The Bears of L&O
By Leslie Rampey

Teddy bears know that sometimes really bad things happen to kids. They're there to try to make sure it's maybe just a little bit less rotten.

And sometimes, as you will see below, really bad things also happen to teddy bears as well.

These are the bears I have spotted over the last several months, but I doubt I have them all. Please report any additional sightings to Leslie.

"Censure" (#80, 02/02/94)

A large bear is behind Laura while Lennie is questioning her at her pre-school.

"DWB" (#83, 10/07/98):

Mrs. Sawchuck holds a teddy bear that she flings to the floor while Jack and Abbie question her.

"Cruel and Unusual" (#107, 04/19/95):

A large light-colored bear holds a smaller brown bear on a shelf in Dr. Colter's Behavior Control Clinic.

"Angel" (#119, 11/29/95):

There is a teddy bear in the Coleman baby's basket.

"D-Girl" (#149, 03/13/97):

The kid who found the barong uses it to savagely stab his sister's Pooh (?) bear.

"Harvest" (#161, 10/29/97):

Bess O'Neal, the victim's daughter, clutches a large Pooh bear as Lennie and Rey question her at her grandparents' home in Princeton.

"Blood" (#167, 11/19/97):

There is a teddy bear in the adoptive couple's house.

"Hunters" (#194, 02/10/99):

Jackie (?) Bender clutches a large polar bear.

"Refuge, Part 1" (#204, 05/26/99):

There is a teddy bear in Dr. Olivet's office when she is interviewing Billy Woodson.

"Vaya con Dios" (#229, 05/24/00):

Bear statues in a park. (Not teddy bears, but they're very cute. Anyone know the park?)

"Dazzled" (#273, 04/24/02):

There is a teddy bear in the Snyder (?) kids' bedroom in their father's apartment.


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