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S ummer's here, and the time is right for...staying in and reading our fourth issue of apocrypha! It's our second summer issue, so this is technically an anniversary, which means it's time to get all full of ourselves and give out awards! Everybody does it, so why not us? Every story, essay, challenge, and interview is eligible to be nominated, and we want you to do the choosing. We've made a list of everything we've published this last year, with links in case you want to do a little re-reading, and then we'd like you to nominate your favorites! Go to the Nominations page, and read the instructions. Next issue, we'll choose our top nominees, snd then you'll be able to vote for the winners! What will they win? Well, we're working on that. But you have to start somewhere! This year, the internet, next year the Shrine Auditorium!
We've had a lot of fabulous stories this issue. We usually get just enough, but this time we've had more than we can even use. So read quickly -- there'll be another apocrypha out in September, to take up the overflow! Lovely having more than we can use; it means we can put out more issues, more often. So keep on sending in -- we love reading what's out there.
Last issue, Kor listed the story ideas she'd like to seen written about, so now it's Kitt's turn to make a wish list. While Kitt says she'd love to read are stories which take these characters out of their familiar surroundings, away from people they know, and make them interact in new places. Can't Jack or Mike or Liz or Adam or any of those take a vacation? Be called away? Stretch yourself! Also, Kitt says she'd love to see small, delicate stories -- long epics can work, but for the new writer (and even an experienced one) taking just a small passing event in someone's life, rather than trying to explain every element in one go, can be just as telling about a person's personality. Think small: what does a character do on the weekends? Do they visit family members? Think of the minutiae of your own daily life, and how a character might work in there. Also, we really could use more essays and reviews! Pick your favorite -- or your least favorite -- episode, and tell us why. Or, do an impromptu poll -- who should replace Carey Lowell? Who would work, and why? Use your imagination. Even if you don't have a story to tell, there's always something to be said. How's that for a kickoff?
Ok, now that you're warmed up, a little on our picks for this issue: Korillian says of her own choice, Friend Indeed, by Zoni, "Friend Indeed is a clever, moving story that features two of my favorite characters -- what's not to like?" Kitt's pick for the issue is by newcomer Meriden Bruce, and is called, Mary Dinsmore Logan. Says Kitt, "We've all heard about Mike's mom, but this story takes us inside her head. Excellent idea, excellent execution." Of course, we love our other stories, too, that's why they're there!! So dive in, and enjoy! Write us, write for yourself, and send, send, send! The next issue comes out (tentatively for now) on September 1, 1998. Any comments, just throw them our way here at apocrypha and we'll see what we can do!

Kitteridge and Korillian

Letters To The Editor
We get letters, we get letters, lots and lots of letters...

I was absolutely thrilled to read that you're working on getting the entire series of stories by Susianne Baptiste! While I originally checked out apocrypha because I'm a fan of Law & Order, it's definitely Ms. Baptiste that keeps me coming back. Her writing style is so warm and witty; her stories absolutely enchanting. It must be terribly difficult to write such vibrant, original stories while remaining true to someone else's characters. Susianne Baptiste, it seems, has mastered this beautifully. My thanks to you, Susianne, for writing such wonderful tales, and to you, Kitt and Korillian, for providing a forum in which to showcase them.

Keep up the good work!


OH MY GOD i can't wait until summer for part two [of Keeping Secrets].

That is some good writing!

Keep up the great fanfic!

Mary Beth

Many thanks for putting my stuff in the inaugural apoc issue. I just wanted to thank Alma specifically and other people who have sent kudos my way and tell them I really have a severe blush burn, so stop. Also: thought the name's the SAMe, the gender's different. I'm female.

RE: World of Hurt, blah blah. Brave to publish! However, the idea that it's just as valid to claim Jack's a closet gay as to say he had an affair with claire is kinda dubious, no? Do we think this from show hints? From the pink triangle jack wears as a lapel pin? What interests me more than the story is what it brings up-- would jack be that cavalier? We have to remember that half of us (or more or less) think he's a jerk and dislike his character and the other half like Stone. It's part a matter of taste, legal stuff, and who we think's cuter and/or a better actor. I'm actually astonished no one I know of has done a Ben-as-gay fic, no pun intended. The reasons I shall keep hidden but most people know them already, I think.

