaugh

Richmond Hoxie
5-110, "Switch," Dr. Albert Cantrel
6-127, "Savior," Dr. Lloyd Lipman, expert witness for the defense
11-232, "Dissonance," Alan Bostwick
12-270, "Girl Most Likely," Elliot Marsh

Neal Huff
4-073, "Apocrypha," Donald Melnick
10-206, "Gunshow," Dennis Trope

Felicity Huffman(married to repeat offender William H. Macy)
3-050, "Helpless," Diane Perkins, former patient of defendant recovering from suicide attempt
7-148, "Working Mom," Hillary Colson, defendant

Frank John Hughes
2-035, "Severence," Rozakis, parking lot attendant
7-153, "We Like Mike," Mike Bodak, suspect, witness, and hapless bridegroom

Jurian Hughes
5-096, "Virtue," Assistant M. E. Gardner
7-135, "Causa Mortis," M. E. Gardner
12-262, "3 Dawg Night," Sarah Kelly

Richard Hughes
6-122, "Corpus Delicti," Jeffrey Meyers (credited as Richard Michael Hughes)
7-144, "Legacy," Patrick Dean (credited as Richard Michael Hughes)
8-169, "Expert," Dr. Gillick
9-199, "Juvenile," Mickey Mason (credited as as Richard M. Hughes)
11-235, "Amends," Chief (credited as Richard Michael Hughes)
12-276, "Oxymoron," Franklin Praeger (credited as Richard Michael Hughes)

Tresa Hughes
2-029, "In Memory Of," Mrs. Keegan, victim's mother
4-081, "Kids," Mrs. Sugarman, witness
11-239, "Whose Monkey Is It Anyway?" May Peavey

Michael Hunold
3-064, "Securitate," CSU Tech #2
5-092, "Family Values," Campos

Michelle Hurst
6-122, "Corpus Delicti," Ms. Nevins
7-154, "We Like Mike," public defender
8-181, "Monster,"
11-251, "School Daze," Simone Adams

Michael Hyatt
8-178, "Bad Girl," Racel Willis
10-222, "Black, White and Blue," Elan Holt
12-260, "Myth of Fingerprints," Clerk

Edward James Hyland
5-099, "Guardian," Stan Shatenstein
10-213, "Blood Money," Donald Burton
13-279, "Shangri-La," Victor Drayson

Christopher Innvar
8-158, "Thrill," Elliott Gill, defense attorney
9-186, "Agony," Gavin Lapeer

Michael Irby
7-148, "Working Mom," Boca
10-211, "Marathon," Diego Garza
11-233, "Standoff," John Acosta

Gloria Irizarry
7-135, "Causa Mortis," Grandma Rosa Citrone
10-211, "Marathon," Hilda Sabo

Pamela Isaacs
7-143, "Entrapment," Corrine Samuels
9-183, "DWB," Mrs. Michaels

Zeljko Ivanek
4-074, "American Dream," Phillip Swann
8-163, "Baby, It's You," Baltimore ASA Ed Danvers
9-195, "Sideshow," Baltimore ASA Ed Danvers

Stacey Leigh Ivey
9-190, "True North," Wendy Naughton
12-260, "Myth of Fingerprints,"

Reuben Jackson
8-160, "Navy Blues," Lt. Lopez
12-263, "Prejudice," Dr. Paul Bernard
14-303, "Bounty," Brian Kellogg

Robert Jason Jackson
4-081, "Kids," Hector
10-229, "Vaya Con Dios," Sergeant Scott

Peter Jacobson
4-087, "Doubles," Dr. Karl Styne
13-288, "Chosen," Randolf J. Dwarkin
14-303, "Bounty," Randy Dworkin

Mark Jacoby
8-164, "Blood," Ryan
8-174, "Carrier,"
12-270, "Girl Most Likely," Mr. Milford

Tracie Jade
6-120, "Blood Libel," Tracy Ettinger
9-186A, "Exiled: A Law & Order Movie," Butterfly
9-200, "Tabula Rosa," Ayisha

Sondra James
4-086, "Nurture," Mrs. Stavros
10-225, "Untitled," Sarah Taffler
11-245, "Bronx Cheer," Manager

Toni James
4-088, "Old Friends," Court clerk
6-116, "Hot Pursuit," Jury forewoman
7-142, "Family Business," Jury forewoman
9-184, "Bait," Judge Jean Vesey
12-257, "Soldier of Fortune," Judge Jean Vesey

Joseph Jamrog
4-070, "Profile," Strawn
9-182, "Cherished," George Bigelow

Michael Jannetta
9-194, "Hunters," Dave Matis
11-246, "Ego," Nate Richards
14-302, "Bodies," Natowzki

Allison Janney
2-034, "Star Struck," Nora, fan mail liaison
4-088, "Old Friends," witness, whose murder results in Stone's resignation

Liberty Jean
7-139, "Corruption," Woman
9-186A, "Exiled: A Law & Order Movie," Maid
12-258, "Possession," Clerk

Mike Jefferson
5-107, "Cruel and Unusual," Henry
7-137, "Good Girl," CSU Technician Ballard
10-206, "Gunshow," Gilbert N'Goueba

John Jellison
9-184, "Bait," Mr. Teasdale
11-239, "Whose Monkey Is It Anyway?," Paul Marra

Byron Jennings(husband of Carolyn McCormick, who plays Dr. Elizabeth Olivet)
2-027, "God Bless the Child," Ted Driscoll, father of victim, defendent
4-087, "Doubles," victim's attorney (argues against order to produce the diary)
6-122, "Corpus Delicti," Richard Branson, owner of first victim (i.e., the horse)

Alana Jerins
12-261, "The Fire This Time," Diane Loftus
12-272, "Slaughter," Joanna Corley

Robert Jimenez
5-104, "Wannabe," Sosa
6-146, "Barter," CSU Technician
10-206, "Gunshow," Rene Benitez

Ebony Jo-Ann
3-059, "Mother Love," Rosemary in credits, Janine onscreen
10-209, "Merger," Vondie Morris

Scott Johnsen
12-277, "Patriot," Boss
14-304, "Patient Zero," Detective

Beverly Johnson
3-054, "Consultation," Salamotu, Nigerian travel agent, dates Logan
4-071, "Black Tie," Marcella DiPortago, lesbian friend of defendant

Deborah Lee Johnson
5-109, "Purple Heart," Patsy
6-126, "Encore," Defense Attorney Margaret Nash

Gustave Johnson
6-115, "Jeopardy," Pat Brice
7-145, "Menace," Mr. Styles
9-198, "Shield," Lester Morton
11-233, "Standoff," William Shackleton

Marc Damon Johnson
9-204, "Refuge (1)," INS Agent Jarrett
12-277, Patriot," Mr. Jamison, bank manager

Portia Johnson
7-148, "Working Mom," Mona
10-210, "Justice," Jasmine
11-247, "White Lie," Yvonne Brady

Rick Johnson
12-274, "Foul Play," Foreperson
13-292, "Bitch," Court Clerk
13-297, "Kid Pro Quo," Court Clerk

Phoebe Jonas
12-263, "Prejudice," Emily
14-304, "Patient Zero,"

Albert Jones
11-243, "A Losing Season," Miles Hawthorne, victim's fiance and co-worker
13-297, "Kid Pro Quo," Terence

David Edward Jones
5-096, "Virtue," Ken Shepski
8-158, "Thrill," police officer

John Christopher Jones
1-022, "The Blue Wall," Dennis Shearer, bribed computer expert
8-179, "Damaged," Raymond Maxwell, victim's father

John Randolph Jones
6-121, "Remand," Arson Detective
11-245, "Bronx Cheer," Bronx Precinct Liutenant

Ron Cephas Jones
6-129, "Slave," Frank Doyle
7-143, "Entrapment," Roland Books (played by Joe Morton in 3-045, "Conspiracy")

Seth Jones
9-197, "Harm," Paul Engel
10-228, "Stiff," Dr. Morse

Larry Joshua
2-039, "Sisters of Mercy," Chris McCarter
12-274, "Foul Play," Frank Leahy

Mary Joy
1-007, "Indifference," Miss Dobrinski of Juvenile Services
3-062, "Animal Instinct," Linda Briskin

Robert Joy
5-111, "Pride," Leo Barnett, married man (doesn't want his wife to find out he's gay, Briscoe/Logan use this as leverage)
8-175, "Stalker," Louis Dutton, fixated website creator

David Jung
9-202, "Ambitious," Jackson
10-206, "Gunshow," ER doctor

Ed Jupp, Jr.
2-034, "Star Struck," Wadsworth
5-090, "Coma," Fernald
6-128, "Deceit," Marvin Jacobs

Karen Kandel
5-097, "Scoundrels," Bella, victim's secretary
6-125, "Custody," Margaret White of Nucor Data, defendant's employer

Kevin Kash
7-153, "Double Down," Marvin
11-245, "Bronx Cheer," Tony Shaeffer

Mark Kashersky(also billed as Mark Kachersky)
7-135, "Causa Mortis," Shuster
11-240, "Sunday in the Park with Jorge," Kevin Fitzpatrick
12-273, "Dazzled," Ostertag

Caroline Kava
1-012, "Life Choices," Rose Schwimmer, anti-abortion activist, defendant
7-139, "Corruption," Betty Abrams, retired police officer and Briscoe's former paramour

Judy Kaye
10-212, "Patsy," Arraignment Judge Susan Liebman
13-286, "The Wheel," Arraignment Judge Susan  Lehman

Marya Kazakova
4-076, "Pursuit of Happiness," Eva Berman
9-204, "Refuge (1)," Sofia Dementev

Brian Keane
9-205, "Refuge (2)," McAlary
10-228, "Stiff," Dr. Murphy
11-243, "A Losing Season," Dr. Murphy (listed as Brian J. Keane)

Larry Keith
1-010, "Prisoner of Love," Henry Rothman, Commissioner of Artistic Affairs, suspect
3-049, "Wedded Bliss," Francis Dunlap, attorney for the Drakes
7-138, "Survivor," Francis "Frank" Dunlap, Peterson's attorney

Sylva Kelegian
8-166, "Burned," Sandra Lawlor, victim's mother
9-196, "Disciple," Margo Grayson, victim's mother

Tim Kelleher
1-002, "Subterranean Homeboy Blues," intern
4-073, "Apocrypha," Dale Rudolph

Daniel Hugh Kelly
5-111, "Pride," Councilman Kevin Crossley (Logan hits him and gets sent to Staten Island)
9-201, "Empire," Julian Spector, sports franchise owner and defendant
12-262, "3 Dawg Night," Lawrence Garber

Daren Kelly
8-161, "Harvest," Dr. Kerner
12-273, "Dazzled," Bob Levinson

Reade Kelly
4-071, "Black Tie," Jury Foreman
5-105, "Act of God," Roy Beggs
8-167, "Ritual," Wally Quince
10-217, "Mother's Milk," Peter Taylor
12-254, "Who Let the Dogs Out?," Glen Malloran

Laurie Kennedy
1-012, "Life Choice," Barbara Donovan, mother of victim
7-152, "Mad Dog," U. S. District Judge Edna Shields
9-182, "Cherished," Judge Edna Shields

E. Katherine Kerr
5-092, "Family Values," Sally Markham
7-105, "Double Blind," Mrs. Sawyer
9-199, "Juvenile," Judge Leslie Holtz
10-211, "Marathon," Judge Leslie Holtz
12-266, "DR 1-102," Chairwoman

Ed Kershen
7-140, "Double Blind," Robert Kort
9-190, "True North," Krasky
11-250, "Brother's Keeper," Wilson Parker

Martin Kildare
4-073, "Apocrypha," Garrett
12-261, "The Fire This Time," Mark Keller
13-287, "Mother's Day," Ronald Milius

Keith Byron Kirk
5-101, "Rage," Porter
6-132, "Pro Se," Officer Beaudouin
14-308, "Floater," Forensic Technician

Bruce Kirkpatrick
1-016, "Torrents of Greed (2)," New Jersey trooper
3-055, "Extended Family," Mark Sanders, former family court defendant
5-104, "Wannabe," Bill Harrigan, defendant, father of student
12-261, "The Fire This Time," Colin Shaw

Tim Kirkpatrick
5-104, "Wannabe," policeman #1
6-131, "Girlfriends," court clerk
8-162, "Nullification," Greg Kubie
10-223, "Mega," Eric Cusack

Dani Klein
7-157, "Terminal," Susan Beckner
11-230, "Endurance," Lori Wittingham

Lauren Klein
2-036, "Blood is Thicker," Miss Phillips
4-072, "Pride and Joy," Dr. Grace Henderson
10-207, "Killerz," Judge Carla Solomon
11-244, "Swept Away," Judge Carla Solomon
13-290, "Absentia," Judge Carla Solomon
13-294, "Genius," Judge Carla Solomon

Josh Kleinmuntz
11-246, "Ego," CSU Officer
13-278, "American Jihad," Court Clerk

Ezra Knight
9-199, "Juvenile," Ray Dalton
10-211, "Marathon," Tyler Epps
12-269, "Born Again," Tyler Epps

Lily Knight
4-075, "Born Bad," Tori Lasky, rehab patient and mother of victim
5-096, "Virtue," Penny McNeely, campaign worker

Jason Kolotouros
8-178, "Bad Girl," Tilden
11-231, "Turnstile Justice,"
13-278, "American Jihad," Derek Greer
13-291, "Star Crossed," Derek Greer
14-308, "Floater," Derek Greer

Jack Koenig
8-169, "Expert," Hal Patterson
11-240, "Sunday in the Park with Jorge,"

Thomas Kopache
1-002, "Subterranean Homeboy Blues," Intern
1-017, "Mushrooms," Sam Drucker
5-092, "Family Values," Boden, defense attorney for Steve Martel

Lawrence David Kopp
12-271, "Equal Rights," Peter O'Mann
13-299, "Sheltered," Dr. Harlan Diamond

Olek Krupa
1-019, "The Serpent's Tooth," Sasha Osinski
7-142, "Family Business," Victor Popov
9-204/205, "Refuge (1)(2),"

Glenn Kubota
3-045, "Skin Deep," Hong
5-091, "Blue Bamboo," Nakahara
7-150, "Judgment in L.A.: Turnaround," Dennis Hayaski

Judy Kuhn
8-169, "Expert," Beth Prentiss, ladies' room witness
13-296, "Seer," Adrienne Longmire

