Here's a vignette from a unique perspective. According to the author, "The little girl who sensed that Greevey and Logan were policemen in 'Everybody's Favorite Bagman' wrote a letter of condolence after Greevey was murdered. Here is the unedited version."

Mrs. Greevey
By Angilbas

May 5, 1991

Dear Mrs.Greevey,

I read about your husbunds death today and saw his picture. I saw him three years ago. I was sitting on stares with my doll and these two men came up the hall, one was young and thin and your husbund was the big one and they both looked tuff but I wasn't sure they were mean. Still I waited till they were well pass me before I asked, "You the man?". They didn't stop or turn but the big one, your husbund, said, "We sure are, honey". He said it in kind of a sad and tired tone, not mean. I knew then that he was not the kind of cop who busts people for fun, he and his pal had a job to do and it was not fun but it had to be done. After that I got to looking at cops more and the more I looked the more I knew that most cops are not mean and are real good at helping people.
My mom and my teachers say I have lots to learn but I learned even before seeing your husbund that trouble happens in NYC. We had bugglars in our home and our neihbours have been robbed also. I seen people hurt bad and taken away in ambulunces. I wish I were a cop so I could catch the bad guys who robbed and hurted these people. I will be a cop when I'm big. That's how I'll face the trouble that happens here in NYC. I'll put the bad guys away and help the good people, and I'll try not to get dead. The more I think about your husbund the more I know that he was a good man and I'm so sorry that he's gone.
Yours very truely,

Atlanta Willow, age 10.


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