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First Opinion

For apocrypha's first column, Deb White, the owner and maintainer of the Michael Moriarty Unofficial, Unauthorized, Unsactioned Web Page, has a completely objective viewpoint to make clear with...

Ben Stone: A Flawed Gem

From the Editor's Desk

Here it is, the debut issue of apocrypha, right there on your hot little monitor. As readers as much as writers we had been hoping to create a place to showcase Law & Order fan fiction, works which featured not only our favorite characters but also plot, development, and real stories -- something that we could point to and say "this is what's out there!" Now it looks as if we can. The 'net is overwhelmed with sci-fi/fantasy fanfic -- so why not a little cops-n-lawyers fiction to give it a little more flavor? We're looking forward to reading what's out there, and bringing it to you.

What can you do? Well, write, of course! But if you don't have your own story ideas, check out our Challenges section. In addition to fiction, we'll also consider submissions of poetry, essays, and artwork, all of which will give this 'zine a much more well-rounded look. Most needed: more Ben Stone and Lenny Briscoe stories. Recommended for next issue in the fall: holiday stories would be very, very appropriate. Help get everyone in the mood for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Christmas.

Interested? We thought so. Go take a look at our Guidelines. Inside you'll see how to submit, recommended lengths, and recommended formats for all kinds of fan-based art, whether prose, poetry, artwork or whatever comes to mind. We want and need and definitely require your writing. Polish it up and send it off!

Still unsure? Go take a look at the links we've provided to help you get started. We abide by the rules we list in our guidelines, but knowing the information linked there definitely helps. Please also note our ratings system, set up in a unique way -- via icon!

Meanwhile, thanks for dropping by! Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Any comments, just throw them our way here at apocrypha and we'll see what we can do!

Kitteridge and Korillian

K&K's Top Picks
our favorites this issue

While we love all the fan fiction we get, we can only choose just a few which really stand out. Of the five we've chosen for this issue, each of the editors have chosen a favorite....Check out Intermezzo by WaterWitch.

Says Kitt: "'Intermezzo' is:

"A must for all Jack fans...a sweet look at the crossover between unrequited -- and requited -- love..."

Kor, on the other hand, has her eye on Pride and Penance by Susianne Baptiste.

Says Kor: "Mike Logan fans will want to read this intriguing interpretation of what happened after 'Pride'...a story that left me wanting more!"

Note regarding those cute icons: We've installed a different sort of ratings system in order to help you self-monitor the stories in our issues. Some of the stories showcased in apocrypha will have violent scenes and explicit sexual content. If this sort of thing bothers you, please, check out the ratings system before proceeding to read the stories. Each story has at least one icon attached, to help guide you. We now return you to your regularly scheduled web page.....

Everybody's Favorite Fiction

by WaterWitch

Pride and Penance
by Susianne Baptiste

by Sam Lopez/Jackluster

The Dance
by Gaelin

The Princess and the Policeman
by Hans Kitteridge Anderson

Whaddya think? Email us and say so!


What is a challenge?

Well, for anyone who just wants a little nudge in getting started, apocrypha will introduce a new topic each issue -- your job is to come up with a story that fits! Check the Guidelines and send us your response! All challenge answers which fit the guidelines will be published -- so be creative, be funny, but above all, be on time -- challenges have a due date!

Challenge requests!

Let us know what you want to see written and we'll issue a challenge to the writers out there! Heck, maybe even one of us K's will be taking a stab at it...Check out the special guidelines on how to do this!

Got Writer's Block?

Visit the List 'O Ideas for upcoming fanfic -- some suggested by your editors, some by readers out there! These aren't challenges -- but could be some day!

Last Month's Challenge:

"Mike Logan has a mentally challenged niece he referred to in Cruel And Unusual -- how does he interact with her?"

Click here for one possibility....

Next issue's challenge:

We've heard bits and pieces about some of the characters' relationships and how they've ended, but nothing really concrete. So, the challenge before you is to choose a character and write about the break-up of one of their relationships. How did it end? Why did it end? It can be a relationship that was alluded to on the show, like Ben Stone's divorce or Claire and Judge Thayer, or one that you've created for the sole purpose of destroying, it's up to you!

Challenge Due date:
October 15, 1997

Click here for Guidelines on how to submit to this month's challenge!

Next time: The Prescription for apocrypha Fall Issue

An Author Interview!
delve into the writing secrets of a fanfic author!

More challenges!
and the start of self-indulgent editors columns!

Your Letters to the Editor!
tell us what you think of this issue!

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