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Requiem For Didi
by FMD
"Wide eyes looked at him unblinkingly, trustingly, waiting for him to reach out. As he tried to grasp the little girl, he felt the sting of a belt rip across his back."


by Cirocco Jones
"'Damn.' Rey Curtis put down the file he was working on, unable to concentrate."

Mary Seuss & Law & Order -- A Not-so-fan-fic Commentary (with only admiration of, and apologies to, Dr. Seuss)
by R. Miles 
"I write Jack."

Last issue's challenge: Write a story about this "found" object.
Post Of The Forlorn
by K. Siegfried
"It's a sorry state of affairs in the nation today when thereís nothing more for a cop to do than fill out paperwork."

Paraphilias and Criminal Justice: 
Analyzing the Legal Systemís Treatment of Sex Offenders through Law & Order
by Gypsum
"The episode I have chosen to analyze, produced in the show's seventh season and titled 'Mad Dog,' addresses the problems associated with detaining serial rapists under involuntary civil commitment laws, the effectiveness of such restraint, and the constitutional questions raised by prosecutors who seek legal recourse in civilly committing paraphiliacs.  "
Pamela Wallin Interview Transcripts
Herein, transcripts of interviews Canadian broadcaster Pamela Wallin which aired on February 25, 2001, with various members of the L&O casts: Jerry Orbach, Jesse Martin, S. Epatha Merkerson and Sam Waterston. Still to come: Mariska Hargitay, Chris Meloni, Dan Florek, Ice-T.

The apocrypha Interview: Locations Manager Moe Bardach
by Kitteridge
"People like with our show is to say L&O filmed in my house or my townhouse or my apartment, and a lot of people have parties when the epsiode airs!"

Write a crossover story between L&O characters and characters on any other TV show, past or present -- but not any other cop or lawyer show. (This means no L&O shows can cross over with other L&O shows, either!)

LENGTH: 5,000 words or fewer
DUE: September 1, 2002

Congrats to Abigail for winning last issue's contest! She correctly guessed that "Manhood" was the episode in which the actor who played the prosecution lawyer considered his summation speech "weak" and a scriptwriter made some crucial amendments.

And a new contest for the Fall. This time, be careful ... which producer/writer once speculated that this would be an interesting series: "Briscoe gets tired of being a New York cop, goes to Baltimore, convinces Munch to quit, too. They move to South Beach, coaching an all-women volleyball team. The spin-off runs six years. [We] retire, with smiles on our faces."

Da Rules: Email the episode name to Include your FULL NAME and SNAIL-MAIL ADDRESS. Correct answers sent in by September 1, 2002 will have their names thrown behind a desk chair, and the one that lands closest to the chair wins. That sharp tack will get to choose one: Either the For Your Emmy Consideration tape from L&O for 2000 (episodes: "Gunshow" and "KiLLerZ," or the 2000 Emmy Consideration tape from SVU (episodes: Payback" and "Slaves." One entry per snail-mail address. Partial entries will be DISCARDED without notice. Replacement entries will not be accepted. apocrypha employees and their immediate family members are disqualified.