The point was that sexuality per se, particularly a stance that unjustly is denigrated in this society, is complex and the idea that someone most of us see as rampantly hetero could be closeted is intriguing and begs for more interpretation. We get Ben's revulsion, but I felt kind of cheated because the use of sexual orientation as blackmail is what's repulsive, not the orientation itself. Ben's motives need to be explored as well. (Can you tell I'm an advocate of just calling ourselves "sexual" and leaving it at that?)

Luv to y'all--

Re: Miranda: Let's see...I think ROFLMAO sums it up nicely. A wonderful boost--I'll read it again when I need cheering up.

Sara Meeks

Re: Logan Mystique: Very accurate. Easy to read and understand.


Terrific interview with Lorraine Toussaint. She was always a favorite character as was Michael Morriarity. Keep up the good work. I love reading these interviews from various people on the show, hope to see more. How about an interview with Michael Chernuchin, who is no longer on the show but who was an important part of the early years. His views would be interesting. Why did he leave to go with Brooklyn South.... an intriguing question.


Keeping secrets--excellent story!!


I am Oliva. I am a fairly new member of the L&O NF (around Chrismas time). I found out recently about apocrypha and printed the Spring issue to take home to read over the weekend (I don't have a printer at home). Only read one story so far, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to enjoy this.

Cutting to the chase. Back when Winter issue was published there were many posts on the NF and there was much discussion about one story : A World of Hurt.

Being new to all this and not having read the story I could neither take part in the discussions nor understand what the fuss was all about.

So tonight, I decided to go down to the archives and read the story. I was expecting the worst !! People seemed to have been so offended by it, it had to be terribly graphic and offensive !!

It was an interesting, well written story. I enjoyed reading it.

I still don't understand what the fuss is about. I am genuinely baffled by the uproar cause by AWOH.

Just thought I'd let you know (a bit late, but still !).

Keep it up.


Re: Miranda: LOL!!!!


Re: the Lorraine Toussaint interview: I thought that was a really interesting interview with one of my favorite actors from L&O. Great questions and great answers.



Re: The Logan Mystique: Wow, I loved the emotions the author put into this little essay of why we love Logan so much. Having us remember the different times that Logan did certain things that we love and can identify with really moved me. I can really agree with this essay and give a two thumbs up to the author.


Re: Fan'ning the Flames: I have to agree with many parts of this article. One person does not make a T.V. show such as Law and Order successful. I am a Chris Noth fan but I also like Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford and even Sam Waterson. We tend to give our "idols" the character of the person they play on T.V. Because Mike Logan has many of the qualities noted in this article does not mean Chris Noth does. His empathy for children may be just good acting. We do not know what he is like really.

However, when attraction occurs it is normal. I don't know how many t.v. shows would be successful or music groups popular or movies successful if the audience did not bond with at least one of the characters. I think this is just human nature.

It just makes life interesting.


Since I only have Internet access at work, I don't have a lot of time to browse my favorite sites as long as I wish to. I just finished reading the Keeping Secrets story and I have to say that I'm blown away so far. I like mysteries and this author is as good or better than any of the popular mystery writers. It's got me at the edge of my seat. I'm sure part two will be just as suspenseful.

Lady V

Hi! [Keeping Secrets] is truly an excellent story and I can't wait for it to be finished. I'll keep my eyes peeled on this board as I've really enjoyed everything so far. My two favorites at present are Keeping Secrets and Reflections. Whoever wrote Reflections showed a very seldom seen but extremely believable side of Jack McCoy. It's so exciting to see such high quality fan fiction out there. Keep up the good work, everyone!

Your friend,
Bridget Frawley

Re: Keeping Secrets: Awesome!! I can't wait for the rest!!!!!


Re: Fan-ning the FlamesI'm actually surprised to say that I enjoyed Ms. Jenkin's piece. Being that I am a large fan of the show, actors, and the characters that they portray, I thought she made the distinction between the life of the actors as well as the life of the characters. I, too understand that it is not necessary to fixate on every word and action of Chris Noth to be one of his biggest fans.. People always manage to forget that human beings(even actors) are fallible and I applaud Mr. Noth for always speaking his mind and his heart....

Keep it up!!!


Re: Christmas in the Oaks: LOL!

Heh... OK, so maybe that wasn't the most sensitive response to a great story, but still... nutria. :) Of course, I pulled that trick on my cousin with opossum gumbo. Long live Louisiana, the state where anything is edible when you put enough Tabasco on it. The action and love-scenes were really good reads, but that one moment made the story for me.

S. Campos

RE: Dark Horse: Wonderful writing. I am enthralled with the story and found myself hungry for more at the end. Simone is an engaging character.

Kellie Noffz

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