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the third annual apocrypha blue wall awards
Welcome to the nomination process for the Second Annual apocrypha Blue Wall Awards! Listed below are the selections apocrypha has published over our third year as an online 'zine. ONLY THESE STORIES ARE VALID FOR THIS YEAR'S NOMINATIONS. If it ain't here, it ain't up until NEXT year's nominations. Each title is linked to the original story, so if you want to re-read the entry, or read it for the first time, go right ahead!

All you have to do is this: Put a nice little old check mark next to the THREE fiction stories, THREE challenges and ONE non-fiction piece you liked best, then click on "Submit." Our next issue, in September, will list the top nominees -- and then you'll have the chance to vote for the winners. One vote per email address, and you must have voted by August 15, 2000 at 11:59 PM ET for us to consider your entry.

Please send us the information as requested; incomplete or incorrect nominations WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. Don't pick more stories than a category allows, or we'll disqualify the entire entry.

An email address is required. Without it, your nomination will be disqualified.

Thanks for voting!

Just complete this form. Click on Submit when ready to send.

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Fiction Stories (Choose THREE)

Brotherhood by Susianne Baptiste
Marker by M. Books
Dreams: Shades of Plaid by Lin Courtright
Immortality by Michelle Leslie
War & Disorder by Angilbas
Fireworks by Jane Endries
Last Days by Katherine Anne MacLean
Dreams: Precedents by Lin Courtright
Law & Order Meets Godzilla: Lennie Briscoe's Day Off (or) "I stepped in what?" by Joshua Johnston
King's Basket by Angilbas
Leap of Faith by Chris McCann
Blast From The Past by Major Houlihan
Flowers of Evil by Linda Winfree
Lucy by Beth C.
I'm Nobody, Too by P.J.
Doors of Paper by Kitteridge
Lunch Break by M. Books
In Dreams by Dymphna
Flashback by Karen Howard-Joly
Trash by Marguerite Reed
A Moment To Breathe by Karen Howard-Joly
Recovery and Grief  by Angilbas
Stripped by Kitteridge
What Mattered Most by Linda Winfree
There, But For The Grace by Karen Howard-Joly
Red Shoes by Lin Courtright
Stripped: Uptown by Kitteridge
Love Bite by Yanna P.
Dear Jack by June Avila

Challenges (Choose THREE)

Night and Fog by Sarah Weiss
In Peace by Gwenn McNabb
The First Step by L.A. Smith
The Argument by Victoria
A Hot Summer's Day by Divia
The Race by Drakkenfyre
Happy Birthday by P.J.
Not Much of a TV Show by Lynne Hoffman
Son of the North (A Brief Satire) by Gwenn McNabb
The Offspring by Katy
Ends and Beginnings by Tara Patterson
Logan and The Stinking, Rotten, Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Lin Courtright
Fall by Chris McCann
Ghost of Halloween Past by P.J.
Beyond the Veil by Velvet
Forever Mike by Danielle
Reasons by Brittany Frederick
Blood Brothers by Gwenn McNabb
Devil For A Date by Drakkenfyre
Little Monsters by Cagey
A Christmas Tale by Tara Patterson
Death Among Men by Drakkenfyre
'Twas The Night Before Xmas by Lynne Hoffman
Resolutions by Vikki Godwin
One Small Child by P.J.
Sledding by Katy
Ghosts of Christmas Past by Major Houlihan
Christmas Present by Danielle
My Detective Mike by Jane Endries
Happily Ever After ... Eventually by Lynne Hoffman
Baptisms of Fire by Anna McLain
No Secrets by Drakkenfyre
A Mind For Murder by Christina McCann
Just A Man by P.J.
Visitor by Luna
Sweets to the Sweet by Lady V
Saying Good-Bye by Neen and P.J.
A DA-y In The Life by Karen Howard-Joly
Carved In Stone by Lynne Hoffman

Non-Fiction (Choose ONE)

The apocrypha Interview: L&O Exec Producer, Rene Balcer (1999)by Kitteridge
Experts Analyzed:  L&O Police Supervisor Mike Struk  by Kitteridge
The apocrypha Interview: Richard Brooks by Kitteridge
Cameron Lashley's Law & Order Database by Korillian
Experts Analyzed: L&O Forensic Advisor Dr. Park Dietz by  Kitteridge
The apocrypha Interview: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Executive Producer Robert Palm by  Kitteridge
Advice from Big Brother: How Law & Order Can Save SVU by  Beth Ina
I Was A Law & Order Extra (or) How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love 12-hour Workdays  by Kitteridge
Father of the Year or Deadbeat Dad? by Michelle Leslie
Paternal Instincts by Linda Winfree
Instinct by Gaelin Wade
The apocrypha interview, 2000: The Unofficial Companion Authors Susan Green and Kevin Courrier by Kitteridge
Six Things I Hate About (SV)U by Saffron Bailey
Writing Short Law & Order Fiction, Part One: Ten Tips To Get Started by Kitteridge
Friend by P.J.
Law & Order's Unsung Hero by Neen
The apocrypha interview: Producer Bill Fordes by Kitteridge
The Character I Like Least by Lynne Hoffman

Any comments?


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