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A nd here it is, our third full issue of apocrypha, all shiny and new for your reading enjoyment. I suppose we'll eventually stop counting them out loud for you, but for now it's all still fairly new and we're just pleased you're enthusiastic enough to keep sending us stuff and keep reading!
It's been a busy first section of the year for your editors. In addition to moving, changing jobs, moving again, traveling, and just everyday sort of wear and tear, we're a bit fried. But the promise of bringing new fanfic to light always keeps us going, as corny as that sounds. Still, there are always a few instances where we end up not making people happy, either through our choice of stories or by not choosing their fan fiction. So we thought we'd state our mission: we're here to nurture new fanfic. If it's good, and promising, we want to help you make it work. There have been no stories sent to us which were irredeemable; everyone has a chance to make themselves heard. If you don't want to run the risk of rejection, submit to the challenges section to get your feet wet. If you're psychically ready to have your stories looked at critically, send 'em! If we say no, we always offer an author the chance to hear what we really thought, and we think it's a mistake for an author to take a 'no' as a personal rejection. Neither of us, as editors, would be serving anybody to either accept everything or not offer assistance for the things we did reject. Yes, writing is fun, but as editors we have a responsibility to our writers and our readers. We want to promise what we consider the best stuff out there, and we're hoping that the third time around we've continued to fulfill that promise.
We've also been asked, recently, what topics and types of stories we'd like to see written, just so there are some ideas floating out there. No problem. This month, we'll list a few things Kor would appreciate seeing written about, and in the next Editor's note, we'll list a few from Kitt's wish list. Kor says she'd love short introspective character stories (like Lori Kem's Back Then), stories that use of first-person point of view, stories that incorporate actual episodes -- take an episode and show what happened behind the scenes or after the episode ended, stories with more focus on the relationships between the characters, and stories with more focus on the characters that haven't really been featured in fan fic -- Anita Van Buren or Adam Schiff, for instance. So -- does that get you started?
Well! With all that said, here's the good stuff. Korillian's proud to introduce as her pick our first official serialization, Keeping Secrets, and she says, "a fine introduction to a new author. Logan Lovers will love it!" Part Two will appear in our summer edition. Kitt's pick for the issue comes from an author who first appeared in our Holiday Page, and who returns with another story using those same people. Says Kitt, "Day of Reckoning is fun, lively, and another chance to check out Meg Lark's canny characters." Of course, the others are fab, too! So dive in, and don't forget our interviews -- this issue we've got Rene Balcer and Lorraine Toussaint. But enough of our self-promotion. Enjoy, write us, write for yourself, and send, send, send! The next issue comes out (tentatively for now) on June 13, 1998. Any comments, just throw them our way here at apocrypha and we'll see what we can do!

Kitteridge and Korillian

Letters To The Editor
We get letters, we get letters, lots and lots of letters...

Thanks so much for publishing "A World of Hurt," and for featuring it in your Editor's Note. I'm impressed that it got a special mention, even though I understand why it almost HAD to.

I'm feeling famous today. (Thank you again!) Now let's see how I feel when the virtual rotten tomatoes start pouring in.

I read most of the stories in apocrypha this weekend, and I'm in awe! They really raise the bar for the quality of fan-written stories. I'm really going to have to work to keep the quality of anything else I write up to that standard.

Kathie Murphy

Great job again! Thanks for including my "Healing" as part of it....

Congratulations on a wonderful issue.


Sincere thanks for the interview and the inclusion of the artwork. I hope the latter inspires others to submit, as there must be some wonderful talent out there not restricted to writing. Thanks also for a second, wonderful edition.


Gail (WaterWitch)

I just wanted to thank you guys for doing this. I'm sure I'm not the only one that's grateful for the chance to read fanfic that I can be reasonably sure is worthwhile.

Sara Meeks

Re: Healing

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!! That answer your question? :-)

Re: Command Performance

(Sigh) It shoulda been me!

Hannah Taylor

Sorry, Kor and Kitt. I disliked this story [A World of Hurt], and felt that it was unworthy of what apocrypha stands for. Personally, I found it offensive. If I want that kind of stuff, I'll watch Ellen.


