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From the Editors' Desk

  Summer's here and the reading is easy -- so sit back and prepare yourself for a real blaze of an issue. (For those of you who jumped in the boat before we were ready to cast off from shore, a big thwap on the head.) But for those who've been patient enough with the delay between Spring and Summer issues, here we are again!
    And what a great issue -- check out the listings at the top of the page: We've got the Blue Wall Nominees (so vote now, and read the instructions) and a contest which will allow you to win the whole second season of Sex And The City on videotape! To say nothing of new fic, new interviews (writer David Black has some interesting backstage stories of the development of scripts) and a review of Sam Waterston's appearance on stage this summer -- where else can you get all that at such a low, low price?
    Meanwhile, for all you writers out there -- here's a thing to consider. Law & Order is ten years old. That means any stories featuring Max and Mike as partners are going to have to be 1990s dated, don't they? That's mostly pre-Internet, pre-Eminem, pre Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Does anyone else think it's time to start watching out for anachronisms even within our own fic? We'd love to know.
    So that's it for now, short and sweet. We've still got the announcement list and the Yahoo Club message board/chat room -- and apocrypha has now put in the works the first ever Law & Order Convention in New York in late October. What a bang for your buck! Speaking of which, for this issue Kitteridge is recommending Karen Howard-Joly's story, "Taking Stock," and says, "Karen gives a unique perspective on how death helps infuse Jack with new life." Korillian has generously decided that Kitt's story, "Hidden Agendas" (which is in fact a challenge) is her favorite this time around, and which she notes is, "An insightful look behind the scenes of several of the most contoversial episodes."
    As always, thanks for reading! Give us feedback, ask questions, send money and philosophies about life. We love hearing from you -- we're at:  apocrypha.
Kitteridge and Korillian

Letters To The Editor
We get letters, we get letters, lots and lots of letters...

Subj:  Visitor
Date: 4/4/00 12:05:44 AM Eastern Daylight Time

An awesome piece, Luna...kind of wondered when Jack would come back to
that whole thing with his father!  Very good soliloquy.


Subj:  Dear Jack
Date: 4/4/00 8:41:12 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Absolutely fantastic. June is right on target with the personas of both Jack and Claire. A well crafted, powerful look into the tortured soul we witnessed through season seven of L&O...and a fitting, reasonable answer as to his transformation, of sorts, since then. (Do you think the L&O writers even give it this close scrutiny?) Great job, June!

Karen Howard-Joly

Subj: Apocrypha Zine
Date: 4/4/00 12:58:04 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Just a short note to thank the writers and everyone associated with the zine. I've only been on line a couple of months and I've been having a grand time getting caught up. Thank you for bringing so much pleasure to so many people. I'll be visiting often. Love your re-vamped archives page. Well done indeed.

Carole DiPietro

Subj:  Dear Jack
Date: 4/5/00 11:12:25 PM Eastern Daylight Time

It is a great piece. Her words evoke the emotions that Jack is feeling. I like how she paints pictures with her words.

Rosemary Field

Subj:  A question
Date: 4/5/00 6:27:25 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Hey ladies, I was reading yet another splendid issue of Apocrypha when a question popped to mind.  Out of 11 stories, 5 of them have the
Jack-Claire thing or her death as a central issue.  Is this a coincidence?


Editors' Note: Not intentionally so. We don't pick fic based on subject matter, but on quality of the writing. Anyone who'd like to force us into a little more variety is of course welcome to send fiction!

Subj:  Dear Jack
Date: 4/9/00 7:58:31 PM Eastern Daylight Time

I just read Dear Jack, and I have to say, I was moved.. I'm not a huge fan of Law & Order, but this short story, captures the very essence of Jack, and the pain he feels for Claire. To the writer, my hats off. An intelligent narration, and a heart felt story.

I hope we see more of Ms. Avila's work in the future.

Thank you
Steven H.

Subj:  Saying Goodbye
Date: 4/9/00 9:04:27 PM Eastern Daylight Time

First: Is it just me, or does there seem to be a grave-yard thing going on here?

Second: This story was Neen's story. I didn't do much writing in this piece.  I helped her expand her ideas and make them the best she could do and then she went and insisted my name be with hers--the things people do to say thanks

Third: Apologies for the typos...I noticed a sentence or 2 missing and a word here and there...and I'm sure we left it out in all the sending the story back and forth between the 2 of us, because I know our wonderful editors didn't leave them out.


Subj:  more stories by the author of What Mattered Most
Date: 4/11/00 1:42:33 PM Eastern Daylight Time

I just read this little ditty by (Arlen Wils) and was curious if I could get a link to her other stories.  I would love to read more about the Mike and Caitlin relationship.

Thanks very much!


Ed. Note: Sure! Go here:

Subj:  Sweets for the Sweet
Date: 5/2/00 5:27:51 PM Eastern Daylight Time

i liked it, but, as is the case with some of my stories, it's a bit too emotional, straying from the L&O credo of "just the facts". Personally,
i enjoy the "personal touch", the getting deep into the characters' thoughts and sinking our teeth into something really juicy, but,
personally, i cannot picture Jack McCoy getting that carried away with grief. i felt kind of embarrassed for him.