Marcia Jean Kurtz
(Marcia holds the record for the fastest Repeat Offender. This is because episode 1-006 was actually the pilot made for CBS a couple years earlier.)
1-006, "Everybody's Favorite Bagman," Alice Halsey, wife of victim
1-009, "Indifference," Mrs. Lowenstein, abused wife of defendant, mother of victim
10-216, "Collision,"  Myrna Bower, mother of defendant

Stan Lachow
2-029, "In Memory Of," Elliot Woods
3-064, "Securitate," Judge Renner

Deborah LaCoy
8-161, "Harvest," Loretta Mason
9-186A, "Exiled: A Law & Order Movie," Vice Sergeant

Jordan Lage
6-124, "Charm City," jury foreman (Westchester County)
7-141, "Deadbeat," Charles (manager at restaurant where weapon is found)
9-187, "Scrambled," Dr. Harvey Purcell
13-278, "American Jihad," University Dean Jeff Bodner

Oni Faida Lampley
4-070, "Profile," Barbara Kennedy
6-125, "Custody," Sharlene Patterson
13-293, "Suicide Box," Janet Thomas

Ellen Lancaster
4-082, "Big Bang," Alice Weiss
8-166, "Burned," Lois Garey
10-229, "Vaya Con Dios," Rana Whitman

Ken Land
5-099, "Guardian," Carl Bishop
10-216, "Collision," Burt Kellerman

Nelson Landrieu
2-032, "Heaven," Jose Rivera
11-247, "White Lie," Deputy Counsel Rojas
12-271, "Equal Rights," Jake Holcomb

Anne Lange
5-096, "Virtue," Evelyn Talbert, defendant's wife
8-158, "Thrill," headmistress of Luther C. Chase Academy

Keith Langsdale
4-078, "Snatched," Nicholas Teller
5-102, "Performance," Ross Laurin

John Lantz
7-137, "Good Girl," Ken McCurdy
10-217, "Mother's Milk," Gil Steffano

Robert Gerard Larkin
11-245, "Bronx Cheer," Frank
13-293, "Suicide Box," Jim

Ken Larsen
3-065, "Manhood," Neeley
4-088, "Old Friends," Policeman #1

Liz Larsen
3-054, "Consultation," Emergency Room nurse #1
6-120, "Blood Libel," Lana Halstead, teacher, co-worker of victim
8-161, "Harvest," Ms. Daniels, attorney for Lee Ramos
9-184, "Bait" to present, CSU Tech Jessica Reed

Darrell Larson
3-056, "Right to Counsel," Kevin Doyle
7-138, "Survivor," Mark Lehmann

Lisby Larson
6-122, "Corpus Delicti,"
10-208, "DNR," Diana Van Horn

Dick Latessa
1-006, "Everybody's Favorite Bagman," Conti
3-061, "Conduct Unbecoming," Admiral Miles Coty
7-149, "Judgment in L.A.: D-Girl,"
12-264, "The Collar," Bishop Durning
13-289, "Under God," Bishop Durning

Joe Latimore
3-046, "Conspiracy," black policeman
9-189, "Punk," Ricky Crimmins

Paula Laurence
3-057, "Night and Fog," Mrs. Franzel, complaining neighbor
4-077, "Golden Years," Mrs. Silverman, park acquaintance of victim ("You know her, Rosa...the skinny lady with the kidney.")

Antoinette LaVecchia
12-277, "High & Low," Detective Barnes
13-289, "Chosen," Linda Parker

Matthew Lawler
9-195, "Sideshow (1)," Gerry
13-286, "The Wheel," Rudy

Jill Marie Lawrence
10-209, "Merger," Evelyn Jasper
12-273, "Dazzled," Nurse

Terry Layman
5-090, "Coma," Dr. George Fishman
9-205, "Refuge (2)," John Grouse
13-298, "House Calls," Dr. Howard Alston

Nicole Leach
6-132, "Pro Se," Liana Rogers
11-247, "White lie," Mari Espinoza

David Leary
1-022, "The Blue Wall," Mr. Quinn, attorney for Congressman Wilson
3-047, "Forgiveness," Curtis Milgrim
5-106, "Privileged," Attorney Warren Bartlett
11-242, "Phobia," Jerry Vaylor

Katherine Leaske
10-208, "DNR," Andrea Pascal
14-302, "Bodies," Ruth Galan

C. S. Lee
9-183, "DWB," Kenny Chen
10-225, "Untitled," Pharmicist
13-285, "Asterisk," Forensic Technician Turot

Joyce Lee
6-126, "Encore," Elaine Tse
11-251, "School Daze," Foreperson

Nelson Lee
12-255, "Armed Forces," Kenny Eng
13-299, "Sheltered," Roy Leung

Jordan Leeds
4-079, "Breeder," Dr. Lawson
7-146, "Barter," Joseph Kaiser
10-220, "Fools for Love," Medical Examiner Brian Asquith
13-295, "Maritime," Scott

Joel Leffert
1-022, "The Blue Wall," Policeman #2
5-095, "Precious," Robert Cole, suspect with camera
10-209, "Merger," Jim Reinstein
11-234, "Return," Jeffrey Belichek
12-256, "For Love or Money," Jeff

Adam LeFevre
1-004, "Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die," bartender
2-029, "In Memory Of," Joseph Kelley, prior victim and administrator of Mercy Hospital
3-050, "Helpless," Dr. Helman
8-173, "Divorce," David Harrigan, family friend
10-215, "Loco Parentis," Barry Clayton

Ron Leibman
5-098, "House Counsel," Mark Paul Kopell, defendant, defense attorney, and former friend of Jack McCoy
11-236, "Amends," Defense Attorney Barry Nathanson

Adriane Lenox
9-193, "Haven," Myra Warren
12-262, "3 Dawg Night," Charlene Royal

Melissa Leo
12-254, "Who Let the Dogs Out?," Sherri Quinn
4-067, "Sweeps," Alice Sutton

Carlos Leon (father of Madonna's daughter, Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon)
11-230, "Endurance," Mr. Sandoval
13-300, "Couples," Rafael Briseno

Louie Leonardo
8-161, "Harvest," Detective Sandoval
11-247, "White Lie," Joe Rena
12-274, "Foul Play," William Morales

Jerome LePage
5-104, "Wannabe," Jimmy Rose
7-153, "Double Down," Dennis Harp
11-249, "All My Children," Greg Carter

Neal Lerner
9-204, "Refuge (1)," U. S. Attorney Osbourne
13-282, "The Ring," Dr. Riverton

Philip LeStrange
2-044, "The Working Stiff," Corcoran's lawyer
3-051, "Self Defense," McDowell
5-093, "White Rabbit," Mr. Wick, manager of safe deposit company
7-139, "Corruption," Commissioner DeMaio
7-149, "Judgment in L.A.: Turnaround," Larry Fuchs
11-231, "Turnstile Justice," Harry Dean

Ken Leung
5-100, "Progeny," Chung
6-115, "Jeopardy," Forensic Technician Chung
10-226, "Narcosis," Officer Stephen Wong
13-286, "The Wheel," Tommy Wong

Robert Levine
2-028, "Misconception," Dr. Bernard Gluck
11-234, "Return," Rabbi #3
14-307, "Identity," Zev Mishaan

Abby Lewis
7-141, "Deadbeat," Mrs. Mills (senior citizen who flirts with Lenny)
8-167, "Ritual," Mrs. Newman, neighbor of suspect

Peter Lewis
8-166, "Burned," Ted Vlanos
11-237, "Thin Ice," Parent
13-289, "Under God," Sergeant Dreisner

Chuck Lewkowicz
9-196, "Disciple," Carl Starblenz
12-254, "Who Let the Dogs Out," Butcher
13-296, "Seer," Doorman

Selenis Leyva
9-205, "Refuge (2)," Louisa
11-240, "Sunday in the Park with Jorge," DeeDee Salazar

Richard Libertini
4-084, "Wager," Vince
5-101, "Rage," David Solomon, first defense attorney for Bud Greer
9-202, "Ambitious," Defense Attorney Bernie Sklar

Mitchell Lichtenstein
5-111, "Pride," Joe Gibb, suspect
8-170, "Castoff," Edward Chandler, defendant

Michael LiDondici
12-261, "The Fire This Time," FBI Technician
13-281, "Tragedy on Rye," Steiner

Tom Ligon
5-110, "Switch," Scott Hampton
9-190, "True North," Gillespie
10-218, "Panic," Malcolm Sanford
13-292, "Bitch," Phil Bruckner

Vanessa Liguori
9-186A, "Exiled: A Law & Order Movie," Gina Uzcielli
10-219, "Entitled (2)," Vanessa
14-302, "Bodies," Julie

Stephi Lineburg
4-086, "Nurture," Wendy Sylvester, abused little girl, 'kidnapped' by her teacher
13-279, "Shangri-La," Fiona Reed aka Marguerite Sampson aka Lorelei Savage, defendant with multiple teenage personalities

J. P. Linton
7-150, "Judgment in L.A.: Turnaround," Allan Fenwick
9-185, "Flight," Mr. Buckner

Tony Lip
3-053, "Point of View," Doc, boxing coach at Gleason's Gym (identifies victim)
6-121, "Remand," Eddie Murrows, known gambler (incorrectly called Bobby Murrows in end credits)
9-186A, "Exiled: A Law & Order Movie," building super

David Lipman
(His nameplate says Judge Torledsky, but more than once he's listed under a different character name in the credits. Since Torledsky is so moody and feisty, are the credits an L&O in-joke? You decide!)
2-041, "The Fertile Fields," Judge Moodie (nameplate: Torledsky)
2-042, "Intolerance," Judge Torledsky, arraignment judge
3-051, "Self-Defense," Judge Feist (nameplate: Torledsky)
3-059, "Mother Love,"  to present, Judge Torledsky, arraignment judge

Mike Lisenco
9-183, "DWB," Krutsky
11-232, "Dissonance,"  Lab Technician #1
12-271, "Equal Rights," Foreman

Gaetano Lisi
7-154, "We Like Mike," Technician
13-301, "Smoke," Foreman

Joe Lisi
1-005, "Happily Ever After," Morrell
1-015, "Torrents of Greed (1)," Mahoney
3-052, "Prince of Darkness," Minetti
6-134, "Aftershock," Reds Carpenter
8-175, "Stalker," Chris Manetti

Richard Litt
2-024, "Wages of Love," Rossi
3-055, "Extended Family," police sergeant
4-070, "Profile," Greenberg
6-118, "Humiliation," Krinsky (witness who heard the gunshots)
7-148, "Working Mom," Gwinn (cop who toasts the victim at the bar)
8-163, "Baby, It's You," Grombeck (details scene)
12-274, "Foul Play," Umpire

David Little
1-005, "Happily Ever After," Matt Luck, friend of victims
3-047, "Forgiveness," Jack Haviland, victim's father's attorney
4-067, "Sweeps,"
5-097, "Scoundrels," Fred Dillon, attorney for Tappan's creditors
6-131, "Girlfriends," Mitch Weiss, attorney for Barry Taggart
10-214, "Sundown," Mr. Weiss

Iris Little-Thomas
6-125, "Custody," Jean Hepley
10-210, "Justice" to present, Judge Barbara Lusky (or Husky or Lasky, definitely a judge with an identity crisis!)

Anibal O. Lleras
2-032, "Heaven," Woman #2
5-093, "White Rabbit," Antonio

John Bedford Lloyd
2-036, "Thicker than Water," Jonathan Rider
7-140, "Double Blind," Dr. Christian Varick

Tony LoBianco
7-145, "Menace," Sal DiMarco
13-280, "True Crime," Retired Detective and Investigative Author Mike Foster

Michael Lombard
3-048, "The Corporate Veil," pharmaceutical executive (bought defective wire leads, but didn't use them)
7-147, "Matrimony," Robert Mallors, victim's personal assistant, suspect

Becky London
7-144, "Legacy," Trial Judge R. L. Webber
10-226, "Narcosis," Agnes Malone

Abigail Lopez
12-260, "Myth of Fingerprints," Laura Rodriguez
13-278, "American Jihad," Eva Sanchez

Fernando Lopez
2-040, "Cradle to Grave," Fernando
6-126, "Encore," Antonio
7-154, "We Like Mike," Tony Garcia
11-249, "All My Children,"

Mark Lotito
3-064, "Securitate," Bailey
4-070, "Profile," Policeman #1
5-089, "Second Opinion," paramedic
6-129,"Atonement," Nance
8-178, "Bad Girl" Detective Mallory
8-179, "Damaged," Detective Mallory
8-181, "Monster," Detective Mallory
13-284, "Open Season," Bartender

Pee Wee Love
6-123, "Trophy," Carlos
10-222, "Black, White and Blue," Jerome Weathers

C. C. Loveheart
5-107, "Cruel and Unusual," Receptionist
13-284, "Open Season," Jury Foreperson

Deirdre Lovejoy
5-096, "Virtue," Judith Crockit
8-158, "Thrill," CSU Technician

Gary Lowery
9-193, "Haven," CSU Detective Brown
13-281, "Tragedy on Rye," Ted Vavoulis

Marcella Lowery
1-021, "Sonata for Solo Organ," Nurse
4-079, "Breeder, Sheridan
5-094, "Competence," Attorney for Van Buren
13-299, "Sheltered," Lois Barker

Ralph Lucarelli
9-202, "Ambitious," Joseph Russo
12-255, "Armed Forces," Frank

Robert LuPone(brother of Patti LuPone/6-133, 8-160)
1-007, "By Hooker, By Crook," Kurtz (pool player, leads police to prostitute)
4-079, "Breeder," William Wendyll, adoption attorney
9-194, "Hunters,"  Mark Branson
12-268, "Access Nation," Mark Branson

Marni Lustig
10-219, "Entitled (2)," Danielle West
13-286, "The Wheel," Colleen Baylor

Denise Lute
8-165, "Shadow," Cindy Erlich
10-217, "Mother's Milk," Marie Steffano

Leslie Lyles
1-021, "Sonata for Solo Organ," the former Mrs. Reberty
3-049, "Wedded Bliss," Sharon Sacks (reconstructs victim's face from skull)
4-087, "Doubles," Jane, victim's tennis coach
12-259, "Formerly Famous," Karin Ames

LaDonna Mabry
4-074, "American Dream," Dubief
5-093, "White Rabbit," Dubief
9-193, "Haven," Marsha Alston

Gordon MacDonald
4-068, "Volunteers," Richard Gillrich
6-132, "Pro Se," Trauma Surgeon
11-240, "Sunday in the Park with Jorge," Donny Apiuzo
13-278, "American Jijad,"

