My Dad is Cool
By Audrey

My Dad is Cool
by Jessica Logan, age 7

This is why my dad is cool
My dad is a cop and he has a gun and he puts bad people in jail when theyre bad he isnt afraid of anybody except aunt Cathy he says shes a witch
he knows how to get rid of the monsters under my bed he knows that they dont like the flashlight so he shines it in their eyes and makes them get so they cant see to bother me and they never do after that
he takes me to baseball games Yankees of course and he gets me hot dogs with mustard and popcorn
he knows how to order pizza when mom works late at night and he doesnt tell me to eat brockoli
he smells good
Sometimes he gets tired but he always kisses me goodnight before I go to sleep and he reads me the princess story that is my favorite
We went to the zoo once and he showed me the penguins I loved the penguins
he sings in the shower and it sounds funny
sometimes when theres music on he lets me stand on his feet and we dance around the room and we laugh and he is a very good dancer because he is so tall


whaddya think?