Law & Order's Unsung Hero
By Neen

Now as a self-professed Logannite, my first instinct was to say that Detective Mike Logan is my favorite character on Law and Order. Alas, watching several excellent episodes, I feel compelled to nominate Executive Assistant District Attorney Ben Stone as Law and Order's unsung hero. The war rages on in the chat rooms and forums about who is the better E.A.D.A. but I feel strongly that Ben Stone was a large part in giving the show its flavor and its integrity in the early years.
There are many reasons I love this show, the writing, direction and acting each episode supplies are miles above today's standards. Ben Stone lends credibility to the prosecutorial staff, often pouring his soul and life's blood into each case. Often taking the high road, he pushes beyond endurance expecting the highest from everyone with whom he associates. Despite what is expected of lawyers, Stone gives us, the audience, an honest and devoted man, bent on justice no matter the cost to his clients, to his staff or to him. He demands respect and often disguises his displeasure in a mask of respect. How many times have we seen him increase the use of the word "sir" when confronting a suspected felon? The more times he said "sir" you know the more he despised that person! After all is said and done, the triumph and elation you feel that justice has been served is because Executive Assistant District Attorney Ben Stone fought for it. He is the unsung hero of Law and Order.


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