John A. MacKay
1-021, "Sonata for Solo Organ," Nevins
5-101, "Rage," Thomas A. Barnes
7-137, "Good Girl," Mr. Mason
9-183, "DWB,"

Lizbeth Mackay
2-037, 'Trust," Pamela Maser, moother of juvenile defendent
8-171, "Grief," Doctor at Park West Rehabilitation Facility
13-295, "Maritime," Miriam Ridgeway

Walt MacPherson
8-162, "Nullification," Mr. Shelby
10-216, "Collision," Larry Stedler

Bruce MacVittie
2-033, "His Hour Upon the Stage," Gabriel Hunt, hitman's brother-in-law (disposes the body)
4-086, "Nurture," Brian Sprague, mechanic and foster mother's boyfriend
5-107, "Cruel and Unusual," Josh Bingham, former employee of defendant
8-165, "Shadow," Arvin Baker
10-225, "Untitled," Larry Brunig, defendant
13-289, "Under God," Bill Parker

William H. Macy(husband of repeat offender Felicity Huffman)
1-006, "Everybody's Favorite Bagman," John McCormack, Assistant U.S. District Attorney
2-039, "Sisters of Mercy," Jack Powell, executive director of Haven House, defendant

Charles Major
2-044, "The Working Stiff," Walter Fairlee
4-074, "American Dream," Peterson
6-126, "Encore," Byron
10-226, "Narcosis," Dr. Zerkin

Wendy Makkena
1-013, "A Death in the Family," Officer Nicky Sandoval
12-269, "Born Again," Janet Weston

Spiro Malas
7-153, "Double Down," Mr. Oakley
8-180, "Tabloid," taxi driver who hits Mrs. Abbott

Peter Maloney
3-062, "Animal Instinct," Lab Technician
12-264, "The Collar,"

Aasif Mandvi
5-102, "Performance," Khan, video store owner
6-130, "Slave," ballistics expert on scene of crime
7-151, "Judgment in L.A.: Showtime," Gulab Singh

Anthony Mangano
6-119, "Angel," Sluizer
8-161, "Harvest," Palacio
13-284, "Open Season," Public Officer Vitelli

Camryn Manheim
1-012, "Life Choice," Leila
3-066, "Benevolence," Martha Rollins, defense attorney
4-086, "Nurture," Beatrice Hindes, foster mom

Michael Mantell
1-017, "Mushrooms," Edward Kay
4-079, "Breeder," Morris Hoffman
10-226, "Narcosis," Ray Garth

Joe Mantello
2-023, "Confession," Public Defender
8-180, "Tabloid," Philip Marco

Mary Mara
3-056, "Right to Counsel," Sally Knight
10-207, "Killerz," Ms. Sharkey

Bill Marcus
4-076, "The Pursuit of Happiness," Phil Gardino
5-108, "Bad Faith," McGill
10-216, "Collision," Ron Brewster

Dominic Marcus
1-019, "Harm," Officer Keller
10-222, "Black, White and Blue," Lt. David Fernandez
12-257, "Soldier of Fortune," Uniform Sergeant #2

Michael Marcus
7-143, "Entrapment," Arraignment Judge Jefferson Russo
10-229, "Vaya Con Dios," male justice

Steven Marcus
1-007, "By Hooker by Crook," Sheets
8-160, "Navy Blues," Louis Palumbo
9-186A, "Exiled: A Law & Order Movie," Desk Clerk
14-306, "Blaze," Nick

Tom Mardirosian
1-017, "Mushrooms," Brian Doxsee
2-041, "The Fertile Fields," Joe Tashjian
9-183, "DWB," Mr. Butler
10-220, "Fools for Love," Mr. Stubleski
12-276, "Oxymoron," Nicky Avakian

Mark Margolis
3-052, "Prince of Darkness," George Lobrano, gun dealer who shoots Cerreta
7-144, "Legacy," Bronson, hitman contact
12-256, "For Love or Money," Frankie Polito

David Margulies
1-013, "A Death in the Family," Mr. Simpson, defense attorney
3-064, "Securitate," Tommy Inescu, defendant's employee
5-103, "Seed," infertility doctor, defendant

Jodie Markell
7-148, "Working Mom," Sondra Benton, one of the 'working' moms, friend of defendant
14-307, "Identity," Daphne Hitchens

Lois Markle
7-157, "Terminal," Ms. Kaplan
11-237, "Thin Ice," Kali Dociada

Ken Marks
8-172, "Faccia a Faccia," Agent Ruggiero
11-236, "Amends," Michael Sarno

Melissa Marsala
8-158, "Thrill," Marlene
8-179, "Damaged," Emily Bailey

William Jay Marshall
2-028, "Misconcepton," Judge Burton Hollis
3-047, "Forgiveness," Judge Hollis Burton (screen), Martinez (credits)
10-229, "Vaya Con Dios," Dan Fredericks

Alison Martin
5-093, "White Rabbit," Dr. Florence Sanders
7-136, "I.D.," Miss Dawkins, bookkeeper, phones her friend Brenda about the cute cop

Elizabeth Martin
9-187, "Scrambled," Mrs. Forester
11-234, "Return," Store Manager

George Martin
2-043, "Silence," Edward Vogel, politician and father of victim
7-135, "Causa Mortis," Abe Mercer, defense attorney
10-214, "Sundown," William Hallenbeck, husband of victim

Lucy Martin
6-130, "Slave," Judge Taryn Brent
9-198, "Shield," Mrs. Pelham
13-287, "Mother's Day," Megan Alston

Robert Raines Martin
7-136, "I.D.," Cummings
12-266, "DR 1-102," Assistant Medical Examiner Gil Dennis
12-273, "Dazzled," Assistant Medical Examiner

Sharon Martin
5-094, "Competence," Linda Byrd, teacher
6-117, "Paranoia," Megan Maslin, defendant with multiple personalities

Lou Martini, Jr.
2-025, "Aria," Melton
3-051, "Self Defense," CSU policeman
4-084, "Mayhem," Uniformed cop

Joe Maruzzo
11-234, "Return,"
12-260, "Myth of Fingerprints,"

Don T. Maseng
3-057, "Night and Fog," Rabbi Dworkin
11-234, "Return," embassy lawyer

Tom Mason
2-037, "Trust," Ian Maser
9-205, "Refuge (2),"
13-295, "Maritime," Matt Wolchesky

Marie Masters
4-079, "Breeder," Mary Cushman
12-255, "Armed Forces," Laura Tinsdale

Patricia Mauceri
2-030, "Out of Control," Mrs. Fermi, mother of victim
7-154, "We Like Mike," Virginia Watts, robbery victim
10-229, "Vaya Con Dios," Belinda Rojas
12-257, "Soldier of Fortune," Female Friend

Wayne Maugans
1-010, "Prisoner of Love," Gary Pardee, dominatrix victim ("Don't force me to testify! It will ruin my career! I'm perfect for young dad parts in commercials!")
10-221, "Trade This," mortgage counselor

Jan Maxwell
5-089, "Second Opinion," Dr. Nancy Haas, defendant
8-159, "Denial," Mrs. Sarah Talbert, mother of defendant who abandoned her baby in hotel
11-232, "Dissonance," Marian Reger, wife of defendant and possible whodunit
14-308, "Floater," Judge Ruth Alexander

Holt McCallany
4-087, "Doubles," Marc Kenner, perp who breaks tennis player's arm
9-198, "Shield," Officer Steve Felton, cop who kills woman cop's abusive partner

Christopher McCann
1-015, "Torrents of Greed (1)," Edgar Hoover
12-270, "Girl Most Likely," Drew Hamilton

Tom McCarthy
8-166, "Burned," Tony Collabro
14-302, "Bodies," Lambert

Bruce McCarty
1-001, "Presciption for Death," Dr. Stephen Simonson
12-254, "Who Let the Dogs Out?," Roger Quinn

Conan McCarty
6-123, "Trophy," Ethan Floyd
14-309, "Embedded," Lt. Col. Doug Denton

Curtis McClarin
9-193, "Haven," Charles Perry
13-297, "Kid Pro Quo," Marvin Waters

Ron McClary
10-215, "Loco Parentis," Lomardi
11-244, "Swept Away," Billie Mack
13-301, "Smoke," Spears

David B. McConeghey
6-122, "Corpus Delicti," Groves, limo driver
8-180, "Tabloid," Judge Henry Fisk
12-272, "Slaughter," Paul Zwybel

Michael McCormick
6-118, "Humiliation," Marty Gerber
9-183, "DWB,"
12-276, "Oxymoron,"

Sean McCourt
12-255, "Armed Forces," Salesman
13-295, "Maritime," Assistant Medical Examiner

Edwin J. McDonough
9-193, "Haven," Harold de Groot
12-254, "Who Let the Dogs Out?," Patrick Collin

Les McDonough
8-167, "Ritual," Jed Brandt
11-251, "School Daze," Mr. Miller
13-285, "Asterisk," Bailiff

Maeve McGuire
1-001, "Prescription for Death," Dr. Walters, expert witness for the prosecution
3-045, "Skin Deep," Celeste Foxx, head of modeling agency
8-180, "Tabloid," Betty Sanger, Marco's editor

Robert G. Mckay
10-222, "Black, White and Blue,"
13-301, "Smoke," Ames

Michael McKenzie
10-225, "Untitled," Thomas Ervin
12-271, "Equal Rights," Justin Brenner

Chris McKinney
7-143, "Entrapment," Huey Tate
10-213, "Blood Money," Reggie Hollis
14-309, "Embedded," Mac

Ron McLarty
2-026, "Asylum," Mr. Scolar, defense attorney
8-179, "Damaged," Judge William Wright
9-197, "Harm," Judge William Wright
10-206, "Gunshow," Judge William Wright, reverses verdict
11-232, "Dissonance," Judge William Wright

Ellen McLaughlin
9-198, "Shield," Officer Depante
13-287, "Mother's Day," Diane Payton

John McLoughlin
2-020, "The Troubles," court clerk
5-105, "Act of God," jury foreman
7-155, "Passion," Judge Lloyd Williams

Pat McNamara
1-012, "Life Choice," Molloy, defense attorney
2-042, "Intolerance," Ron Borland, suspect

Brian McQuillan
7-149, "Judgment in L.A.: D-Girl," Luke Richmond
11-244, "Swept Away," Len
13-289, "Under God," John

Peter McRobbie
1-021, "Sonata for a Solo Organ," Manager
3-053, "Point of View," John Ennis
5-099, "Guardian," Herbert Fowler
8-180, "Tabloid," Dr. Thomas Newstadt
11-238, "Hubris," Judge Walter Bradley
13-285, "Asterisk," Judge Walter Bradley

Michael Medeiros
4-086, "Nurture," Detective Harding
7-139, "Corruption," Internal Affairs Detective Reynolds
8-176, "Disappeared," Matthew O'Dell
12-256, "For Love or Money," Vince Renalfi
14-309, "Embedded," Stewart Griffin

Hazel J. Medina
1-018, "The Secret Sharers," Nurse
8-176, "Disappeared," Janine Clayton
12-258, "Possession," Lady #1

Frederika Meister
1-001, "Prescription for Death," Mrs. Melanie Stivic, mother of young daughter who died from malpractice
4-077, "Golden Years," Eileen Bauer, mother of defendant, ex-daughter-in-law of victim

Randle Mell
4-082, "Big Bang," Max Weiss, scientist working as doorman, defendant
6-134, "Aftershock," Aaron Blum, defense attorney
7-140, "Double Blind," Aaron Blum, defense attorney

Stephen Mendillo
1-018, "The Secret Sharers," Harmon, fair booth operator
4-068, "Volunteers," Leon Prosky, restaurant owner/accomplice, "Mr. We-Reserve-the-Right-to-Serve"
7-136, "I.D.," New Jersey Police Lt. Jeffrey London (really wants to try the soft shell crabs)
8-164, "Blood," Joshua Burdett, white man who turned out to be black

Mario Mendoza
5-097, "Scoundrels," Julio
6-126, "Encore," Super
8-165, "Shadow," Man at Phone Booth
11-246, "Ego," Jose

Olga Merediz
1-021, "Sonata for a Solo Organ," Rosaria Mendez
3-055, "Extended Family," Martha Gonzales
7-146, "Barter," Kathy Burns
10-229, "Vaya Con Dios," Elena Calderon

S. Epatha Merkerson
1-017, "Mushrooms," Denise Winter, mother of victims
4-076, "Sweeps," to present, Lt. Anita Van Buren, cast member

Joanna Merlin
2-043, "Silence," Carla Bowman
3-063, "Virus," Carla Bowman
5-096, "Virtue," Donna Powell
6-129, "Atonement," Deidre Powell
8-169, "Expert," Jane Powell

Chris Messina
6-113, "Rebels," Tommy Bell
6-133, "Homesick," Kevin Turner
13-293, "Suicide Box," Don Cushman

Irving Metzman
3-063, "Virus," Gene Magee
8-179, "Damaged," Jay Amsterdam
12-258, "Possession," Mike McKay

Justine Miceli(aka Justine Avignon-Miceli)
2-043, "Silence," Mailroom clerk
3-048, "The Corporate Veil," Lorraine Schwab

Mimi Michaels
6-123, "Trophy," Vanessa Carey
12-256, "For Love or Money," Heather Denslow

Harold Miller
3-046, "Conspiracy," Marcus Tate, victim
6-125, "Custody," Judge Cyrus Metcalfe

Larry Miller
5-090, "Coma," Michael Dobson, comedy club owner, defendant
6-126, "Encore," Michael Dobson, restaurant owner, defendant
13-301, "Smoke," Comedian Larry Miller (himself!)

