Lennie Briscoe
By Jackie Leaf

Okay, I've always had a liking for Jerry Orbach ever since his recurring stint on Murder She Wrote as Harry McGraw and his bad guy/mobster in the movie FX. So it should come as no surprise that Lennie Briscoe is my favorite on the detective side of Law & Order.
From his first appearance in "Point Of View" and the line "What I was doing, you don't wear a beeper." (At least that's how I recall the line.), I was hooked. I always thought he was well and best paired with Logan. Nothing against Rey or Eddie, but Mike and Lennie just rocked!
Information that has come out about Lennie includes that while his father was Jewish, his mother raised him as a Catholic. (Although it would seem he is a very lapsed Catholic.) He has two ex-wives, two daughters, and has had not a few affairs (Gwen Munch and Betty Abrams to name two) He is also an alcoholic that has fallen off the wagon more than once, and a gambler.
However I think some of the best work Orbach has ever done as Briscoe was the arc in season 8 with Lennie's daughter Cathy and her murder. Without one word, we get the full effect of what Lennie is feeling just from the look on his face.
So while I do like Mikey Logan, I think I'd rather have Lennie Briscoe as my escort. Besides, I've always like older guys!


whaddya think?