My Detective Mike
By Jane Endries

April 5, 2005

I went back to the Devon School not long ago, and found it looking oddly newer than when I was a student there fifteen years ago. Back then, though, it was P.S. 415.
A computer was at my old desk, with a redheaded child typing madly at it. I know she had to be the age I was when I sat there, but somehow, for some reason, she looked much younger.
There was a TV in the corner, which looked like it had taken up permanent residence. I remember when a TV came into the room when I was a student. It was only for special occasions.
Only Miss Perez looked older. Or I guess I should call her Mrs. Martinez now. She was a nice lady, and always worried about me. I know now that the day I got hurt, she called the ambulance. She even stood up to Principal Babcock when those two detectives came by to see what was happening. She tried to tell them about my mother beating me up, but Dr. Babcock just sent her back to her classroom.
When the detectives came to visit me in the hospital. My arms were shaking, and the older man, Sergeant Greevey, asked the tall man, Detective Logan, what was going on. Detective Logan told him that it was ballismus.
I remember meeting his mother and older brother not too long after I got up here. His mother, Colleen, told me that when she was on Earth, she was a very unhappy lady and used to beat her two boys -- John, the one who was up in Heaven with us, and Mike, who was my Detective Logan. John died of ballismus, just like me.
Detective Mike had to see me die just like he watched his brother die. That must have been so hard for him. I think that's why he tried so hard to make sure that my mother wouldn't hurt little brother, Ezra, any more. And I think that's why he went to the courtroom, to make sure that my parents wouldn't ever hurt anyone again.
Sergeant Greevey came up to Heaven not too long after I got here. I went to see him. He seemed happy to see me again. I was surprised he remembered me. But, I guess, up here, you remember everything.
We've watched over his family together, watching his three children grow up. We even watched his wife, Marie, remarry. Joe seems like a nice man who'll take care of her. I know that's what Sergeant Max wanted -- someone to take care of Marie.
And we've watched over Detective Mike together. We've tried to keep him safe.
We knew that man, George Lobrano, was dangerous, so we arranged it that it would be Sergeant Cerreta who would talk to him, and then be shot. Not Detective Mike. We knew that Sergeant Cerreta would be okay, and wind up working closer to home. And that it would make him and his wife happier.
We knew that Drew Washington was a bad man, too, and that he would kill Detective Mike if he had the chance. So we made it safe for Detective Mike to go into his apartment on that crazy day.
And the nice man who sold coffee every morning on Staten Island, he was dying of cancer. But he didn't know it yet. So when that crazy man, Gianni Uzielli, tried to kill Detective Mike, we made him miss his target, and brought the other man up to Heaven sooner, so he wouldn't suffer from his illness.
I think God has a special mission for Detective Mike. He wants him to take care of as many of the young children as he can. And because of what Detective Mike saw John and I go through, he's protected them, hugged them, and watched over them as much as he could, including getting Ezra out of harm's way the night Mommy and Daddy were arrested.
I hope God is going to give Detective Mike children of his own. I know that he would love them very much.
I still watch over my little brother. But he's not so little anymore. He's in college now, studying to be a doctor someday. He's hoping he'll make it. I know he will. And I know that he'll be a good father too.
After new people come up here, I hear them wondering if they made a difference in the world when they were down on Earth. I know how they feel. I couldn't help but wonder what difference a seven-year-old like me made on the Earth.
But I realize now that my purpose was to touch a man named Detective Michael Logan. I couldn't do anything personally about saving the young children from harm. But he could. And that's why God brought us together.
Thank you, Detective Mike.

Didi Lowenstein


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