Lisa Beth Miller
2-031, "Renunciation," Trauner
3-050, "Helpless," Laura Todd, former patient of defendant
6-121, "Remand," policewoman

Michael Mislove
3-048, "The Corporate Veil," Peter Fischer
6-133, "Homesick," Dr. Gluck
7-145, "Menace, " James Lyman
11-245, "Bronx cheer," Marvin Gelson

Aleta Mitchell
2-027, "God Bless the Child," Joanne Preston
5-089, "Second Opinion," Helene Carter

Donna Mitchell
5-103, "Seed," Susan Parker
10-214, "Sundown," Van Damm Clinic Nurse

Lizan Mitchell
3-052, "Prince of Darkness," Judge Lerner
11-243, "A Losing Season," Dorothy Meredith

Raquel Mondin
5-099, "Guardian," Heather
12-275, "Attorney Client," Gabriella Cruz

Steve Mones
10-204, "Refuge (1)," Miguel
10-219, "Entitled (2),"

Debra Monk
5-090, "Coma," Kathleen O'Brien
12-269, "Born Again," Dr. Madelyn Stahl

Robert Montano
6-114, "Savages," Rivera
7-154, "We Like Mike," CSU Technician
8-164, "Blood," Clemente
10-217, "Mother's Milk," Father Ramon Aguerro

Chuck Montgomery
8-168, "Under the Influence," Bob Gilsdorf
11-243, "A Losing Season," Gabe Rodgers

Mary Elaine Monti
1-005, "Happily Ever After," Dorothy Luck
8-169, "Expert," Jennifer Solvan
11-250, "Brother's Keeper," Darla Watley
13-281, "Tragedy on Rye," Claudia Paswell

Jim Moody
3-063, "Virus," Judge Stewart
6-134, "Aftershock," Joe
7-142, "Family Business," Bobby Fox
8-179, "Damaged," Brooklyn trial judge Langlois
10-228, "Stiff," Syd
13-287, "Mother's Day," Chuck

Maureen Moore
6-122, "Corpus Delicti,"
10-214, "Sundown," Clara Wynnick

Dan Moran
1-008, "Poison Ivy," policeman #2
2-027, "God Bless the Child," Giordano
3-059, "Mother Love," Jack Guiness
6-122, "Corpus Delicti," Torborg Nichols
11-233, "Standoff," Judd Larson, convict perp for hire

Michael P. Moran
1-016, "Torrents of Greed (2)," Limo Driver
5-104, "Wannabe," Liotta
7-157, "Terminal," Judge Horace Barclay
12-260, "Myth of Fingerprints," Probation Officer
13-283, "Hitman," Shannon Forsythe

George Morfogen
2-019, "The Serpent's Tooth," Dwight Anderson
10-229, "Vaya Con Dios," Mr. Reyes

P. J. Morrison
12-261, "The Fire This Time," Uniform Policeman
14-309, "Embedded," Peter Franz

Joe Morton
3-046, "Conspiracy," Roland Books (played by Ron Cephas Jones in 7-143, "Entrapment")
10-229, "Vaya Con Dios," Defense Attorney Leon Chiles
11-235, "Burn Baby Burn," Defense Attorney Leon Chiles

Nadine Mozon
9-186, "Agony," Assistant Medical Examiner Janet Glynn
14-303, "Bounty," Melba

Michael Mulheren
7-148, "Working Mom," CSU Technician
9-204, "Refuge (1)," Judge Sheldon Taylor
9-205, "Refuge (2)," Judge Sheldon Taylor
11-240, "Sunday in the Park with Jorge,"
11-245, "Bronx Cheer," Judge Harrison Taylor
12-265, "Undercovered," Judge Harrison Taylor
13-284, "Open Season," Judge Taylor

Christopher Patrick Mullen
9-186, "Agony," Matt Bergstrom
11-248, "Whiplash," Alan Petrie

Donna Murphy
3-056, "Right to Counsel," Karen Unger, buyer for Bloomingdales
8-158, "Thrill," Carla Tyrell, defense attorney
10-217, "Mother's Milk," Carla Tyrell, defense attorney

Edward D. Murphy
1-019, "The Serpent's Tooth," Jury foreman
2-039, "Sisters of Mercy," Medic
3-060, "Jurisdiction," CSU Technician Wheeler
4-076, "The Pursuit of Happiness," Matson
5-092, "Family Values," Mike Quinn
5-110, "Switch," Sgt. Jeff DePaul
6-120, "Blood Libel," CSU Technician Bailey
7-139, "Corruption," Lieutenant
7-152, "Mad Dog," Parole Board member
8-181, "Monster," Duncan
9-204, "Refuge," CSU Technician Murphy
10-217, "Mother's Milk," prospective male juror

Harry S. Murphy
1-001, "Prescription for Death," Don
2-030, "Out of Control," Strachon

James Murtaugh
1-004, "Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die," Christiansen
3-055, "Extended Family," Dr. Jenner
6-113, "Rebels," Dr. Farnsworth
6-134, "Aftershock," David Solomon
7-142, "Family Business," David Solomon
8-181, "Monster," Carter Newton

Andrew Mutnick
4-071, "Black Tie," Assistant Medical Examiner Felix Gates
5-106, "Privileged," Assistant Medical Examiner Gaynor

John Nacco
5-108, "Bad Faith," Corrections Officer
6-129, "Atonement," Mr. Libby
9-196, "Disciple," Stan Oblinger
12-259, "Formerly Famous," Norm

Jeremy Nagel
9-184, "Bait," Eric Pope
12-264, "The Collar," Boy #1

Kevin Nagle
10-227, "High & Low," Stu
13-279, "Shangri-La," Chuck

Ron Nakahara
6-114, "Savages," Gus Christen
9-187, "Scrambled," Mr. Kim
11-239, "Whose Monkey Is It Anyway?," Dr. Tong

Cortez Nance, Jr.
6-120, "Blood Libel," Mr. Carson
11-232, "Dissonance," Harrison

Joe Narciso
11-240, "Sunday in the Park with Jorge," Bob Simonetti
13-297, "Kid Pro Quo," Dr. Marion Shore

Kathrine Narducci
4-084, "Mayhem," Louisa Kathryn D'Angelo, defendant (Lorena Bobbitt-style character who murders husband Bruno, 2nd murder victim)
7-145, "Menace," Mrs. Marsh, wife of witness (She's B-A-A-C-K! -- Unfortunately, A&E has edited out the buildup to her answering the door)
8-172, "Faccia a Faccia," Vicky Grant, shooter

Arthur Nascarella
6-121, "Remand," Bobby Farina
13-283, "Hitman," Jerry Malick

Geoffrey Nauffts
2-024, "Wages of Love," James Cullen, son of victim
8-178, "Bad Girl," defense attorney

Charles Navarrette
11-241, "Teenage Wasteland," Painter #2
12-274, "Foul Play," Super

Marcus Naylor
6-124, "Charm City (1)," Henry
10-213, "Blood Money," Eric Lee

Audrie Neenan
8-174, "Carrier," Judge Barbara Kaplan
11-241, "Teenage Wasteland," Judge Marilyn Haynes

Mary-Joan Negro
2-029, "In Memory Of," Julie Atkinson, daughter of defendant, childhood friend of victim
5-093, "White Rabbit," Susan Forrest (aka Rita Levitan), '60s radical, defendant

Alexandra Neil
8-165, "Shadow," Lisa Harmon
11-246, "Ego," Alice Marner

Connie Nelson
8-167, "Ritual," Ana Zakarian, defense attorney for Rina Martin
10-228, "Stiff," Dr. Kate Mola
13-299, "Sheltered," Marcia Healey

Mark Nelson
6-125, "Custody," Stein
10-227, "High & Low," Julius Reinhard

Nan-Lynn Nelson
1-013, "A Death in the Family," Cassie Mills
6-123, "Trophy," Elaine Monroe
7-167, "Ritual," Dr. Eileen Armenta
13-281, "Tragedy on Rye," Carton's Mother

Rebecca Nelson
7-135, "Causa Mortis," Maureen Rankin
10-215, "Loco Parentis," Miss Skinner
12-264, "The Collar," Nicole Boswell

Ted Neustadt
2-027, "God Bless the Child," Dr. Fisher
9-183, "DWB," PBA Attorney Quinn

Scott Nicholson
5-093, "White Rabbit," Uniformed policeman
6-112, "Bitter Fruit," Court officer
10-206, "Gunshow," First policeman

Leslie Nipkow
4-089, "Second Opinion," Stevens
7-157, "Terminal," CSU Technician Linda Jones
8-173, "Divorce," CSU Technician Linda Jones
11-248, "Whiplash," EMT

Tommy Nohilly
12-256, "For Love or Money," Bartender
14-305, "Shrunk," James Delancy

Alan North
1-020, "The Troubles," defense attorney
3-053, "Point of View," Tommy Conlin
9-194, "Hunters," Terry Barrick

Gregory Northrop
7-148, "Working Mom," workman
9-185, "Flight," Hazmat technician
11-231, "Turnstile Justice," policeman #1
12-266, "DR 1-102," Officer Hines

Michael Oberlander
9-204, "Refuge (1)," David Bronstein
13-283, "Hitman," Carter Quinn

Gerard O'Brien
7-135, "Causa Mortis," ESU technician
10-213, "Blood Money," doorman

Dierdre O'Connell
4-079, "Breeder," Jane Schuman
11-249, "All My Children," Joanna Wilder

Jack O'Connell
3-061, "Conduct Unbecoming," Sergeant Gilmour
12-274, "Foul Play," Joseph

Joyce Lynn O'Connor
5-103, "Seed," Beth Kellner
7-141, "Deadbeat," Mrs. Reynolds
9-186A, "Exiled: A Law & Order Movie," Shirley Profaci
10-212, "Patsy," Linda Ashton

George T. Odom
2-026, "Asylum," Attendant
4-076, "The Pursuit of Happiness," Mitchell
5-100, "Progeny," Oliver
6-123, "Trophy," Egan
7-146, "Barter," George Holden (listed as George Odom)
9-186A, "Exiled: A Law & Order Movie," Lab Investigator #2 (listed as George Odom)
11-237, "Thin Ice," Bobby Williams

Denis O'Hare
4-086, "Volunteers," Harold Morrissey, defendant, "A squeaky wheel, you'd think his wife had been shot through the heart"
6-132, "Pro Se," James Smith, defendant, brilliant lawyer when medicated, homicidal maniac when not
8-162, "Nullification," Phil Christie, defendant and leader
13-289, "Under God," Father Hogan

Michael O'Hare
8-166, "Burned," Roy Lawlor
10-222, "Black, White, and Blue,"

Jason Manuel Olazabal
11-246, "Ego," Jeffrey Sayles
13-298, "House Calls," Rick

Afemo Omilami
3-054, "Consultation," Michael Kano, the Chief's limo driver
6-125, "Custody," Henry Patterson, father of "virtual" foster children
10-193, "Haven," Darryl Lamaine, witness, lies by saying he saw someone other than the defendant at the crime scene

Brian O'Neill
9-187, "Scrambled," Frances Curran
12-271, "Equal Rights," Kevin Woods

Chris Orbach
3-064, "Securitate," Finkle
7-147, "Matrimony," Jason
9-202, "Ambitious," Augie

Jerry Orbach(Tony award 1969, best actor in a musical, for "Promises Promises")
(deceased, prostate cancer, 12-28-04)
2-024, "The Wages of Love," Frank Lareman, defense attorney
3-053, "Point of View" through 14-325, "C.O.D.," Det. Lennie Briscoe, cast member

Daniel Oreskes
5-111, "Pride," Durban Campaign Manager
7-136, "I.D.," Jack Maslin, model accountant ("Not many CPAs know when mascara counts for a business expense.")
8-175, "Stalker," Mr. Wilson
11-253, "Deep Vote," Jeffrey Waites, cousin of victim
13-297, "Kid Pro Quo," Merrill "Bud" Rush

Kevin O'Rourke
1-012, "Life Choices," Kevin Donovan, brother of victim
5-095, "Precious," Marty Willack, father of victim, husband of defendant
7-150, "Judgment in L.A.: Turnaround," Jerry Weiss, attorney and TV legal pundit
10-212, "Patsy," Detective O'Malley

Mick O'Rourke
3-051, "Self Defense," Matt  Donegan
5-101, "Rage," cabbie
6-129, "Atonement," Gaffers
8-163, "Baby, It's You: Part 1," Cameraman

Nicole Orth-Pallavicini
3-058, "Promises to Keep," Barbara Kiley
14-308, "Floater," Jane Evans

Will Osborne
5-107, "Cruel and Unusual," Michael
7-140, "Double Blind," John Daly
12-268, "Access Nation," Clarence McBride

Ron Ostrow
2-033, "His Hour upon the Stage," Whalen
4-081, "Kids," CSU technician

John Ottavino
2-030, "Renunciation," Larry Kealey, victim
4-086, "Doubles," Alan Lovitz
9-195, "Disciple," Manny Turner
13-284, "Open Season," Sergeant

Kellie Overbey
1-004, "Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die," Cheryl
13-280, "True Crime," Rain Bridgeman, victim's friend and bandmate

Edwin Owens
2-027, "God Bless the Child," Chief Burke
4-072, "Pride and Joy," Robbins

Joe Pacheco
8-166, "Burned," Salvatore Hess
9-187, "Scrambled," Grimley
11-232, "Dissonance," Farraby

Vince Pacimeo
4-078, "Snatched," James Ameche
5-109, "Purple Heart," Savino
7-146, "Barter," Detective Marino
9-184, "Bait," Judge Venturelli
10-220, "Fools for Love," Judge Douglas Venturelli
12-262, "3 Dawg Night," Arraignment Judge Douglas Venturelli

Antone Pagan
1-010, "Prisoner of Love," Ubillez
11-234, "Return," Ronnie Ortega

Giulia Pagano
4-076, "The Pursuit of Happiness," Frances Guardino
11-241, "Teenage Wasteland," Mrs. Russo

Liana Pai
2-042, "Intolerance," Claudia Chong
6-128, "Deceit," Dena Kobata
7-157, "Terminal," Carolyne Trang
13-286, "The Wheel," Wendy Quan

Josh Pais
1-003, "The Reaper's Helper," Cioran
1-008, "Poison Ivy," medical examiner
1-017, "Mushrooms," medical examiner (uncredited)
3-061, "Conduct Unbecoming," Keller
4-074, "American Dream," to
13-280, "True Crime," Borak, medical examiner, supporting cast member

Dennis Paladino
11-241, "Teenage Wasteland," Super
12-272, "Slaughter," Sal, Sr.

James Palumbo
9-201, "Empire," EMS Technician (credited as Jimmy Palumbo)
11-236, "Amends," Gomez (credited as Jimmy Palumbo)

Frank Pando
12-275, "Attorney Client," Bartender
14-302, "Bodies," Chris

Andrew Pang
5-105, "Act of God," Mr. Kee
6-129, "Atonement," Mr. Nakiyama
8-161, "Harvest," Dr. Hsu
9-186A, "Exiled: A Law & Order Movie," Lab Investigator #1
12-255, "Armed Forces," Bao

Joe Paparone
6-112, "Bitter Fruit," Charles Fleming
12-255, "Armed Forces," Hank

Ron Parady
2-044, "The Working Stiff," Chessman
3-111, "Pride," Deputy Mayor Albert Gerard
7-138, "Survivor," Martin Bischoff
9-204, "Refuge (2)," Judge Gary Kendrick
12-276, "Oxymoron," Judge Anthony Valone

Timothy Britten Parker
1-012, "Life Choice," Cioran
2-024, "The Wages of Love," Meade
2-033, "His Hour Upon the Stage," Borak
6-121, "Remand," Forensic Technician Hoeck
13-287, "Mother's Day," Forensics Technician Borak
Forensics Technician Borak is once again played by Timothy Britten Parker who was the original actor in this recurring part more than ten years ago. He was then succeeded by Josh Pais .

