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Something Left Unsaid
by Anne Kaye Burke 
" 'Victim's Multimillion Dollar Lawsuit Settled,' the headline read. Below that, in smaller type, 'Ex-Judge forced to pay 500,000.' "


by Angilbas
"District Attorney Arthur Branch let out a sigh as the white-hot agony in his left hip faded to a dull red throb."

The apocrypha Interview: Dick Wolf
by Kitteridge
"When he would stand up there, there were a couple of episodes, he literally when hed get someone on the witness stand, he'd be chewing the inside of his cheek. It was like -- ooh, don't do that!"
The apocrypha Interview: Jerry Orbach
by Kitteridge
"By this time of the year I'm like that horse that's looking towards the barn. I want to get it over with and get to vacation time. It's getting very close to golf."
The apocrypha Interview: Sam Waterston
by Kitteridge
"I know what I'm doing next year, but after that I don't know. And I don't know what they'll want, they've replaced a lot of people on this show. I could be next! You must never count on anything in this business."
The apocrypha Interview: Jesse Martin
by Kitteridge
"I get a little flirty, that's as close as I'll get to having a romance kicking on Law & Order. They're not about that."
The apocrypha Interview: S. Epatha Merkerson
by Kitteridge
"Dick will swear to me it's because his kids loved Pee Wee's Playhouse that I got the job, but I know it was my hair."
The apocrypha Interview: Elisabeth Rohm
by Kitteridge
"I was a romantic, I read Nietzsche and things like that in college and now all of a sudden I'm reading the paper every day. If I don't, I won't know what the episode's about."
The apocrypha Interview: Fred Thompson
by Kitteridge
"I wasn't sure of the character. I wanted to make sure that this was not a caricature of a conservative or a Southerner or anything else, that it be a credible character."
The apocrypha Interview: Dann Florek
by Kitteridge
"Every once in a while there would be a sense of, 'I've been doing this longer than you, and I know what's right.' "