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by FMD
"The door slammed and Anita winced. Sometimes she found it harder to deal with her angry teenage son than she did with men accused of heinous crimes."
Dreams, Reality or Both
by Python
"McCoy’s heart began to beat faster in anticipation when he felt two strong hands on his chest."


by Jayne Deaux
"Despite what happened later, Mike had to recognize that he had liked her from the start. How could he not?"

Choices: Write about a romance between two nemesises; write a story without dialogue; bring Jack and Ben face to face -- or all three!
Up Close And Personal
by Roda Werland
"Doctor Liz Olivet, police psychiatrist, stared at the dark haired, hazel eyed man in front of her in her office."
Two Guys And A Girl
by Clare Bautista
"Claire Kincaid sat at the bar of Molly’s, waiting for Jack McCoy to arrive."
Still Life With Shadow
by Kyllikki
"He held his breath to avoid the sour-sweet smell of dried vomit and piss surrounding the entrance as he glanced down at the paper he held in his hand to double-check the name; a formality, really, for he had memorized the directions after rereading them so many times."
by Tahlia Hein
"There was only the sound of the mechanical respirator and steadied pulse of the EKG machine to accompany the solemn party that had gathered in the hospital room."


Jack, Abbie And The Party
by The Sentinel
"The hall was finely decorated, flowers and candles and streamers. "
Daddy And His Little Girl
by Clare Bautista
"Jack signaled to the waiter to bring him another round of scotch on the rocks."
by Shelley Johnston
"Dr. Emil Skoda sat at his desk and contemplated the letter he just composed."

Minorities in Law & Order
by Mary Climer
"Throughout history minorities have been shown as people who cannot think for themselves."
Law & Order: A Law Enforcement Perspective
by Heather Gray
"I was most interested in discovering how Criminal Intent would pan out as far as story line, character development and a new view of the criminal justice system, through the eyes, motives and behaviors of the perpetrator. "
The apocrypha Interview: Criminal Intent's Fred Berner
by Kitteridge
"There's a delicious body of crimes and criminal minds that we get to explore within the fabric of the city."

Write a story about this photo (and use whatever Law & Order characters you like to tell it):

LENGTH: 5,000 words or fewer
DUE: February 1, 2001
Which ADA has been the strongest character for you, and why?
LENGTH: 5,000 words or fewer
DUE: February 1, 2001
Special Holiday Challenge!
Write a story about the current holiday season. Involve whatever holidays you or your characters would celebrate this time of year: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year's.
LENGTH: 5,000 words or fewer
DUE: December 20, 2001
Special Valentine's Challenge!
Write a romantic story that discusses Valentine's day. At some point in the story you must include the phrase: "modern life is rubbish."
It will not be accepted otherwise.
LENGTH: 5,000 words or fewer
DUE: February 10, 2002

Thank you for reading this far. As a reward for such behavior, we are offering a contest. The prize: A rare "rough cut" -- no commercials, no background music, of one of this season's Law & Order episodes, complete in special NBC box. The question: Which (actor, actress, crew member, writer or producer) who is (or was) with or on the show once was quoted as saying, "It's nice to let TV viewers imagine again, instead of mapping it all out. That's one of my favorite things about the show: When people are forced to kind of wonder and speculate. It's nice when you have to fill in the blanks. It keeps you guessing."

Email the FULL name of the individual to apocrypha@podengo.com. Include your FULL NAME and SNAIL-MAIL ADDRESS. Correct answers sent in by January 1, 2001 will have their names put in a shoe and two will be drawn. Each will receive a tape. One entry per snail-mail address. Partial entries will be DISCARDED without notice. Replacement entries will not be accepted. apocrypha employees and their immediate family members are disqualified.