Christine Parks
4-083, "Mayhem," Lyla
5-110, "Switch," Rachel Rierney
10-206, "Gunshow," Mrs. Trope

Phil Parolisi
1-002, "Subterranean Homeboy Blues," orderly
5-090, "Coma," Robin Wenner
6-133, "Homesick," Travis Reece

Marilyn Pasekoff
8-159, "Denial," Dr. Glenda Allen
10-209, "Merger," Arraignment Judge Jean Kirchevall

Stivi Paskoski
3-063, "Virus," John Cook, son who uploaded computer virus for father's revenge (calls Ben Stone "Charlie Brown")
8-174, "Carrier," drug dealer whose handgun is stolen from party
13-280, "True Crime," Travis Jones, victim's former boyfriend and disgruntled bandmate of her late husband

Joe Passaro
5-110, "Switch," Uniform Policeman
6-125, "Custody," CSY Technician
11-249, "All My Children," Joe Panero
13-285, "Asterisk," Peter Bosford

Bernie Passeltiner
4-074, "American Dream," Harry Schuman
10-214, "Sundown," Herman Silver

Vincent Pastore
3-049, "Wedded Bliss," Dominick of Garden State Police Supply
4-082, "Big Bang," Jack, superintendent of victim's building
5-098, "House Counsel," John Joseph Furini, soldier in the Dosso crime family
7-141, "Deadbeat," Jimmy Pogosian, car dealer who visits victim's hotel room

Chuck Patterson
5-101, "Rage," Jack Greer
6-126, "Encore," Jackson
9-183, "DWB," Mr. Cutty
10-219, "Entitled (2)," Ted Jones
12-263, "Prejudice," Lester Harkins

Edwin Sean Patterson
9-200, "Tabula Rosa," Maurice Russell
13-299, "Sheltered," Bob Webb

Jay Patterson
1-010, "Prisoner of Love," Hoexter
2-038, "Vengeance," Connecticut ADA Jack O'Connell
10-223, "Mega," Charles Heckstrom
14-306, "Blaze,"

Michael Lee Patterson
10-219, "Entitled (2)," Lt. Michael Stallworth
12-261, "The Fire This Time," Harry Frost

William Paulson
6-129, "Atonement," Sampson
7-139, "Corruption," Gary Graviola
9-182, "Cherished," Samual Holtz
14-308, "Floater," Raoul Welsh

Stephen Payne
4-074, "American Dream," George Mazlansky
12-277, "Patriot," Gerald Platt

Stephen Peabody
6-128, "Deceit," Tack Burbank
8-160, "Navy Blues," Service Manager
11-242, "Phobia,"

Daniel Pearce
9-187, "Scrambled," Dr. Aaron Fine
13-284, "Open Season," Jacob Finestein

Tom Pearl
11-246, "Ego," Assistant ME Donald Quinn
12-274, "Foul Play," CSU Technician Leonetti

Dina Pearlman
7-154, "We Like Mike," Ruth Gottlieb
14-303, "Bounty," Sybill

Stephen Pearlman
1-006, "Everybody's Favorite Bagman," Rosen
2-042, "Intolerance," Leonard Willis
8-169, "Expert," Dr. Leon Mayer

Frank Pellegrino
5-109, "Purple Heart," Mr. Contini
9-200, "Tabula Rasa," Tony

Joe Pentangelo
(A retired NYC policeman, Joe now works for the ASPCA. You can watch Joe on the job as a special agent for Humane Law Enforcement on Animal Planet's " Animal Precinct ")
1-007, "By Hooker By Crook," Macaulay
1-008, "Poison Ivy," Sergeant (Macaulay?)
1-021, "Sonata for Solo Organ," Curran
4-076, "The Pursuit of Happiness," Delito
4-083, "Mayhem," Kelly
7-123, "Trophy," CSU Phillips
13-285, "Asterisk," Doorman

Don Peoples
1-019, "The Serpent's Tooth," Hecht
4-076, "The Pursuit of Happiness," Art Koslow

Joe Perce
2-028, "Misconception," Officer Schuman
3-057, "Night and Fog," 2nd policeman

Gary Perez
3-052, "Prince of Darkness," Manuel Ortega
7-153, "Double Down," Rodolfo Rodriguez
12-258, "Possession,"

Mary Perez
4-070, "Profile," Pamela Ortiz
9-186A, "Exiled: A Law & Order Movie," Consuela

Lenka Peterson
2-034, "Starstruck," Olivia, defendant's housekeeper
7-138, "Survivor," Ann Schoenberg, mother of suspect

Mary Peterson
7-146, "Barter," Linda Krinsky
10-212, "patsy," Michelle

Robert Petkoff
8-174, "Carrier," Kyle Vessas
10-208, "DNR," Dr. Matthew Carton

Sal Petraccione
9-186, "Agony," Ray Cardenas
13-279, "Shangri-La," Buddy

Robert Petrocelli
4-083, "Mayhem," CSU Tech
5-107, "Cruel and Unusual," Officer Roven
11-243, "A losing Season," Bob Sarkisian

Natalie Picoe
8-169, "Expert," Gayle Landis
9-186A, "Exiled: A Law & Order Movie," female complainant

Linda Pierce
5-089, "Second Opinion," Abigail Hurst
7-138, "Survivor," Nancy Farber

Wendell Pierce
3-054, "Consultation," Chief Ola-Gimju Nwaka
5-101, "Rage," Jerome Bryant
9-196, "Disciple," Mr. Wade, defense attorney

Angela Pietropinto
4-086, "Nurture," Abigail Baxter
8-164, "Blood," Nurse Ciaducci
9-202, "Ambitious," Isabella Russo
12-261, "The Fire This Time," Phyllis Malone

Larry Pine
5-097, "Scoundrels," Edward St. John, defense attorney for Willard Tappan
9-197, "Harm," Dr. Jacob Weiss

Joe Piscopo
9-202, "Ambitious," Jeff Stahl
12-259, "Formerly Famous," Art Cahill

William Pitts
4-069, "Discord," Jury foreman
8-158, "Thrill," Phone company worker

David Pittu
5-090, "Coma," Walsh
11-242, "Phobia," Donald Albers, gay life-partner of victim
14-305, "Shrunk," Stephan Cane

Carlos Pizarro
8-161, "Harvest," Elias Camacho
9-199, "Juvenile," Jose Delgado
11-240, "Sunday in the Park with Jorge," Luis Rodriguez

Mark Plastrik
1-010, "Prisoner of Love," Investigator
2-033. "His Hour Upon the Stage," Jury foreman

Maryann Plunkett
6-132, "Pro Se," Joanne Ellis
8-177, "Burden ," Lois Sutter
12-267, "Missing," Mrs. Weldon

Andrew Polk
7-153, "Double Down," CSU technician
11-232, "Dissonance," Stuart
13-289, "Under God," Jared Sterling

Ellen Pompeo
6-127, "Savior," Jenna Weber
10-220, "Fools for Love," Laura Kendrick

Linda Powell
6-133, "Homesick," Suzanne Davis
10-215, "Loco Parentis," Emily Watson

Michael Warren Powell
8-173, "Divorce," Leonard Gardner
11-238, "Hubris," Ben Kramer

Lola Powers
7-155, "Passion," Mrs. Krinsky
11-246, "Ego," Carol Martin

Robert Prescott
11-247, "White Lie," Major Halpern
13-294, "Genius," Warden

Brenda Pressley
9-197, "Harm," Danielle Lindsey
11-241, "Teenage Wasteland," Assistand District Attorney Shannon Hayes

Lawrence Pressman
3-062, "Animal Instinct," Wesley Burke, defense attorney
4-073, "Apocrypha," defense attorney
5-107, "Cruel and Unusual," Dr. Colter, autistic specialist, defendant

Roger Pretto
2-040, "Cradle to Grave," Raymond Ramirez
8-165, "Shadow," David Baez
10-213, "Blood Money," Martin Garcia

Lonny Price
1-021, "Sonata for Solo Organ," Dr. Lieber
3-052, "Prince of Darkness," Frank Hoover, attorney for the guy who kills the defendant

Molly Price
2-028, "Misconception," Amy Newhouse, victim and defendant
6-126, "Encore," Detective Nancy Jones of OCCB
8-160, "Navy Blues," Quartermaster Stroud, wife of victim, and initial suspect

Faith Prince
1-005, "Happily Ever After," Tracy Stark, proprietress of Tracy's Field & Sport Shop
4-076, "The Pursuit of Happiness," Miss Farrell, manager at Hudson Diagnostic Laboratories, hostile witness

Jason Pugatch
9-187, "Scrambled," CSU Technician Persky
10-224, "Surrender Dorothy," CSU Technician
13-292, "Bitch," Assistant Medical Examiner Cantor

Sharrieff Pugh
2-041, "The Fertile Fields," Fontaine Robinson
12-262, "3 Dawg Night," Marcus

Jorge Pupo
11-232, "Dissonance," Reynaldo Rodriguez
13-300, "Couples," Maitre D'

Michael Quinlan
6-126, "Encore," Prosky
13-299, "Sheltered," William Sanders

John Quinn
3-059, "Mother Love," Kelman
5-110, "Switch," Man #1 in police line-up
7-143, "Entrapment," Hotel Dick
9-192, "Ramparts," Sal Lange

Rich Ramirez
3-053, "Point of View," Carillo
4-084, "Wager," Jenkins
5-110, "Switch," Julio
6-127, "Savior," CSU Technician Chaldez
13-298, "House Calls," Trinidad

Luis Antonio Ramos
1-015, "Torrents of Greed (1)," Valdez, employee interviewed while eating lunch
3-047, "Forgiveness," Tommy Beltran, defendant

Richard Russell Ramos
1-020, "The Troubles," Coroner
6-132, "Pro Se," Father DiTirro
11-239, "Whose Monkey Is It Anyway?," Paul Serafien

John Ramsey
(John's actually a supporting cast member. They even call him "Wally," but he didn't start out as Wally!)
1-022, "The Blue Wall," Judge Douglas Dowling
3-055, "Extended Family" to present, Judge Walter ("Wally") Schreiber

Tim Ransom
6-113, "Rebels," Attorney for Stillman
7-139, "Corruption," Detective Andy Sullivan
13-281, "Tragedy on Rye," Andrew Maynard

Gordana Rashovich
2-028, "Misconception," Miss Bayliss, defense attorney
7-156, "Past Imperfect," Elaine Nichols, victim's bookkeeper
11-240, "Sunday in the Park with Jorge," Simone Reuben

Peter Ratray
5-089, "Second Opinion," Charlie Hatcher
6-128, "Deceit," Charles Hanna
11-236, "Amends," First Deputy
13-281, "Tragedy on Rye," Max Willett

Bill Raymond
3-049, "Wedded Bliss," Ellis Drake, sweatshop owner, defendant
5-108, "Bad Faith," Father Joe Krolinsky, former priest, defendant
10-227, "High & Low," Barry Cavanaugh

James Rebhorn
2-038, "Vengeance," Albert Lawrence Cheney
5-100, "Progeny" Defense Attorney Charles Garnett
8-159, "Denial," Defense Attorney Charles Garnett
10-212, "Patsy," Defense Attorney Charles Garnett
11-243, "A Losing Season," Hanson
12-273, "Dazzled," Defense Attorney Charles Garnett

Ana Reeder
9-203, "Admissions," Mary Uberti
11-238,  "Hubris," Annette Perry

Joyce Reehling
1-005, "Happily Ever After," Ellen Kirst, insurance agent
2-027, "God Bless the Child," Eleanor Harding, aunt of victim
4-083, "Mayhem," Mildred Caskill, defense attorney for Louisa DeAngelo
5-091, "Blue Bamboo," Mildred Caskill, defense attorney
8-160, "Navy Blues," Lt. Commander Coleman, Navy lawyer

Molly Regan
8-179, "Damaged," Mrs. Davenport
11-241, "Teenage Wasteland," Mrs. Regan
14-305, "Shrunk," Margot Duncan

Luke Reilly
3-047, "Forgiveness," Father Gregory, priest
7-153, "Double Down," Henry H. Harp
9-192, "Ramparts," Darryl Grady, Jr.

