Fans of the old Rocky & Bullwinkle series may remember "Fractured Fairy Tales" -- in this takeoff, inspired by a James Thurber twist on Little Red Riding hood, the fairy tale isn't just fractured, it's a compound break.

Red Riding Hood
By Dame Delight

Auburn tresses fell over her face as Red Riding Hood knelt by the stream in the middle of the forest. Cupping her hands together, she used them to gather water to drink.
Hours earlier she had been on the coach to Lawville. Her parents were both dead now, and she was going to be living with her invalid, Grandmother Elizabeth. Red didn't know her mother's dam very well, but what she knew she liked; however, that was neither here nor there. The eighteen-year-old girl had not murdered her father to go live with Grandma. She wanted Logan; thus, she had left the stage at Cragen's Inn, located in the part of the county where the object of her affection resided.
Growing up with him in the same village, Red couldn't remember a day that she hadn't loved the raven-haired young man, and, on her thirteenth birthday, she had vowed that the ruggedly handsome rogue would some day become hers. He had been seventeen at the time, and was on his way to becoming an outlaw.
She hadn't seen him in over four years, but had kept up with him through his sister, a member of the small convent outside Orderville. She had told Red about the cottage the young woman was currently seeking on the land that belonged to Logan's grandfather.
Two weeks ago, Red's father had made arrangements for her to marry Benjamin, a squire to Lord McCoy. The young man was shot to death the next evening. Her father had asked Red point blank if had she killed Benjamin, and she hadn't lied to him, which meant she'd had to kill him, too.
She hadn't meant for things to get out of hand, but there were times things simply couldn't be helped.
Sighing, she pushed her fingers through her thick hair and gathered up her red hooded cloak. The light was diminishing as clouds gathered overhead. She was going to get wet before she reached shelter.
"Well, what have we here?" a low timbered voice inquired.
When Red turned, she saw the owner of the voice leering at her. Standing a few feet away, his eyes were colorless in the gathering shadows, but his shoulder-length hair was blond. He looked to be around her age.
"Nothing that belongs to you," she replied, looking him straight in the face.
His laughter seemed to come from all around the forest -- five other young men who stepped from the surrounding bushes and trees had merely joined him. They were younger than their leader.
"Our new she-wolf has spirit, my fellow wolf brothers."
"She also knows how to take care of herself." Red smiled sweetly and shot them with her two pistols. Her father, a woodsman, had taught her well. Stupid men, assuming she would be out here without knowing what she was about.
Light drizzle began to fall. Pulling up her hood, Red walked upstream.
The rain was coming down in sheets when she came up on the cottage. There was a light in the window from the lit fireplace, but no one answered her knock. The door wasn't latched, though, and she was able to go inside -- one furnished with a bed and a table with two chairs.
Pulling out a chair, Red sat down and removed her wet clothes. She then climbed beneath the blankets on the bed, where she fell asleep almost as soon as her head touched the pillow.
When she opened her eyes, again, the rain was still pounding the roof, but Red was no longer alone. She could hear snoring from across the room. Turning her head she, saw a pallet before the fire. Logan was sleeping on his back, his covers thrown down to his waist. Moments later the rest of him was uncovered.
Straddling him, Red kissed his chin, the hollow of his neck, and worked her way across his shoulder to his nipple, which she gently bit, as she suckled. He groaned. She lifted her head. He was watching her. She winked and nibbled her way down to capture him in her mouth until positioning her body, and taking him inside herself, riding his hardness, increasing the rhythm, when he squeezed her buttocks, matching her thrust for thrust.
"What the hell are you doing here, Red?" he asked later, as she trailed a row of kisses up his abdomen and spread herself across him. His hand moved lazily up and down her back. "Not that I'm complaining."
Nuzzling his neck, she mumbled, "I was on my way to Grandma's house and took a short-cut."

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