The Character I Like Least
By Lynne Hoffman

The character I like the least? On Law & Order? Is there such an animal? Of course there is, as without truly distasteful critters, we wouldn't be able to fully appreciate the ones we admire and/or respect without them. While there have been leading roles I haven't warmed too or particularly liked well, there haven't been any I have really despised. Even Rey Curtis, whom I've picked on in some of my writing, has his redeeming qualities. Instead, I find some of the more despicable characters in supporting roles and not necessarily in the criminal element. There have been survivors whom I've been disgusted with, so-called 'grieving' relatives; as well as the odd Judge and opposition attorney. The show has been on the air for so long, there is such a rich abundance of nastiness that narrowing it down to one, for me, was a difficult choice.
Many of the grieving mothers, such as the one in "Aria", would qualify as hard to like. So would certain members of the legal system, including notable William Dell, from "Sideshow", a man without scruples or regard for whoever's reputation he was besmirching. That he finally turned his disgusting interrogation on to Jack and Jack's whispered relationship with Claire was simply a case of "I'll get you, you son-of-a-bitch". That Claire was unavailable to defend herself was downright cowardly. 'Nuff said.
However, taking all episodes into consideration I think my bias, as a Ben Stone fan, shows through in my choice for number one nasty.
And the winner is?
From "Jurisdiction", anti-hero is Frank Lazar. The mousy little prig, who, as Brooklyn's representative tried to discredit Ben Stone on the stand. Lazar suffered from an excruciating case of inflated self-worth. Rather than treat a fellow attorney and a fellow prosecutor with some respect, he chose contempt and disdain. It made him appear self-righteous and unprofessional.
(So there!! Leave Ben alone you inferior wimp!)


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