Thanks to everyone who contributed to our now annual Holiday Challenge (that means you can start thinking of holiday stories you'd like to write for next year -- what a way to plan in advance)! Every story and recipe sent in was, as is the nature of our challenges, accepted, and we're hoping you enjoy them all. Let us know if you make some of the recipes, too -- tell us how they turned out! Have a happy holiday, no matter what you're celebrating, and remember -- stories for our Spring apocrypha are due February 1, 1998 and challenges are due February 10!

Your Spring Challenge:Write what you like -- remember we're coming out on Valentine's day -- but be sure, at some point in the story to make reference to Hong Kong (in honor of our editor who happens to be based out of there). Go for it! It can be a major part of the story, or something mentioned in passing. Remember the limit: 1500 words, and have it in on time!

please note: unless otherwise indicated, all of these stories are rated Clean, with a sprinkling, possibly, of Romance...

Holiday Fiction

A First Christmas
By Lynne Hoffman
By Lisa Florence

Forum For Death
By Shelleigh B.
Native Tongue
By Susianne Baptiste

Holiday Recipes

Abbie Carmichael's Texas Rib Sauce Profaci Cake

Adam Schiff's Challah Bread Holiday Drinks

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