On the upside, it was certainly well-written and you created strong images. In a word, bravo. There's more to like than to criticize.

Re:  Saying Goodbye

Good story, very emotional and emphatic. Can't get used to Logan crying though---in his generation, boys were ordered not to do that, lest
they'd be seen as weak. You made it seem plausible that he'd shed some tears, but i kind of squirmed with embarrassment for him.

Convincing language, however. As if we don't know what the cast of L&O is actually saying when they use the term, "freaking". ha ha.


Subj: Last Days
Date: 5/5/00 11:07:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time

I think you wrote a very good story, to fill in the gaps that the episode left. That has has always been my favorite episode, because it gave viewers a look at the characters lives which we rarely get a glimpse at (which is fine with me).  Your short story wasn't melodramatic and definitely showed that you know the characters played by Jill Hennessy and Sam Watterston.  It was definitely upsetting when Claire was killed, and especially since the were so many things left undone (relationships with Jack, her parents; future success in career), and your story gave more of a sense of closure than the show could have (or would or should).

Subj:  fic
Date: 5/16/00 10:57:52 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Your stories are very good but I was wondering if you could write more on the recent characters.  There seems to be an abundance of fic on Logan and Stone. My favorite character happens to be McCoy I thought maybe you could put some fic that has him as well as the rest of the characters on L&O.

thank you for your time

Ed. Note: The request is well taken, although I doubt we've ever been criticized for not enough McCoy fic! Writers -- alert!

Subj:  A DAy in the Life
Date: 5/18/00 12:45:04 PM Eastern Daylight Time

This story is actually well-written.  I mean, I like reading the fan fiction on this webpage, but the writing itself isn't usually that good.
This story is interesting and well-written.  The dialogue, unlike many of the stories, is believable, instead of sounding as if the same person is
saying all of it.  Good job!

Tomilee Gault

Subj: aprocypha
Date: 5/19/00 11:46:50 AM Eastern Daylight Time

I love your magazine!  It's the one of the two places I've been able to find Jack/Abbie fan fic.  Everyone else is still addicted to Ben/Claire.  Keep up the great work!


Subj: Stripped: Uptown
Date: 5/31/00 11:34:45 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Nice story,  I look forward to each new issue of Apocrypha.   Of course, MIke is my favorite and I can hardly wait to see where this goes.


Subj:  King's Basket
Date: 6/1/00 6:23:06 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Finally! A piece of fanfic that shows a decent understanding of Rey's character! I have to say I've deliberately been avoiding fanfic ever since
stumbling across a piece of claptrap that inexplicably (and quite inaccurately) portrayed Rey as an angry, borderline wife-beater who
deserted his own family in order to live with another woman and her child. In a case like that, when an author shows such poor understanding of a character, she would have served her story better by creating a new character rather than "butcher" one who is well known to her readers.

But back to "King's Basket"... it's refreshing to see Rey's psyche examined. I liked the way the author pulled in the "thousand yard stare"
quote and gave it a bit of a new twist. That phrase was used at the beginning of Rey's homicide career to demonstrate how thoughts of his kids
as potential victims was a distraction but here it shows all that plus the added edge of Rey's determination as a detective and a father. It's a nice
touch for the author to show us how much Rey has matured.

I also think the author has a very good grasp of Rey (I especially liked the "too many unsupervised kids" line. What a natural, spontaneous reaction for a guy like him) and the load that he is carrying. Rey often gets short shrift because too many people assume a "black & white" guy like him must not have depth. The fact is, guys like Rey are as deep as anybody. He's judgmental, yes. Proud, yes. But he's also an intelligent, decent man juggling fear, love, guilt, and huge responsibilities. Rey's a gold mine of inner turmoil for a fanfic writer to work with and I think this author did a very good job of tapping into that. More please!

Thanks for letting me have my say,


Subj: Fanning the Flames
Date: 6/1/00 9:25:41 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Thank you for the article: "Fan"-ning the Flames by Constance Jenkins

This was an excellent article, thoughtfully written and brings up some wonderful points that I have been discussing with an online friend for the past six months or so. Ms. Jenkins must have been reading our minds and put into prose what we've been thinking, yet in a way that is not so threatening nor insulting as I've been attempting to convey on various L&O BBS's.

Thanks again and kudos to Ms. Jenkins!

Tami Hoshiyama

Subj:  YDKJ
Date: 6/18/00 7:53:25 PM Eastern Daylight Time

I loved it so much. It was perfect the way it told the relationship I always wanted Jack and Claire to have. Thank you so much!

Re:  Dear Jack

I loved it! It touched me very deeply. Those two people were so perfect for each other. But it would have never worked on the show. I'm very glad that fans like me still think that they were ment to be.

Silas Bird

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