Ode To Law and Order
By Michelle Leslie

The stories are ripped from the headlines
The audience watches in awe
As perpetrators get caught in a bind
By the men (and women) in charge of the law.

In the first half hour
The cops follow their leads
And hope their case won't go sour
And when the perp is finally caught, his rights they have to read.

In part two of the show
The case is brought to court.
The defendant has nowhere to go
As the jury reads it report.

No matter who is your fav
The show is top on your list.
Be it Briscoe, McCoy, Curtis or Kincaid
Logan, Cragen and Stone are most missed.

Law and Order is the show with some spunk.
It has a great cast and great writers, too.
But creator Dick Wolf is a dirty old skunk,
He treats his actors like a pile of dog doo.
Law and Order is the show to see.
An Emmy this year it finally did win!
On Wednesday nights on NBC
And on A&E again and again.

Long live Law and Order!


whaddya think?