Delissa Reynolds
9-195, "Sideshow (1)," Chesley Purcell
12-268, "Access Nation," Ms. Thomas, mother

Elizabeth Hanly Rice
6-119, "Angel," Leah Coleman
9-186, "Agony," Michelle Ashford

LaTanya Richardson
1-012, "Life Choice," Lorraine
2-039, "Sisters of Mercy," Anne Houston

Ron Rifkin
1-001, "Prescription for Death," Philip Nevins
3-051, "Self Defense," Alex Dracos

Kate Rigg
8-175, "Stalker," Anne Forbes
12-260, "Myth of Fingerprints," Administrator
13-286, "The Wheel," Sally Xiao

Stu 'Large' Riley
5-109, "Purple Heart," Bryant
8-165, "Shadow," Frank Harker
11-243, "A Losing Season," Dominic Dalton

John Ring
4-083, "Mayhem," Guard #1
6-121, "Remand," Duke
10-211, "Marathon," Satya

Lucille Rivin
3-055, "Extended Family," Myra Fischer
11-234, "Return," Passport Worker

Rex Robbins
2-024, "Intolerance," Mr. Steinman, victim's physics teacher
7-150, "Judgment in L.A.: Turnaround," Kettering

Dallas Roberts
5-099, "Guardian," Matthew Blanchard, victim's brother
11-245, "Bronx Cheer," Mark Daltrey

Jackye Roberts
5-095, "Precious," Yuppie Mom
12-268, "Access Nation," Principal

Judith Roberts
2-024, "The Wages of Love," Harriet
11-230, "Endurance," Judge Elaine Schepps

Tony Roberts
2-025, "Aria," Defense Attorney Pollard
5-089, "Second Opinion," Nicholas Bennett, widower of victim and cancer patient, Anne Bennett
8-173, "Divorce," Paul Redfield, divorce lawyer

Jenny Robertson
1-007, "By Hooker By Crook," Jolene Curtis, HIV-infected prostitute
7-144, "Legacy," Robin Shepherd, wife of defendant and former daughter-in-law of mother who hired hitman

Jeff Robins
4-074, "American Dream," John Ross
12-255, "Armed Forces," Morris Kopp

Laila Robins
6-123, "Trophy," Diana Hawthorne, McCoy's former assistant and lover
9-188, "Venom," Liann Crosby, mother of defendant

Sebastian Roche
4-069, "Discord," Clarence 'C-Square' Carmichael, rock star
10-212, "Patsy," Ken Taylor

Marilyn Rockafellow
2-025, "Aria," Elizabeth Blaine, defendant and mother of victim
7-145, "Menace," Mrs. Whatney, mother of victim
8-175, "Stalker," Mrs. Blake, mother of victim

Sam Rockwell
2-042, "Intolerance," Randy Borland, older brother in entire family of suspects
3-065, "Manhood," Whittaker, rookie cop who testifies for the prosecution against his partner

Buzz Roddy
8-179, "Damaged," Moskowitz
10-221, "Trade This," jury foreperson

Elizabeth Rodriguez
4-088, "Old Friends," Elvira Juarez
6-113, "Rebels," Caridad

Peggy Roeder
5-093, "White Rabbit," Margaret Pauly, accomplice
10-217, "Mother's Milk," Helene Beltran

Al Roffe
9-202, "Ambitious," Manuel
11-249, "All My Children," Ray

Gil Rogers
2-032, "Heaven," Ireland
6-134, "Aftershock," man in suit
13-281, "Tragedy on Rye," Mr. Platt (credited as Gil Rodgers)

John Roney
8-162, "Nullification," Walter Wells, armored truck guard, victim
9-192, "Ramparts," Steve Aks, policeman

Jose Ramon Rosario
1-002, "Subterranean Home Boy Blues," Administrator
5-093, "White Rabbit," Detective Emory
6-123, "Trophy," Detective Monfredo
10-208, "DNR," Rudy Ortega

Marcel Rosenblatt
1-004, "Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die," Louise (shows defendant's apartment)
6-125, "Custody," Mrs. Bello, wife of victim
7-154, "We Like Mike," Court Reporter
9-196, "Disciple," Jury Foreman

Gerry Rosenthal
8-179, "Damaged,"
11-234, "Return," Student #2

John Rothman
1-009, "Indifference," hospital internist
3-045, "Skin Deep," Mr. O'Hara, photographer's accountant
13-288, "Chosen," Steven Strelzik

Christina Rouner
9-197, "Harm," Mrs. Atkins
13-290, "Absentia," Anne-Marie Gautreaux

Nada Rowand
5-095, "Precious," Dr. Margaret Slavin
9-205, "Refuge (2)," Presiding Justice #2

Stephen Rowe
11-250, "Brother's Keeper," Kevin Flynn
13-296, "Seer," David Harrison

David Roya
10-211, "Marathon," Derek Johnson
13-291, "Star Crossed," Pablo Montoya

Christopher Rubin
1-003, "The Reaper's Helper," Reporter
2-041, "The Fertile Fields," CSU Technician
5-104, "Wannabe," CSU Technician
6-117, "Paranoia," Detective
8-162, "Nullification," N.D. Policeman

Gene Ruffini
7-149, "Judgment in L.A.: D-Girl," Bum
9-196, "Disciple," Owen Forbes
11-245, "Bronx Cheer," Super

Cookie Rufino
2-032, "Heaven," Delgado
3-057, "Night and Fog," Tina Montoya

Vyto Ruginis
2-023, "Confession," Dan Magadan, Jr., Greevey's killer
4-078, "Snatched," Shep Watson, kidnapper incahoots with artist kidnappee

Anthony Ruiz
1-018, "The Secret Sharers," Ramon
3-059, "Mother Love," Fowler
8-161, "Harvest," Tico
9-197, "Harm," Javier Hernandez
12-264, "The Collar," Joseph Serrano

Jeanne Ruskin
6-120, "Blood Libel," Alice Marsdale
9-182, "Cherished," Attorney for the Connerys

Jay Russell
7-150, "Judgment in L.A.: Turnaround," Chauffeur
12-271, "Equal Rights," James

Ron Ryan
1-013, "A Death in the Family," Ross
3-065, "Manhood," Sgt. Jack Harley
5-103, "Seed," Wallace
9-186A, "Exiled: A Law & Order Movie," Max, bartender

Irma St. Paule
2-040, "Cradle to Grave," elderly woman
7-135, "Causa Mortis," Sally

James Saito
5-090, "Scoundrels," Mr. Tanaka
11-232, "Dissonance," Yoshi Yopshimura

Amro Salama
12-263, "Prejudice," Cabbie
13-278, "American Jihad," Salman Mogazi

Tracy Sallows
8-169, "Expert," Carol Garner
9-186, "Agony," Erica Davies

Laura Sametz
3-047, "Forgiveness," Watt
12-275, "Attorney Client," Sheila

M. J. Sanchez
9-199, "Juvenile," Maria Sebago
11-230, "Endurance," Isabel

Otto Sanchez
11-233, "Standoff," Detective Hector Diaz
13-300, "Couples," Reynaldo Celaya

Jay O. Sanders
9-200, "Tabula Rosa," Bill Falon aka Nick Taska
13-285, "Asterisk," Alan Fenwick

Socorro Santiago
2-027, "God Bless the Child," Cora Amado
5-107, "Cruel and Unusual," Clarice Reynolds
7-148, "Working Mom," Teresa Regalado
9-189, "Punk," Alma Cabrera
11-247, "White Lie," Teresa Martinez
13-299, "Sheltered," Anna Rodriguez

Ruben Santiago-Hudson
1-011, "Out of the Half Light," Mr. Gaines
5-094, "Competence," Dr. Brian Keen
9-193, "Haven," Mr. Winters
11-247, "White Lie," Boles
14-307, "Identity," Dr. Paul Jackson

Al Sapienza
9-197, "Harm," Scott Shea
11-235, "Burn Baby Burn,"

Janet Sarno
3-047, "Forgiveness," Dr. Goldman
13-301, "Smoke," Judge Monica Ferrante

Frank Savino
3-051, "Self Defense," Nick Fortas
5-105, "Act of God," Lopez
8-172, "Faccia a Faccia," Alberto Napoli

Paul Scannapieco
3-064, "Securitate," Vincent Forrelli
5-104, "Wannabe," desk clerk

Sam Schacht
1-010, "Prisoner of Love," Hurley
6-113, "Rebels," Louis Bell
11-234, "Return," Nathan Becker

Thomas Schall
5-100, "Progeny," Randall Jenkins
12-269, "Born Again," Dr. Craig Diamant
14-309, "Embedded," Ted Lester

Wendy Scharfman
9-199, "Juvenile," Charlene Lincoln
14-309, "Embedded," Betty Meacham

Paul Schoeffler
6-122, "Corpus Delicti," Mr. Hazlitt
12-276, "Oxymoron," Harry Thompson

Slava Schoot
9-204, "Refuge (1), "
12-257, "Soldier of Fortune," Janusz Bruk

Paul Schulze
3-051, "Self Defense," Garfield
3-057, "Night and Fog," EMS Medic
3-059, "Mother Love," CSU Tech Horen
5-096, "Virtue," Randall

Armand Schultz
3-063, "Virus," Dr. Morris
5-101, "Rage," Dr. Kenneth Price
8-161, "Harvest," Marty O'Neal
10-229, "Vaya Con Dios,"

Omar Sharif Scroggins
4-085, "Sanctuary," Luther Haywood
5-094, "Competence," Zack Rowland
11-235, ""Burn Baby Burn," Jamel
13-281, "Tragedy on Rye," Matt Carton

Edward Seamon
1-005, "Happily Ever After," Conrad
3-053, "Point of View," Max Calahan
5-099, "Guardian," Ernest Hobson

Michael Ryan Segal
10-211, "Marathon," Roger Meeks
14-302, "Bodies," Kurt Lamond

Lee Sellars
8-176, "Disappeared," Nathan Faber
10-225, "Untitled," Otto Boyd

Frank Senger
6-113, "Rebels," Tiny
10-227, "High & Low," Horace

Terry Serpico
11-232, "Dissonance," Jay Brannigan
12-277, "Patriot," Frank Miller

Thom Sesma
3-048, "The Corporate Veil," Dr. Blum
4-087, "Doubles," Tom Boden
8-181, "Monster," Mark Consadine
14-302, "Bodies," Detective Ed Goldstein

Ed Setrakian
1-001, "Prescription for Death," Hoffman, car dealer, fishing pal of defendant
5-107, "Cruel and Unusual," Al Golden
8-167, "Ritual," Judge Patrick O'Hara

William Severs
2-020, "The Troubles," Judge Henry Fillmore
2-025, "Aria," Judge Freitag (nameplate: Fillmore)
3-063, "Virus" to present Judge Henry Fillmore

Karen Shallo
2-023, "Confession," Marie Greevey, Max's wife
5-106, "Privileged," Dr. Hester Blighe, expert witness for the defense
6-121, "Remand," Linda Santoro, witness to 30-year-old crime
10-228, "Stiff," Judge Janet Shiro
11-253, "Deep Vote," Judge Janet Shiro
13-285, "Asterisk," Arraignment Judge Anna Shiro
14-303, "Bounty," Arraignment Judge Anna Shiro

James Shanklin
8-175, "Stalker," Matt Vasco
10-226, "Narcosis," Judge Mark McDow
11-249, "All My Children,"

Mike G. Sheehan
2-027, "God Bless the Child," Burton
3-048, "The Corporate Veil," Gilbert
5-091, "Blue Bamboo," Detective Dennis Murray

Alison Sheehy
5-106, "Privileged," Elizabeth Lerner
9-186, "Agony," Morgan Bryant

Ben Shenkman
4-075, "Born Bad," Mark Ferris
9-204/205, "Refuge (1)(2)," Nick Margolis
12-265, "Undercovered," Nick Margolis

Lee Shepherd
2-037, "Trust," Judge Joseph Gannon
3-049, "Wedded Bliss," Judge Joseph Gannon
5-102, "Performance," Percy Banner
6-116, "Hot Pursuit," Mr. Harlan
7-151, "Judgment in L.A.: Showtime," Ben Tanner
8-160, "Navy Blues," Lt. Commander McIntyre
9-186, "Agony," Harry Kaufer
10-209, "Merger," Mr. Calvert
11-248, "Whiplash," Doug Lyle
12-274, "Foul Play," Doug Lyle

Keenan Shimizu
6-126, "Encore," Dectective Kwan
9-183, "DWB," CSU Technician Hsu
12-276, "Oxymoron," Deli Owner

Jerry Shulman
11-252, "Deep Vote (2)," Building Supervisor
13-288, "Chosen," Bailiff #1

Kevin Sibley
10-227, "High & Low," Arraignment Clerk
11-233, "Standoff," Prisoner
12-266, "DR 1-102," Detective

Joseph R. Sicari
2-040, "Cradle to Grave," Al Norman
4-084, "Wager," Coach Bud Genaro
10-210, "Justice," Eugene Frottano

Miguel Sierra
2-032, "Heaven," Guillermo Ruiz
4-077, "Golden Years," Felix Ortega
8-165, "Shadow," Joe
9-202, "Ambitious," Landers
12-268, "Access Nation," Miguel

Victor Sierra
3-049, "Wedded Bliss," Alejandro Lopez
5-110, "Switch," Sanchez
7-135, "Causa Mortis," Fernando Salva
9-205, "Refuge (2)," Leo Zamora
11-235, "Burn Baby Burn," Jose Medina

Adam Sietz
9-204, "Refuge (1)," Marty
11-246, "Ego," Occupant
14-302, "Bodies," Alex

Gene Silvers
7-142, "Family Business," Clarence Gray
12-266, "DR 1-102," Raymond Hobbs

J. K. Simmons
4-085, "Sanctuary," Jerry Luppin, Police Video Technician ("The boy's camera shy....")
6-124, "Charm City," (Col. Alexander Nathaniel Rausch, suspect, in the Homicide "For God and Country" episode, which is part two of this L&O/Homicide cross-over)
8-159, "Denial" to present, Dr. Emil Skoda, police psychiatrist (has taken Dr. Olivett's place in supporting cast lineup)

Chester A. Sims
1-005, "Happily Ever After," Jury Foreman
2-041, "The Fertile Fields," Court Clerk (credited as Chester A. Sims II)
3-056, "Right to Counsel," Arraignment Court Clerk
4-074, "American Dream," Appellate Judge Gordon Humphrey
5-102, "Performance," Appellate Judge Wayne Humphrey (credited as Chester A. Sims II)
11-235, "Burn Baby Burn," Bartender (credited as Chester A. Sims II)

Paul Singer
2-029, "In Memory Of," bailiff
4-078, "Snatched," policeman #2

Stephen Singer
2-031, "Renunciation," Aaron Gerstein
5-105, "Act of God," David Pence
8-171, "Grief," Defense Attorney Baum
11-232, "Dissonance," Rafael Kessler

Joseph Siravo
2-044, "The Working Stiff," Joey Palmieri
7-142, "Entrapment," Lou Shore
8-166, "Burned," Stan Kaminsky
11-235, "Burn Baby Burn,"

Rocco Sisto
2-040, "Cradle to Grave," Joseph Turner, thug living with and employed by slumlord
8-172, "Faccia a Faccia," Brendan Scott Hall, Australian ghost writer (registered under name of Ned Curran)
13-283, "Hitman," James "Jamie" Astangura

Kate Skinner
8-179, "Damaged," Defense Attorney Wilderman
12-261, "The Fire This Time," Carol Ley

John Slattery
8-180, "Tabloid," Arlen Levitt
10-228, "Stiff," Dr. Richard Shipman

Victor Slezak
2-044, "The Working Stiff," William Cousins, pro-bono attorney
4-088, "Old Friends," Steven Green, head of baby food company with connections to the Russian mob
7-142, "Family Business," Jeffery Arbaugh
11-231, "Turnstile Justice," Phillip Andrews, defendant

Mark Kenneth Smaltz
4-073, "Apocrypha," Grady
5-092, "Family Values," Kurtz
7-147, "Matrimony," Elias Bunch
9-183, "DWB" to present, U.S. District Judge William Koehler

Brian Smiar
1-007, "By Hooker By Crook," Judge Harcourt
1-009, "Indifference," Judge Harper
6-118, "Humiliation,"

J. Smith-Cameron
2-035, "Severence," Ms. Moskowitz
9-185, "Flight," Paula Downing

Peter Smith
10-217, "Mother's Milk," Chris Dauber
14-309, "Embedded," Evan Underberg

