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From the Editors' Desk

  Winter has come (currently, it's 14 degrees in New York City) and with it, the latest edition of apocrypha. And with that new edition of apocrypha we've got not only a new set of fab stories (see below), but we're starting a new, continuing series some regular readers, and writers, may find useful. Think of it like those Time-Life book series that tell you how to mend every system in your house, from the plumbing to the carpentry to the structure to the paint only this series will, we hope, give a better idea of how to write Law & Order short fiction.
Why? After all, shouldn't fan fiction be one of those organic forms of creative expression, open to any and all styles and ranges? Sure. And it is. But when we first started apocrypha in 1997, one goal was to try and assist those who had potential to do some really great writing and point out what works, and what doesn't. That's why we offer critiques to those who want them, and that's why we have a decision process when it comes to what we'll ultimately end up publishing. Now that we've done a lot of critiques, we're ready to try and take it to the next step working on the plumbing, the structure, the paint, the carpentry of putting together a good short story. You'll see our first ten tips over in the non-fiction section of this issue; there's an exercise in there, too, and if response is good we may add on another chat for those who want to come in and work on specific areas of their writing. So let us know how you feel about that! Writing is an organic process but like all things organic, sometimes it needs to be pruned and trained in order to grow into something much bigger and better. We're hoping you'll want to join us in this process!
And on that note, let's move on to the stories. This issue includes a fab story called Trash, by Marguerite Reed, which Kitt says is an "uncompromising look at what went on in the Max and Mike partnership." Kor, meanwhile, is all worked up over Moment to Breathe by Karen-Howard Joly, saying "it's about time we had some Abbie fic!" And when you're done with the fiction section, mosey on over to the non-fiction section, which features an updated interview with Law & Order: The Unofficial Companion authors Suan Green and Kevin Courrier and don't forget, Susan will be stopping by our regular Yahoo! Chat on Thursday, January 20 to discuss the book and whatever comes to mind. Plus don't forget about the non-fiction challenge! Last time we asked you to discuss your favorite L&O characters ... now you have a chance to discuss your least faves. Any takers?
So that's about it for now. We apologize for the delay in getting this Winter issue out, but between moving and the holidays and general computer glitches ... well, you know how that can go. Next issue should be out in the Spring, so start thinking of more stories to charm and amaze readers. Some initial thoughts crossing our collective mind: Does Abbie have a thing for Cragen? They're chummy.... What might happen if Briscoe and Munch went on the town to scope out chicks? And just who is the father of Olivet's child? These questions and more to be answered ... maybe ... in the continuing saga of apocrypha but of course, that's all up to you!
Finally, thanks, as always, for just being here and reading. Don't forget; we love feedback, and we love hearing from you about what you'd like to see here-- and what you'd like to write. If you have a fiction or nonfiction idea, and want to run it by us before writing, that's fine -- we can't guarantee acceptance, but we'll be happy to hear you out. As always, write apocrypha if you have questions.
Kitteridge and Korillian

Letters To The Editor
We get letters, we get letters, lots and lots of letters...

Subj:  Latest issue
Date: 10/28/99 10:58:56 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Thanks again for another great issue of apocrypha.  The writing was excellent (as usual) and highly visual.  Too bad you can't have illos, but
my imagination makes up for it!!!


Ed. Note: If anyone wants to volunteer to illustrate stories, contact us here at apocrypha and we'll put you to work!

Subj:  new issue etc.
Date: 10/28/99 8:45:14 PM Pacific Daylight Time

SHARP looking issue!  Love the graphics!  And love so much to read! I've put it on disk so I can read it leisure over the weekend--when I've got time to really soak it up!


Subj:  Logan's Stinking Bad Day
Date: 10/29/99 5:29:32 PM Pacific Standard Time

LOL!  I'm rolling.  Absolutely rolling.  Dry wit, fantastic writing and Logan.  For what more could one ask?


Subj:  I Loved Kitt's story about being an extra
Date: 10/30/99 3:08:27 PM Pacific Standard Time

I loved Kitt's story about being an extra on L&O.  It was some great insight to behind the scenes of my fav show.  And I always thought
showbiz was so glamourous.

Keep up the good work!

Carol in OKC

Subj:  Halloween Issue
Date: 11/1/99 12:35:27 AM Pacific Standard Time

The Halloween issue is fantastic as always.  I thoroughly enjoyed all the stories.  Special mention to the following.

"Blast From The Past" was great.  I thoroughly enjoy Ben/Claire love stories, which are hard to find.  I hope you write a continuation to it.

"Lucy" was very enjoyable because it was so different.  It's interesting that our dreams can seem so realistic.

"Doors of Paper" is interesting because it gives us a chance to see the interaction between Mike/Lenny/Anita/Abbie and Jack in an unusual setting.

"Lunch Break" was realistic because it's really the first time we see Jack actually admit that a relationship between Claire and him probably wouldn't have worked out.

"Flashback" was great as we finally see Jack realize that he has to learn how to deal with Claire's death.

"Little Monsters" was cute as it uses a Halloween setting to mend the rift between Olivet and Skoda.

And finally, Kitt, your day on the set of Law & Order was fascinating.  One doesn't realize how much time and effort it takes to shoot a scene that lasts only a few minutes in an episode.  Mahalo nui loa for sharing that with us.

