by Eunice

Third Time's The Charm
by Gwenn McGovern

Day of Reckoning
by Meg Lark

Dark Horse
by Susianne Baptiste

Keeping Secrets
by Michelle Leslie

Challenge Answers

Just Another Night In Paradise
by Kathie Murphy

Black Cat
by Jay JayCee

Warming The Bench
by Kitteridge

Heart of Stone
by Meg Lark

Law and Hors d'Oeuvres
by Susianne Baptiste

Miranda (A "Drabble")
by Tirya

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Next Issue's Challenge:

Explain a prop. That is: go to an episode of the show and pick a prop a character uses, owns, has on his/her desk, wears -- you name it. Decide on the prop and work it into a story about the character, making part of the plot an explanation of why he or she has this item. Examples: the sailboat behind Jack's desk; Mike or Lennie's pins...etc.

Challenge Due date: June 1, 1998

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