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From the Editors' Desk

    That's it, folks, the votes are in! No, not those votes ... although one of our editors does reside in Florida -- our Third Annual Blue Wall Awards! Go here if you just can't wait to see what won the prizes (thanks to your voting). The whole system was fair, clean and honest, and there were no absentee ballots. There will be no recounts. Just three writers whose work has shone the brightest for apocrypha readers over the past year. Here's to them -- and to everyone who voted, not only in the final stage, but in the nomination process, too!
    As to the actual election, look at it this way: When Law & Order got started, George Bush (that's Herbert Walker) was president. As it rounds out the next four years of its contract ... George Bush (that's Dubya) will be in office. George Herbert Walker Bush's nickname was "Poppy"; on Law & Order Logan's nickname for Ceretta was "Big Daddy"; GHWB graduated from Yale University, while Chris Noth graduated from Yale Drama School; Dubya had a drinking problem, Logan's mother had a drinking problem; Dubya followed daddy into the family business of politics, McCoy followed his father's footsteps into the family business of law (okay, dad was a cop, but you know), and it is known, although not proved, that both Bushes also love to go frugging -- not unlike Logan.
    So cheer up, if you're a sad Dem, or rejoice if you're a happy GOP'er. We got ourselves a new president, and the country didn't crumble in the process. Now all of your free time (such as it is) can be devoted to our newest issue, full of fiction, news and various factoids. One thing you may notice is missing -- a non-fiction page. After months of trying to fill the space, it's become too draining for us to always write the pieces. If and when we do have some non-fiction to include, we will do that in the future, but like a character on a TV show who has outgrown his usefulness, the non-fiction page has become a recurring part. Call it the LaMotte page. And one other note: Due to a lack of time, we will not be having a special Holiday issue this year. We will, however, have a special Valentine's day page/issue, so check out the fiction page and read all of the details there
    Meanwhile, here's what we've got all balloted up for you in this, our final issue of the (real?) millennium: Kitt recommends you click on "Freak," and says, "Sometimes, seeing the L&O characters through the point of view of a third party -- particularly one like Velasquez, who works within the department -- is refreshing enough. But Marguerite Reed has a smooth, engaging writing style that does our hearts good, and the two work in ideal synchronicity." Korillian thoroughly enjoyed "Daylight," and notes, "I loved the colorful narrator and her unique point of view."
    And so that's it for this year! Looking forward to hearing from you in the new year -- it's you, our readers, who make this worthwhile, and without your input, there's not much more reason for doing the magazine! So keep the submissions coming! Give us feedback, ask questions, send money and philosophies about life. We love hearing from you -- we're at: apocrypha.
Kitteridge and Korillian

Letters To The Editor
We get letters, we get letters, lots and lots of letters...

Subj:  Happy Friday!
Date: 9/22/00 3:18:27 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Thanks for accepting another story of mine.  It sure beats caffeine or any other drug I can think of to see a byline first thing in the morning.
Naturally, I must now scurry off to brew up a little something for the Halloween page.

Thank you guys so much!

Marguerite Reed

Subj:  steven hill
Date: 9/27/00 4:11:14 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Marvelous! That's awesome work.


Subj: No Regrets
Date: 10/7/00 11:47:48 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Just stumbled onto the site ... I cant wait to read all of the stories!!! With nothing else to weigh against, I liked the piece, I could really hear their voices in my head having that conversation.


Subj:  Dear Red Shoes
Date: 10/27/00 7:48:50 AM Eastern Daylight Time

I just now read Dear Red Shoes -- and I'm all "Jack Who?"  Makes me wanna say  "c'mon, Claire... go grab a little happiness with a *good* guy."  I dunno, I think Tim has some deep dark places of his own.  Pembleton certainly thought so.

Thank you Lin, for doing a much more successful crossover between Homicide: Life On The Streets and L&O than the shows ever did.

Bayliss -- yummers.  Thank you for making my morning much warmer!

M. R.

Subj:  Devil
Date:  10/31/00 6:17:15 PM Eastern Standard Time

Awesome story!  Definitely one of the best I've read in a while.  I liked the first person narrative; it definitely added something to the
plot.  Hope to read many more of your stories in the future.


Subj:  Lorraine Toussaint
Date:  11/10/00 7:20:49 PM Eastern Standard Time

What a presence onscreen, she fills it up.


Date:  11/29/00 9:57:27 PM Eastern Standard Time

This story was EXCELLENT!  I'm very impressed.  I could picture this happening on the series (except maybe Lennie and Rey Curtis finding Jack)  Very good job.


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