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Keeping Secrets (Conclusion)
by Michelle Leslie

Stand Off
by Kim Hood

Mary Dinsmore Logan
by Meriden Bruce

by Natalie Wilson

Friend Indeed
by Zoni

Challenge Answers

The challenge: explain a prop.
The stories below are the responses.

Not Forgotten
by Pont Marie

The Sloop Jack M.
by Lynne Hoffman

Attachment of Memories
by Patricia Raymond

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Next Issue's Challenge:

In time for the start of school (the next issue will come out September 1), write about a character in relation to, well, school. Stories can cover any area, from kindergarten all the way through college and law school, or maybe it's about the character and his or her child in school. School only has to be a focus of the story, there's lots of ground to cover!

Challenge Due date: August 15, 1998

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