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by FMD
"The two boys watched the woman gracefully stride towards the parked car, the sunlight turning her honey-brown hair into a veil of molten gold."


Open Letter
by Cirocco Jones
"No, not that one, the backspace - Lennie, just let me do it."

Once and Again
by Maisie and Ro
"It was almost midnight when Mike rubbed his eyes. He felt as if he hadn't slept in a week, which was just about right."

Sir Guiltalot
by Leslie Rampey
"At his desk, Rey Curtis answered the phone absently without taking his eyes from the file in which he was working, 'Curtis.'  "


Thirty-Three Days
by Boom-Boom
"No getting out of it.  They closed the doors behind me."

Last issue's challenge: Write a story in which something significant happens to your protaganist for the first time.
by Leslie Rampey
" 'Oh, Dad, for heaven's sake!' Lennie could hear the exasperation in Julia's voice from a thousand miles away, and he sighed."

Joy Ride
by Jennifer Micelli
"She pushed open the heavy double doors and saw that the wide hallway was nearly empty. She wasn't late yet, but if she didn't hurry..."


What It Feels Like For A Girl
by S.E. Olson
"Sometimes when his partner's away from her desk, Goren likes to look through the items on its surface."

A Crisis of Confidence: "Pro Se"
by Ursula
"In the episode "Pro Se," Claire is faced with a mentally ill killer with whom she had previously arranged a plea bargain."
The Bears Of Law & Order
by Leslie Rampey
"Teddy bears know that sometimes really bad things happen to kids."

If you've read the Editors' Note, you'll know by now that the next issue of apocrypha won't be out until mid-2003, at the earliest. Therefore, although we'd called for nominations, we're skipping the next step in the process and choosing winners from amongst the stories voted on. Congrats to our winners!
Fiction Winner:
Mary Seuss & Law & Order -- A Not-So-Fan-Fic Commentary
by R. Miles
Challenge Winner:
Night Portrait I 
by S.E. Olson
Non-Fiction Winner:
Paraphilias and Criminal Justice: Analyzing the Legal System's Treatment of Sex Offenders
by Gypsum

Your task is thus:
Author a book sans "e". An author did it in a book, now you must in a short story. Topic is up to you. Don't balk! Try it.

Tips: Avoid past, stay in today (to avoid "-ed"). Try cut-off or colloquial words: "Guvn'r," not "Governor" ; "Oh, h--" vs. "Oh, hell!"

For a link or two to aid you, try:

 And, mind, instructions at top contain no "e" (ignoring what's in " " marks, naturally). Go to it!

LENGTH: 5,000 words or fewer
DUE: June 1, 2003

Jackie, Linda, Stephen and Christine all located our hidden "Easter egg" contest in the last issue and identified the author of the quote: "There is a boundary to men's passions when they act from feelings; but none when they are under the influence of imagination" as Edmund Burke. For that, they have earned not only our love and affection -- but also a copy of the "Under The Influence" script. Congratulations!