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Welcome to the latest apocrypha holiday page! All stories contained here are special holiday challenges (and quite excellent, if we do say so ourselves). Thanks to everyone for submitting -- and from your friends at apocrypha, have a very happy holiday season! 
The apocrypha winter edition will be available in January, so sit tight!

A Christmas Tale
By Tara Patterson
Death Among Men
By Drakkenfyre
'Twas The Night Before Xmas
By Lynne Hoffman
By Vikki Godwin
One Small Child
By P.J.
By Katy
Ghosts of Christmas Past
By Major Houlihan
Christmas Present
By Danielle

Holiday Recipe

Logan's Favorite Fudge Cookies
By P.J.
Shambala's Green Beans
By Anna McLain
Logan's Better Than Sex (Yeah, Right!) Cake
By Anna McLain
Schiff Family Secret Latke Recipe
By Jacquelyn Weiss
Ben Stone's Garlic Mashed Potatoes
By Glenda Brooks
Liz Olivet's Crustless Crab & Broccoli Quiche
By Glenda Brooks

Stay Tuned: 
apocrypha's Winter issue will be out in January!

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