the fourth annual apocrypha blue wall awards
We're down to the wire now: Here are the top nominees, chosen by you, the readers, for the Fourth Annual Blue Wall Awards! Now, it's time to choose your winners!

Each title is linked to the original story, so if you want to re-read the entry, or read it for the first time, go right ahead!


All you have to do is this: Put a nice little old check mark next to the ONE fiction, ONE non-fiction, ONE challenge, and ONE non-fiction challenge stories you think you should win, then click on "Submit."

You MUST vote for one of each. Failure to do so means your entry goes in the virtual circular file. We want ostensible readers of this 'zine, not occasional fans, to be the ones who vote.

Our next issue, in February, will list the winners! You must have voted by February 1, 2001 at 11:59 AM ET for us to consider your entry.

An actual email address is required. Without it, your nomination will be disqualified.

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Fiction Stories (Choose ONE)

Aftermath by Lady V
Venom by Marguerite Reed
Freak by Marguerite Reed
Stand Up Guy by Kitteridge
Red Riding Hood by Dame Delight

Challenges (Choose ONE)

Hidden Agendas by Kitteridge
Go Blonde by James Paul
Thunderstruck by Mike Livingston
No Execution by The Sentinel
The Secret History by Lady V.

Non-Fiction (Choose ONE)

A Long Day’s Journey: Well Worth Every Step by Karen Howard-Joly
Steven Hill: Hollywood's Most Talented Curmudgeon by  John Sobiski
Aftershock: Law & Order In Reverse by  Ursula

Non-Fiction Challenges (Choose ONE)

Why I Watch by Yanna P.
Trial Part Two: In Defense of Special Victims Unit by Brittany Frederick
Lennie Briscoe by Jackie Leaf

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