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The Beginning
by Clare Bautista
"Jack McCoy hung up the phone.  He sighed irritably. Why Diana Hawthorne couldn’t get over him, he had no clue."

Scene And Not Heard
by Kyllikki
"Vaguely through the pain she hears Lennie's voice.  God, Claire, you all right? Claire? She grunts and tries to open her eyes, but nothing seems to be working."


Cold Light of Dawn
by jael
"Later, she tried to convince herself that there were reasons for what she had done."

Peter's World
by teen_ah
"Abbie was tired, it had been a long night of discomfort on her old mattress, and she didn't feel like any strange surprises today."

Out Of The Blue
by The Sentinel
"Where was he? She peered around the edge of the old, brick building, searching the direction from whence she had come."

The challenge: 
Write a story about this photo.
Hoof Dreams
by Shelley Johnston
"Jack and Lennie looked at the dilapidated barn.  A look of dismay covered Lennie’s face, while Jack tried to hide his amusement."

Straight From The Heart
by Roda Werland
"Detective Mike Logan mumbled a curse. Phil Ceretta looked at his new partner with an askance look."

Night Portrait I
by S.E. Olson
"She arrests Goren’s attention like she’s the corpse in the center of his crime scene."

Second Chance
by Clare Bautista
"Jack walked into the Irish pub.  It looked promising from the outside.  He only hoped that it wasn’t filled with couples celebrating Valentine’s Day."

Next Season
by Clare Bautista
"Jamie stood outside The Italian Village wondering what made her come here.  She should be home with her daughter."


Congrats to all of our winners, and thanks to everyone who voted in the nomination process! Here are the stories and essays you, the reader, picked as the best from last year. 
Fiction Story
Stand Up Guy
by Kitteridge

No Execution
by The Sentinel

Non-Fiction Essay
Steven Hill: Hollywood's 
Most Talented Curmudgeon
by John Sobiski
Non-Fiction Challenge
Trial Part 2: In Defense of SVU
by Brittany Frederick 

Claire in "Girlfriends"
by Ursula
"The episode 'Girlfriends' is not one of the more memorable offerings of season 6. But it provides some welcome characterization, especially for Claire."


Write a story about this "found" object (you have to click on the link to get to it; object contains some profanity). Click here. Obviously, work L&O characters into it, but use either the references or the actual note in your story.

LENGTH: 5,000 words or fewer
DUE: June 1, 2002

Congrats to Ursula for winning last issue's contest! She correctly guessed that it was Carolyn McCormick (ex-Elizabeth Olivet) who said: "It's nice to let TV viewers imagine again, instead of mapping it all out. That's one of my favorite things about the show: When people are forced to kind of wonder and speculate. It's nice when you have to fill in the blanks. It keeps you guessing."

Now, here's a new contest for the Spring! Which episode's final prosecution lawyer summation was considered "weak" by the actor playing the lawyer, and partially re-written by the scriptwriter based on a variation of "that famous World War II speech," as the writer was quoted, "about when they came for one group, I said nothing, and when they came for another group, I said nothing, and when they came for me, there was nobody left"?

Da Rules: Email the episode name to Include your FULL NAME and SNAIL-MAIL ADDRESS. Correct answers sent in by June 1, 2002 will have their names put in a tin cup and one will be drawn. That lucky duck will receive the "Crossing Jordan" episodes featuring Chris Noth. One entry per snail-mail address. Partial entries will be DISCARDED without notice. Replacement entries will not be accepted. apocrypha employees and their immediate family members are disqualified.

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