David Langston Smyrl
2-024, "The Wages of Love," Warner
9-183, "DWB," Artie Dickson

Dan Snook
9-182, "Cherished," Jim Sullivan
13-299, "Sheltered," Tom Lane

Marilyn Sokol
2-033, "His Hour upon the Stage," Marilee Katz, theatre party agent
6-126, "Encore," Mrs. Levine, neighbor of victim and suspect

Phyllis Somerville
1-002, "Subterranean Homeboy Blues," nurse
2-032, "Heaven," head nurse

Josef Sommer
7-139 "Corruption," Judge Lawrence Hellman
10-219 "Entitled," Pat Rumsey

Jose Soto
3-049, "Wedded Bliss," Hector
4-081, "Kids," Ricky Morales
11-240, "Sunday in the Park with Jorge," Kiki Morales

Scott Sowers
4-074, "American Dream," Billy Doyle, former cellmate of defendant, police informant
5-108, "Bad Faith," Stewart Waller, sex abuse victim
7-141, "Deadbeat," Joe Kirby, collection agent
10-223, "Mega," Harley Ellison
11-252, "Judge Dread," McGowan, arson inmate who pushed accountant inmate to hire judge's assassin

Sebastian Sozzi
10-222, "Black, White and Blue," Alfonzo
11-251, "School Daze," Tommy Gutierrez

Jay Spadaro
2-028, "Misconception," Bailiff
4-076, "The Pursuit of Happiness," Court Clerk
7-153, "Double Down," Earl Novack

David Spielberg
2-041, "The Fertile Fields," Isaac Shore
8-174, "Carrier," Judge Alvin Hoyt

Robert Spillane
8-160, "Navy Blues," Mechanic
9-186A, "Exiled: A Law & Order Movie," Abusing Husband
9-198, "Shield," Terry Mays
12-260, "Myth of Fingerprints," Jack Lynch

June Squibb
5-100, "Progeny," Sylvia Sherman
10-209, "Merger," Eileen de Rose

Cordell Stahl
7-136, "I.D.," Hopper
11-239, "Whose Monkey Is It Anyway?," Michael

Robert Stanton
1-024, "The Wages of Love," Jed Knox
8-161, "Harvest," Defense Attorney Jacob Sutter
13-296, "Seer," Tim Grayson

Mike Starr
1-006, "Everybody's Favorite Bagman," (uncredited), eyewitness/truck driver to a Masucci soldier attacking a man with a knife
2-033, "His Hour Upon the Stage," Pollard, drug dealing inmate who testifies for a reduced sentence
5-109, "Purple Heart," Steven Breck, loan shark under suspicion for cabbie's murder

Maduka Steady
11-239, "Whose Monkey Is It Anyway?," Evans
12-269, "Born Again," Clerk

Tom Stechschulte
6-121, "Remand," Judge Harold Rockwell
9-182, "Cherished," Judge Harold Rockwell
12-267, "Missing," Mr. Edwards

Adam Stein
13-282, "The Ring," CSU Technician Nelson
13-291, "Star Crossed," Assistant Medical Examiner Cook
13-297, "Kid Pro Quo," Assistant Medical Examiner Cantor

Saul Stein
2-036, "Blood Is Thicker," bouncer
4-083, "Mayhem," Bruno D'Angelo, second murder victim

Stewart Steinberg
4-067, "Sweeps," Dr. Joseph Vinton
9-196, "Disciple," Louie Dantone
11-253, "Deep Vote,"
13-281, "Tragedy on Rye," Deli Owner

Doug Stender
2-029, "In Memory Of," Huston
10-206, "Gunshow" to present, Judge Joseph Flint

Don Stephenson
10-229, "Vaya Con Dios," CSU Technician
12-257, "Soldier of Fortune," Attorney #1

Jenna Stern
9-204, "Refuge (1)," Assistant District Attorney Toni Ricci, murdered by Russian mob
14-306, "Blaze," Kathy Teller, defense attorney

Frances Sternhagen
1-019, "The Serpent's Tooth," Mrs. Langdon, housekeeper
7-144, "Legacy," Estelle Muller, hired hitman with little white dog

Pamela Holden Stewart
4-068, "Volunteers," Irene Morrissey
7-148, "Working Mom," Jane Tennick
11-237, "Thin Ice," Carmen Crider

Amy Stiller
4-077, "Golden Years," Alison Thomas
9-195, "Sideshow (1)," bartender

Jerry Stiller(father of repeat offender Amy Stiller and actor Ben Stiller)
2-041, "The Fertile Fields," Tobis, victim's brother's attorney
7-141, "Deadbeat," Sam Pokras," real estate attorney, defendant's cousin

Stephen Stout
8-177, "Burden," Dr. Keogh
9-202, "Ambitious," Phil Sager

Count Stovall
3-046, "Conspiracy," hospital officer
6-132, "Pro Se," Mr. Laramie

Henry Stram
7-148, "Working Mom," Kaplan
11-233, "Standoff," Daniel Kiley

Charles Stransky
5-108, "Bad Faith," Murphy
8-159, "Denial," Man
10-212, "Patsy," Nick Tidwell

Billy Strong
4-086, "Nurture," Archie Borden
6-121, "Remand," Danny Trumbello
7-148, "Working Mom," Gino Ricardo
11-233, "Standoff," Officer Sokolosky

Skipp Sudduth
5-105, "Act of God," Hank Chappel
7-139, "Corruption," Internal affairs detective
9-198, "Shield," Officer Cass

Brad Sullivan
1-017, "Mushrooms," Joe Anson
11-236, "Amends," Tommy Brannigan

Matthew Sussman
3-055, "Extended Family," Alan Fischer
8-169, "Expert,"
10-210, "Justice,"
11-248, "Whiplash," Dr. Jerome Raleigh

Allen Swift
6-118, "Humiliation," Abe Pomerance
8-172, "Faccia a Faccia," Jacob Rosen

Francie Swift
5-110, "Switch," Megan Nelson, defendant with multiple personalities
10-209, "Merger," Mercedes Garrison, victim's mentally ill teenage mother (raised as her sister)

Keith Szarabajka
3-054, "Consultation," Harry Sibelius, Nawaka's defense attorney
7-149, "Judgment in L.A.: D-Girl," Neal Gorton, defense attorney and Jamie's ex-husband
7-150, "Judgment in L.A.: Turnaround," Neal Gorton, defense attorney and Jamie's ex-husband
7-151, "Judgment in L.A.: Showtime," Neal Gorton, defense attorney and Jamie's ex-husband

Jeff Talbott
10-223, "Mega," Christopher Stahl
12-255, "Armed Forces," Dr. Rudd

Tom Tammi
2-032, "Heaven," James Collins
6-112, "Bitter Fruit," Mr. Gaines
8-163, "Baby, It's You," Dr. Steven Janaway, victim's father, defendant
12-257, "Soldier of Fortune," FBI Agent Frank Giillium

Brian Tarantina
2-030, "Out of Control," parolee who tended bar at the frat party and tells police about the mask ("It had big ears")
4-088, "Old Friends," Rudy, homeless suspect
12-254, "Who Let the Dogs Out?," Al Manos

Kirk Taylor
3-046, "Conspiracy," Dr. Reid
6-124, "Charm City (1)," Graham

Myra Lucretia Taylor
7-137, "Good Girl," Jane Monroe
10-216, "Collision," Donna

Regina Taylor
1-017, "Mushrooms," Evelyn Griggs, mother of suspect
5-096, "Virtue," Sarah Maslin, attorney and prior victim of Councilman Talbert

Laurie Taylor-Williams
3-064, "Securitate," Ronda Rubin
5-098, "House Counsel," Deidre Martin

Joseph Temperini
10-207, "Killerz," Billy
13-294, "Genius," Max

Roy Thinnes
1-006, "Everybody's Favorite Bagman," District Attorney Alfred Wentworth (Adam Schiff's predecessor, CBS pilot episode)
7-157, "Terminal," Victor Panatti, Deputy Attorney General
9-192, "Ramparts," Mr. Kushner

Eddie Kaye Thomas
7-138, "Survivor," Chad Marham
10-209, "Merger," Ethan Vance

Iris Little Thomas
6-125, "Custody," Jean Hepley
10-210, "Justice," Judge Barbara Lusky

Ray Anthony Thomas
4-083, "Mayhem," Wool Hat
6-124, "Charm City," George Bell
7-148, "Working Mom," Arnold Waring
8-181, "Monster," Owen Stokes
11-231,"Turnstile Justice," Brian Gallant, mentally ill perp

Al Thompson
10-225, "Untitled," CSU Technician
11-247, "White Lie," Eddie

John Leonard Thompson
6-115, "Jeopardy," Gil
9-186, "Agony," Sam Franklin

Richard Thomsen
5-106, "Privileged," Dr. Alvin Eidler
8-161, "Harvest," Mr. Fuller
13-296, "Seer," Geoffrey Viceroy

Tracy Thorne
6-133, "Homesick," Naves Franklin
12-268, "Access Nation," Abby Williams

David Thornton
7-142, "Family Business," Paul Medici
10-225, "Untitled," Paul Radford
13-280, "True Crime," Jeremy Cook

Larissa Thurston
6-131, "Girlfriends," Lisa
12-273, "Dazzled," Melanie

Nancy Ticotin
3-059, "Mother Love," Miss Gomez
7-139, "Corruption," Club Bahia Hostess
11-237, "Thin Ice," Alma Nogales
11-243, "A Losing Season," through rest of season 11, Detective Reina Perez (successor to Profaci and LaMotte)

Jaime Tirelli
1-012, "Life Choice," CSU Technician Rivera
3-066, "Benevolence," Chick Sullivan
4-083, "Mayhem," Santana
10-222, "Black, White and Blue," Sgt. Palatio

Millie Tirelli
1-003, "The Reaper's Helper," Lois Rivera
4-088, "Nurture," Rosie Cervantes
11-248, "Whiplash," Aunt

Barbara Tirrell
8-159, "Denial," Araignment Judge Edith Markham
11-250, "Brother's Keeper," Barbara Landers

Ellen Tobie
1-022, "The Blue Wall," Marge Cragen, Lt. Cragen's wife
4-083, "Mayhem," Priscilla Bench
7-146, "Barter," Mrs. Poletti, discovers first victim's body
8-180, "Tabloid," Phyllis Howard

Richard Topol
7-157, "Terminal," Mickey Fine
12-256, "For Love or Money," Lloyd Neal
14-303, "Bounty," Arnie Gleason

John Tormey
6-112, "Bitter Fruit," Alan Krutsky
8-158, "Thrill," Tommy DeLuca
13-290, "Absentia," Retired NYPD Detective Will Ashman

Angelica Torn
6-114, "Savages," Sarah Tabor
12-271, "Equal Rights," Georgina Woods

Gina Torres
3-045, "Skin Deep," Laura Elkin
5-109, "Purple Heart," Charlene

Adam Trese
3-065, "Manhood," Officer Craig McGraw
11-244, "Swept Away,"  Byron Stark

Carole Troll
9-194, "Hunters," Hospital Receptionist
11-231, "Turnstile Justice," Jury Foreperson

Robert Trumbull
5-096, "Virtue," Bennett Cole
6-062, "Animal Instinct," Dean Jerome Parks

Robert Turano
6-121, "Charm City (1)," Bavarro
7-137, "Good Girl," Harvey Coyles
9-189, "Shield," Sergeant McAllen
14-304, "Patient Zero," Ed Pachero

Sam Turich
10-225, "Untitled," Crawford
11-243, "A Losing Season," Uniform Policeman
14-305, "Shrunk," Uniform Officer

Aida Turturro
1-005, "Happily Ever After," Carmen
5-091, "Blue Bamboo," Cocktail Waitress
7-136, "I.D.," Receptionist ("She looks like someone I might have talked to....")

Charles Tuthill
11-249, "All My Children," Father
13-293, "Suicide Box," David Smith

Jo Twiss
4-083, "Mayhem," Legal Aid Lawyer
7-149, "Judgment in L.A.: D-Girl," Neighbor
10-207, "Killerz," Erica Lang
11-241, "Teenage Wasteland," Carol Warner

Anne Twomey
6-116, "Hot Pursuit," Mrs. Harlan, defendant's mother
7-142, "Family Business," Kate Bergreen-Spiegel,  defendant's sister
10-209, "Merger," Paula (Pepper) Garrison, victim's mother
Diane Tyler
2-038, "Vengeance," Fran Melton
5-106, "Privileged," CSU Technician Carlotta
6-133, "Homesick," Dr. Stanley
12-269, "Born Again," Mrs. Vogel
14-308, "Floater," Tamara Feinn

Maryann Urbano
1-001, "Prescription for Death," Dr. Jean Mills (can't make eye contact with police)
3-048, "The Corporate Veil," Ms. Adler, attorney for Souter (medical salesman)
5-102, "Performance," Mrs. Russell, mother of victim
8-167, "Ritual," Hamidah Wuzir, sister of victim

Paul Urcioli
7-141, "Deadbeat," Bellman
13-278, "American Jihad," Dog Walker

Byron Utley
1-007, "By Hooker by Crook," Cookie Molina
5-107, "Cruel and Unusual," Ralph

Laine Valentino
8-177, "Burden," Bea Goring
10-218, "Panic," Jean Kellogg

Courtney B. Vance
1-007, "By Hooker, By Crook," Mayor's aide (uncredited)
5-101, "Rage," Benjamin "Bud" Greer, defendant

Jennifer Van Dyck
1-021, "Sonata for Solo Organ," Joanna Woodleigh, kidney recipient
4-082, "Big Bang," defense attorney
7-140, "Double Blind," Jill Perry, Dr. Varrick's research assistant
9-202, "Ambitious," defense attorney
12-267, "Missing,"

Billy Vann
2-029, "In Memory Of," detective
3-045, "Skin Deep," CSU Tech Gilmore
4-068, "Volunteers," CSU Tech
5-108, "Bad Faith," Vince Coughlin

Peter Van Wagner
4-076, "The Pursuit of Happiness," defense attorney Stan Feldman
6-131, "Girlfriends," Jonathan Freeman
9-189, "Punk," defense attorney for Pacheco
10-227, "High & Low," Jim Harris

Yul Vazquez
3-045, "Skin Deep," Eddie Vasquez
11-240, "Sunday in the Park with Jorge,"

John Ventimiglia
5-092, "Family Values," Gaydos
6-112, "Bitter Fruit," Nick Capetti
9-183, "DWB," Officer Frank Dietrick

