The Argument
By Victoria

"Okay, on to the Marquree case. How's that coming along?"
"We have nothing at this point. Every damn shred of evidence we have right now got thrown out, but I've got Claire checking out his secretary's story. Maybe we can find the gun yet."
"Nothing, huh? Plead him out."
"Didn't you hear me? Claire's checking the secretary's story. We can make this stick."
"How? You lost the bloody shirt, you lost the confession, you lost everything! I don't think so. Plead him out."
"The murderer of seven people. . . and a police officer, and you want me to plead him out!? No way, not on my watch. Marquree's been getting away with things all his life, and this is where it's gonna stop!"
"And if you lose at the trial? Then what? And what does that make this office look like? You'll plead him."
"No...look. Marquree went to Times Square at midnight with a .38 caliber and gunned down anyone he saw. For no reason! None! If I plead him out he may spend, oh, 15 years in jail. The man's psychotic! You think 15 years in jail will change that? I want him gone for life, if not on a stretcher with a lethal needle in his arm! He murdered an officer of the law and seven innocents, and the day we let someone get away with that -- "
"Get off your high horse. We've survived worse. The man is insane, I know, but if you lose in court he'll be on the streets again, and then you can't touch him!"
"He's on the streets now, for heaven's sake! I've gotten complaints left and right from his neighbors about how obnoxious he's being -- firing his gun at night, just to scare them, roughing up little kids. I must have brought him in on those misdemeanors 20 times, and he always just pays up and walks out! It's only a matter of time until he kills again, and I won't let it be now or 15 years from now. I want him off the streets forever, and the only way to get there is a trial and conviction. I'm gonna get that."
"At what cost? Your safety? Claire's? Your integrity? Are you going to hound him like you did Darnell?"
"I was trying to figure out if Darnell raped and killed that girl!"
"And you nearly arrested him falsely to do it. I won't have that happen again with Marquree. You will plead him out, and I mean now! Or do I have to set up the appointment for you?"
"If this office makes any deals with that scum, it won't be through me. Marquree is going to pay for what he did."
"Specifically, he's going to pay 15 years. You can't win this. Your entire case was blown out with the loss of the confession. It isn't worth the chance."
"It isn't worth the chance? Eight lives!"
"15 years in prison is better than none, and that's what he'd get if you go to trial! You're telling Marquree's lawyer that you want a plea bargain tomorrow."
"No I'm not."
"Oh, yes you are, whether you like it or not, Jack!"
"No, I'm not. That's what you want, Adam. That's what you tell them. I won't be a part of that."
"Fine. I will."
"Fine. You do that."


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