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by Lynne Hoffman

by Gaelin Wade

The Policeman's Wife
by Callie Ward

by Zoni

Ode to Law & Order
by Michelle Leslie

The First Blue Wall Award Winners!

And now, the winners of the Blue Wall award, as chosen by you, our readers. Congratulations to our winners, who will now be able to display a smart little award on their page, just like the one below. Enjoy!

Fiction Winner: Keeping Secrets
by Michelle M. Leslie

Challenge Winner: Between the Lines
by Kitteridge

Non-Fiction Winner: The Logan Mystique
by Lady V

Challenge Answers

The challenge: write a story from a child's point of view.
The stories below are the responses.

A Letter Long Overdue
by Shelleigh Boyd

A Weekend Thing
by Lady V

My Dad Is Cool
by Audrey

by Lynne Hoffman

Welcome to New York
by Lissa

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Next Issue's Challenge:

Our next "issue" will be our special Holiday page which will come attached to the Winter apocrypha by December 21. As we did last year, all challenges and stories in that issue will need to be about the holidays in some way -- and any holiday, not just Christmas or Hanukkah. We will print all of those stories which come to us under a story length limit of 5,000 words, and which arrives by December 4. Make sense? We hope so!

Challenge Due date: December 4, 1998

ALERT! We also need Holiday Recipes! Last year, for our holiday page, we printed recipes with a Law & Order theme -- and now, it's time again! Do you have an Abbie Carmichael Ribs Recipe? Or one for Jack McCoy salad? Last year we had Drew Washington Party Shack Dip (thanks, Susianne!), among other great L&O-themed recipes. We'll take whatever you've got, even if it's a jokey one! Don't forget, if you copy it out of a book, please send along credits (but if you get it from Gramma, we don't need 'em).

Recipe Due date: December 10, 1998

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