Richard Venture
2-029, "In Memory Of," Douglas Greer
5-102, "Performance," Douglas Greer
6-112, "Bitter Fruit," Douglas Greer
6-134, "Aftershock," Graves
7-142, "Family Business," Douglas Greer

Victor Verhaeghe
8-173, "Divorce, "Eric Belfour
10-213, "Blood Money," Gary Howard
12-275, "Attorney Client," Bobby Caldwell

Marta Vidal
2-032, "Heaven," Annalissa Barragan
7-155, "Passion," Operator
12-264, "The Collar," Carmen Cabrera

James Villemaire
3-066, "Benevolence," Ben Freed
13-301, "Smoke," Harvey

Ray Virta
8-163, "Baby, It's You (1)," Reporter #4
9-195, "Sideshow (1)," Mr. Gary Bowker
11-236, "Amends," Alex Citren

Floyd Vivino
3-056, "Right to Counsel," Newsman
5-095, "Precious," Building Superintendent

Max Vogler
12-257, "Soldier of Fortune," Clark Slater
13-279, "Shangri-La," Dr. Neil Carson

Daniel von Bargen
2-023, "Confession," Defense Attorney Lambrusco
8-160, "Navy Blues," Commander Billings

Peter von Berg
3-055, "Extended Family," Ned Halley
7-157, "Terminal," Doctor
9-205, "Refuge (2)," Judge Hewlett

David Raymond Wagner
8-175, "Stalker," CSU Technician
12-261, "The Fire This Time," Evan Pabst
13-295, "Maritime," Petty Officer

Kay Walbye
4-074, "American Dream," Jury Forewoman
11-241, "Teenage Wasteland," Neighbor

Chris Walker
5-096, "Virtue," Barley
6-129, "Atonement," CSU Tech Cummings
6-134, "Aftershock," CSU Detective Cook
7-138, "Survivor," CSU Detective Cook

Craig Walker
10-220, "Fools For Love," Baxter Fine
12-266, "DR 1-102," Bartender
13-295, "Maritime," Sean Ridgeway

Fuschia Walker
5-100, "Progenitor," Myrna Campos, Women's Health Center
6-126, "Encore," Mercy
7-135, "Causa Mortis," meter maid

Debrah Ellen Waller
10-209, "Merger," Nell
12-266, "DR 1-102," Alicia Williams

Barabara Walsh
9-187, "Scrambled," Mrs. Lasky
11-246, "Ego," Deanne Conroy

Yvonne Warden
10-217, "Mother's Milk," Mrs. Watkins
4-078, "Snatched," Jury Forewoman

Sharon Washington
4-085, "Sanctuary," Mrs. Mary Fox
8-171, "Grief," Sally Thaxton
14-304, "Patient Zero," Dr. Dorothy Hunter

Alberta Watson
2-033, "His Hour Upon the Stage," Defense Attorney
3-045, "Skin Deep," Angela Brandt, modeling mom, prostitute, and defendant
4-079, "Breeder," defense attorney

Fritz Weaver
1-021, "Sonata for Solo Organ," Philip Woodleigh, defendant (father of kidney recipient)
3-058, "Promises to Keep," Larry Weber, defense attorney

Andrew Weems
6-134, "Aftershock," David Silverman
11-232, "Dissonance," Wallace Hogart

Robin Weigert
10-206, "Gunshow," Denise Luca
13-296, "Seer," Leanne Parks

Jason Weinberg
8-161, "Harvest," Tony
9-186A, "Exiled: A Law & Order Movie," Officer Shroeder
10-214, "Sundown," Vic Fazioli

Josh Weinstein
2-036, "Blood Is Thicker," Peter (discovers victim's body when he and his date fall on garbage bags)
2-041, "The Fertile Fields," Caleb Shore, son of victim

Gordon Joseph Weiss
1-009, "Indifference," Rudy Scelza
5-111, "Pride," Cliff
8-174, "Carrier," Larry Adler
10-210, "Justice," Michael Gordon
14-306, "Blaze," Mitch Selman

Christopher Danforth Wells
10-228, "Stiff," Peter Streim (credited as Christopher D. Wells)
11-247, "White Lie," Air Controller
13-291, "Star Crossed," Detective Arnie Spivak

Michael Louis Wells
3-064, "Securitate," Karl
13-284, "Open Season," Matthew Clemens
13-300, "Couples," Matthew Clemens

Ed Wheeler
2-041, "The Fertile Fields," David
5-109, "Purple Heart," Duane Johnson
7-145, "Menace," John Cromwell
9-193, "Haven," Rev. Jared Young
12-269, "Born Again," Carl Dunston

Timothy Wheeler
3-058, "Execution," Robert Rule (SVU)
8-178, "Bad Girl," Al Johnson
6-113, "Rebels," Milton Stillman
12-267, "Missing," Mickey Bastone

Bradley White
2-034, "Star Struck," Jesse Unger, stalker, defendant
7-144, "Legacy," Jim Shepherd, victim, defendant, and stalker
10-214, "Sundown," Michael Hallenbeck, son of victim

Joe White
10-209, "Merger," Pharmacist
12-262, "3 Dawg Night," Forensics Technician

Julie White
1-016, "Torrents of Greed (2)," waitress
2-034, "Star Struck," Sandy Reynolds

Lillias White(1997 Tony award winner, supporting actress in a musical for "Life")
1-007, "By Hooker By Crook," streetwalker ("I told you we all need fiber!")
4-075, "Born Bad," Ms. Purvis, guidance counselor
6-125, "Custody," Susan Monroe, Baskind Rehab Clinic (reveals identity of birth mother to police)

Welker White
2-030, "Out of Control," Barbara (with whom victim boards)
6-130, "Slave," Marla Rubinoff
9-191, "Hate," Ms. Caldwell
11-233, "Standoff," Miss Aronson
11-244, "Swept Away," Ms. Aronson

Isiah Whitlock Jr.
5-099, "Guardian," Anthony White
6-123, "Trophy," Simon Brooks, defendant, serial killer of young black children
10-215, "Loco Parentis," Fred Oakes
11-233, "Standoff," Captain Navarro, head of undercover operation

Ellen Whyte
5-097, "Scoundrels," Harriet Curren
7-156, "Past Imperfect," Nurse DeLong
9-197, "Harm," Claudia Panati, RN
12-257, "Soldier of Fortune," Mrs. Powell

David Wike
9-203, "Admissions," Rick Pendergrast
11-234, "Return,"
13-294, "Genius," Clay Warner

Edmund Wilkinson
9-202, "Ambitious," Albert 'Lucky' Martin
14-304, "Patient Zero," Joe Borelli

Lee Wilkof
1-019, "The Serpent's Tooth," Jack Epstein, ADA for Kings County
6-120, "Blood Libel," Dr. Alvin Sabloff
10-228, "Stiff," Eric Berner

Brian Williams
1-017, "Mushrooms," Burnham
1-018, "The Secret Sharers," A.D.A. Dickey
2-036, "Blood Is Thicker," Roeder
4-077, "Golden Years," Secretary

Jayson Ward Williams
9-190, "True North," Turner
10-213, "Blood Money," Roland Dell

Laurie Williams
8-178, "Bad Girl," Sharon Sutton
11-236, "Amends," Stephanie Luchien

Shelley Williams
10-223, "Mega," Alice Tervaine
14-304, "Patient Zero," Kimberly Watson

Jack Willis
8,-172, "Faccia a Faccia," Duane Wheeler
12-255, "Armed Forces," Mayor Stanley Fletcher

Michael Willis
5-098, "House Counsel," Joe Williams
6-119, "Angel," Father Carney
7-138, "Survivor," Richard Petersen, suspect

Susan Willis
6-134, "Aftershock," Mrs. Landers
10-210, "Justice," Mary

Mark Elliot Wilson
9-190, "True North," Frank Wexman
12-277, "Patriot," FBI Agent

Noel Wilson
10-206, "Gunshow," Phil Wallis
11-237, "Thin Ice," Jake Arnold

Bruce Winant
7-135, "Causa Mortis," Morgenstern
10-211, "Marathon," Mike Fitch
13-281, "Tragedy on Rye," Dale Franks

Beatrice Winde
1-006, "Everybody's Favorite Bagman," Mrs. Jackson, suspect's grandmother (uncredited)
1-013, "A Death in the Family," Miss Perry, police informant
3-054, "Consultation," Sarah DeWitt, cab driver who transports victim
4-085, "Sanctuary," Corina Roberts, defendant's grandmother
12-259, "Formerly Famous," Mrs. Hawthorne

Graham Winton
9-182, "Cherished," Mr. Waring
13-284, "Open Season," Kevin Wilson

Alex Wipf
4-069, "Discord," Michael Wood
9-186, "Agony," Mr. O'Brien

Wiley Wisdon
(located partially in the IMDB as Wiley Widon)
9-194, "Hunters," Airport Policeman
10-223, "Mega," Court Clerk
12-256, "For Love or Money," Nick Claussen

William Wise
2-043, "Silence," Prison Guard
5-105, "Act of God," Frank Stevens
13-282, "The Ring," McCann

John Wojda
8-173, "Divorce,"
12-271, "Equal Rights," Hank

Catherine Wolf
1-022, "The Blue Wall," Judge Harris
2-025, "Aria," Criminal Trial Judge Rosemary Hale
8-161, "Harvest," Dr. Nedermann
11-238, "Hubris," Evelyn Kramer

David Wolos-Fonteno
1-017, "Mushrooms," coach
3-060, "Jurisdiction," Gavin McCrea
4-085, "Sanctuary," Jimmy Graves, witness, stopped to help beating victim on his way to Sam Goody's
6-115, "Jeopardy," CSU Tech Murray
7-152, "Mad Dog," Mr. Munro
10-229, "Vaya Con Dios," John Grobam, ex-Naval attache (listed as David Fonteno)
11-239, "Whose Monkey Is It Anyway?," Judge Derek Hafner (listed as David Fonteno)

Paul Woodburn
11-250, "Brother's Keeper," Curtis Randall
13-300, "Couples," Security Supervisor

Carol Woods
2-040, "Cradle to Grave," Mrs. Price
3-055, "Extended Family," Polly Fairfield

Samuel E. Wright
5-094, "Competence," Jerome Osborne, defense attorney
7-143, "Entrapment," Dubois, defense attorney
10-221, "Trade This," Morris Stokely

Ronald Wyche
5-109, "Purple Heart," Barry Kirvin
12-271, "Equal Rights," Carl

Christopher Wynkoop
1-008, "Poison Ivy," Corey
4-085, "Sanctuary," Bloom
6-126, "Encore," Herbert Jaffe (owner of stolen credit card number)
10-210, "Justice," Lou

Lia Yang
7-153, "Double Down," Dr. Chang
8-167, "Ritual," Emma Korimatsu
12-256, "For Love or Money," Tim Park
13-281, "Tragedy on Rye," Yoriko Fujitsa

Delaine Yates
6-122, "Corpus Dilicti," Susan Bauer
13-288, "Chosen," Susan Ashman

Teresa Yenque
5-092, "Family Values," Theresa Aguilar
9-182, "Cherished," Angela Cruz
13-283, "Hitman," Elizabeth Pinero

Bellamy Young
8-164, "Blood," Ellen O'Brien, adoptive mother of Joshua Burdett's black child
9-190, "True North," Stephanie Harker, homicidal Canadian who killed four people

Damian Young
10-213, "Blood Money," Daniel Catterson
11-233, "Standoff," Benson White

Karen Young
6-130, "Slave," Cassie Rickman
12-271, "Equal Rights," Leslie Cooper

Stuart Zagnit
7-136, "I.D.," Harry Shapiro, D.D.S., prospective butter investor
10-210, "Justice," Carson
12-270, "Girl Most Likely," Jim Roker

Joe Zaloom
8-158, "Thrill," Avi
10-207, "Killerz," Nick

Janet Zarish
1-004, "Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die," Eleanor Phipps
9-195, "Sideshow (1)," Judy Palnick
13-287, "Mother's Day," Caroline Milius

Michael Zaslow
5-097, "Scoundrel," Willard Tappin, defendant ("If things were different, they wouldn't be the same")
7-149, "Judgment in L.A.: D-Girl," Ben Hollings, CEO of studio
7-150, "Judgment in L.A.: Turnaround," Ben Hollings, CEO of studio
7-151, "Judgment in L.A.: Showtime," Ben Hollings, CEO of studio

David Zayas
7-135, "Causa Mortis, Raoul Cervantes
6-114, "Savages," McGinty
9-185, "Flight," Carlos
13-301, "Smoke," John Mireles

Rick Zieff
1-015, "The Torrents of Greed (1)," Dr. Cohen
2-028, "Misconception," Dr. Cohen
6-120, "Blood Libel," Forensic Technician Rosen

Chip Zien
1-005, "Happily Every After," Borak, medical examiner
3-057, "Night and Fog," Mr. Green, from the Center for Holocaust Studies

Richard Ziman
1-017, "Mushrooms," Alex Cassini
3-064, "Securitate," David Kaplan
7-154, "We Like Mike," Dr. Marienthal
12-275, "Attorney Client," Marty Benowitz

Mark Zimmerman
2-039, "Sisters of Mercy," polygraph tester
3-061, "Conduct Unbecoming," Mooren
6-129, "Atonement," Frederick Scannel
7-151, "Denial," Judge Nathan Murray
11-244, "Swept Away," Lawyer
14-303, "Bounty," Judge Nathan Murray

Daniel Ziskie
5-107, "Cruel and Unusual," George Jeffries, father of victim
7-140, "Double Blind," Fred Sawyer, corporate attorney, father of suspect
9-192, "Ramparts," Captain Gene Sayres

Greg Zittel
8-175, "Stalker," Gene McDermott
10-210, "Justice," Judge George Veitch

Adam Zolotin
6-130, "Slave," Lonnie "Nacho" Rickman
10-215,  "Loco Parentis," Ricky Velardi

Louis Zorich
1-009, "Indifference," Judge Milton Erdheim
6-115, "Jeopardy," Judge Edgar Hynes

Stewart J. Zully
3-050, "Wedded Bliss," Steinmetz
4-072, "Pride and Joy," Granger
9-187, "Scrambled," Tom Bubitz
13-278, "American Jihad," Sal

Jose Zuniga
3-049, "Wedded Bliss," Rudy Armendariz, perp and bar owner
9-183, "Bait," Narcotics Detective Mark Rivera

Dick Wolf quoted by Bill Carter, "Stars Come and Go, but Law & Order Just Gets Stronger," New York Times, February 19, 1997.