Glenda Brooks

Subj: Lunch Break
Date: 11/2/99 9:50:25 PM Pacific Standard Time

Nice story.  I have really enjoyed seeing the development in the relationship between Jack and Lennie.  This was a new insight.


Subj:  A Letter Long Overdue
Date: 11/4/99 8:16:34 PM Pacific Standard Time

Here's "An Acknowledgement Long Overdue." Making something upbeat out of "Indifference" was a major accomplishment and your story deserved its Blue Wall Award win. It inspired me to launch a career beginning with "Mrs. Greevey" (Spring '99 issue). Thank you!

Tony Perodeau

Subj:  Logan's Stinking Bad Day
Date: 11/7/99 3:46:07 PM Pacific Standard Time

This is the best story I've ever read.  Please get more from this author...LOGAN'S STINKING BAD DAY was so true to life, and so funny I laughed myself into an asthma attack.  Seriously...the story made my day.


Subj:  re:blue wall award
Date: 11/13/99 3:14:37 AM Eastern Standard Time

Just a quick note to you both and to the readers -

I was really honoured and surprised to find two of my stories amongst the finalists for the recent "BLue Wall Awards". There were so many truly wonderful stories to choose from. When the final tallies were in and I found that my story, "Shalom, My Love" had been chosen to receive the 'nod' I was totally humbled.

Thank-you to everyone who not only took the time to read the offerings of the marvellous creation that apocrypha is but who also took the time to vote for their favourites. A "Reader's Choice Award" is very special. Thanks again.

Lynne Hoffman

Subj:  Forever Mike
Date: 11/14/99 11:02:16 AM Pacific Standard Time

Great, when doesthe next one come.  It's a partnership that rocks.


Subj: Precedents
Date: 11/18/99 6:22:29 PM Pacific Standard Time! This is the first time I really had time to sit down and read some fanfiction....all I can say is "Oh My!"....I think I need to make more Great stuff!

Oh my god. "Keeping Secrets" is one of the most heart-wrenching fanfictions I've ever read. I don't think I've cried this hard in a long time.


Subj:  Doubleheader
Date: 12/14/99 8:46:54 PM Pacific Standard Time

Really loved this story.  I'm so glad I finally found this ML fanfic spot.   It's just great.

Subj:  Blast From the Past
Date: 12/23/99 9:12:14 PM Eastern Standard Time

It made me think about something I hadn't really thought about before. I never would have expected that from Ben Stone.  Now I've got to know
what happened next!


Subj:  Logan's Stinking Bad Day
Date: 12/23/99 10:36:30 PM Eastern Standard Time

I laughed a long time at this one.  Thanks.   I'm a  L&O ML diehard. Good time!!


Subj:  Ghosts of Christmas Past
Date: 12/24/99 1:13:26 PM Eastern Standard Time

Tell "The Major" that this was my favorite Holiday story! The recounting of Abbie's Christmases past proved an excellent vehicle for us to see
into the Abbie who exists in the present. And, of course, a wonderful ending -- speaking as a staunch Jack and Abbie fan. (Also loved the
Logan on the phone scene...I could just see the game of keep-away!)


Subj: A Christmas Tale
Date: 12/28/99 8:59:11 PM Eastern Standard Time


 Ok, this has absoutly nothing to do with the fact that I do know Tara, and I know where the character of  'Stephanie' is from, but I found this story to be very sweet and tender.  Another work by a great writer.


Subj:  Death Among Men
Date: 12/28/99 1:27:41 PM Eastern Standard Time

Awesome story, Drak.  It was one of those narratives that hits you right
between the eyes.  Your writing just keeps getting better and better!


Subj: One Small Child
Date: 12/31/99 12:56:47 PM Eastern Standard Time

Really enjoyed your story.  Miss Gina was right, He wants the best we can give Him, but I've come to discover that He can also do wonders with our worst!

Thanks for a lovely story.  Happy New Year!

Christina McCann

Subj:  Death Among Men
Date: 1/7/00 1:51:58 PM Eastern Standard Time

We took care of my grandfather here at home last year when he died--hospital bed etc.  He had emphysema, and we didn't want him to be put through all the garb they do now days to keep people "alive" on machines--he was 94 years-old and had suffered enough. And my Mom and her sisters are currently taking care of their dad at home--he suffered a bad stroke last year--recovered, but in the last several months has gone down hill fast. We're expecting him to die anyday now. It's hard to see those you love suffer so much and I understand what Jack is going through--his dad, too.  You did an excellent job of conveying the emotions and all that goes into these sort of situations. This is a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing it with us.


Subj:  Ghosts of Christmas Past
Date: 1/10/00 8:43:27 PM Eastern Standard Time

It is soo nice to finally see an Abbie-centered story out there.  The author really has a handle on what little we know of her character, and this made for a great story.  You've made my night!


Subj: keeping secrets
Date: 1/14/00 11:16:44 PM Eastern Standard Time

excellent  story! Very well writen (I am an ex-English teacher) It felt like I was actually watching a "Law and Order" rerun on Aand E.  I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for a very enjoyable evening.

Marcia Johnson

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