Re: "Ben and CeeGee"

Boy, that was cute. This is the second time I've read it. I have to say, though, I don't see Ben Stone in the 'burbs. Brooklyn Heights, maybe??

Lynn Wills

I just wanted to write and tell you how much I have enjoyed your two issues of apocrypha. I also wanted to ask about Susianne Baptiste. I read some of the letters to the editor and Jwaters542 asked a question that I really wanted to know the answer to. They asked where they could find the "Death and Desire" series. I loved both stories that I have read from this series and would like to read the whole two stories. Can ya help me out?


Aubrey Isaac

(aka The Red-head Law & Order Addict)

Aubrey, thanks for writing! As of now, Susianne's story isn't all typed up and ready to go, but we're working with her to get the whole thing serialized! Meanwhile, another installment of the series is featured in this issue!

Re: apocrypha: The Dance


Jade a.k.a The Pusher

So far, I've read four of the holiday stories (including Tracey's "12 Days of Law and Order") and I think they're great! I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this and future editions.

Keep up the good work!


Oh my God..his stuff is great! I'm a huge fan of Law & Order, so I know my characters. Mr. Lopez's tales nicely compliment the show. And even more than that, they tell the other half of the story that all us wonder about. Thank you, Mr. Lopez. Please keep them coming.

A Fan,


Does Kathie have an e-mail address that I can reach her at? No flames in mind for her, nor any hostility. I actually thought her story was interesting in that it didn't inundate me with more irritating sexual fantasies by starved women. I was also curious to see if she dislikes McCoy as much as I do on a D.A. level only, you understand ;)

Anyway, I honestly just wanna say hi to both her and you all.


There seems to have been some flap at some L&O sites about the slash story in the latest issue. I, for one, happened to have liked the story. Some fans seem to think that Jack McCoy was made bisexual because the author wanted to "punish" him for his manipulative behavior. I've seen a number of fan fiction stories where Jack wasn't portrayed in a honorable fashion and yet, I don't remember anybody complaining about it before. In this instance, is it because of his behavior or is it because his sexual orientation dosen't sit well with a number of people? As for those who are probably getting bent out of shape over it, they seem to have forgotten that it is only fiction, and that these characters don't exist whatsoever. We fans can take any kind of liberties we want with the characters. I also would like to discuss the issue of fairness. I'm sure that there are a few L&O fans out there who are gay or bisexual. Don't they have a right to see fan fiction on their favorite show that approximates their experiences?

Kitt and Kor, keep doing what you are doing. If some people wish to remain ignorant on this matter, then that will be their loss.

Lady V

Re: Secret Santa



I wanted to let you know that, contrary to what you might have thought, the story published in your last issue (World of Hurt, I think it was called?) is not the first (and certainly not the only) L&O slash out there. I myself have been writing L&O slash on and off for a while now, and I know of at least a dozen others, so much so that there's serious discussion of putting together some print zines. If you're interested, my webpage is located at (I should warn you, stuff really is slash, not just implied).


Although we rarely, if ever, include other pages' links, this one felt relevant to what the letter writer was saying. --Eds.

Kathie Murphy responds to the comments made here, and elsewhere, regarding her story from the Fall apocrypha, A World of Hurt -- Eds.

I was happy to receive comments about my story, A World of Hurt. (At least I have proof that someone read it!) However, for those of you who feel that slash has no place in Law & Order fan fiction, I would like to remind you that all fan fiction is speculative by nature. In this context, hypothesizing that Jack McCoy is a closeted gay man is no less valid than conjecturing that he was having an affair with Claire Kincaid. Neither can be proven or disproven by anything in the characters' backgrounds as we know them.

It is neither an insult to McCoy (who, after all, is a figment of the writers' imaginations), nor to the reader, to explore a different side of his sexuality. I have the right to ask "What would happen if Jack McCoy were gay?" You have the right not to read the answer I've developed. But to suggest that this type of story should not be written or published is thoughtless at best, and homophobic censorship at worst.

Kathie Murphy

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