And now for some all around general weirdness -- but readers of Sophie's World might find this place familiar territory.


Peter's World
By teen_ah

Abbie was tired, it had been a long night of discomfort on her old mattress, and she didn't feel like any strange surprises today. She was looking forward to a morning of black coffee and paperwork, maybe a witness interview in the afternoon. No new cases, no fights with Jack, no surprising motions, just a typical day in the life of an attorney. No such luck. She was just closing the door to her apartment, wincing as the hinges screeched, when a crumpled piece of paper appeared out of nowhere, hitting her on the head before it floated to the ground. She scanned it quickly, expecting to be reading a receipt or maybe a bill, but instead it said in block letters: HOW I LOVE YOU. YOU ARE THE BEST OF THEM ALL! Well, that was simple enough. Whoever had written it didn't exactly have a gift for ornamental prose. This was probably for her new neighbor, who'd moved in last week. Louise, who was pretty, blonde and athletic, did seem the type to get love letters. Abbie snorted. Sentimentality didn't suit her. She stuffed the paper in the garbage can and went on her way.
"Hey, Jack," Abbie greeted halfheartedly, flopping down on his sophisticated leather couch.
He grunted a reply when a clerk came in and handed him a folded blue paper. Another motion Who knew what this one was about? "Motion to..."Jack read, then frowned and stopped. "What the-?"
"What's it say, Jack? It can't be that preposterous."
"Motion to kick Sam/Jack off the show. Michael Moriarty all the way!"
Both of them were silent for a moment, contemplating what on earth this meant. "Who's Sam supposed to be? And what show?" Abbie asked finally.
"I don't know," Jack sighed, rubbing his temples with his index fingers, "But-"
"Isn't Michael Moriarty that funny looking bald actor who we always said looked a lot like Ben Stone?"
Abbie nodded slowly, wondering...Had someone mixed the two up? She hoped there wouldn't be any more surprises for the day.
Her wish was granted until she got home. Sipping a cappuccino, Abbie leafed through her mail, seeing only bills, and breathed out heavily in relief. Until she saw the valentine. It was a gaudy card, decorated with brightly colored red and pink hearts, with a chubby cupid in the middle. Abbie opened it tentatively, reading the message: Are you really real? Who controls your destiny, you or me? You are better than Jill Hennessy or that other funny looking actress, I'll give you that credit. But how much longer can you keep it up, Abbie/Angie? I'll tune in at six. It wasn't signed. She shuddered; there was something ominous in that note. Who was Angie? And earlier that day, the note had said something about kicking Sam/Jack off "the show". In this valentine, a mention about her being better than some other "actresses". She felt mysteriously like a puppet in someone's warped idea of a show.

"Dad, it's time for the show!" Jen Portman cried excitedly, flopping down on the couch and waiting for another episode of Law and Order to go on. Her father, Peter, came rushing, since he loved this show just as much. In fact, lately, it had become a demented obsession. He'd even been writing threatening notes to the characters! One time he had folded up some blue paper and, for a joke, made a fake "motion" to kick the new smart ass, Jack McCoy, off the show. He had never mailed them, though, he was too embarrassed by how strange they were. They sat secretly in his dresser drawer. The two people watched as Jack and Abbie went through another case, but for some reason, the actors seemed uneasy. Peter had a funny feeling, deep inside, that this had something to do with his notes. But it was only after what happened next on the show that he knew he was controlling them.

Ben Stone didn't know why he was returning to Manhattan, since he'd been enjoying himself in Europe for the past three years. But something was drawing him back, and so he'd packed his bags and flown home. He walked past the District Attorney's Office and felt an eager, temptation to be back there, prosecuting the criminals and working alongside his fellow white knights. So for some, crazy reason, he went inside. Ben pressed the right buttons on the elevator, got inside, and rode up. Then he knocked on Adam's door, walked in and knew what he had to do. "I want my job back," he said.

"Daddy! Look! Look who's back on Law and Order!" yelled Jen, thrilled for her father. Ben Stone had just made an unexpected entrance into Adam's office, demanding his job back! Peter stared at the screen, suddenly feeling a chill of authority over these actors, and he smiled broadly. He could make them do whatever he wanted! He watched Ben win another unexpected case, then Peter walked over to the library. Sitting down at one of the long tables, he got out a sheet of loose-leaf and wrote Ben Stone/Michael Moriarty a thank you note. After all, he had done exactly what he had told him to do.

Ben went to bed shocked and frightened at the events of the day. He had stormed into Adam Schiff's office and become an attorney again simply by saying five words! The scary thing was, he hadn't even really been aware of what he was doing as he began working again. It was like someone was controlling him. The next morning, he woke up early and stumbled into the kitchen, making himself some tea. He hated coffee. While he was waiting for the water to boil, a piece of loose-leaf blew in through his open window. Curious, Ben read the message that was scribbled on it.
Thank you, Ben/Michael! You obeyed orders!

Peter had decided he didn't like the cops on this show anymore. Lennie was a smartass, he thought, and that slick haired little partner of his wasn't doing Law and Order any good, either. These weren't good role models for the little innocent Jen of his, and he had to get rid of them. Or at least change them. But how? Peter thought for a while, then began writing.

Abbie was scared. Really scared. Ben had just told her about a strange note he had received, "thanking" him and a man named Michael for returning to this "show". Who was doing this? And how had he managed to get Ben to come back so quickly? It had just been yesterday when Jack had gotten that weird note about kicking "Sam/Jack" of the show and replacing him with Michael Moriarty. This was getting confusing, Abbie thought. What was even the point? What was this "show"?

Lennie sat in the bar, miserably gulping down brandy. "What am I doing here?" he asked himself sadly, wondering how he had managed to become an alcoholic again so quickly. How could he have let down his daughter? And his coworkers? "What a jackass I am," he sighed. Well, maybe I can get out of this, Lennie thought, a ray of hope suddenly coming through. He could go back to the A.A meetings, get clean again. He had done it once. Couldn't he do it again? Suddenly, a piece of crumpled paper appeared beside his empty glass. Lennie read it with curiosity. Order another drink, Lennie. You don't deserve your job back. He felt a chill run down his spine, and then the nausea of depression. The note was right. He didn't deserve his job back. He ordered another drink.

Peter was thrilled! He truly could do whatever he wanted with the characters! They were his! He had already replaced that asshole McCoy with Ben Stone, and kicked Lennie off the show. He'd even motivated that wonderful Abbie/Angie Harmon woman to continue acting well! He was a God to them. And no one knew it but him. Or so he thought. But Jen had been looking through his dresser one day, trying to find him a pair of socks with out holes in them, when she'd stumbled upon the notes he'd written. She'd been scared then, frightened out of her wits, since she knew that everything he had written had come true. She had to stop him, but how?

Abbie was catching on to the Puppeteer's scheme(as she called him), and she didn't like it. She'd found an array of notes commanding certain things to happen on the "show", and she knew she had to fight it somehow. But who would help her? Unbeknownst to Abbie, Jack had been doing his own investigating, trying to get his job back, and had come to the same conclusion as her. A god-like puppeteer in their world was controlling his coworkers through a series of odd notes, and he was watching the consequences as though watching a television show. He had to be stopped somehow, but he couldn't think up any way.

Jen was furious. Her favorite characters, all of them, except Abbie, had been kicked off the show because of her father's notes! How dare he do such a thing to these wonderful people? She was going to stop The Puppeteer, once and for all.
Her father was writing when she entered his room on tiptoe, and she knew he was commanding another character to quit his or her job. Testing his authority, his "godliness". She hated him more than ever. Jen slowly, silently opened his dresser drawer, knowing her father was too busy writing to notice her. She took the notes in her palm, staring at them with disgust. These notes had destroyed Law and Order, and her father's sanity. And she would destroy them all. She would get revenge.
Taking a match, she lit it, and stuck the flame against the bundle of papers. They burst on fire, scorching to charred blackness, until they were all gone. Until they had disappeared.
Her father spun around in his chair, and felt sick deep in his stomach. No! His world! His leadership was being burnt by his own daughter! In a trance of fury, Peter grabbed his pen and stabbed poor Jen with it until she tumbled to the floor and bled to death. And then he broke down into tears. How could he do it? All for a television show?

All the Law and Order characters died in a freak hurricane. Or so the real writers say. After Peter's story hit the press, the show was cancelled, never to be seen again.


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